Mob Psycho 100 (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Inside ~Evil Spirit~

1 Here comes another psychic.
What should we do with them, Dimple-san? Probably just another fake.
Get 'em to scram.
Oh, shit He's the real deal! Mob Psycho Inside ~Evil Spirit~ This job we just got is huge! Cup Curry I still don't know the details, but the client is a famously wealthy fellow.
We're talking super rich.
He'll even pay for our taxi.
And yet we're taking a train? So is this rich person the president of a company or something? He is.
How can one person own a house like this? Get a load of all these shady-looking people.
They're probably from the same field.
Hey, you two.
Shinra Banshomaru-san.
What the heck are you doing here? Right back at you.
Jodo-sama! Jodo Kirin Rising Sun Spiritual Union President Who is that man? He helped me with getting rid of an evil spirit once.
This is Reigen Arataka, a freelance psychic.
Ah, so this is the man The one who's been lying about getting rid of the Dragger? Pleased to meet ya.
So that's Jodo? Avoid eye contact! What a creepy geezer! It's them! Having a rough time trying \h\hto get into the psychic biz\h\h Former Upper Echelon Member of \h\h\h\h\h\h\hClaw's Seventh Division Matsuo Are they going to get in my way again? But I'm running a legit business now! Here he comes.
It's the client.
I thank all of you professionals for gathering here today.
Asagiri Holdings (Ltd.
) CEO Asagiri Masashi I have no doubts that you are all true psychics.
But whether any of you can save my daughter is a different matter entirely.
I ask that you keep what you're about to see a secret.
This is my daughter, Asagiri Minori.
She's fourteen years old.
She is behind a one-way mirror, so she cannot see us.
She's the same age as Mob.
He has her locked up? Isn't that going too far? At first, I didn't believe in spirits, either.
But no matter how many counselors or mental health professionals we saw, there was no improvement.
She's been possessed by an evil spirit.
I'd like for you all to rid her of it.
What do you think? Right now, I'm not sensing anything.
It's probably some mental disorder stemming from adolescence.
I do sense a faint sinister presence though And extremely nearby.
No price is too high! I will have a special reward for whoever saves my daughter! Very well.
Guess we'll take care of this in a jiffy once again.
What do you say, Mob? I'll be sure to give you a bonus.
A bonus That's a first.
You've been underpaid this whole time.
Hold it! You're not going to steal the march on us! Namu Who said you could decide?! No fair! Let me do it! Everyone, please, calm down.
How about we do rock-paper-scissors to decide? Huh? Rock-paper-scissors? I guess that's fair.
All right, I'm gonna throw paper.
Huh? Why are you telling us that? Actually, I think I'll go with scissors.
Uh, no, really Leave him be.
That's just how he is.
So is he going to throw paper or scissors? First comes rock! Rock, paper, scissors! Reigen emerged victorious.
Wow, how did you do that? Etc.
Scan their arms Line of Sight Their Hand Angles Observation Psychological Warfare I will never lose to anyone in rock-paper-scissors.
See ya, losers.
I never should've said I knew him.
Please save my daughter.
I've got it.
I can't provide the professional help she needs.
Not on our first meeting, at that.
All I can do here is approach this as a psychic.
Hello there.
Yes, like I always do.
Do you know why you're locked in here? I don't There's something wrong with Papa lately.
With your father? Lately, he's locked me up in here, strapped me down onto this bed, started glaring at me, and even hit me sometimes.
That's not—I mean, I didn't hit her hard He's even brought around a bunch of adults and had them touch me all over with their filthy, filthy hands.
Th-That's preposterous! You can't believe a word Dad says.
He's been acting so darn crazy lately, like he's possessed.
How so? He started saying that I've been cursed, or that my body's been taken over by a demon.
I mean, I guess I was acting a little rebellious, but this is going way too far.
I-I assure you that I'm sane! This is ridiculous! There's a demon that's making my daughter say these lies! Am I going to be trapped in here forever? Say, Mr.
Psychic could ya undo these for me? They hurt so bad! I'll ask your dad.
How'd it go? This is an open-and-shut case.
She is perfectly normal.
You think so too, Jodo-sama? What? What do you mean? We're saying that there's zero possibility that she's possessed.
No, that can't be true! It's my turn next.
But I'm rather certain Jodo-sama is correct.
But wait— Are you sure you're not the problem here? You don't like the change in your relationship and refuse to accept it.
Instead, you're blaming spirits and demons.
N-No Is that really how you guys talk to a client? That's a nasty one.
Definitely something wrong there.
It didn't feel like I was talking to a child.
So you believe me? You just want the reward money all to yourself, don't you? Everyone who actually fell for what she said should leave now.
She's just going to make a fool of you.
The way she talked was too inconsistent.
And she switched from "Papa" to "Dad.
" Also, I never introduced myself, but she called me a psychic.
Meaning she heard our conversation out h— Udo! Are you all right?! Get a hold of yourself! Sh-She's a monster Master! I'm fine.
More importantly, she sure showed her true colors pretty fast.
I guess there's no point in continuing this charade.
Go ahead and try to force me out of this girl! I beg of you! Somebody please save my daughter! I will pay you anything if you can rid my daughter of that demon! Two hundred million! Five hundred million! Yawn Lick Lick Lick Namu Here I go! I'm gonna drink it! I'm getting bored of this.
Your turn might be coming up soon.
Winner 49th out of 68 Make sure you warm up a bit.
You're making it sound like a workout.
There are no warmups for this.
Suikoden What's wrong, Dimple? You're shaking like crazy.
Are you a chihuahua? There's still time Drop this job! Huh? I'm sure you've at least heard of his name before Mogami Keiji.
Mogami He's one of the people I referenced when I first started in this biz.
He's been dead for ages, though.
We're talking about forty years ago! 40 Years Ago Mogami Keiji Mogami Keiji.
Mogami Keiji performs a seance He was known as a good psychic who used seances and channeling to save people, Mogami Keiji The voices of the dead and the media loved him.
But what the masses were seeing was Mogami Keiji the entertainer.
Psychic Mogami Keiji And then one day, he completely vanished from the public eye.
Mogami had another side to him.
He was an assassin who used his powers to kill.
Mogami was desperate for money.
His mother was gravely ill, and the treatment and equipment she needed cost a lot of money.
Be it the living or the dead, seeing their final moments had become routine for him.
And it broke him.
And that's around the time he showed up to exorcise me.
How dare you do that to my followers?! I'm going full power for this! Overrun! Wraither Beam! I give up! Wait, I said I give up! I won't do anything bad ever again! What are you talking about? You seem to have the wrong idea.
I've come to absorb you.
A-Absorb me? This bastard He's human, but he's absorbing my spiritual molecules! Are you trying to eat me? You'll just end up with an upset stomach! I am going to willfully shuffle off this mortal coil soon and become a powerful vengeful spirit.
Shit! This bastard's completely lost it! Wh-Why would you do that? Revenge.
I'm going to show all those bastards who think nothing bad will ever happen to them.
Show them what true hatred is like.
And what happens when they manipulate and use someone.
You're going to empower me to achieve that goal.
It appears I absorbed too many vengeful spirits at once.
It got away? Hang on a sec.
What's that got to do with anything? That's Mogami himself! The star psychic of the 20th century, Mogami Keiji! Or what's become of him.
Please spare me Goodbye.
As I figured, this is all you're worth.
You're all so weak, I have no reason to let you live! How sad.
Apparently, it's finally my time to shine.
It's a shame that I'm so bad at rock-paper-scissors.
Are you supposed to be a famous psychic? I don't recognize you.
Please God Begone foul spirit! Jodo-sama's getting serious! This will be enlightening! He's not even bothering with chants or throwing salt around, huh? Que? Hey, something's wrong.
Did he get possessed? That's it? Hey, explain something to me.
What makes this guy such a big shot? Here he comes.
Run, Shigeo! Anti-Possession Jumping Knee Strike! A jumping knee strike to knock a possessed person unconscious.
Anti-Possession Jumping Knee Strike This is one of Reigen's special attacks.
Jodo-sama! Sorry! Hey, evil spirit! If my intuition's correct, you're actually Mogami Kei— You know who I am? Damn, it was true?! Why the hell are you possessing that girl? Were you into young girls when you were alive— T-Time out He's not stopping! Minori.
Stop this.
I'll stay by your side.
Get awa He impaled him! You can't be serious I didn't come here to see someone die! We can't deal with that monster! Run! I-It won't open?! No way! Let us out! Where do you think you're going? Well, this has gone to shit.
Mob, you warmed up yet? Yes.
Well, I'm not actually warmed up at all, but I know I have to deal with this anyway.
Progress Towards Mob's Explosion Mob Psycho Mob Psycho A demon Shouldn't we run away? I'm pretty confident in my abilities.
Spirit Hold! Oh? I don't know who it is, but someone's got some decent telekinetic powers.
It's true that humans can't move their joints past a certain point.
But what about a doll's joints? Oh, look.
I can move.
That girl's body Get it now? Nothing you do to this body will affect me.
It's not a solution.
What are you laughing about? It's him.
There is a solution.
I'll make you disappear.
Now we're talking! Such incredible spiritual power What the hell is that? I've never seen anything like it! Get out of Minori-san Now! Amazing I thought he was just some kid, but he's insanely powerful! Forget being possessed! They're fusing into one now! I messed up Master, the situation's gotten even worse.
You're telling me he's stronger than you, Mob? Yes.
No way That bastard He's even livelier now than when he was alive! You done, kid? Now's our only chance! That bastard actually did it.
He became the most powerful evil spirit Well, if you die and can't pass on, at least we'll have each other.
Don't even joke about that! I see.
I can go inside of Minori-san and expel the evil spirit from within.
Are you stupid?! How's a human like you going to enter another human?! With an out of body experience.
I see But during that time, your body will be completely defenseless.
Not to mention her body will resist you! But I have no other choice.
Dimple, could you possess my body for a while and protect it? Say what? No, no! Anything but that, Mob! If you let him in, he'll probably never leave.
You know what you're signing up for, right? Are you seriously going to trust Dimple? I'm sure it'll be fine.
First, I need to lose consciousness.
Concentrate Has he changed a little? Or wait Is he trying to change himself? Whoa! Holy shit! Even I can see it! He's coming! Take that! Wait a sec! It's no use I can't move.
If you don't need this body anymore, why don't I take it off your hands? You dumbass.
It belongs to me now! That's what you get! Whoa there! I'm not gonna let you break my precious body that easily! Why's there another spirit? What a nuisance.
Now, Shigeo! So that's your game You must be insane.
Yeah, he's not a normal kid.
Go I know you can win Welcome.
Is your sense of self still intact? If you'd made one misstep getting in here, your soul would've been destroyed.
Please leave this body.
You didn't come here to talk, did you? Correct, but you seem so human.
We're currently in a mental world.
It mirrors the way we see ourselves.
I'm Mogami Keiji, a former psychic.
How about we have a little contest? A barrier, eh? Very impressive.
Mind showing me a little more? He's got his evil spirit face on now.
Such power You've truly been blessed with incredible power That's a ghost An evil spirit By the way, young man Do you know where spiritual power or ESP comes from? Sorry, but I don't have any more time.
I'm going to finish you now.
Your emotions.
It all comes from your emotions.
The biggest distinguishing feature of humans is how rich and varied their emotions are.
These emotions are the reason they thrive and also the reason they fight.
Huh? My powers You can't use ESP anymore.
I was gauging how you picture your powers earlier.
Quite impressive.
All kinds of emotions are raging inside of you.
But for some reason, you willingly play the part of a puppet.
Please leave You still don't get the fact that you fell into a trap? I let you in on purpose.
Now, here's the million-dollar question.
People whose lives are filled with happiness, and people who live in eternal suffering Which do you think harbor strong emotions more easily? The answer is the latter.
Negative feelings are much more powerful.
The more stressed someone is, the richer the energy they hold within.
Going by that, there's room for more drastic change in you.
All you need is a slight change in how you see the world.
Want me to help you out? It's morning Kageyama Shigeo.
Here, you're a normal middle schooler.
I altered your memories a bit, and made it so you can't use ESP.
A change in perspective can make the world a whole different place.
With that in mind, I'll be observing how you act without your powers.
Huh? What was I doing again? I was doing something important But I can't remember it at all.
Oh, I should hurry up and get to school.
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