Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e03 Episode Script

Kawaru sekai

Who would've thought facing you like this
Being a Virgo, I can't help but feel this is a sentimental destiny.
Or was I able to find you because you didn't send out those glowing particles?
Probably the latter!
I was overpowered?
However, you won't hit me with such an enormous weapon!
He dodged it?
As a souvenir I'll take a piece of you with me!
Don't touch me!
A beam saber?!
The year is 2307 AD.
The private paramilitary organization known as Celestial Being declared that it will eradicate all conflicts worldwide,
and engaged in armed interventions.
After intervening in the ethnic conflict in Southern India's Ceylon Island,
the Gundam Meisters who shook the world take up their next mission.
Is this God's judgment passed onto humankind,
or the beginning of a revolution?
My, my, you're such
an unpredictable character.
I lost my rifle.
I'll have to send in an explanatory report.
You won't have to worry about that.
Considering the data we obtained on the Gundam during this fight, even losing the entire Flag would have been a good trade.
We may be able to find some clues from the paint that you scraped off during contact.
Besides all that, Celestial Being's pilot sure was young.
You talked to him?
Of course not.
I could read his feelings from the way he moved his mobile suit.
We've lost the Gundam.
I've been dumped.
A solo sortie
Who the hell was that Flag?
Have you contacted the on-site correspondent?
Not yet.
A Gundam! Low-resolution is fine!
Tell them to put an image of a Gundam!
There's no statement from Celestial Being yet.
Send out this news flash within the next 10 minutes!
Do a live on-site broadcast for the next news segment!
The head of the Human Reform League is making an official statement in less than 3 hours!
Chief, uh
Keep that time slot open!
I've completed the script!
U-Uh, Kinu—
Save it for later.
Aeolia Schenberg.
An exceptional master of inventions who appeared in the second half of the 21st century.
Advocate of the founding theory of solar power
Not showing himself to the public, only his name has been carried down the generations.
If this individual founded Celestial Being, they'd have it all.
The capability as well as the funds
But why have they waited 200 years to make their move?
Aeolia Schenberg's blood line came to an end at his generation.
What about the whereabouts of his assets?
The records at that time leave no indication
He probably prepared for all this.
Security in the 21st century was almost nonexistent, after all.
Aren't they cautious Celestial Being?
Director, do you believe they'll continue with their armed interventions?
I would if I were them.
Prepare the data for the report to Parliament.
And make up some excuse too.
Passengers departing on Pillar of Heaven Travel Bureau Train E273, please board at gate A12.
Yo, you're late. You rascal.
We thought you died.
Did something happen?
I was logging a report on Veda.
I will look it over later.
Well, at least all of us made it out safely.
Tieria, we'll leave space to you.
We'll head out for the next mission.
I'll obey orders. Although I'm anxious
Thank you for waiting.
Enjoy your drinks.
It's on me.
But, is it really possible to return a suit to space with the orbital elevator?
It's nothing to worry about.
As planned, we'll hide it with the materials they're using to develop the colony.
As long as the weight he carries is the same as everyone else, the following security checks are as good as nothing.
Especially here.
A true blind spot.
If we have a weak point,
it's that, without the Gundams, the operational time of the Ptolemaios would be extremely limited.
Our mere four solar furnac—
Don't discuss confidential information.
Tieria's train is departing.
Pillar of Heaven Travel Bureau Train E277 is departing as scheduled at 14:18, 5:32 GMT.
A linear rail into space
I can finally return. I hate being on the ground.
Should we go back now?
I'd like a day off at least.
You have to hammer the iron while it's still red-hot.
If we just do it once or twice, the world won't acknowledge us.
We've been expecting you, Lieutenant Colonel.
How was space?
I prefer it down here, especially the gravity.
That's good to hear.
The commander is waiting. Please
Before that, I'd like to drop by Ceylon.
But if you do that
I'm a man who won't believe anything unless he sees it with his own eyes.
The commander will understand.
Yes, sir!
We will accompany you!
You were supposed to inspect the AEU's new model,
but it has turned into quite a mess.
I never imagined that such a suit existed.
I think it's worth researching.
It seems the higher-ups agree.
The two of you who witnessed the Gundams have been reassigned.
The Anti-Gundam Investigation Unit?
It's a newly established unit.
Headquarters will probably give it an official name later.
Professor Lief Eifman
The chief engineer will be in charge?
That's how much importance the higher-ups place on this.
I expect fast results.
Yes, sir!
First Lieutenant Graham Acre and Engineering Advisor Billy Katagiri
have acknowledged their reassignment to the Anti-Gundam Investigation Unit.
I'm surprised.
Did you know this would happen?
I'm not that omnipotent.
Although I did feel a sense of fate.
In Ireland's Ulster region, though sporadic,
terrorist acts have been occurring for approximately four centuries.
Originally, the Catholic and Protestant sects of the Christian religion opposed each other,
but it's not just about religion.
For this report, draw a map that shows the areas of conflict in Northern Ireland and
Another report, eh?
Why do we need history credits when we're in engineering school?
"From here on out, innovations will center around the maintenance of the Orbital Elevator and the development of space colonies.
In order to make exchanges with technicians from each nation, we need to expand our knowledge of history."
Isn't that what they said from the beginning?
I can understand why, but
Oh, but thanks to that, I was able to study abroad here.
I'm grateful for that.
My study abroad will be over in 2 years, right?
What is it all of a sudden?
Hey, Saji, have you thought about the future?
Am I in that future?
Uh, wait, Louise!
At times like these, you're supposed to chase me!
A soft drink?
I recommend the original cocktail here.
I'm still a minor.
Oh, my apologies.
The usual.
Very well.
The third mission will commence shortly.
If you would like to observe it, I recommend preparing 3 monitors.
Oh, I look forward to that.
I'll be sure to observe it closely.
This is it, Lieutenant Colonel.
Oh, this?
Have you discovered anything about it?
This is Lieutenant Colonel Sergei.
An explanation, if you would.
Yes, sir!
This is an optional bombing part for a mobile suit.
It's made out of E-carbon.
It's made out of the most up-to-date material, but, in terms of design, we cannot find any new technology being used.
What about the missiles that were in it?
Yes, sir.
After investigating the residue, the missiles were found to be 300kg guided types.
Incidentally, no nation or maker is developing this type.
So they really did develop this on their own
Judging from the suit fuselage, the Gundam's output is 6 times greater than the Flag's.
I wonder what kind of motor it uses
The power output is impressive, but the maneuverability is even more so.
I confirmed it with the battle data.
As expected, the explanation behind its maneuverability lies with
The light?
They say the Gundam suit emits what appears to be light particles.
That's an acceptable explanation.
So that must be why the radar and sensors wouldn't work.
Those special particles, besides its stealth features, are also used for controlling the suit.
They're likely to be applied as weapons too.
Professor Lief Eifman!
A dreadful man
having technology that's several decades ahead of us.
Aeolia Schenberg.
He's the historical figure who appeared to give Celestial Being's criminal declaration.
I know that name.
He was an advocate of the solar power system.
Secret intelligence seems to be chasing down the Gundams from that line of thought.
I doubt anything will come out of it.
The same with these parts.
They only threw away the parts they don't mind us seeing.
If possible, I would like to capture those "Gundam" units.
I agree.
For that, I'd like this suit to be tuned.
What about the burden on the pilot?
You can disregard that.
However, I'd like to have it done within a week.
You're a very unreasonable man.
If I'm not this forceful, I won't be able to seduce the Gundam.
He's quite infatuated.
It's me.
The Gundams have appeared?
Yes, sir!
They appeared in two locations.
Two locations?
Battle on multiple fronts, eh?
South Africa?
They probably intend to intervene in the civil war over the mining rights to the mineral resources.
I really don't like doing this.
It looks as if I'm just bullying the weak.
Hurry up and disarm yourselves!
Or I'll really take you out.
They ran! They ran!
Smart move.
Good! Good!
I wouldn't bother.
There's one in Talivia.
I can make it from here in time.
I hate narcotics from the bottom of my heart.
If they intend to burn that down, I'll support the Gundams.
They intend to sever the sources of war!
30 minutes have passed since I entered the holding pattern.
Warning, complete.
Kyrios, commencing the operation now.
97% on target.
Mission complete.
If it's something like this, I'll do it anytime.
The third one appeared here on Ceylon Island?
Yes, sir!
At the 7th Garrison.
Do you have a usable Tieren?
I'll head out.
The Lieutenant Colonel himself?
I said it before. I only believe things I see with my own eyes.
That's the third he's taken down!
Is that Gundam a monster?!
Exia, continuing intervention.
Eliminating the target.
Fire! Fire!
It's fast!
First phase complet—
So that's a Gundam?
He threw away his gun?
Is he testing me?
Show me your determination to eradicate war!
You can keep that arm!
Your head is mine!
You think I'll let you?!
Don't touch me.
Reaching rendezvous point.
We have visual confirmation of Virtue.
Initiating landing preparations.
Activating relative guidance system.
Container open.
Linking system functional.
Virtue, docking.
Docking complete.
Virtue's GN Drive, initiating link operation with Ptolemaios.
Energy, transfer preparations from Virtue to Ptolemy complete.
Initiating transfer.
Space is the best after all
Good work.
What about the mission?
They completed it safely.
Hurry up and come.
We'll have a toast.
I'll humbly decline.
You meanie
Um, are you my neighbor?
My name's Saji Crossroad.
I live in this room with my older sister.
Setsuna F. Seiei.
Hmm, Seiei?
What a unique name.
Nice to mee—
How unfriendly.
I'm home.
What? Work?
They called for me.
They're really busy these days
because of Celestial Being.
That again?
Make sure you eat dinner.
See you later!
Hello, Saji?
Louise? What's wrong?
Turn on the news.
Just do it!
Early this morning, in Northern Ireland, the terrorist organization Real IRA
officially announced that it will cease all armed terrorist action.
With this, after 400 years,
the civil war that has persisted in Northern Ireland comes to an end, giving way to peace.
According to the authorities, the private paramilitary organization Celestial Being has
This is
It's amazing, isn't it?
What should we do about the report with everything we learned today?
The world
The world is changing.
The nations who make use of Celestial Being.
The nations who use those nations.
In the battlefield of whirling conspiracies, the Gundam Meisters proceed.
Next episode: Foreign Negotiation.
Politics are a color-changing kaleidoscope
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