Mob Psycho 100 (2016) s02e05 Episode Script

Discord ~Choices~

1 We have a transfer student joining us today.
Go ahead and introduce yourself.
I'm Asagiri Minori.
Asagiri Minori Nice to meet you.
Mob Psycho Discord ~Choices~ What? Your dad runs a company, Asagiri-san? That's awesome! Wanna come over sometime? Heck yeah! Let's have a welcoming party.
All right.
Whoever's going, write your name down.
I'm definitely writing my name down! No need to bother asking Kageyama.
What's his deal? The token punching bag? Who knows? I've never really thought about him.
He's barely noticeable.
Hope Oh, I see The people here are accurate representations of actual people from the real world.
So what you're experiencing is a parallel world that could've easily come to pass had your circumstances been slightly different.
And I'll observe how you fare in this environment without your powers.
Don't give me that "I don't know" crap! Are my lessons that boring? You can stay standing.
All that was left in the problem was addition.
Talk about lame.
He's too stupid.
Hey, stop that He's completely frozen.
You had plenty of relationships in real life, and you were fortunate enough to be surrounded by good people.
Situations like that are extremely rare.
You don't have a phone or wallet on you, and no parents at home? Don't give me that shit! How about I give you a nose job?! Please let me go What? You wanna go? Bring it! Get 'im, Sugimoto! Come on! Come on! Where the hell are you looking?! Your extremely talented brother is no more than a stranger here.
It looks like you refrain from using your powers in your personal life.
I'm guessing you're trying to become a better person by focusing on developing your social skills rather than your powers, but only the fortunate in life would even have that idea.
It shows how lightly you take the real world.
If only I were stronger Nature Dream Friendship Darkness Nature Here, have some milk! Wait, didn't you mention you loved milk? Isn't this what you meant? Ew, you reek of milk.
One of you better mop that up.
I'm sure that this must seem inexplicable to you, but she's bullying you in order to secure her position in society, and it's something she's done routinely.
If you don't become stronger, you'll be used, exploited, and forever a stepping stone for others.
Not looking good.
Pretty sure Shigeo lost.
But it hasn't even been thirty minutes yet.
That's way too long! He should've been done in a minute.
If this keeps up, his sense of self will fall apart.
He's going to die! Mob is someone who can solve things on his own.
He actually has strength, unlike me.
Quit being naïve.
The next time this guy wakes up, we're all finished.
Anxiety, fear, rage All the negative emotions are collectively welling up within you.
That's only natural after living in this world for six months without your powers.
You mustn't misuse your powers.
Calpas Saga Building I could see spirits ever since I was born.
I even had the power to exorcise them.
At first, I used my powers for good, by giving advice and solving various problems.
The Psychic of the Century Mogami Keiji-san But my mother developed a mysterious illness, and the fees for her treatment were obscene.
Eventually, I started taking underground jobs to kill people for money.
I even gave up sleep to earn as much as I could.
But my mother still died.
The cause of her illness remained unclear to the end.
There was nothing anyone could do.
But then, I found out After her death, my mother became an evil spirit and said It's all your fault! My own actions brought forth evil around me, and that's what ended up plaguing her.
I should've doubted my way of life, how I was being used by others.
Suicide by Hanging Early yesterday, Mogami Keiji-san, the famous psychic, was discovered dead.
News I became an evil spirit and decided to use my powers for myself this time.
According to the MPD, the cause of death was suicide.
I was going to change the world.
I began to punish those who brought misfortune to others.
If I dwelt within that girl, I knew that I could punish these self-proclaimed psychics as well.
This is how I chose to use my powers.
You are allowed to use your powers for yourself No, you should be using your powers for yourself.
You understand that now, don't you? Here you go.
Well, that's a crappy thing to do.
Don't you know that feeding strays is a public disservice? What are you going to do about that cat? N-Nothing Really? That poor thing.
In that case, the cat's probably better off dying.
I'll go take it to a shelter.
Don't I'll take it in.
I'll take care of it! Quit scaring Asagiri-san, you punk! The door broke open! But it was sealed so tightly It worked out because he's not concentrating as much of his power out here.
Now we can get out.
Call an ambulance! Carry out the wounded! You're not going to run away? Shigeo's done for.
Why are you staying behind? Because I trust in him.
In this situation? Are you really this stupid? Yup, I am.
This is probably the first time someone's placed so much trust in you too, right? Mob trusts us because he's stupid.
I've still got plenty of use for him, and considering that, running away is the last thing I want to do.
Well, I can't bring out Shigeo's latent powers on my own.
In that case, it'd be more effective to manipulate him from the shadows.
I changed my mind.
I'll stay behind as well.
Let's wait this out.
Waiting's not going to bring Shigeo back.
I guess I'll have to take care of this myself.
Are you frustrated? Enraged? Do you hate them? Do you despise them? They are a cancer to society.
Stop letting them use you.
You will be reborn as my sympathizer.
I shall give you strength Make your negative emotions explode and use them against the world! I'm having a hard time getting in Shigeo actually got through this shield? Damn it! Hey, I can feel my spiritual power spiking.
This should work! Did it work? You owe me one.
Now that I've helped you, you'd better win this.
Wh-What's with you? I-I can have Papa's bodyguards beat the crap out of you anytime I want! So what? Apologize.
Yes Make her disappear! Apologize.
I-I'm sorry If you ever bother me again Die, you freak! You should just die.
What did I ever do to you people? I can't think of a single thing But it doesn't matter.
None of this matters.
It's complete.
You finally changed.
You were a lot like me, and that's why I didn't want you to travel the same path I did.
The snot's talking?! No trespassing Seasoning Realty Man, you're pretty far gone, aren't you? Hey, do you know who I am? What the heck is this creature? Actually, before that There he is.
Quit lurking.
Damn you for actually falling for these illusions.
I'll have to use all the spiritual power I've stocked up, but Time for some shock therapy! Remember, Shigeo.
Reigen and I are waiting for you outside! Rei gen? Who's that? Oh, hey, Mob.
Sorry, but could you hurry to the office? A huge job just came in.
Your master needs your help, so you better hurry it up.
Mas ter? Stop using your powers for dumb things in this dumb world.
Don't you want to be a big brother your little brother can look up to? My little brother? Look up to me? I accidentally wore the wrong shoes.
These are Ritsu's.
Don't let Mogami influence you like that.
You even managed to stick to your values when you fought Hanazawa! That's right I'm not supposed to use these powers against other people.
Not to mention, why are you losing so easily to commoners? You bring shame to the Body Improvement Club! Where did all those muscles you built up go? I don't know how much time you've spent in this dump, but this isn't like you.
Do you want your beloved Tsubomi-chan to hate you? Well done.
Body improvement! Fight on! Okay, that's going way too far I remember.
Do you remember me, too? I'm your partner! No, not really Seriously? I'm kidding.
Thanks, Dimple.
So what if your memories came back? The six months you've spent here are forever etched into your heart.
I know you were hearing my voice subconsciously.
Mogami Just like you said, the world can be a cruel and messed-up place.
You helped me see it in a new light.
Huh? Don't tell me you I'm truly blessed.
I need to be more thankful to everyone around me once I get back to the real world.
So that's how it's going to be? And here I thought I'd found a sympathizer.
How disappointing.
One other thing.
People can change through their interactions with others.
I was able to change because of everyone.
I was able to become a little stronger than if I had been alone.
If I'm able to change, then everyone else should be able to as well.
That means no one is worthless.
Don't say another word Or you'll have hell to pay.
The Shigeo you fabricated might succumb to you, but I won't.
I'm not going to run.
I still have that awful Asagiri-san to save.
Mob Psycho Mob Psycho A spiritual mutation? Guess we're gonna have to fight! You up for this, Shigeo? Looks like there's nothing to worry about.
Here come more of them! Every inhabitant of this world is Shigeo! That's I'm going to defeat this evil spirit and go back to reality.
And what good would that do? The life you lead won't change, and nor will society's absurdities.
There will be plenty of things to annoy and trouble you.
The outside world is scary? Life is frustrating, devoid of meaning, and so, so painful.
I can hear them The voices of the dead are speaking to me.
So many screams They died feeling like this? Is this how they felt when they were alive? It's such a cruel world Am I really going to be able to me That voice! Help me Oh That's right.
I came here to save someone.
I always thought these powers were of no use to anybody, but I'll use them to save people! It doesn't matter what you do.
You cannot defeat me! Shigeo you did it.
Well, I'll be damned.
You're not the same boy from earlier.
Who are you? You finally get how freaky he is? This is Kageyama Shigeo's true form that he reveals when he's pissed— Dimple.
It's dangerous, so leave this to me and stay back.
Actually, yeah, who are you? Mogami had overlooked something that lay dormant within Mob.
A person's heart is made up of two sides of the same coin.
Just as happiness shines in the shadows of sorrow, only in the darkest depths of fear does courage truly shine.
The powerful blast from Mob's positive emotions at 100% annihilated the great evil spirit, Mogami.
Or at least, that's how it looked.
Now that they've lost me, their vessel, all of the evil spirits that I'd taken in and controlled will all be freed at once.
Not even I can stop them anymore.
Shigeo! Dimple, go ahead and head back! I'll be fine! Y-You sure about that?! I'm going to save Asagiri-san.
I'm going to completely exorcise them before I leave.
I'll be back, I promise.
Don't worry.
You trying to eat me, too? Damn it.
Catch me if you can, you bastards! Bring it! I'll be waiting for you on the other side! In this world, everything I can see is a spirit.
I have to exorcise them all.
No matter how much you struggle, your path will lead you to the same place mine did To ruin.
I'm going to save her I I can't go out like this! I see.
Your vessel has been shattered, and that's what is inside? I actually thought you might've died.
That took you ages.
Yes, a very long time Master, how's Asagiri-san? Well, if you're awake He's still— You've made your choice.
I'll keep watching from afar to see if you made the right one.
You're not going anywhere, my pet.
That was an unexpected trophy.
Thank you.
Isn't that I didn't even realize he was here.
I'll make sure I take really good care of him.
Perhaps we'll see each other again.
Kageyama-kun? Yeah.
What? You guys know each other? Nah, she probably just remembers what happened over there.
Are you really always like that? Yeah I am.
I'm sorry.
I'm really really sorry I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! It's okay.
I understand.
Understand what? That people can change.
Mogami-san and Asagiri-san taught me that.
The people around me changed me as well.
Now I know that I might be able to change others too, so I'm glad we were able to meet.
Thank you So you're saying the one who saved you is a boy in your grade? Yeah, why? There wasn't a middle school student among the people I hired.
Huh? He wasn't even asked to be there, but he managed to exorcise an evil spirit that no one else could and left without saying a word.
That's so cool.
I hope I can see him again.
I did a bit of research, and this caught my eye.
Psycho Helmet Religion Huh? Isn't that Our religious organization is not going to survive on donations alone.
It's going to be impossible to build a headquarters.
Not to mention our beloved founder is still nowhere to be found.
Current Balance: Thank you for your continued business with us.
\h\hThere has been a deposit of 500,000,000 JPY to your account.
\h\h\hThank you \h\h\h\hCurrent available balance: 500,010,180 JPY Master, why aren't you going to claim your reward? Look how many people got hurt.
I wouldn't exactly call that a success.
You should never accept money you feel you haven't earned.
If you do, you'll start to always take the easy way out.
You just don't want to be held responsible.
That's not it, you moron! Anyway, no good ever comes out of drowning in wealth or power.
Mogami let his own powers swallow him up, too.
You know You're better off working part-time for me than becoming famous or powerful.
Oh, give me a friggin' break Hey, quit clowning around with your classmates, Mob! We're busy here.
They're just using you! Jeez.
You never learn, do you? Next time on Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 6: "Poor, Lonely, Whitey.
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