Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e01 Episode Script

Soresutaru bîingu

This battle is a sacrifice to our almighty God. It is a holy war.
Holding tradition,
we will drop the hammer on the infidels who interfere with God's will.
Infidels must give way.
After perishing from our battle,
you will be guided to God's side.
There's no such thing as a god in this world.
This battle is a sacrifice to our almighty God. It is a holy war.
There's no such thing as a god in this world!
Holding tradition,
we will drop the hammer on the infidels who interfere with God's will.
Mobile suit Enact, the AEU's first solar energy-compatible model.
The AEU's development of the orbital elevator is falling behind schedule.
Well, at the very least they want to do something about the mobile suits.
Hey, is this okay?
For the ace of MSWAD to be in a place like this
Of course it's not okay.
But the AEU's very resolute
wanting to present a new model for the Human Reform League's tenth anniversary.
How's that suit looking?
No matter how you look at it,
it's just a shameless copy of our Flag.
The only thing original about it is the design.
Hey! I can hear you!
What did you just say?!
Huh? Come on!
Its hearing sensors are very sharp.
Seems so.
240082. Exia, target destination confirmed.
I will stop the GN particles when I reach the destination.
Primary target located.
The first phase will proceed as planned.
Captain, an aircraft is approaching.
Approaching from 3 o'clock.
Whose unit is it from?
We're in the middle of a presentation.
Look into it!
There is no response on the radar!
It's jamming!
Bring out the camera!
What's that suit?
It's starting.
Huh? An unknown?
Why at a time like this
A mobile suit?
Amazing. They had another new model
That's not it.
That light
Enact, come in, Enact?
Damn it, it won't connect.
What's going on?
What? What's happening?
The connection?
It failed to connect.
Everyone, please follow our instructions and take shelter!
It's not one of theirs.
Whose unit is it from?
Hey, hey, who are you working for?
The Union?
The Human Reform League?
Well, either way, you've stepped into someone else's territory.
I'm not letting you get away that easily.
That idiot, what does he think he's doing?
Does he know how much it cost to develop that suit
This is a good opportunity.
With this, the Enact's value will go up.
Patrick Corlasawar is our ace, isn't he?
There shouldn't be a problem.
Hey, you
Do you know who I am?
I'm Patrick Corlasawar of the AEU!
The special one who has never even lost a mock battle!
I won't let you tell me otherwise!
That idiot!
Huh? Hey!
Exia, time to eliminate the target.
What the?!
You bastard
You don't get it!
I'm special! I'm famous!
I'm the king of mock battles!
Excuse me.
W-What are you
I said excuse me.
Is that the name of that mobile suit?
Exia, first phase complete.
Proceeding to second phase.
That light again
How is it doing that without propulsive power
Where did he go? Where?
I'm Patrick Corlasawar!
I see.
Got it?!
Even though the latest model's done for, at least the pilot's safety is assured.
Damn it! I'll remember this!
But that mobile suit
a checkup on the AEU, who are going down the road of arms proliferation.
No, should this be taken as a warning?
If that's so, the AEU definitely won't stay quiet after something like this.
Ptolemaios' peripheral node continuing to mission mode.
Exia has completed the first phase within the calculated time.
Once we enter the second phase, we'll re-estimate.
Is Setsuna doing things properly?
If he wasn't, that would show us Celestial Being's limit.
Don't waste time chatting!
It's almost time to start the third phase.
You don't have to be so stiff.
It's our first performance as Celestial Being.
Let's go all out.
What? You're drinking!
It's fine!
I'm the strategist.
I'll leave the rest to you.
Container loading completed.
Kyrios, transporting to the catapult deck.
It's a real battle. Hallelujah.
Tired of waiting?
I'm depressed.
Kyrios, arrived at the catapult deck.
Linear catapult voltage, increasing from 130 to 520.
Kyrios, at the linear field.
Launching preparations complete.
Transferring timing to Kyrios.
I have control.
Kyrios, commencing operation.
The second orbital elevator's, nicknamed Pillar of Heaven,
party to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its completion, is in full swing.
Representatives from each of the HRL's member nations involved in the construction of the orbital elevator are attending this party.
Also attending are representatives from various industries as well as the military.
Would you care for a drink?
I'll have one.
If you keep making that face, you'll lose some manliness.
It has begun, my lady.
They've finally begun to move.
Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters
You're mine!
What mobility!
I can't believe a suit like that really exists!
Don't break formation!
Reinforcements will arrive any minute!
As I thought, the AEU has armaments even inside the pillar.
Lockon, reinforcements approaching.
Reinforcements approaching.
This might be tough even for Setsuna.
Then maybe I should aim at a few of them.
Let's go! This will be the first battle for Lockon Stratos and Gundam Dynames!
Keep your distance! Even though it's a new model, it's just one enemy.
Surround it and engage.
Another enemy attack!
From where?
Is it from below?
Is it Lockon?
Dynames, sniping the targets.
A barrage from below?
Second phase
That mobile suit is trying to reveal the AEU's military strength?
The AEU is trying to show the world that it possesses far more military strength than the treaty allows.
This is a warning to the constitutional government.
Why do you think that?
You should ask the pilot of that Gundam.
I doubt the AEU will stay quiet with things like this.
There's another response from the E-Sensor.
There's been a lot of debris today.
Isn't it a little big?
I'm sure some debris from an old satellite got stuck.
Make sure we're on high alert.
Don't forget that they're holding the ceremony at the Pillar of Heaven.
What's that?
Putting it on the monitor!
Mobile suits?!
It can't be! They're breaking past with the debris!
With the shields interference, not only with their mobile suits, but their bodies can pass through as well!
I knew it!
They've certainly prepared themselves well
Are they terrorists?
Scramble the third defense unit!
Damn it, of all things, they target the ceremony!
Lieutenant, I've only had 120 hours of training in space
Stop them no matter what!
If you do that, you'll get a double promotion!
The loading of the equipment won't finish on time!
I know that!
Hellions, you say?
Damn AEU
this is what happens when they sell weapons indiscriminately to third-party nations.
My, my.
They're the only ones leaving in groups.
They just do as they please.
Should we find shelter?
No need.
But as expected of Sumeragi,
an admirable prediction.
Allow maximum for B3 area.
The next squad will scramble in 300 seconds.
Response in B3 area to an unknown.
Control to units.
0287 until the unknown approaches the Pillar.
Heading out.
Block the enemy's routes!
The enemy is altering movements!
Damn it! They were hiding in the ring!
Follow them!
Captain! We can't take them!
Don't give up!
Damn it!
The enemy is in position to attack!
They're en route for a direct hit!
The interceptors won't make it in time!
Gundam Kyrios.
What's that?
Sumeragi's predictions are quite impressive.
Special attack unit?
Damn it, these terrorists
An unknown is charging in!
What's wrong?
What's going on?
Virtue, eliminating the target.
Third phase complete.
You overdid it. Geez.
What's that?
Good morning. It's time for JNN news.
Our first topic is the attack on the High Orbital Station that is part of the HRL's Pillar of Heaven Space Elevator.
Dateline Japan, early dawn, mobile suits suspected to be terrorists attacked the Human Reform League's Orbital Station.
At 6 pm GMT standard time, mobile suits suspected to be terrorists launched missiles at the Orbital Station.
Furthermore, unidentified mobile suits intercepted them.
This is a recording made by the JNN Crew by coincidence.
What? What?
What's going on?
These guys took out the terrorists.
Mobile suits?
From which military?
No one knows.
What does this mean?
We have breaking news.
We at JNN have just received a video message from the group that prevented the terrorist attack.
Their identity and their true intent remain unclear, but it is clear that they have a strong connection to this incident.
We will be airing the footage uncut, so please watch closely.
This is an announcement for all of mankind who have been raised on Earth.
We are Celestial Being.
We are the paramilitary organization that possesses the mobile weapon, Gundam.
Paramilitary organization?
Celestial Being?
Celestial Being's goal is to demolish the act of war in this world.
We will not act for our own benefit.
We stand for the greater goal of eradicating war.
Now, we have a proclamation for all humankind.
Political parties, religion, energy
No matter the reason,
against all deeds of war,
we will do all that is in our power to intervene.
Countries who indulge in war,
organizations, enterprises, and others,
will be faced with our armed force.
We are Celestial Being.
A paramilitary organization that exists to eradicate war from this world.
I repeat.
A declaration of counteroffensive, huh?
This is an announcement for all of mankind who have been raised on Earth.
Is it these guys?!
The ones who did this to me
We are Celestial Being.
This person is
We are the paramilitary organization that possesses the mobile weapon, Gundam.
The world is changing.
End the war by waging war
Our, Celestial Being's, goal is to demolish the act of war in this world.
This is a masterpiece!
Using armed force itself to stop a war!
Celestial Being, you're contradicting the situation.
We will not act for our own benefit.
It's begun, Libon.
We stand for the greater goal of eradicating war.
The reformation of mankind, huh?
Hallelujah. I feel like I can see the world's evil will.
Now, we have a proclamation for all humankind.
Mankind is being tested by Celestial Being.
Political parties, religion, energy
That's an evil deed
We are
It's begun.
It's beginning.
It can't be stopped.
Can't be stopped.
Can't be stopped.
Can't be stopped.
We picked a fight against the world.
Got it, Setsuna?
Yeah, I know.
We're Celestial Being's
Gundam Meisters.
The Gundams exist to eradicate the act of war.
Thus, the pilots must not be overtaken by emotions.
Next episode: Gundam Meister.
Does that deed hold absolute supremacy?
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