Mission Impossible (1966) s06e11 Episode Script

The Visitors

Why are you smiling, sir? Out of admiration.
Not only do you accuse some of this state's leading judges, legislators, and law enforcement officers of being in the employ of the Syndicate, but you've got the proof to back it up.
Once I got into it, Mr.
Granger, it became self-evident that Don't deprecate yourself or your work.
This is journalism in the finest sense of the word, but this is only the raw material.
Where's the story? That's what I wanted to talk to you about first.
There are so many ways of writing it There is only one way, and that is the truth.
Granger Publications will back you up 100°/°.
I hope you have copies of this material.
Why, no, sir.
Uh, the material is so sensitive, I was afraid of a leak.
Of course.
As soon as you get back to town, have copies made of that and have them put in my private vault.
- Hi.
Wish I'd learned to chauffeur one of these.
Mind if I look around? No, not at all.
Your story will create publishing history, Robertson.
Carry on.
I'm proud of you.
Call New York.
Yeah, hold on a minute.
I was right.
There are no copies.
No, he didn't know about me.
Only that you and your friends run this state.
Don't worry about that.
He's dead.
Good evening, Mr.
Publisher and Communications tycoon, Edward Granger-- the most influential man in his state-- is controlled by a branch of the Syndicate which owns 51 °/° of his newspaper, television and radio empire.
For a decade, Granger has supported Syndicate candidates and protected Syndicate politicians.
He masterminded the murder of one of his own reporters who was getting too close to the truth.
In the upcoming elections, the Syndicate slate is expected to sweep Granger's state, and systematically loot it for the underworld.
Conventional law enforcement agencies are unable to interfere.
Your mission, Jim, if you decide to accept it, is to make certain the voters know the truth before they go to the polls This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Apis Dorsata.
It's a mutant bee.
Its sting is harmless, but it will attack anything that moves.
What about the Biorene you fed him? Undetectable by any doctor practicing today, Willie.
It's basically a harmless drug.
Granger will be able to see, think and react with normal clarity, but he won't be able to move until we give him this-- the antidote.
Now, he's always in the library between 10:00 and 11:00 a.
checking out his morning newspapers.
He believes in luck.
It's always played a big part in his life, except for one time-- throwing in with the Syndicate when he faced bankruptcy ten years ago.
Now he's got spies in his own household.
Barney, how about Marty Dix? He was released from prison this morning, Jim.
He's on his way to Denver.
He's very grateful that we're giving him this chance to go straight.
Jim, how long has Granger been interested in unidentified flying objects? Oh, ever since the night he talks about in his book, Casey.
The night he was with Helen Prescott, and that mysterious light led him to the well where the boy was trapped.
I located Helen, Jim.
I spent some time with her.
Granger has only seen her that one night that, uh, they were together She avoided him after that.
She was in love with someone else.
What about the birthmark, Casey? Just like hers.
Willie? We'll be able to patch in to a 150-foot antenna, Jim.
The calls will go to the newspapers, radio and television stations.
The police are in on it, too.
Now, we have less than three days before elections.
And I want to warn you about something.
We are not dealing with an eccentric.
Granger is tough-minded, he's knowledgeable, and if he believes in extraterrestrial life and immortality, it's because he knows more than most people, not less.
Marty Dix? Oh, yeah.
Let him through.
New York said you did five on a five to 15 for armed robbery.
Is that your specialty, Dix? I did the driving, man.
No, thank you.
Oh, that's right.
They said you were a teetotaler.
Where are you staying? Belmont Hotel.
Anything comes up, that's where I'll get a hold of you.
I'll have one of my men drive you out.
Where are you taking me? Out of circulation.
You'll drive.
For a man of 55, you're in superb condition.
I don't know if it's the exercise, the vitamins, your heredity.
All of them.
Still, at 55-- at best, I've already lived half my life.
That's nonsense.
Biological nonsense.
Man should live 300 years, just for a starter.
And in a century, in spite of the sclerotic mentality of the medical profession, he will.
You really want these vitamins to help you live that long? The idea of my own death is thoroughly hateful to me.
You're smiling.
To accept death is supposed to be healthy.
Mankind has been taught by religion to walk meekly to the grave.
One day, he will not do so.
What about overpopulation? Doctor, I said that my own death is hateful to me.
Not yours.
Come in.
Good morning, Doctor.
Something urgent has come up.
Tomorrow as usual, Doctor.
Leonard skipped.
Cracked the safe, took $12,000 and the car.
I wouldn't have thought Leonard had the imagination.
Well, he had enough to know you and I wouldn't call the police.
I have to find a replacement.
I've already got one.
This is Marty Dix.
Glad to meet you, sir.
We sometimes require more of our chauffeurs than just driving.
I've, uh, been around.
I checked him out, sir.
Put him on the payroll.
Thank you, sir.
We connected to the antenna now, Willie? Yes, Jim.
This should cause interference over a 50-mile area.
And this is your room.
You'll be on call all the time except on your days off.
Nobody said anything about money, man.
Four bills a week.
That's a lot of bread.
You got more to do than just drive, Dix.
Your job is to keep tabs on Granger.
Anybody else here from New York besides us? What's that to you? In case you're not here, man.
I'll be here.
You got anything to report, you report to me.
Okay, man.
Where is that new chauffeur? One of my managing editors doesn't know how to compose a front page, and I've got to get to town as quickly as possible.
I'll check into it, sir.
Dix? Granger! Venom Center.
Yes, I see.
Um, I'll connect you with Dr.
Galer speaking.
I have a patient, Edward Granger, who seems to have been stung by some species of bee I can't identify.
- Come in.
Where have you been? Just getting to know the place, man.
I didn't even know you wanted me till one of your boys told me.
No, Dr.
There is no response at all to cortisone.
I see, Doctor.
I would suggest you send to me the remains of the bee, along with a sample of the patient's blood.
Oh, and Dr.
Lawrence, under no circumstances must the patient be moved.
Thank you, Doctor.
I need someone to go over to State University right away.
Are you ready, Casey? How does it look? Yeah, fine.
Good, I'm ready.
Hello, this is, uh, Mr.
Tedlow on Moorpark A flying saucer, operator, big as life.
- All I get is snow, static.
like it was noon Sunday.
I want to report a flying saucer.
Yes, you heard me right.
And there's something wrong with my TV set or your program.
- Something must have gone wrong.
You tell me which it is.
Unidentified flying object? Moorpark area.
- A disturbance in the sky? Unidentified flying object.
- What is your location? Who are you? I'm Dr.
This is my nurse, Miss Dorset.
I don't understand.
Galer sent us.
- I just spoke to Dr.
He didn't mention - You are Dr.
Lawrence? Yes.
- I would appreciate your leaving the room, Doctor.
I don't think I understood you, Doctor.
The procedures I intend to follow are intricate and delicate.
Your presence would only be distracting.
Please leave the room.
I will not leave my patient! What's going on here? I'm Dr.
This is Miss Dorset.
We were sent by the Venom Center.
How did you get in here? How? We arrived by taxi-- we walked in.
There were no cabs reported to me.
Do you want this man to die? I must treat him immediately.
All right, go ahead.
You both must leave the room.
Lawrence, I ask you, can you help this man? Then, please let me do it or take the responsibility for his death.
Now, leave.
All right.
What right have you to make - Doctor! He'll be out for one minute.
How is he? Pulse is perfectly normal.
Where are they? Mr.
Granger, how do you feel? The doctor and the nurse-- where are they? I don't know, Mr.
They were in this room and they disappeared.
Well, find them.
Do you hear me?! Find them! Yes, sir.
Full alert.
Hold it, stay right where you are.
Put your hands up.
We'll have to get him into a storeroom.
Casey, you go.
Right, Jim.
No, there's no one on our staff by that name.
Yes, thank you very much.
They weren't from the Venom Center.
The gate guard saw no one leave.
I've had the grounds searched; there's no trace of them.
Did either of you see a blinding light in the sky before they arrived? A light? No.
We interrupt this program for a news bulletin.
Police received hundreds of phone calls early this morning describing a mysterious light in the sky in Casael County, just north of the city.
About the same time, a myriad of complaints were received regarding interference on radio and television sets throughout the area.
Authorities Bring my car around.
I want to go down to the Journal office.
Yes, sir, I'll be right there.
What's the matter? I don't know, sir.
You find what's wrong? I don't know, man.
Quite a coincidence, seeing you here, Mr.
Where did you come from? I don't understand.
Last night.
Where did you come from?! State University, the-- Who are you? You came from out of nowhere to save my life.
You appear and disappear seemingly at will.
You look like a woman I knew 25 years ago and yet you don't look a day older.
I'd tell myself I was going mad, except that everything that's happened today is real.
I'm alive because of you! I really shouldn't be here.
But I had to see you.
Last night when we examined you, we found the beginnings of a fatal blood disease.
What? You call it leukemia.
Leukemia? I have leukemia?! Please stay close to your home this afternoon where I can reach you.
Wait! Please for your own good.
I will try to help you.
Well, let's try it.
I came here to tell you a gre-- Kellog, come in here, please.
Yes, Mr.
Granger, I'll be right there.
I'm going to tell you a great deal more than I should.
We came here last night, not to save your life, but to give you immortality.
Immortality You sound so matter-of-fact.
It's a concept.
It isn't real.
Oh, it is real, Mr.
As real as these.
Come in.
Kellog, take a look at this.
Where did you find that, Mr.
Granger? Get off this estate, Kellog.
Do it right now and take your friend, Marty Dix, with you.
Did she put you up to this, Mr.
Granger? Get out!! Now, it's your turn.
Tell me who you are.
Let go of me.
Why, you're real.
You're flesh and blood.
You're like me.
Are you sure? She's got him under her thumb, Mr.
There's nothing I can do about it.
He fired me.
All right.
You're a fraud.
All of this is a fraud.
We chose you 25 years ago.
We were wrong.
Granger here.
Granger, I'd like you to come into the hospital for some lab examinations as soon as possible.
Why? What's the matter? That blood sample that we sent to the state university.
I just got a call from Dr.
During the course of the examination, they turned up something that we'd better look into Stop the double talk.
What did they find? There's a possibility there's some irregularity in your Is it leukemia? Is that it? They're not sure.
Wha? Where is she? She's in danger.
She drove away a few minutes ago.
Now, wait! Please, wait! Look, I have to talk to you.
I have to know if I've made a mistake.
There is no time, Mr.
We have to talk.
I'll go with you.
I'll drive you.
Can't you drive any steadier than that? I didn't build these roads, man.
Come on.
I didn't believe her.
She talked about immortality.
That you were going to give me immortality.
Well, you must understand how difficult the concept is to accept.
Yet, I've always had the feeling ever since that night I saw the falling star-- the light in the sky that led me to the boy and started my whole career that somehow, I was being watched over.
Yes, and that's why you became part of the underworld: corrupt, deceitful? Everything you say is true.
Everything she says is true.
But there are circumstances.
Well, that takes care of her.
You did it.
You murdered her! Hold it! No, let them go.
Get me down to her.
No! You drive.
Where are we going? I'll show you.
Too bad Kellog got away.
No time to worry about him now.
Take the shortcut.
Drive through.
Don't touch that! Is this what she meant by immortality? Is this what you were going to do for me? Please leave, Mr.
But you don't understand.
She told me I was going to die.
You have the secret of eternal life here.
We don't want to use force, Mr.
But you chose me.
You must have had a reason.
You wanted me to be a leader, didn't you? You saw to it that I achieved wealth and power.
You betrayed us.
Do not touch her! Talk to them.
Try to make them understand.
I, I'll do anything.
I want life.
I'll do anything.
It's too late.
No! No, no.
It's not too late.
There's an election coming up.
If the people know the truth, they can set it right.
And I'll tell them the truth.
Please? Perhaps, but it must be now.
The local radio station-- I own it.
There's a statewide news broadcast at 7::00.
I could This will connect you with your telephone exchange.
Peterson here.
This is Edward Granger.
Hello, Mr.
Peterson, I have a bulletin for the 7::00 news broadcast.
Of course, Mr.
The line's open.
Give me the cue.
You're on the air, Mr.
People of this state, organized crime has spread its insidious tentacles into the highest levels of our government.
And I, Edward Granger, can speak with authority, for I have been taken in by them, as you have.
I have unequivocal proof that the following candidates for state office are controlled part and parcel by a criminal syndicate.
Arnold Webb, who is running for governor.
Boyle Armstrong, who is running for state attorney general.
Stephen Phillips, who is a candidate for sheriff of Casael County.
Steven Andrews, who is a candidate for Superior Court judge.
And Joe Wellman, who is a candidate for sheriff of Forrester County.
The list of criminal transgressions in this state is a long and tawdry tale.
But people of the state, you have an unequaled opportunity to rid yourself of the criminal cancer that is sapping your vitality and wealth.
Be assured that in subsequent broadcasts I intend to document the charges I have brought today.
This is Edward Granger for better government in your state.
All right, Mr.
I'll take care of it right now.
Where are you? What's happening? You can't leave me! I did what you asked! I did what you asked! Granger!