Mission Impossible (1966) s06e12 Episode Script


General Westerfield, United States Army Chemical Corps, to see Warden Barnes.
Any word? No, General.
Nothing's happened.
This is General Westerfield speaking.
Wendell Hoyes.
Warden there? Yes, he's here.
Okay, General.
You followed the first part of my instructions real good.
Now, listen carefully.
I found what you lost this afternoon.
Dig? I understand.
All right, here are my terms.
My brother, Cayman, for your canister of gas.
An even swap.
Hoyes, I'm not authorized to deal at this time.
Then find someone who can! I want my brother! It's as simple as that.
Now, I'll call tomorrow at 2:00 p.
Same number.
Now, keep this line open.
You'll deal then, or your precious can of gas gets opened in a public place with a lot of people.
And you know what'll happen then.
Let's go.
Sweetheart, you're going to help get my brother out of prison, or a lot of good folks are gonna die.
Any chance? It's his second attack in two days.
There's very little chance he can survive.
You know what'll happen if his brother does what he threatens to.
How are the bass biting? They're not.
Something must have frightened them off.
I hear the sharks are running.
Might be.
Good morning, Mr.
A canister of deadly experimental nerve gas TX-222, ordered destroyed by the president, has been stolen from an army laboratory.
The canister was hijacked by this man, Wendell Hoyes, a fugitive Syndicate enforcer whose brother, Cayman, is serving a life sentence for the murder of a federal agent.
Wendell Hoyes is threatening to release the gas in a heavily populated area unless authorities immediately surrender his brother.
Obviously, the government cannot be party to any such deal.
Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to recover the canister of TX-222.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Remember that two factors govern Wendell Hoyes: his instability-- doctors have pronounced him incurably paranoid-- and his brother, Cayman.
Wendell worships him and all of the self-inflicted evil in Cayman's life-- his years behind bars, his deteriorating health-- all of this, Wendell blames on federal authorities.
So if Cayman's not delivered, Wendell will feel mass murder is justified.
Yeah, that's right, Willie.
Now, our way to Wendell and to the canister is through one of the few people in his life that he really trusts-- Saretta Lane, recently convicted of murder, but authorities are convinced she knows where Wendell's hiding.
The transfer will be routine, Casey, but in case Wendell has a way of checking, Lee Collins will be fully accredited.
The mask is ready now, Jim.
Bill? I've spent all night on Correctional Department transcriptions of Cayman's voice.
There's, there's no problem there.
Wendell's been on the run for some time.
That'll work in your favor.
He hasn't seen Cayman in three years, but he probably does know that he's been ill.
That'll help.
Now, knowing Wendell Hoyes as we do, we have to be prepared for the double cross, but on top of that, we have an even larger problem.
Barney? It's a big one all right, Jim.
I talked with General Westerfield.
It seems the canister that Wendell stole is one of a group of three.
It had defective outer casings.
The TX-222 is highly corrosive.
Now, there's no problem with the other two.
They've been disposed of as planned, but the one that Wendell has, the general says will begin to leak in 43 hours.
It's going to be tight.
Hey, Screw, do you always interrupt cocktail hour to move a girl from one box to another? Buckle up.
Watch yourself.
Stay put! Lee.
Over there.
Get out while you can.
Here, Jim.
They've made their escape.
Right, I'm tracking.
The beeper's coming in loud and clear.
Give me that jacket.
Get yourself one, too.
Yeah, thanks.
You got any idea where we're going? I know a place.
You got some pretty rough friends.
You want to file a complaint? Yeah, drop me off at the nearest cop.
Look, sister, I didn't ask for this.
All right, so we're stuck with each other.
Now where to? Don't worry.
I'm worried.
I don't even know what your name is.
The name's Lee Collins, ma'am.
Mighty proud to meet you.
Yes, Barney.
They're on their way.
I think we're gonna make it all right.
You got a cigarette? No.
Look, you got any idea where we are? It's just a little ways now.
We're almost there, and when we get out of the car, let's try not to Now where to? The border.
No chance.
We'll never get across.
Look, baby.
I happen to be driving, and that's the best we can do.
All right.
Double back as soon as you can.
If that's the best you can come up with, it's I said double back.
Now make a left.
Wendell, open up! It's me, Saretta! Wendell? Wendell, can you hear me? Wendell, turn them off! It's me! That was stupid bringing someone in here.
I had no choice.
Wendell She Lee Collins? How do you know? You made the early news.
You have some pretty good friends.
I had some pretty good friends.
They're dead.
Lee Collins.
I don't know you.
Well, I know you.
The Hoyes gang made pretty big news, till they nabbed your brother.
You kept them running around in circles for three years.
Well, you haven't done bad.
Faked-up accident, hotshot getaway car.
It's all right as far as it goes.
Now I've got to find another way to get out of the country.
What's the big push? The big push is, I'm 20 years to life, and I'm not going to spend it behind walls.
What were you in for? Rape.
Come on.
Gee, I love your new house.
You ever see her before today? No, but there's 1,200, 1,300 on the women's side.
How many can you know? Just wondering.
All I know is, she got me out.
She's okay.
Okay enough to get these bracelets off? Yeah, me, too.
Oh, come off it! Will you get these things off us? When I say so! Wendell.
It's so good to see you again.
Get these off.
Tully! Jim.
Yes, Barney.
Looks like Saretta's come home to papa.
Greco Brothers Winery.
All right, I'll tell Willie where to find you.
You're not moving in? We may have located Wendell, but that doesn't guarantee us the canister.
All right.
That was the doctor.
You know that, uh, pal of yours at the warden's office? Campbell? - Mm.
Have him check the file on, uh, Lee Collins.
Wendell Hoyes cannot know that his brother's dead-- not until we have the canister.
We'll have the body sent to the morgue under another name.
Doctor, there are a lot of people who know that Cayman was suffering from heart disease.
I understand.
Cause of death will be established as something other than heart disease.
Have change for a quarter? Sure.
Maximum Security, Station Four, Officer Campbell.
Ed, this is Tully.
You can do me a favor.
Yeah, go ahead.
I need a make on the gal who made the break this afternoon.
A Lee Collins.
Well, that's not going to be easy.
It means I have to go over to the women's section.
I'll do what I can.
I'll be at this number exactly The number's KL 5-1558.
Got it.
Well, it's about time somebody visited me here.
Brought you something.
When do you suppose you'll get around to letting me out of here? When I'm sure of you.
Have you thought any more about helping me get out of the country? Mm-hmm.
We have to be sure of everybody, Lee.
Oh, yeah, I, uh, I can see that.
How long were you in for this time? Six months.
You must be, uh Well, a beautiful chick like you.
You know, that's a long time to be without You haven't answered my question, Wendell.
You know what I'm trying to say, Lee.
Can you help me? Sure, I can help you.
Wendell, please! You're not going to want to go anyplace without me.
You trash! Saretta! This is none of your business.
The hell it isn't.
It's all right, sweetheart.
He's all yours.
Yes, he is.
Hey, baby.
Now see it's all here and it's all yours.
I am everything you need.
Poison gas.
I hope you've got it locked up tight.
I do.
Where no one else will ever find it.
Look, I think the whole idea's great.
Getting Cayman out and everything.
I know how much your brother means to you.
But Wendell, the minute Cayman's turned loose, let's get out of the country.
Someplace where we can be alone.
Make up for everything we've missed.
Like Guaymas.
Remember how it was in Guaymas? Yeah, yeah, I remember.
Maybe, maybe.
When? When, when, when! When I say, that's when! Springing Cayman isn't all of it! I have unfinished business.
What kind of business? It's my business.
After that? Maybe.
Maybe after that.
Yeah? You, uh, you picked a hard case, this Collins broad.
She goes way back.
Petty larceny, breaking and entering, bank robbery with a couple of guys You name it.
All the way up to first degree murder.
Now yesterday's breakout.
Okay, that covers it.
What do you hear about Cayman Hoyes, anything at all? Nothing right now.
There's a freeze on.
No one's allowed near him.
That figures.
Rumor is they're planning to move him.
Thanks, Campbell.
Barney? Yes, Jim.
Any movement? Tully left about an hour ago.
Any idea where he went? No.
Wait a minute.
Jim, he just came back.
Less than three hours until the canister starts to go.
Well? - She's okay.
You're sure? She should have her record.
Let her go.
Where are you going? I'm going to make a phone call.
Barney, there go Wendell and Tully.
Wendell just left with Tully.
Right, Barney.
Couple more minutes.
We're ready.
Hello? Wendell Hoyes.
This is Nicholas Raysmith, Bureau of Corrections.
I'm empowered to deal.
- Well? We're prepared to accept your offer.
Real smart.
Be at the park in 30 minutes.
North end of the tunnel.
A cab will pick you up there.
Get it? Yes.
One more thing.
No cops.
Just my brother, Cayman, and you.
You pull anything, and a lot of people die, you understand? You ready, Bill? As ready as I'll ever be.
Open up.
How are you feeling? Better.
Come on, climb in.
Not you.
Wait a minute.
What's going on? - Shut up! We fulfilled our end of the bargain, now where is the canister? Willie? Yes, Jim? I'm at the tunnel in the park.
Pick me up, will you? Right.
Oh, Cayman! Cayman! Hey, you're sick.
They made you sick! No, I'm all right.
Now we're together, I'm all right.
Hey, I told you, didn't I? They'd never keep Cayman Hoyes boxed in.
That's right, you told me.
I can see it in your face.
They tried to ruin you.
But it's going to be all right now.
It's going to be different.
You have me again.
That's all that matters, Wendell.
The two of us again.
How did you do it? I'll tell you later.
No remember you used to tell me, "Little Brother, if you got a good hand, use it"? You must have had a full house.
Four aces.
Here's your authorization for the morgue.
Who is it? He's an old-timer.
A lifer named Hartman.
Must have been here 35 years.
I've known him 15.
Okay, let's go.
Nerve gas? You stole nerve gas from the army? It's probably the most dangerous gas in the whole wide world.
No wonder they made a deal.
That stuff's dangerous to handle.
How are you going to get it back to the army? The army isn't going to get it back.
Oh, now what are you talking about? You've got to be crazy to fool with that stuff in the first place.
Got you out, didn't it? Yeah, and I'm grateful for that.
But there's no point in running any more risks.
Call them.
Tell them where to pick it up.
We'll get out of here.
How? What do you mean? Getting you out of prison was only half of it.
Getting all of us out of here is the other half! We need dough, Cayman.
We're going to sell that canister.
Who'd want to buy a tin of nerve gas? Clint Talafero.
Talafero? Well, he's a terrorist, isn't he? He's a nut! I've heard of him.
He bombs banks.
And churches and schools! Hey, that stuff will kill thousands of people.
And kids, too.
She's right, Wendell.
Well, they should have thought of that before they treated Cayman the way they did! The government kept its bargain, Wendell.
Tell them they can have the canister back.
I can get money.
What have they done to you?! That's their talk! Woman talk! What'd they do to you in there?! I'm older now.
People change.
Some people change! But I don't! Wendell.
Please, Wendell.
No, people always try and step on you.
And you've got to get back at them.
I know.
You have to fight them.
They're out to kill you and you have to kill them first.
I love you, Wendell.
Are you with me or not? I'm with you, Wendell.
I'll do anything you say.
Cayman? You with me? We'll do it your way, Wendell.
Well, if everybody else is in, I guess I might as well be in, too.
Can't do much by myself.
That's it! When do you meet Talafero? This afternoon.
Soon as we get the canister, we get the dough and leave for the border.
It'd better be soon.
If Westerfield's right, that canister goes at 4:00.
Where is the canister? Someplace where no one will ever guess.
You know, one day you're going to say, "Hey, that kid brother of mine, he's really something.
" Nothing can beat us, Cayman.
Admiral's Garage.
I'm looking for Jack Tully.
He made a call from your phone this morning.
I don't know any Tully.
Are you sure? A tall, black man.
Look, I've got to talk to him.
It's important.
Nobody by that name around here.
Well, look, if he shows up, have him call me.
Ed Campbell.
He knows the number.
Tell him it's important.
Real important.
If he shows up.
Why aren't Lee and I going in the car with Tully? Because no one will see you in the back of the truck.
We're going to use the car as a decoy.
All set? - Almost.
When I get the dough, we're traveling light-- just you, me and Cayman.
What about Saretta? From now on, it's Cayman and me.
Who needs her? Now, you know where to meet me.
Tully's still in there.
Now we have to stay with the panel truck.
That canister goes in another 23 minutes.
I need some help, buddy.
We've got a lot of time, so, uh just going to take it easy.
She's okay now.
How much do I owe you? A couple bucks.
Thank you.
Hey, wait a minute.
Station Four.
Campbell? What's so important? Just this-- Cayman Hoyes is dead.
I don't know who went out of here this morning, but it wasn't Cayman.
He's in the morgue on a slab.
You all wait here.
Better go around that way.
I'm going inside.
Wendell! Wait here.
That's not Cayman.
Are you sure? Your brother's dead.
My guy saw him in the morgue.
Go ahead.
Open it.
I know how anxious you are to see it.
I don't know who you are, mister but you're going to die, just like Cayman.
Kill him.
Kill him! I'll kill him.
I'll kill him! Tully? - Okay.
Get the door.
You all right, Bill? Yeah.
Hey, man, let's get out of here! Wendell, where're you going? Wendell! I don't want to kill the world, Wendell.
I don't want to die.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
They killed him and I warned them! Wendell! Wendell! I don't give a hoot about Cayman anymore.
If that bomb will kill all the people you say it will, then it's gonna kill me, too, ain't it? Ain't it?! It's all over, Hoyes! Come on down out of there! It's all over for everybody.
Those last couple of shots weren't for us.