Mixed-ish (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

True Colors

1 BOW: I was getting ready to turn 13, but I did not look any older.
It's too bad those old milk commercials lied to me.
Will I always look like a kid? I mean, am I ever going to get a bra? Whoa! Who are you? I'm you at 20.
Because you're drinking milk, which builds strong bones, and teeth.
And boobs.
Super strong boobs.
Are you me at 30? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Yes, I am.
We look great! Heck yeah we do! And it all starts tomorrow! You're turning 13.
You get to reinvent yourself into a full-grown, sophisticated 13-year-old woman.
And everyone's gonna know it's because you're drinking milk.
Oh, little Bow-peep! Look what I got for your birthday.
What's sweeter than my two little babies matching for my big baby's birthday? I can't believe you're having Santi dress like me.
Unh-unh, honey.
You're dressing like me.
I have the best day planned.
Since we didn't celebrate birthdays on the commune, we're gonna make up for it by celebrating them all at once.
We're gonna have cupcakes, pony rides, a clown, and then, to top it all off, a piñata.
Right? Oh! I don't know why I lied.
Being 13 is gonna suck.
In the mix Oh, oh, oh, they keep trying But they can't stop us 'Cause we got a love That keeps rising up In the mix Life turns around 'Round and 'round it goes Ooh, it's a mixed-up world Ooh, it's a mixed-up And that's for sure Mixed-up In the mix Baby We're gonna get by We're gonna On our own, side by side Love's all we need to be free Lo-o-o-ve is all I got you, you got me Yaaaaay us! I-I-In the mix Yaaaaay us! I-I-In the mix-ish [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION.]
So, this is weird.
I just got off the phone with my mother.
Eleanor? Wow.
When's the last time you even talked to her? Not at all since she left.
But she's on her way right now in an RV to stay for the weekend.
Says she wants to talk.
What does she want to talk about? I don't know.
I I don't care.
I mean, I'm still so mad at her.
For stealing my boat? I had a boat.
No, for abandoning me.
How does a mother just up and leave her 12-year-old son? Her only child, with no explanation? Yeah, that wasn't great, but what she did to me was an actual crime.
I had to fish off a dock, like an immigrant.
You know what? This is a bad idea.
I-It's Rainbow's birthday.
I don't want there to be any drama.
I should've told her not to come.
Although, it's possible the universe is bringing her here because it's Rainbow's birthday.
And maybe it means she's finally ready to apologize.
Well, I don't know if I even want to hear what she has to say.
Me neither.
There aren't enough "Sorry"s in the world to undo the splinters I got on that dock.
So, your birthday's coming up.
- Are you excited? - No.
My mom's trying to be nice, but she's getting me balloon animals.
Oh, my God, that's awful.
I know.
The day's gonna suck.
Not just the day.
This could affect your rep as a teenager.
My rep? What's a rep? Look, I know you used to live in a hollowed-out tree trunk, but around here, 13th birthday parties are the most important event of your life.
Yeah, your birthday needs to be, like, sophisticated.
I'm talking sparkling cider, snacks on trays, and a guy playing a keytar.
If people find out you had kiddie stuff at your 13th that's, like, basically social suicide.
You guys talking about a party? Because if you need a chaperone, I am available.
And I can bring my keytar.
ALICIA: Paul, can you please sit down? - You're making me nervous.
- I'm sorry.
I just can't believe my mother is actually coming.
Anybody want to bet 20 bucks she doesn't show? [SIGHS.]
I don't want to get my hopes up for her apologizing, but I am wearing my forgiveness cougar tooth necklace.
Look, I can tell this is gonna be a very private, emotional family thing.
So I'm just gonna call in sick so I don't miss any private, emotional details.
- Oh.
- What do you think? Do I shake her hand, do I give her a hug? Babe, just hear her out.
- She's coming here for a reason.
- [SIGHS.]
- Oh.
Excuse me.
I believe Eleanor is here.
- Hi! - Hi.
- Paul! - Mom.
- Uh - Oh.
Come here! [LAUGHS.]
- This is my wife, Alicia.
- So nice to finally meet you.
Oh, pleasure is all mine.
Oh, hello, Harrison.
Hope you feel better than you look.
Oh, these are laugh lines.
I laugh every time I think about how much money I have.
I still laugh about how I got half of it.
- How was the drive? - DENISE: Yeah! Did you find the house okay, or did it take you 30 years to get here? Excuse me? Oh, don't mind me.
I'm just trying to get the private emotions going.
Denise actually has a point.
Let's get you settled so we can have that talk.
- Uh Everybody Everybody, I'd like you to meet Rose.
Oh! Howdy, folks.
Heard a lot about you.
Rose is my work and travel companion.
- Yep.
- A work and travel companion? Yeah, that's not a thing.
As I'm sure you've realized, Grandma Eleanor is gay.
But as obvious as it seems now, everyone's gaydar was still pretty fuzzy back in 1986.
Your work and travel companion? - Oh, sure.
I've heard that before.
- Yes.
Um, if you need some privacy so that we can talk about stuff, I have a greenhouse out back.
We got plenty of time to talk.
I want to see the kids.
They're at school, but, um, I can show you pictures.
- Oh! - We got some pictures to show you, too.
- Rose.
- Uh, this way.
- Oh, God.
- Remember? - Oh, my gosh.
- So, we Rose had never skied before - [LAUGHING.]
No! We were all just excited to meet White Grandma, and she was just as excited to catch us up on everything we had missed.
- Oh, okay, everybody, guys, get a kick out of this.
This is Rose and me at the hot tub - Hot springs.
- Hot springs.
- Hot springs.
- In, um, in Colorado.
That was three years to the day that we met.
Aww! Friend-iversary! Nope.
Still weren't getting it.
- Oh, darling.
- But at least, in Dad's defense, he was a little distracted.
Can you believe the nerve of her? Right.
Not one picture of my boat.
What did she do with the S.
Paul? You named your boat after me? Other way around.
No, I'm talking about how she just came here to show me how great and wonderful her life has been without me.
Paul, uh, the tray's almost over.
You gonna come and watch this? Uh, well, if your slide show is finished, maybe you and I can finally have that talk? [CHUCKLES.]
Actually, I'm just getting started.
More? Oh, come on.
Uh, how long do we have to pretend to be polite here? I like it.
Who knew there were so many places? White Grandma, these pictures are cute.
But if you really want them to pop, the camera loves me.
Mom, I was thinking about tomorrow.
You don't have to stress yourself out trying to throw me a bunch of parties.
We can just focus on doing one epic one for my 13th.
You deserve them all.
Plus, for your 6th birthday, I got you your first pair of store-bought mittens.
She gon' be fresh to death in her mittens.
Okay! It's late.
Kids, time for bed.
Can Grandma tuck us in? Nope.
She has to stay and talk to me.
Paul, I can tuck them in in no time.
Come on, we won't be long.
Come on, everybody.
You know how this goes.
She's never coming back.
ALICIA: Rainbow's gonna love these cupcakes for her birthday tomorrow.
I just don't understand why she had to come all this way just to show me pictures of her and her work and travel companion.
I thought she wanted to tell me something.
But, Paul, imagine if you were in her shoes.
She has so many missed birthdays and holidays to apologize for.
It's gonna take time.
Yeah, well I'm done waiting.
She and I are gonna talk now.
If you want it that way [SCOFFS.]
Aren't they just the best of friends.
Even then, he still didn't get it.
Just give me the chance to do - [DING!.]
- But then he did.
I just saw my mom and Rose kissing.
But how did the talk go? I can't emphasize enough how hard it was for people to understand being gay in 1986.
- Alicia.
- Hmm? My mom is gay.
- [GASPS.]
Yes! - Whew! - Whoa! - Oh-hoh, yeah.
- Okay.
Maybe this is a good thing because, you know, I spent my whole life thinking it was my fault she left, - but I guess it wasn't.
- Babe, of course not.
- Being gay at that time? - Ohh! She had a lot to deal with.
Plus, I'll kind of understand where she's coming from when she finally apologizes.
But this whole thing reminds me how important it is to be there for your kids and to really listen to what they need.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Now which party hat do you think Rainbow will like most? Hmm? My day of a dozen birthdays had been a disaster! Between the bubbles, the balloon animals, and the petting zoo, I felt like I was the same age as my little sister.
See how much stuff I got? I wish it was all your birthdays every day.
Shut up, Santi! I don't shut up! I grow up.
And when I see your face Why can't you just go away?! Because it's my room, too, dummy! Your big day's not over yet! You're so annoying! Whoa! What's going on in here? Ow! Rainbow hit me! And all I did was tell her "Happy birthday"! You're such a liar! All right, Rainbow, that's enough! You've had a bad attitude all day.
Let us love you! Ever since you turned 13, it's like I don't know you.
Because you're not listening to me.
I told you this isn't how I wanted to celebrate my birthday.
Rainbow, you're being really ungrateful.
Do you know how hard I worked to make today special for you? But I didn't ask for any of it.
You think I wanted to spend the day riding a carousel or matching with my little sister? - I'm not a baby! - You're acting like a baby.
You want to see a baby? Fine! I'll be a baby.
Wah, wah! Goo-goo, ga-ga! Wah, wah, wah! Rainbow Sojourner Johnson! Get out here right now! - [CRYING.]
- Open this door.
Open Sis, before you break down that bathroom door, could I talk to you? [GROANS.]
I think her mittens were full of quarters! [DOOR CLOSES.]
I can't believe how disrespectful she's being.
Today, I let her feed a duck.
But did you ask her if she even wanted to do any of that stuff? She doesn't know what she wants.
She's never celebrated her birthday before.
Do you know how happy I would've been if Mama had done any of this stuff for me? Not at 13.
You are treating her like a baby because you are scared to let her grow up.
No! I'm trying to give her all the birthdays she missed.
Oh, that's sweet, baby sis, but you can't go backwards with your kids.
Rainbow is growing up, whether you like it or not.
And if her little outburst didn't make that clear, let me.
She's a teenager now.
She has opinions of her own, and you need to respect that.
I think we have plenty of high-fashion poses.
You want to just try something silly? I don't do silly.
Can I have a few minutes alone with your father? I need a touch-up anyway.
So - Yeah.
I didn't mean for you to find out that way.
I had this whole speech memorized I was gonna give you, and then I I was worried about how you'd react, and We were having such a good time, I thought, you know, what's one more day? Then you had to go get all nosy.
I'm nosy? You're the one who doesn't know how curtains work.
So, I I guess that's why you left? I had to leave.
Being gay in the '50s? Leaving was the only way I could actually be myself.
Yeah, well, I I know a little something about being in a relationship that people don't understand.
It's why Alicia and I had to leave for the commune.
I had to leave the country.
It's not a competition, Mom.
But people used to call our marriage "unnatural.
" People still think we're unnatural.
- Touché.
Oh, God, I'm so glad we're finally having this conversation! [SIGHS.]
I am gonna go inside and finish taking pictures of my grandbabies.
I don't want to miss another second.
I feel so much better! Don't you? Uh [SIGHS.]
- Cupcake-gate wasn't my finest hour - [LINE RINGING.]
- so I decided to take my birthday into my own hands, like a milk-fed woman.
Hey, Bryce.
I know this is last-minute, but I decided to throw myself a birthday party.
Tonight, 8:00, at Pizza Palace.
No chaperones.
Sorry, Rainbow.
I'm grounded.
I have to babysit.
I only do island parties.
Turns out I had awful friends.
Rainbow! Santi! It's time to go.
So I was stuck having dinner with my family.
But I was still gonna show everyone the new, sophisticated 13-year-old me.
Mother, I'm sorry about my behavior earlier.
But I've matured a lot more since then.
Thank you.
And you look very pretty.
You sure do, Bowdie.
- That's how you make an entrance.
- Mm-hmm.
Did someone say "entrance"? Sorry.
Did I steal your thunder? You know I can't help it.
Oh, eh sweetie, be careful.
I don't want you to trip on your shoelace.
Well, she doesn't know how to tie them.
Oh, well, I'll show you.
A-Actually, we already have a way we're teaching her.
Don't worry about it.
I can show her how to do it in no time.
Over, under, around, and through, right? And then, "Hello! Meet Mr.
Bunny Rabbit!" And around and through.
Bunny what? Mom, I told you, we already have a way Just hold on.
Just give me a minute.
Over, under, around, and through.
Meet Mr.
Bunny Rabbit.
Around and through.
So when does the turtle go back in its shell? [SINGSONG VOICE.]
This is why I do Velcro.
Mom, stop! You're confusing her! Because you're interrupting me.
'C-Cause that's not how we do it! We're a turtle method family! Okay, we're gonna be late for dinner, so why don't we all Why on Earth are you so concerned about how I teach Santi to tie her shoe? Better question is, why are you acting like a mom all of a sudden? Paul, we just talked about this.
No, no, no, no, you talked about how hard it was for you, but how does that help me? [SCOFFS.]
This was a mistake.
I knew you'd never accept me.
No! What I won't accept is how you left a little boy waiting for you to come home.
So, if I knew you were gonna drive all this way and not even have the decency to apologize, I would've told you to save the gas.
- I don't think this is the right - No, baby, you know what? I am very sure.
- Uh, Paul? - And I want you to - Paul, can you just - to get out and Surprise! [LAUGHTER.]
- Oh.
- Oh.
Told you.
You gonna stay in here all night, moping? So, all of these years, you knew? I mean, if a woman doesn't want all this, what else would it be? But I have to admit, I wasn't okay with it at first.
I felt like somehow, it made me less of a man.
But then I figured, she must have really loved me to try and fight her nature to make it work.
Are you having a hard time with it? No.
I mean, yes, but not with who she loves.
But it doesn't excuse her for disappearing and acting like I didn't exist.
No, it doesn't.
Only she can answer for that.
Well, doesn't seem like she's ever going to.
Time will tell.
But I have to be honest it's nice not being your worst parent.
Dad, you named me after your boat.
Well I did love it.
I'll be right back.
Thank you, Mom.
This is amazing.
I'm sorry about before.
Well, my first plan for your birthday wasn't so thoughtful.
You're always gonna be my little girl.
But that doesn't mean I can't start listening to you and treating you like the woman you're becoming.
- Thanks, Mom.
- But the woman you're becoming better not talk to me like that again.
Do you hear me? - Yes.
- Yes.
Come here.
Ooh! I made all this cuteness happen.
Me my advice.
This is my moment! Fine, but I threw a pretty good party, right? It's no "Rick James after-party" good, - but I ain't mad at it.
- Who's Rick James? No one you need to know about.
- Ooh, he everything! - Oh, gosh.
HARRISON: Here he is.
- What's going on? - Well, it might be overdue, but your mom has something to tell you, and, uh I think you should listen.
I'll leave you guys to it.
I wasn't the most direct when I got here.
I-I was nervous, and I made the whole thing about me.
But I'm the parent, and you're still the child.
I'm sorry I left you.
I can't imagine how terrible that must've been.
I was so focused on me and how hard it was to be myself, I forgot there was a there was a little boy that I left behind.
Why didn't you reach out, write a letter, do anything? I told myself you were 12, you'd be you'd be okay.
- But the truth - [SCOFFS.]
I didn't know what to say.
But I should have at least tried.
It may be impossible for you to forgive, but I'm I'm I'm hoping this this can be the first step.
Oh, you know, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
Honestly, it's just a-a lot to wrap my head around.
But But thank you for apologizing.
I-I really needed to hear that.
Should we, um - head back to the party? - Yep.
We don't want Rainbow to feel abandoned.
Not quite ready to joke about that.
That is fair.
I had been thinking my 13th birthday was gonna change everything.
But that's not how life works.
Life is a series of changes some big, some small.
And if you're lucky, you have family and friends who love you and support you along the way.
Your own room.
What do you think? I love it.
Thanks, Mom.
Because with that love and support, you don't just change you grow.
Where do you want this? Huh huh-huh huuuuh huh Here.
Hey! I'm sorry.
Was that not garbage? And that can make for a pretty amazing life.
This is the sound Can't believe it's time to go, you guys.
All right.
Everybody, you take care! Yeah, you too.
And you're welcome here anytime.
I've got to do this all over again with your brother.
Wait, wait I have a brother? She's kidding.
We're going to SeaWorld.
Ah! Got to give it up for SeaWorld.
Everyone will always love that place.
- Here we go.
- All right.
- Goodbye! - Goodbye! SANTAMONICA: Bye, White Grandma! Bye, White Grandma's work and travel companion! - [VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES.]
- You know what? I think they're more than just travel companions.
I think they're best friends.

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