Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e04 Episode Script

Taigai sesshô

Because of Celestial Being's armed intervention on Ceylon Island,
we suffered the grave loss of 148 fine soldiers.
Although they claim to be eradicating disputes as peacekeepers,
what they are performing is nothing more than acts of terrorism that threaten our national security.
We, the Human Reform League, pledge to oppose their acts of terrorism to our greatest ability.
They sure hate us.
In response to Celestial Being's armed interventions,
It's the expected reaction.
But wouldn't our actions cause the HRL to further strengthen their military might?
an emergency military act will be put into motion.
If that's what they choose, then all we have to do is to continue our armed interventions.
Be it in the air or on the ground, if they take one step into our territories,
The eradication of war
we will not hesitate to respond with lethal force.
That is Celestial Being's ultimate goal.
Furthermore, in order to put a stop to Celestial Being's senseless violence, we call for the Union and
In the year 2307 AD, the Earth's fossil fuel reserves have run dry.
But with the construction of the three orbital elevators and the solar energy system by the three power blocs,
humanity has obtained a nearly perpetual supply of energy.
However, the various blocs continued to play a large-scale, zero-sum game for the sake of their honor and prosperity.
Yes, even in the 24th century, mankind has yet to fully unite as one.
A group of individuals plans to act to force the world into unity.
Equipped with mobile suits known as Gundams, they are the paramilitary organization known as Celestial Being.
In order to eradicate war once and for all,
they are launching a military campaign that transcends race, nationality, and creed.
And once again, a new mission is thrust into the hands of the Gundam Meisters.
It appears the waves of terrorism have finally reached the urban areas.
Before the moderates join hands against you, I suggest you implement some reforms first.
I know that.
In order to save this nation that was built on fossil fuel,
we have no choice but to request for help from the power blocs who possess the solar energy system.
However, since our nation did not take part in the orbital elevator project,
we do not have access privileges to the solar energy produced.
And now that our precious, remaining oil is placed under export sanctions,
Are there any countries that will aid us without benefiting from it?
And to solve that problem is the reason why Parliament reinstated the monarchy and put me in power.
In any case, there's only one choice left for us.
But still, the situation is certainly perilous.
If our domestic stability continues to deteriorate, they will soon appear.
The private paramilitary organization Celestial Being.
Celestial Being
Allelujah, have you heard the Real IRA's declaration of disarmament?
Thanks to that, some countries are voicing their support for us,
but it's only temporary.
They are just buying insurance against our armed interventions.
If we were to disappear, they will go back to their old ways in no time.
I know that. The eradication of war is not such a simple task.
That's why you should get some rest while you can.
It will get busy soon.
The realization of eternal peace.
That is what the Gundams are for.
So, how was it, Lieutenant Colonel?
You fought the Gundam, didn't you?
Tell me your honest opinion.
Yes, sir.
It's just my personal opinion, but I believe a mobile suit which can match the performance of the Gundam
does not exist in any country on this planet.
So it's that powerful?
It's merely my personal opinion.
In that case, it seems that I made the right choice in calling you here.
Lieutenant Colonel, get your hands on a Gundam.
Do it before the Union or the AEU does.
Yes, sir!
A special task force will be formed.
I will leave the personnel selection to you, but there's just one soldier I want you to look after.
Pardon me.
I was dispatched from the Human Enhancement Agency's technical research facility.
I am Enhanced Soldier No. 1, Second Lieutenant Soma Peiris.
Human Enhancement Agency?
Commander, don't tell me that project was
It seems that it was carried out secretly.
The higher-ups believe that it will be our trump card against the Gundams.
As of today, I have been assigned to the Lieutenant Colonel's special task force.
It is an honor to serve under you.
She's too young for a trump card
It was totally hilarious.
Eh, what happened?
That's what he said!
No way! I'm not falling for that.
He really is such a
That's what he said!
No way! Is that for real?
I'm not falling for that.
Oh, hey.
Saji Crossroad.
So you remembered my name after all.
Who is this?
Oh, he's my neighbor umm
Setsuna F. Seiei.
Various reinforcements to the joints and backpack were made, along with anti-beam coating on the fuselage.
The weapon is a new rifle model designed by the Iris Corporation.
It's magnificent, Professor.
But the trade-off is that even with the anti-G system fully functional, you will experience 12 Gs at top speed.
Let's say it's exactly what I hoped for.
Spectacular. So this is the First Lieutenant's Flag.
Warrant Officer Howard Mason, Master Sergeant Darryl Dutch,
as requested by First Lieutenant Graham Acre, are reporting for duty as part of the Anti-Gundam Investigation Unit.
So you came.
I welcome you, Flag fighters.
David, did you see the daytime news?
The commentators were discussing whether we should designate Celestial Being as world police.
How amusing.
It is a brilliant proposition.
Unlike the United Nations, they don't require maintenance fees.
Every human being has a skeleton or two in his closet.
No nation is free of sin.
No one will dare to join forces with such an organization.
Mr. President.
We received reports that Taribia will be making an announcement tomorrow.
Veda, tell me your predictions.
I see, exactly like mine.
So we've come up with 12 response plans.
Our position will be endangered no matter which one we pick.
Even though I understand that, this feeling is still unbearable.
Taribia is making an announcement right now!
So it's Taribia after all.
While the Union appears to be a congressional system with over 50 member states,
it is, in fact, a dictatorship, with the distribution of solar energy being controlled solely by the United States.
David, call for a special session of the Union Congress.
We cannot allow for their selfish intentions to control the solar energy system.
And send for the representatives from the principal nations.
We, the Republic of Taribia, will withdraw from the Union and assert our independent right to solar energy.
If external military or political pressure prevents us from achieving this,
in face of such adversaries, our nation will respond with military force.
Our nation strongly opposes this barbaric, American domination.
It appears that Taribia has made a move.
Anti-American sentiments have always ran high in that country,
but seceding from the Union and demanding independent access to solar energy is going too far.
Perhaps it's a power play in preparation for the next election.
Instability in a nation close to the orbital elevator will surely affect the solar energy system's production.
The Union will most definitely accept America's request and launch a military intervention.
Of course, Taribia must have predicted that this will happen.
Predicted this
Second Lieutenant, do you know why Taribia decided to switch to a hard-line policy?
They believe that if the Union launches a military strike, Celestial Being will help them by intervening.
Will you appear under such an invitation, Gundam?
Are you saying that Taribia is trying to exploit Celestial Being?
How enviable.
The only reason why they can get away with such a blackmail-laden, hard-line declaration is because
Taribia is located near the orbital elevator.
Unlike our country, they have an ace in the hole.
Will Celestial Being really show itself?
Who knows?
But the way Celestial Being deals with Taribia may affect the future of this country.
The future of this country
It means we may be able to make use of them.
We will take action even if we know we are being used.
Yes, that is how Celestial Being works.
Initiating the mission.
Contact the Gundam Meisters.
The Union has passed a resolution by majority vote to send troops to Taribia.
Meanwhile, America has independently mobilized its armed forces and
Haro, let's go.
Roger! Roger!
Kyrios, Allelujah Haptism, moving to intervene.
Dynames, Lockon Stratos, commencing attack.
Exia, Setsuna F. Seiei, heading out.
Finally, we get to face the Gundams.
I'm looking forward to it, First Lieutenant.
Me too.
Now, let's see how well this Custom Flag holds up against the Gundam.
Or rather, it had better hold up well.
The Union fleet and U.S. Second Fleet have reached Taribian waters.
Air units have also sortied from Brazilian airbases. They appear to have gained air superiority over major Taribian cities.
What about the Taribian army?
Their ground type mobile suits are assembling at three major cities.
This is certainly an explosive situation.
Sumeragi, just what is your plan?
Isn't it obvious?
There's only one thing for us to do.
Gundam sighted!
So that's a Gundam.
This is Blue Shark. We have visual confirmation of the Gundams.
They are heading towards the capital. Requesting permission to engage.
Communications have been jammed.
It's because of those Gundams, huh?
Prime Minister, Celestial Being has appeared.
So they came after all.
The Gundams have split up. We believe they are heading towards the three major cities individually.
So they're planning to forcefully intervene against the Union and our mighty U.S. Fleet?
We have just received news that mobile suits possessed by the private paramilitary organization Celestial Being
If Celestial Being intervenes, it will be lending a hand to the extremists in Taribia.
have appeared over Taribian airspace.
On the other hand, if it allows the Union to take military action,
After announcing its secession from the Union, the Republic of Taribia is currently surrounded by a Union armada.
it will be a fatal blow to their stated goal of eradicating conflicts.
It appears that Celestial Being will forcefully intervene in the South American region.
Which path will you pick, Celestial Being?
However, no offensive actions have been undertaken by either side so far.
How will Celestial Being choose to intervene?
Mission, start!
What's that?
A preemptive strike by the Union?
A Gundam!
We haven't done anything yet!
Celestial Being's founder Aeolia Schenberg, said very clearly in his declaration
Celestial Being considers countries that incite war to be valid targets for armed interventions.
Taribia has been designated a war-inciting nation.
Proceeding to eliminate targets.
Kyrios, commencing intervention.
Dynames, sniping the targets.
Don't you dare try exploiting us for your selfish goals.
However, this sure is unilateral.
The Gundams have begun to attack Taribian forces!
I see.
The Gundams are attacking our army.
Get me President Bryan on the hotline.
It seems Celestial Being deemed your country to be the source of this conflict and began its attack.
I find their actions regrettable.
Of course. If you reconsider your secession from the Union, we will be happy to deploy troops to protect your country.
I see.
Very well.
Our armed forces will commence attacking Celestial Being in aid of our allied nation, the Republic of Taribia.
America's mobile suit units are sortieing.
As predicted, they appear to be heading to defend Taribia.
I see.
Following the mission plan, all Gundams please proceed with evacuating to the safety zones.
What a huge farce.
Wait a minute!
There's a signal approaching Exia!
It's a USAF Flag.
What's going on?
It's pursuing Exia at twice the speed of a normally specified Flag.
That Flag
Now I am finally free to fight the Gundam.
Good choice, Mr. President.
It's fast!
I got you!
Excellent shot, First Lieutenant.
He got away.
Custom Flag.
It does match up decently, but
To think that they can even operate underwater, those Gundams are versatile beyond belief.
I can't believe they actually attacked the Taribian Army
It seems that both Taribia and America anticipated that this might happen.
Anticipated this?
After being attacked by Celestial Being, the first thing Taribia did was to ask the Americans for help.
Thanks to this, anti-American sentiments inside Taribia have been silenced, making things easier for the American leadership.
At the same time, Taribia's current administration now has American backing and its rule is secured.
The other countries have also learned their lesson.
They will avoid proposing any obviously anti-American policies.
I wonder which country has benefited the most from this chain of events.
If you can't even see that,
then you're not qualified to save this nation.
Azadistan's first Queen Marina Ismail.
Hey, Sis, what does this mean?
Why did Celestial Being attack Taribia's army?
That country didn't attack anyone!
I suppose.
They said they want to eradicate war,
but all they are doing is creating conflicts.
That's just not right.
The world doesn't work that simply.
The world is not that simple.
A meeting on the suborbital station brings back a part of Allelujah's past.
Go, Kyrios! Before your life crumbles!
Next episode, "Breakaway Limit Zone."
The irresistible gravity will pull the Gundams in.
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