Mission Impossible (1966) s06e15 Episode Script

The Bride

You're a cheat, Anders.
You're a dirty, filthy cheat! - That's a lie! I never took a penny of your money! You skimmed $150,000 off that last shipment! That's a lie! Is it? Huh? I got friends in Zurich told me you just made a deposit to your personal account of $150,000! I, uh, I sold some property.
Oh, did you now? Richie, get him out of here before I You're making a big mistake.
Yeah, maybe, in letting you walk out of here.
Now get out, ya! It's that time again, Joe.
Next week, you're going to have to move nearly $8 million of the Syndicate's money out of the country.
Now, how are you going to do it without Anders' diplomatic pouch? What, do you expect me to let that dirty, filthy creep get away with it? How you gonna move it? I'll move it! I'll move it, Frank.
Don't worry, I'll move it.
Good-bye, Mr.
Good morning, Mr.
This is Joe Corvin, one-time Syndicate killer and extortionist and now an expert in handling illegal monies.
Through Corvin, tens of millions of underworld dollars have been funneled out of this country and into Swiss banks, from there to be returned as foreign investments in American business.
So far, conventional law enforcement agencies have been unable to stop Corvin's operations.
Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to put Corvin out of business for good.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
There's still work to be done on it.
I'm afraid this has not been one of my favorite projects.
It's perfect.
Casey Three minutes and all vital signs cease.
Jim, the hearse will be ours.
Now, the one certainty is that Corvin will use Collins Mortuary.
We know that several of his victims have been cremated there.
Bob, let's see that Harris picture again.
Casey's giving me the makeup techniques.
There shouldn't be a problem.
Bone structure's the same.
I'm afraid you'll have to shave your head.
It'll grow back.
We'll build the Harris face first and then overlay that when Bob makes the switch.
Now, we've already confirmed that your picture has been delivered to Corvin instead of his fiancee's, so everything's set.
Jim, what do the Syndicate boys think about Corvin's getting married right now? Oh, they don't care, Willie.
All they want is a way to move their money.
And that's where we come in.
Why did he pick a bride from the old country? He hates American women.
He wanted prime old country merchandise-- convent-educated.
He got it and dressed it with a week of Paris couturiers.
Where is she now? Well, she's on the Riviera being detained until this is over.
She doesn't know how lucky she is.
Casey, Corvin hates to be crossed.
Don't worry, Jim.
I plan to die on schedule, not before.
Flight four for Kansas City and Chicago, now loading at gate 32.
She should be out of customs any minute now.
There she is.
Last call for Flight 12 to Newark-- gate 27.
She's even prettier than the picture.
That's some of my 20,000 bucks she spent on herself in Paris.
Kathleen Deegan? Oh, yes.
But you're not Mr.
-- No, no.
I'm Richie.
Corvin is over here.
Will Mr.
Carlson please report to the Information Desk.
Kathleen Deegan, Mr.
Joe, Kathleen.
I recognized you from your photograph.
You're a bit more distinguished-looking, perhaps.
Am I now? Let me have your baggage checks.
Richie'll get your things for you.
Right there.
- Richie.
I'll see you back at the car.
And how is Sister Maureen? Oh, very well, thank you.
She only has one kidney, but she's as feisty as ever.
You know, you're a very pretty girl.
But I don't like hats on my women.
You didn't buy a lot of them in Paris, did you? No, only this one.
But I'll throw it away.
I want to please you, Joe.
Oh What's the matter? What is it? Oh, nothing, at all.
- Hmm? Just the anxiety, I guess.
Miss Deegan, you left this on the plane.
Oh, thank you.
Uh it's for my queasy stomach.
This is Mr Uh, Bevins.
Freight Services.
I happened to be on the flight with Miss Deegan.
He was very kind to me, Joe.
Oh? There you go.
Oh, no, thank you.
It's all part of the service.
Well, Richie should be at the car by now.
from San Francisco, now arriving at gate 16.
Good evening, Mr.
I'm on my way to a party, Mr.
You called at a bad time.
There's no such thing as a bad time, Mr.
Not when time is money.
You said on the phone you worked with Anders? That's correct.
I was Anders' immediate superior in the government for many years.
It's all in here.
Your boys checked it thoroughly before they let me in to see you.
Drink, Kingby? Thank you.
Okay, okay, what's on your mind? A proposition.
How much of a percentage do you pay to have your profits transported abroad safely? You think I'm going to answer a question like that? You don't have to.
I already know.
You pay Joe Corvin Go on.
How would you like to pay eight percent for the same guarantees? Kingby, you better get out of town while your health is still good.
Now, look, I have an attache pouch just like Anders had.
And I'm offering you a two percent saving.
I can move now and you want me now.
I happen to know that you have millions of dollars just waiting.
You happen to know too much.
You try cutting in on Corvin, he'll put you on a slab.
Mellinger, you may be afraid of falling down elevator shafts, but I'm not.
Think it over.
Thank you.
Thank you, one and all.
Thanks all for coming.
And now that we've, uh, sort of got the formal introductions out of the way, let's, uh, on with the party, eh? American must truly be the land of opportunity, Mr.
To become so wealthy so quickly.
Now tell me again exactly what it is that you do.
Kathleen, excuse us, Tony, please.
Come on, Kathleen.
Where are we going? Out here.
It's beautiful, Joe.
Kathleen, there is one thing you must learn.
The people you meet in my house, you don't ask questions.
They're your friends, Joe.
They're also my customers.
They're entitled to their privacy.
I see.
They're hard men, aren't they, Joe? Some are frightening.
Yes, they are.
It's a hard business they're in.
Sister Maureen told me that you were in business.
But she never told me exactly what it was that, that you do.
You don't ask me.
You don't ask them, ever.
Is that clear? I'm grateful for your protection, Joe.
And I'll try never to displease you again.
Well, I wasn't sure whether I'd ever give this to you, but Joe.
I've had it a long time.
I could never give it to an American woman.
You use American women.
You use them to-- May I put it on? Hi, boys.
Good evening, Mr.
Where's Joe? He's out there on the balcony.
Uh, he's with the girl.
It's important.
Won't it keep, Mr.
Mellinger? No.
How about a drink? No, thanks.
He really digs the girl.
Wait till you see her.
You'll know what I mean.
What do you think of her? Well, I think he ought to stick to his business.
Kathleen I think I think you're going to make me very, very happy.
I'll try, Joe.
They're all full of envy in there.
Old Joe Corvin's finally got something he really wants.
Joe'll come through.
He always does.
Sorry I'm late, Joe.
Forget it.
Forget it, Frank.
I'd like you to meet my fiancée, Miss Kathleen Deegan.
Frank Mellinger, a long time friend of mine.
It's an honor, Mr.
You're very lovely.
Joe, I need a minute.
Huh? Uh Mae would you keep your eye on Kathleen here for a bit, too, hmm? Of course, Joe.
All right.
She's delightful, isn't she? Yes.
Well What is it? Joe, for old times sake, I want you to know something.
Someone's trying to move in on you.
Oh, you're pulling me leg.
Who then? Anders' old boss.
A guy named Kingby.
Eight percent, and he can handle the money right now.
It sounded good even to me.
Oh, you can't be serious, Frank.
You and me-- we've been friends too long.
Well, that's what I was telling myself and the other boys.
But that eight million dollars isn't doing them any good right here.
They want it moved tomorrow night.
When did you see this, uh, Kingby? Tonight.
Has he talked to any of the other boys? I've been checking around.
He's meeting Jimmy Latimer for breakfast tomorrow morning, 7::30.
Huh? For breakfast, Joe.
He's a very enterprising young man.
Okay, buddy, you drive.
I'll give the directions.
Jim? They've got him.
Good morning.
Where's Joe? Uh, something came up.
He'll be out most of the day.
He shouldn't have gone out.
Not today.
Oh, he'll be back.
Look, how about a cup of coffee? I don't want any coffee.
What are you so nervous about? Why don't you go back to bed? Leave me alone, can't you?! Sure.
Richie, I-I'm sorry.
Who should I say is calling? Just tell her it's the airline calling.
It's for you.
The airline.
Thank you.
Is that you? I've been half crazy waiting for your call.
I told you I'd call.
I-I've got to see you.
I mean, right now.
It's all right with me.
Have you got any money? I've got some.
All right then.
Take a cab to the Hotel Stanley on Fourth Avenue.
Room 318.
I'll be there.
Well? It's like Frank said.
Name's Kingby, Anders' old boss.
What else did he tell you? Well, we didn't get any more out of him than that.
He didn't tell us anything.
What we got out of him was in here.
Bring him around.
Kingby, don't believe everything you read in the newspapers, that we're all fine, upright businessmen and that nobody gets killed anymore.
They're exaggerating, Kingby.
Believe me, they are.
I have a safe deposit box, Corvin.
And my lawyers have a duplicate key.
If anything happens to me, they have instructions to open it.
I had my eye on Anders a long time.
And I know exactly what he was doing.
So inside that box is a list of your banking clients, and a full report on you.
What is it you want? To deal.
You don't know how much I needed to see you.
Yeah, I can guess.
You don't have time to bargain, Corvin.
I have a safe means of moving illegitimate money to Europe today.
You don't.
All I want is half the take, five percent.
Half, is it? And what makes you so generous? Why not all of it? Because I know your clients trust you.
And they prefer to deal through you.
So I figure their goodwill is worth five percent.
So why did you go see them? So they'd know.
So they'd pressure you.
Look at your watch, Corvin.
You've got to find a way of moving that money pretty soon, and I'm the only way you have.
All right.
I'll give you $40,000 a trip, the same as I give Anders before he got so greedy.
Partners or nothing.
I don't partner with anybody, Kingby.
And if you think for one minute, you're Hello? Yeah, he's here.
It's Richie.
Yes, Richie.
She what?! I said, your little convent girl just got herself a fix.
Where are you now? I'll be right there.
I'll be back.
Well, what about him? Hold him.
Corvin! You need me.
This must be worth a hundred grand.
No! Don't! Don't! It wasn't his fault.
I needed it.
He just sold it to me, that's all.
Get away from me, you If you ever touch me again, so help me, I'll kill you.
But, Joe, I love you.
Love? Love, you dirty little junkie.
Joe, it was for my pain.
I fell off a horse last year.
That's how it started.
They gave me morphine.
But, Joe, I'll fight it.
I swear, I'll fight it for you.
Richie, give me your gun.
Bring her on along home and wait for me there.
Joe, you won't send me back to Europe.
Come on.
Joe, you wouldn't do that to me.
Come on.
Make it easy on yourself, huh? Joe, please, Joe.
Come on.
- Don't She pay you? Uh, no.
You liar! Yeah.
I figured that was it.
You're just about as low as they come, ain't you? I'm a businessman.
What other kind of business are you in besides them narcotics? Huh? Anything I can smuggle.
Uh, jewelry, foreign currency, commercial diamonds, anything.
Well, how do you make it work? My job.
It's a good cover.
When's your next flight? Tonight.
- To where? Paris and Zurich.
Uh, look, I'm going to be out of here.
I promise I won't Well, don't work yourself up into a snit, Bevins.
Just tell me, how do you move the stuff? My personal luggage.
How much can you handle in one trip? Three, four suitcases.
What about the customs inspectors? I got friends.
Bevins, how'd you like to make yourself about, uh, $40,000 tonight? $40,000? Uh-huh.
Well, if it's not, uh not too dangerous.
Not half as dangerous as it would be if you turned me down.
Hey, there's no hurry, is there? How about having a drink with me? All right.
You know, Kathleen, things ain't really that bad.
I mean, I could easily keep you supplied.
We could have a lot of fun together.
I mean you be nice to me, and I could return the favor in a big way.
Let go of me! Joe would kill you.
You pathetic little junkie.
Do you think Joe would have anything to do with you now? Can you trust Bevins? The greatest trust in the world.
Because he knows who I am.
Talked with the others? You're the key, Frank.
If you're in, they're in.
I'll tell them to have the money at my place within the next two hours.
Hello? We won't need him.
I understand.
You don't have time to bargain, Corvin.
I have a safe means of moving illegitimate money to Europe today.
You don't.
All I want is half the take, five percent.
Now, you get out.
You bother anybody again, that goes to your boss.
Where is she, Richie? She locked herself in her room.
What are we going to do with her, Joe? Sure it's risky.
But I don't move that stuff today, I'm out of business for good.
Bevins is my only hope.
Joe! Help me! Joe! Joe! She's dead.
Hello? It's for you.
Hello, Bevins.
It's an emergency.
Meet me at the airport in half an hour.
Well, I can tell you better there.
The freight terminal.
I'm going to the airport.
What about her? Call Collins, the undertaker.
Tell him to cremate her.
Take a look.
I just found out about it myself.
New security measures for protection against hijackers and terrorists.
They're going through everything.
There's no way to hide anything from them.
He wants her cremated.
No big deal.
They won't examine your personal luggage.
Nothing's exempt.
Not this time.
You don't realize the bind I'm in, Bevins.
Well, it's not going to do you or your clients any good to get caught.
I'm well aware of that.
I've got to make other arrangements.
Oh, no.
Hold on just a minute.
Are they going to open that casket? No, it's got an embassy seal on it.
Where is it headed for? Zurich.
That's the flight I told you about.
At 6:45 tonight? - Yes.
Will the customs people open it at the other end? That's a possibility.
Well, you're not thinking That's where you're wrong, Bevins.
I'm always thinking.
Collins? Yes, what is it? That radiator on the hearse is shot.
What do you want me to do? Can Charlie fix it? - No.
Besides, it's his kid's birthday.
You gave him the rest of the day off.
- Oh, yes.
Well, we're going to need a hearse first thing tomorrow morning.
Call the agency, tell them to deliver another one and pick ours up.
Anderson Car Rental.
Yeah, okay.
We'll send you another one out right away.
Hmm, pretty.
Hmm, Richie said he was going to marry her.
Why not? How did it happen? Overdose.
- Shame.
What's he want done with it? Cremation.
Nothing fancy.
Collins Mortuary.
Oh, yes, Mr.
Yes, they just brought it in.
We're just getting ready to No, no, there's been a change of plan.
I don't want it cremated.
I'm shipping the body to Europe at 6:45 tonight.
I see.
In that case, it has to be embalmed.
Naturally, it has to be embalmed.
I'll be in to pick out a casket.
There are certain special requirements necessary, Collins.
Uh, hold on just a second.
Bevins, I'm shipping a body to Europe on that Flight 62 tonight.
Make all the arrangements.
Whose body? Who do you think? I didn't kill her.
She up and died, and saved me the trouble.
Listen, Collins.
Here's what I want you to do.
Corvin's changed his mind.
We're sending the body to Europe.
Do the standard embalming job, but rush it.
Collins? In there.
Collins? That's right.
Got an accident case a couple of blocks from here.
The family's a little too upset to think about a funeral parlor.
The doc's already signed the death certificate.
You want the body? What's it going to cost me? But if the family changes their mind about another funeral parlor later on, I can let you have, uh, 25 back.
You guys are real vultures, aren't you? Look, I can just take the body on down to the city morgue Bring it in.
- Good deal, Mr.
Collins Mortuary.
Collins? I'd like to arrange a funeral service for my uncle.
Could you tell me your various rates? Now those figures I've given you include, of course, the use of the chapel.
There would be a slight extra charge for an organist.
Where do you want it? Over there.
What about the flowers, Mr.
Collins? Well, that would really depend on the display that you wanted, sir.
Baker, please.
I would prefer that you would come in and talk it over with us.
I'm sure that we can provide you with some satisfactory service.
You will? Oh, thank you, sir.
We'll be looking forward to seeing you.
Good Sir Mr.
Baker? Where are you going, Harris? Just giving him a hand.
I'll be right back.
Go, Bob.
Collins Mortuary.
Collins, I'm sorry to trouble you again.
I wondered if I could change my appointment to 5:30 this afternoon.
Yes, I'll hold on.
Are you all right? I think so.
Thank you very much.
I'll be there.
Let's get out of here.
- Right.
Richie, where's Joe? He's making arrangements.
What kind of arrangements? I thought it was all set through that airlines guy.
Security's really tight now.
We're sending it out in a coffin.
Whose coffin? That's one million two.
And here's your receipt for Jimmy.
Richie, I said whose coffin? The girl died yesterday.
Kathleen? Mm-hmm.
Joe must be pretty broken up.
She turned out to be a junkie.
She took an overdose.
A guy waits all that time to marry, and then comes up with a dead junkie.
She did us a favor.
I'm taking this over to Collins.
I think maybe I'll come along, too.
Is there any problem, Mr.
Miller? No problem, Richie.
Except they're all pretty conservative guys.
And they made me responsible for their money.
Shipping $8 million out of the country in a dead girl's coffin I don't say it won't work.
I just want to make sure.
Here we are, Mr.
There should be ample space in here.
And if anyone should open the casket, all they'll see is the dear departed with her pretty head on the pillow.
Excuse me.
Collins Mortuary.
Just a minute.
Airport for you.
Thank you.
Uh, yes, Bevins.
Everything's set.
You're on flight 62, Enter at, uh, gate E, south end of the field.
Nobody will be around to bother you.
All right fine, thanks.
Flight 62, gate E.
Sorry to hear about the girl, Joe.
Forget about her.
Well, there's other girls.
Stay out of my private life, Frank.
What are the arrangements, Joe? Some of the boys want to be represented.
Flight 62, gate E.
My people will pick the stuff up in Zurich.
Put them in here.
Is she ready? All ready for the cosmetologist.
No, not this time.
She goes as is.
Looks like she's sleeping.
She sure was beautiful.
Close the lid.
The embassy seal.
Better than the real article.
And the shipping manifest, the public health certificate, the death certificate.
Are them papers the real McCoy, Collins? No more than usual.
But we've never had any problem with our paperwork, have we, Mr.
Corvin? All right, Harris.
Thank you.
I want Richie to drive.
No, no, Harris better do that.
He knows the ropes.
Richie can ride with him.
I'll ride along, too.
Hmm? Oh, no.
No, Frank, don't come out to the airport.
Why get mixed up in this yourself? You're paying me to handle it for you.
We just want to make sure everything goes okay.
You know this whole thing's a little, uh, off center.
Well, sure, maybe it's a little off center, but you want the money moved now, don't you? Relax, relax, we're just gonna take a little ride.
You follow in the limo, huh? You better hurry it up, Harris.
There isn't much time.
Just one more thing to do, Mr.
Everything okay? Okay.
All right, let's move it, then.
Get the coffin off the hearse.
This is Mr.
Gentlemen, please step back.
Look out, it's falling! It's a dummy, Joe.
Somebody's idea of a bad joke? Where is it, Joe? Huh? - Where's the $8 million? Frank, come on.
We've been friends too many years.
This is a frame, I tell you.
Look, you were right there with me when when we seen him put the money in the casket.
Take care of him, will you? What do you know about this? Nothing.
- Talk! All he told me was to make sure the coffin got off all right.
That and get him a couple of tickets.
Tickets to where? Miami.
We'll go to Joe's place.
You ride with me, Joe.
Him, too.
No, it can't be.
Joe? Joe, what is this? Gonna get yourself a little sun, were you, Joe? Frank, this is a frame.
You know me better than this.
Where you been hiding? Hiding? Why, I've been at the Central Hotel.
Ask Joe.
I don't Okay, okay, get out of here.
You and Collins, eh, Joe? Huh? Come on, Frank.
I thought I knew you, Joe, but that young broad got to you, didn't she? No! Frank.
Frank, listen.
Please, Frank! I want to talk to him.
Frank, I got to talk to you.
- Open it! Now, Joe where is the money?