Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e05 Episode Script

Genkai ridatsu ryôiki

Taribia rejoins the Union and receives a special visit from America's President.
They are promised material aid and an increase in their share of the energy supply.
It appears that this series of events was planned out by America and Taribia after all.
And in accordance with their plans, Celestial Being was exploited
No, that is incorrect.
It means Celestial Being would go as far as attacking Taribia in order to accomplish their goal of eradicating war.
Even if they went against public opinion.
It would be better to reconsider any plans involving them, don't you think?
Queen Marina, it's time for your foreign excursions.
I'll look forward to the good news.
I will try my best.
In order to save Azadistan, we have to obtain solar energy.
May I ask you a question?
Why did you accept this responsibility?
That is obvious. I am the only one who can fulfill it.
Thank you for traveling with Pillar of Heaven Travel Bureau Train E603 today.
Sis, you really didn't have to come and see me off.
I need to drop by the branch office here, so it's on the way.
Pillar of Heaven Travel Bureau Train E603 will depart as scheduled at 8:40,
Listen, Saji, you better study hard.
Although your scholarship covers the field trip, I'm the one who pays for the travel fares.
or 23:40 GMT.
Sorry for increasing your burden.
Louise wanted a private cabin no matter what
Passengers, please proceed to gate A7 for boarding.
That rich princess
Are you two talking about me?
Please don't worry, Sis.
I'll take good care of Saji.
I'm relieved you are with him, I guess
Saji, don't lose your restraint just because it feels like a holiday.
And don't you dare do anything strange to Louise, all right?
What are you talking about, Sis?
It will be fine, Sis.
Saji wouldn't dare try.
To be honest, I don't think this girl suits you at all.
I can hear you, Sis.
The paperwork is finished.
We are departing, Lieutenant.
Understood, Colonel.
A mobile suit performance test
The mission plan from Sumeragi is here.
We are to spy on a new mobile suit performance test. Depending on the results, we may have to destroy it.
Be careful, Allelujah.
Since the Taribian incident, we are pretty much hated by the entire world.
Thank you for your advice.
Thank you for traveling with Pillar of Heaven Travel Bureau Train E603 today.
This linear train is in non-stop service to the Low Orbital Station Pillar of Truth.
The estimated arrival time is 18:32,
or 3:32 GMT of the following day.
The initial acceleration has been completed.
The train will now begin its gradual deceleration, leaving the cabins in a simulated state of zero gravity.
Please be careful when unfastening your seatbelts.
The Solar Energy System Construction Project.
After the Earth's fossil fuel reserves ran dry more than half a century ago,
this project was conceived in order to secure a new energy supply for humankind.
The generator device consists of orbital space elevators spanning over 50,000 km and
I have been meaning to ask this, but why did you volunteer to join the Human Enhancement Agency?
I did not volunteer.
I'm a designer baby created for the purposes of the Human Enhancement Project.
Enhanced Soldier No.1's physical performance is maintained by the nanomachines in her body.
They allow her to function for long periods of time in outer space environments.
Moreover, with enhancements made to various parts of her nervous and sensory system—
That's enough.
Do you find anything unsatisfactory?
Doesn't the Agency think there's something wrong with what they're doing?
We do not think so.
In order to adapt to the harshness of space, the Lieutenant's existence is necessary and indispensable.
Is something wrong Colonel?
It's nothing.
After filling their solar cells with the sunlight's energy,
the satellites send the energy to the space elevators via microwaves.
The energy is then relayed by the elevators to various ground stations.
The daily power output is 1.2 exajoules.
Currently, the 35 member nations of the Human Reform League
receive their power directly through the energy tubes. Moreover
Louise, I was watching that!
Enough of that. Let's go have fun!
We are finally here!
What's wrong?
I'm tired.
You dragged me all over the place.
You're so hopeless.
You're just too tough.
Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy, am I right?
Oh, yes!
That's correct.
I am your tour instructor, Porz Assan.
Welcome to Low Orbital Station Pillar of Truth.
Saji, do you know why a low orbital ring is needed?
Magnetic fluid flows within the ring to create a centrifugal force.
This allows the entire station to keep a stable orbital height.
I think
I see that you've done your homework.
Hey, Saji! Look, look!
Don't do that, Louise!
Don't walk so far out on your own
Isn't it beautiful?
Yes, it truly is.
It looks way different from the digital images.
Be careful, you two.
Even at 10,000 km above the surface, there is still some gravity.
If you slip, it's a one-way ticket down to Earth.
Oh, okay!
Please excuse us!
Saji you idiot!
You're supposed to rescue me!
Oh dear
This way, Colonel.
So this is the suit.
The suit that has been adjusted to match Enhanced Soldier No.1's reaction speed,
MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Taozi.
Tieren Taozi
My mobile suit.
So this is our trump card against the Gundams
May I know if you are finished with your meal?
Would you like something to drink?
Coffee, please.
Traveling by yourself?
I enjoy looking at the Earth from above.
I can understand that feeling,
with the surface being so full of troubles.
Like the appearance of that organization, Celestial Being
I know they sure are a pain.
We will be arriving soon, so please relax and enjoy yourself.
It feels so much better to have gravity.
Mistress, it's almost time.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
Don't look at other girls.
I'm sorry.
Lieutenant, show me the suit's maneuverability.
Go through the designated course at maximum acceleration.
Roger that, Colonel.
Completed at maximum acceleration.
It differed from the course by only 0.25% at maximum acceleration.
So this is the power of an Enhanced Soldier
However, she is still a young girl.
Wh-What is this feeling?
What's going on?
My head
It hurts!
Lieutenant, you are leaving the designated course.
What's wrong?
something is inside my head
What's with this headache?
Shit, who the hell is this?
Don't enter my mind without my permission!
Who are you?
Bastard, I'm going to kill you!
Stop it, Lieutenant!
Stop it, Lieutenant!
Please stop!
Please stop!
Stop what you're doing!
What's going on?
Maybe it's space debris hitting the station.
Stop it, Lieutenant!
Wh-What's happening?
Just what is going on?
The gravity
Who the hell is this person?
Hey, look!
Isn't that a Gravity Block?
An accident?
My sincerest condolences.
Don't butt in.
Are we going to die?
I don't want to die!
Kill me, Allelujah!
No, I can't
No, I can't!
What have you done?
Control, this is Sergei.
Give me the damage report on the Gravity Block.
Colonel, according to the emergency transmission just after the incident,
the drifting Gravity Sector No.7 contains 232 people awaiting rescue.
And the rescue party?
The rescue team is scheduled to launch in 7 minutes. A squad has been scrambled to cover them.
However, due to the impact of the explosions and the outflow of air,
the velocity of Gravity Sector No.7 is rapidly decreasing.
In 14 more minutes it will be drawn in by the Earth's gravity.
What did you say?
I will assist the rescuers.
Send out a team to retrieve the Lieutenant's suit.
But, Sir, an object of that mass
Human lives are at stake!
It seems that the rescue party is on its way.
But there is not enough time.
The Gravity Block will be pulled in by the Earth's gravity and
Mistress, Allelujah Haptism has
This entire sector is detached from the station.
So, that means we're drifting?
You're kidding, right?
A rescue party is on its way.
We just have to be patient and wait.
7 more minutes until breakaway limit zone.
In order to push the Gravity Sector back to orbital height,
the only option is to accelerate it.
What happened?
This is terrible!
I just did the calculations on my terminal.
We won't be able to escape the Earth's gravitational pull in 5 minutes!
Are you serious?
You've got to be kidding.
In just 5 minutes?
Sector No.7 is way too heavy.
This suit's propulsion is not enough
Only 200 seconds left till breakaway limit zone.
At this rate, even my suit won't be able to escape the gravitational pull.
Do I have no choice but to leave over 200 people to die?
Why are the skies so merciless?
A suit is approaching at such a high speed?
Why didn't it show up on the radar?
Could it be?
It's a Gundam?
Allelujah Haptism!
Just what are you doing?
You have your mission orders.
You wouldn't be able to understand
how it feels to be drifting in space
20 seconds till breakaway limit zone!
What the—?
It stood through?
But why is Celestial Being involving itself with a rescue operation?
The rest is up to Sumeragi.
We have just received an emergency encrypted transmission from Wang Liu Mei.
A rescue operation?
Just what is he doing?
What's your plan?
Isn't it obvious?
Urgent update!
The list of missing individuals for the orbital station accident is out!
No way
Even with the Gundam's propulsion, we can barely maintain the current state.
But once our energy runs out, we will fall
Can you hear me?
Everyone, gather in the central block!
This voice is it the Gundam's pilot?
I repeat. If you don't want to die, gather in the center!
Is that the rescue party?
Let's go, Louise!
There's no time. Hurry up!
A young man's voice
Hey, Saji.
We might not live through this, so
I want to tell you something while I still can.
Can you hear me, Gundam pilot?
This block will soon enter the breakaway limit zone.
You've done enough. Let go!
Heh, I can't do that.
Celestial Being does not accept failure.
Saji I
Gundam Meisters are never alone!
As expected,
Lockon Stratos.
GN Particles, compressing at high density.
20 seconds to charge completion
There are clouds blocking my line of sight for the shot.
Cut through them, Setsuna!
Charging complete!
Taking the shot!
Nice support, Sumeragi.
Purging the two sections by firing shots from the ground
and accelerating the reduced mass to a stable orbit
So the rescue party is finally here.
C-Colonel! The Gundam!
The rescue operation takes priority.
Even I know what it is to be grateful.
Urgent update!
All the stranded people have been successfully rescued without injuries!
Mission complete.
You abandoned the mission recommended by Veda and chose to prioritize this rescue operation.
On top of that, the world now knows about the Dynames's ability to strike targets at high altitudes.
I guess our plans require quite a bit of adjustment.
You were the one who changed the mission plan and gave the order to Lockon Stratos.
I was not helping Allelujah Haptism.
I merely protected the Gundam.
Those who lack the aptitude should not be allowed to pilot Gundams.
And what about you?
We almost died back there.
It feels so surreal
But I'm glad.
Hey, Louise.
What were you going to say back there?
Tell me.
Not telling.
Even if it's a fabricated battlefield, Celestial Being will not tolerate silence.
Armed with new equipment, the Gundam will reveal its capabilities to the world.
Next episode, "Seven Swords."
There is no return
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