Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e02 Episode Script

Gandamu maisutâ

The year is 2307 AD.
The Earth's fossil fuel reserves have run dry and humanity has devoted itself to developing solar power as its new energy source.
After nearly half a century of planning,
a solar energy system spanning about 50,000 kilometers was built around three orbital space elevators.
In order to construct this titanic structure that provides a nearly perpetual source of energy,
the majority of the world was consolidated into three power blocs.
The international economic alliance centered around the United States, commonly known as the Union,
the Human Reform League centered around China, Russia, and India,
and the new European cooperative, the AEU.
Due to the immense size of the orbital elevators, defending them is difficult,
and from a structural point of view, they are extremely fragile.
But even in such perilous times,
the various blocs continued to play a large-scale, zero-sum game for the sake of their honor and prosperity.
Yes, even in the 24th century, mankind has yet to fully unite as one.
A group of individuals plans to act to force the world into unity.
Equipped with mobile suits known as Gundams, they are the paramilitary organization known as Celestial Being.
In order to eradicate war once and for all,
they are launching a military campaign that transcends race, nationality, and creed.
Celestial Being will cause the world to reform.
We are Celestial Being.
We are the paramilitary organization that possesses the mobile weapon, Gundam.
Celestial Being's goal is to demolish the act of war in this world.
It's showing again.
How many times is that now?
We will not act for our own benefit.
Louise, does Celestial Being really exist?
We stand for the greater goal of eradicating war.
Are there really people who do things without even benefiting from them?
Now, we have a proclamation for all humankind.
Maybe they just like to do volunteer work!
Political parties, religion, energy
Hey, wait! Wait for me!
No matter the reason,
against all deeds of war,
we will do all that is in our power to intervene.
So they are the organization that foiled the terrorist attack on the Pillar of Heaven?
That is highly probable.
According to this declaration, Celestial Being possesses mobile weapons called Gundams.
Please take a look at this.
This is footage of the unidentified mobile suit taken by our military.
Our state-of-the-art prototype was so easily defeated
I take it that this is to deter the development of new weapon systems.
That's not all.
Thanks to this, everyone now knows that we stationed more troops in the orbital elevator than allowed by the treaty.
We are being pressed for clarification from all sides.
We received reports that the Union or the League was responsible,
but it would surely be impossible to develop such advanced mobile suits secretly
without the technology and budget of a developed country.
this paramilitary organization has to have a powerful backer.
That said, we have no concrete information that links them to any national intelligence service or organization.
There's only one thing we know for sure.
The fact that this paramilitary organization called "Celestial Being" possesses mobile suits that are superior to our Enact.
Mobile Suit Gundam.
Eradicating war by means of force
David, it seems that they are willing to take our place.
Mr. President, are they serious?
There's no turning back
We intervene in other nations' conflicts for our own people's safety and for national interest.
We are not running a charity.
I'm sure they will reveal their true intentions soon.
When the time comes, it will be our destiny to deliver judgment upon them.
You're right.
Ten years after the orbital elevators became operational, the economy is finally starting to stabilize, but now this
News channels all over the world are talking about us.
"A mysterious paramilitary organization
declares to the whole world its intention to eradicate all war."
But it seems like most people don't believe it to be true.
In that case, let's make them believe.
Celestial Being's ideals will only be shown through our actions.
Wang Liu Mei.
Good morning.
It's our second mission.
Don't you have to return to the army?
It's in chaos right now.
I want to find out about that Gundam's abilities.
That unit is too special.
Combat abilities aside, its appearance caused damage to radar, communication devices, and electronic devices.
That light is the cause of it all.
Katagiri, what is that?
At this stage, I can only say they're special particles.
That light probably comes from the decay of photons.
Special particles
It's not just the particles.
I think that unit is hiding more secrets.
I'm in love.
I mean that it's an extremely interesting subject.
Lieutenant Graham Acre,
Engineering Advisor Billy Katagiri, you have orders to return to MSWAD.
We will do so.
The second mission will commence at 3300.
I repeat,
the second mission will commence at 3300.
Testing the fuselage during a live combat mission?
This is getting troublesome.
To prepare for what lies ahead, we have to fully explore the Gundams' potential.
Well, that's true
Sorry for making you take such a risk.
It's not a problem.
We joined this out of our free will.
You're strong.
I don't believe I'm weak.
We're going.
That's youth.
Ptolemaios, container is secured at fixed position.
Kyrios, proceed to catapult deck with type C configuration.
Ptolemy will now enter catapult mode.
On time! On schedule!
GN System, exit repose mode.
Priority to Setsuna F. Seiei.
Well then, shall we go, partner?
Kyrios is locked in to the linear field.
Prepare to launch.
Transferring timing to Kyrios.
I have control.
Kyrios, Allelujah Haptism, moving to intervene.
Hatch open, hatch open.
Exia, Dynames, prepare to sortie. Prepare to sortie.
Virtue has entered the catapult deck.
Locking in to linear field.
Launch preparations completed.
Launch timing is transferred to Virtue.
Virtue, Tieria Erde, launching.
GN particles, commencing dispersion, commencing dispersion.
Exia, Setsuna F. Seiei, proceeding to second mission.
Dynames, Lockon Stratos, sortieing.
Yes, those are the units that will fulfill Celestial Being's ideals.
GN Particles, maximum dispersion.
Expanding to frontal region.
We've done this many times in simulation, but
Descent point reached.
Beginning atmospheric reentry.
He's really got nerves of steel.
Captain, the E-sensors have
picked up something breaking through the atmosphere.
There's no prior report of this.
Live image at greatest magnification coming up.
Those are Gundams.
So those units can perform atmospheric reentry by themselves?
What is their path of descent?
Just a moment.
Based on the current trajectory, the predicted landing point is
Ceylon Island in Southern India.
That's within our territory, Commander!
Are they really planning to forcefully intervene?
Virtue, lowering GN particle dispersion and entering normal mode.
That's my Kyrios.
Yes, I know.
The mission starts here.
They're here, Setsuna.
It's Allelujah and Tieria.
I see them.
Proceed to rendezvous point. Entering first phase.
Celestial Being has made a move?
Where is it?
Southern India, they appear to be heading for the former Sri Lanka.
Ceylon Island?
Where the HRL has been expanding?
Respond according to plan.
Yes, sir.
This may not be a bad thing.
It's our chance to get our hands on that unit.
Currently, Ceylon Island is in a state of anarchy.
The Sinhalese majority and the Tamil minority are fighting a civil war.
This long dispute has its roots in the 20th century.
Celestial Being will end this ethnic conflict by armed intervention.
Ethnic conflict
Former Sri Lanka, huh?
As I recall, the HRL has been backing the Tamil minority since ten years ago.
they claim to desire a peaceful resolution to the conflict, but it's just a lie.
Their goal is to ensure the safety of their solar energy pipeline under the ocean off the east coast of Ceylon Island.
That area is controlled by the Tamil people.
However, due to the HRL's intervention,
the conflict escalated and the country fell into anarchy.
How may I help you?
You, tell the Captain to change course.
And please prepare my Flag.
But, that's too risky!
Yes, sir!
I am well aware of that.
We have decimated thirty percent of the enemy forces.
Let's finish this with one last blow!
Captain, emergency transmission from Headquarters!
What is it this time?
Celestial Being is coming!
I see. They are coming here, huh?
Notify all squadrons!
Proceed to your allocated mission objective based on Sumeragi Ri Noriega's combat projections.
I expect everybody to give their best performance, good luck.
That depends on the individual.
I will do a thorough job.
Do as you wish.
Hey, are you listening, Setsuna?
Please respond, Setsuna!
What did you say?
I am Gundam.
What are you talking about?
Hey, Setsuna!
I'll leave the babysitting to you.
Commencing the operation.
Hey, you two!
Short straw! Short straw!
Hush, I know that.
Concentrating on fire control.
I'll leave the evasive maneuvers to you, Haro.
So, they're here.
Celestial Being!
Exia, conflict confirmed.
Proceeding to eradication.
Did I get him?
Not a scratch?
What kind of armor is that?
Dynames, sniping the targets.
Targets eliminated. Targets eliminated.
Setsuna, you're overexerting yourself!
Kyrios, bombing targets.
This makes me a mass murderer,
It transformed?
That's what Celestial Being is.
Virtue, proceeding to eliminate additional targets.
Retreat! Full retreat!
It's over.
It's over, Setsuna.
Thanks for the assistance.
The enemy defense is crumbling!
It's payback time!
Those idiots!
This is what being a Gundam Meister means.
So, did you find it?
Yes, this is it, Kinue.
I knew it. Aeolia Schenberg.
But, this guy has been dead for over two hundred years
Celestial Being appeared!?
They intervened in the former Sri Lanka's civil war and attacked both sides?
They attacked both sides?
But if they do that, won't it cause everyone to hate them?
What exactly is Celestial Being thinking?
That's ridiculous.
Do they really think that a single armed intervention can stop a war that's been going on for over 300 years?
Not just once, we'll intervene as many times as necessary.
Until all wars come to an end, and all hatred is directed at us.
That is Celestial Being.
We are the pain that's required to bring about change.
What happened to Exia?
Don't tell me it got shot down.
He went back before us.
It's his first armed intervention.
He needs some time to think.
I don't get it.
Why is he a Gundam Meister?
A Union air carrier?
In this airspace?
A Flag!
Pleased to meet you, Gundam!
Who are you?
I am Graham Acre,
the man whose heart your existence has stolen!
Is there a way to stop the actions of those who refuse to talk?
The young man feels the passing of an era as a sword is trusted to him.
Next episode: Changing World.
This is the undeniable reality.
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