Mission Impossible (1966) s06e14 Episode Script

The Connection

Let him in.
Dolan, what are you doing here? My meeting was with Jason.
Jason isn't coming.
He said for you and me to go on without him.
This is Jason's.
He wanted you to have it.
You killed him.
Well he had a bad fall.
All right.
Sit down.
Jason wasn't a bad sort.
We did a lot of business together.
Ah, as a matter of fact, you placed an order with him yesterday, a very big one.
I'll fill it.
You've got the finances? I need an advance.
It figures.
I got a new setup, Clegg.
I'll supply all you can handle, than you've been paying.
Now, think about that.
Heroin doesn't come cheap these days.
You've got a lot of ambition, Dolan, and a lot of ideas.
I hope for your sake you know how to use them both.
Good morning, Mr.
This is a photograph of Reece Dolan, who recently became the prime supplier of uncut heroin on the eastern seaboard.
With an island base off the coast of Northwest Africa, Dolan plans to set up a unique and efficient new channel of manufacturing and distribution, which will be virtually impossible to detect or prosecute through conventional enforcement means.
Your mission, Jim, if you decide to accept it, is to identify Dolan's overseas raw opium source and his U.
buyer, nullify Dolan's operation, and provide authorities with enough hard evidence to convict them all.
This record will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
This is the island of Malot, off the northwest coast of Africa-- remote, poorly policed.
It's Dolan's plan to establish a manufacturing base there.
Through correspondents, he's obtained the use of a chateau owned by a Madame Renada.
Her background in the French underworld makes her an ideal partner for Dolan, but when she sent him her picture for identification purposes, we intercepted it.
And I become Madame Renada.
That's right, Casey.
Now, Dolan will have the other half of this bill, an Italian lire.
Now, our island and chateau are off the south coast of Georgia, an area where the climate's similar to that of Malot.
Everything we need is there, including the airstrip.
Are you set on the plane, Barney? Mm-hmm.
It's a private jet that's now being equipped with long-range tanks.
What about the time change, Jim? In the time zone changes, Willie, we gain six hours going from Rome to the United States, so that when we arrive here, it's the same time as if we were in Malot.
And the telephone relays? The Interpol is helping us with that.
They've put a bypass and a tap on the mainland cable.
All calls will come to our chateau.
And Simone is on the switchboard.
She's from the area; she'll be helping us.
Now, remember this, nailing Dolan is not enough.
He's getting a million-dollar advance from a dealer here in the States, and there's the grower in the Middle East who supplies the raw opium.
We have to put names to both of those men.
One million dollars.
I'm not used to, uh, financing my own suppliers.
Well, look at it this way: you're subsidizing your own growh.
Good luck.
I'll be in touch.
This'll put you on the same flight to Rome.
Don't let him out of your sight.
You don't trust him? He's got a million bucks of my money, stupid.
Just stick to him.
Make sure he's spending it like he's supposed to.
Anything funny, report back to me.
Finch? Dolan must not connect you to me.
It'll blow the deal.
He won't.
Monsieur Dolan? I am Mathieu Cordet.
Madame Renada sent us.
This gentleman will fly us to the island.
Bates and Page.
How long is it going to take? Three hours.
We will leave at 12:30.
That's one half hour from now.
You gentlemen will leave your luggage, I'll stow it aboard.
I got it.
All right.
There's a coffee shop over there.
I'll have you paged when the plane is ready.
All right, sir.
That'll be, uh, $4.
There you are, and, uh, keep the change.
Oh, thanks, sir.
Say, buddy? Yeah? I sure hope you ain't got very far to go in this old heap.
Thanks again.
The security is established, three miles either way.
All set? Simone? - All set? -Yes.
Yes, Jim.
We'll be setting down at 4:15 p.
your time.
Passengers are Dolan, Page, Bates.
Right, Jim.
Gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts.
We're about to descend.
Man, this is the backside of nowhere, ain't it? You wanted privacy.
Messieurs Dolan, Bates, Page.
Well, I look forward to the relationship, Madame Renada.
You drive, Mathieu.
If you are here to play games, gentlemen, your visit is over.
I think we better find out right now who's giving the orders around here.
Oh, monsieur, I think we have already found out.
Put this thing away.
Do not touch it again while you're on this island.
That includes all of you.
I don't want trouble with the police.
Who is he? A bandit from the mountains.
But a man I can trust.
Before I leave here, I'm going to find out if he's half as tough as he acts.
Monsieur, do you know the prison on St.
Claire that is a hell on Earth? Mathieu was a prisoner there.
He spent five years in solitary confinement in a windowless cell six feet square.
And the first thing he did when they let him out was spit in the guard's face.
You must be a very courageous man, monsieur.
Take their bags upstairs, please.
Oui, madame.
Well, Bates, what do you think? It'll do.
It is everything you asked for in your letter.
How soon can we start cooking? Just as soon as you can bring me the flowers.
But there is one more consideration, monsieur.
My money.
Don't you trust me? Monsieur, I have not trusted a man since my husband died.
Except your friend, Mathieu.
Except my friend, Mathieu.
Ah, let's see, what'd we agree on, Madame Renada? $300,000? - $400,000.
As my friend Mathieu said, "If you're here to play games, your visit is over.
" Oh, and, uh, five percent of the profits.
Well, now, I've been thinking about that, uh This doesn't have to be a one-shot deal, you know.
If I, um, like your set-up here, it can be permanent.
But not for any five percent bite.
Hmm? For what, then? Two and a half.
Well, I might consider it if I knew more about your operation.
Yeah? Like what? Well, um, who supplies the opium that comes onto the island? And, uh, who buys the heroin that leaves? Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
If you and your friend knew that, you wouldn't need me anymore.
True, then we can forget any permanent arrangement.
I already have.
- Fine.
This is Malot 7-7-1-2-8.
I'd like to place a call to Istanbul.
The name of the party, sir.
I'll talk to anyone who answers.
Very well.
One moment, sir.
I want an immediate tracer put on a number in Istanbul.
Yes? This is Dolan.
Tell your employer I'm ready to do business.
My employer says his plane will be leaving for Malot at dawn.
You will pay the pilot for the merchandise.
You do have the money, effendi? Yeah, I got it.
Gentlemen, we'll have the flowers in the morning.
Thank you.
It's a public phone booth.
Get me Captain Renna at the Rome airport.
Barney should be landing in Rome about 7:15 a.
their time.
Hey, babe.
What kind of games do they play around here at night, huh? Where's your imagination, Dan? There's no action.
Let's go into the village.
Relax! Save your energy for tomorrow.
Bates? Yeah, I could use some action.
Come on, Frenchy.
Give me the keys.
We need your car.
Give me the keys.
I'm going to bed, madame.
Good night, Mathieu.
The keys.
You are not going to the village.
It would attract too much attention.
Give me the keys.
I thought I told you to put that thing away? I forgot.
Now, pop with the keys, man.
I know you're tough.
The lady told us.
But don't push it, man.
Mathieu! Wait! Cool it.
Monsieur, tell your friend the next time, I will kill him.
That's enough.
Leave me alone.
Take a walk.
Don't move! Don't move.
Don't make a sound.
I've got questions, and I want answers.
Whose house is this? Madame Renada's.
Where is it? It don't you know? Where? It's on Malot.
Malot? Since when is Malot nine hours from Rome? Wh-what do you mean, nine hours from Rome? Who are you? How did you know we came from Rome? Why, you're Clegg's man, Charlie Yes.
Very good, Captain.
We will wait for him.
You heard from Jim? The supplier is still unknown, but his base is Istanbul.
The police there have identified a charter flight for Malot.
The tower just called his pilot and told him his employer does not want him to proceed to Malot.
He'll land here in about ten minutes and await further instructions.
You kill him? No, don't be a fool.
Then, who did? There are bandits roaming the hills.
We've had trouble before.
Who was it, Jim? I don't know, but we better find out before he blows everything sky-high.
Raw opium.
Very high grade.
He was carrying 36 cases of it.
Has the pilot been apprehended? The police interrogated him.
He knows nothing of the person who hired him.
Well, at least we have the opium.
The other boxes are being transferred to your plane.
Our pilot will take over from here.
Here, Jim.
Somebody's gotten through and killed Page.
No apparent motive.
We have no idea who did it.
Any sign of anything on the perimeter? Not yet.
Nothing been reported as yet.
Well, alert the pickets.
Have them keep an eye out for whoever it is.
Couldn't find anything, Jim.
It's bad.
What about them? Uh, they're asleep.
Passed out.
You better give Simone a break, Willie.
And you get some rest yourself.
Did you recognize him? No.
One two three four, five, six.
Tell your friend I'll be in touch.
We double-checked the southern boundary, Jim.
No one's seen him.
Then the chances are he's still around the house somewhere.
It sure looks that way.
Keep checking.
I want to call New York, area code 212-567-7098.
One moment, please.
Dolan's distributor.
Go ahead.
Hello? This is Dolan.
Oh, it's about time, Dolan.
How are the flowers? They're beginning to bloom.
I think you'll be happy with their quality.
Fine, but when am I going to see some? I've got a lot of customers breathing down my neck.
Lew Bates will be flying out of here after midnight.
He'll be in your office first thing tomorrow morning.
I'll look for him here at the office.
Here's the distributor, Willie.
We'll phone this through to the New York Police.
They'll have his name and address by the time you get there.
Right, Jim.
Yeah? The plane will be ready in 25 minutes.
Get going.
Call me as soon as you get to New York.
Pascal will drive you.
His sister is being married in a village over the mountain.
I promised him he could use the car after he drops you off.
You, grab one of these.
Oui, monsieur, Uh-oh, what's going on? We will soon see, monsieur.
Do not worry, mon ami, That one is my uncle.
Bonsoir, Pascal, monsieur, Please forgive the inconvenience, eh, but we have been ordered to take care of all the travel visas on this road.
Travel visas on this road? Oui, monsieur, You will come with me, eh? I told you, do not worry.
I will take care of the tobacco.
Allez, monsieur allez, Where is it? Rafik was supposed to leave the island five hours ago.
I cannot answer that.
Your call, effendi, There's a call from Istanbul on the Malot number.
Trace it and inform the Turkish police.
This is the employer.
What do you want? My money, effendi, You should have it by now.
No, I don't.
My pilot has not returned.
Well, he left here yesterday.
With the money? What do you think? How well do you know your pilot? Effendi, I know the man.
Well, I gave him the money, and he left.
If he didn't show up, that's your problem.
You are worried, mon ami? Oh, no.
Should you not have heard from your friend in New York? It is long past time for him to call.
What makes you think I have any interest in this sort of merchandise, Tunakis? Come on, Mr.
Clegg, don't jazz me.
I get around, you know.
I hear things.
Like what? Like you've got a lot of hungry customers and nothing to feed them.
I can deliver all the stuff you need.
At 20°/o more than I've been paying.
Well, you know the old law, Mr.
Supply and demand.
Such a large shipment is unusual.
Where did you get it? Yeah.
Okay, hold on a second.
Yes? What are you getting at? Very simply this.
My courier has not returned from Malot with the money when Dolan said he would.
Have you received your merchandise yet? No.
Then, perhaps we were too quick to trust this man, Dolan.
I'll get back to you.
Get him.
All right, Tunakis.
There's been too much coincidence here.
You're going to tell me all about it.
Hold it! What are you doing with Madame Renada's address? Look, don't be a stupid fool, make it easy on yourself.
She's got the stuff I'm peddling.
Where did she get it? Word is, she's got a partner-- an American.
Reece Dolan? I don't know.
I met her in Marseilles.
She was alone.
How were you supposed to pick up the merchandise? Well? Okay.
Plane's picking me up at the Rome airport noon tomorrow.
Who are they? They're going with us.
Now wait a minute! I was told that Never mind what you were told! He's what? What?! You heard me! He's on his way to Malot.
Well, get hold of him somehow! I've got to talk to him right away! I told you.
He left for Rome last night.
He's on his way to Malot.
I'll give you the number.
I've got the number.
Jim Yes, Barney.
Willie's end worked out fine.
We'll set down at 4:00 p.
your time.
I'm sorry, sir.
Your New York number doesn't answer.
What do you mean, it doesn't answer? It's got to! Keep trying! Does this mean trouble, monsieur? Mmm? No.
Well, you have not heard from Bates.
You cannot reach the man in New York.
And the man in Istanbul says that you - I don't care what he says! I got to get out of here, find Clegg.
Something's gone wrong.
Well I'll take the lorry into the village.
I'll arrange a plane for you.
Do that.
Oh, um, perhaps while I am gone, you should, uh, pack your things.
Uh, good idea.
I told you to come alone! Who are these people? Never mind.
Just take us to Dolan.
Keep your eye on this one and the pilot.
Let's get moving.
I'll go get my stuff.
Very well, monsieur.
Make that local call and be ready to leave.
Right, Jim.
You're full of tricks, buddy.
You came back.
Why? You'll find out pretty quick.
Where's Dolan? He's upstairs.
Where's Clegg? I don't know.
Pretty smart game you cooked up here.
Selling 'em on this place.
An "island" off the coast of Africa.
Then you let 'em make up a batch of horse enough to turn on the city of New York for a month.
All the time, they're only five miles from the Morefield, Georgia, police station.
That's Clegg, isn't it? You get the plane? Yes, Dolan.
She got the plane.
Clegg what are you doing here? Oh, it's no use.
They know everything.
What are you talking about? Clegg, she - It was Tunakis.
The idiot, he went straight to them.
She's lying, Clegg.
It's a frame.
Come on! You've got some explaining to do upstairs.
Yeah, well, that would, uh, ruin the "game," as you call it.
Trouble with you, Dolan, is you're greedy.
One million cash from me, easily two million in uncut heroin.
Clegg, listen to me! You've got to believe me.
Somebody's making fools of us! There is a fool here, Dolan, and it's not me! Charlie! Dolan what's going on around here? Talk! I don't