Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e06 Episode Script

Sebun sôdo

Jeez, those Celestial whatever can sure mess things up.
This country's entire economy depends on mining these stones.
Countless nations and corporations are going to suffer because of this.
For the sake of stopping wars, they don't seem to give a damn about the people.
A call for you from PMC Trust.
Ali Al-Serges here.
Hey, what do you mean it's canceled? I'm already here!
We mercenaries live off conflicts.
If this goes on, Moralia is gonna be ruined!
Fine, I will return to base.
What's wrong?
It appears that the AEU's big shots finally moved their fat asses.
Must we really deploy troops to Moralia?
We need Moralia's PMC for space development. We agreed on this during the last European summit.
Even if its economy is about to collapse, if we send troops to protect Moralia, Celestial Being will
That's exactly why we have to dispatch our troops.
But if my nation deploys troops to foreign territories, the public backlash would be
Instead of dwelling on things that happened over three centuries ago,
we should focus more on the AEU's interests.
We can just leave the colony development to the HRL and the Union.
Without our financial support, they won't be able to accomplish anything.
While that may be true for a financially well-endowed nation like yours,
my country faces various difficulties.
Is your country that desperate to peddle your weapons?
It's impossible to expand into space without an increase in military power.
If we let the Union and the HRL gain control over space, we will lose our final frontier.
We cannot afford any further delays in the space race.
I suggest that only those nations in favor of the plan are obliged to deploy troops to Moralia.
If that's the case
this deployment has to be announced as a joint AEU measure.
We will be the white knights coming to Moralia's rescue.
GN Drive, optimal linkage.
Charge status of GN particles, currently at 75%.
Dispersion state, holding at 40%.
No unknowns within visible range.
Say, it's been more than a week
What has?
Allelujah, of course!
Isn't it enough? He was just trying to save people.
Wh-What's with this headache?
Just who was that?
Yo, is my solitary confinement over?
From your response, I don't think you've learned your lesson yet.
I suppose
Allelujah Haptism, you are not fit to be a Gundam Meister.
You want to take me off Kyrios?
Yes is what I want to say.
But we don't have that luxury currently.
We need your abilities again.
According to an intelligence report,
the President of the Republic of Moralia and the foreign ministers of the major AEU nations are conducting a top secret meeting.
PMC, right?
This is clearly a challenge directed at us.
It's going to be a hard mission.
We will also return to the surface to back you up.
Allelujah's detention is over.
Both of you are to prepare for sortie.
We performed a thorough examination on the Lieutenant's body,
but we found nothing wrong.
The nervous impulses in her synapses and her glial cells
are both giving normal readings.
So why did the Lieutenant undertake such a course of action?
After analyzing the Taozi's mission records,
we detected an anomaly in her quantum brain waves.
It's a phenomenon impossible under normal circumstances.
We suspect that she was affected by an external influence.
External influence?
If that is indeed the case,
then the person who caused this must also have enhanced glial cells,
someone who can utilize quantum brain waves.
Are you saying they are of the same kind?
I was merely pointing out the possibility.
Any preventive measures?
We have embedded a device in her suit that isolates her quantum brain waves.
The same thing won't happen again.
Are you really that desperate to send her out into the battlefield?
If Celestial Being hadn't made its appearance,
our research wouldn't have been made public.
So it all comes to that.
Technical assistance for developing solar energy technology?
We sincerely request for your help.
Our nation is very keen on helping, but
Your country's situation is highly unstable.
If you can't guarantee the safety of our technicians, Parliament won't agree to this.
Moreover, the AEU's elevator is not yet fully operational.
I'm not sure if we can afford to spare any technicians
I see.
I will try to expedite our food assistance to Azadistan.
I appreciate your efforts.
The young queen inexperienced at diplomacy struggles to save her country
While I pity her, we simply don't have the luxury of conducting charity.
It all depends on Moralia.
Hey, nice timing.
It's chikuzen daki. Sis made too much.
I was wondering if you would like some?
I'm going out right now.
Oh, I see.
That was quite a disaster, huh?
Oh, you mean the thing at the station?
Yeah, it really was.
I didn't expect Celestial Being to save us, though.
Neither did I.
The Republic of Moralia.
A small nation in Southern Europe founded 23 years ago in 2284 AD.
It has just 180,000 citizens, but over 3 million foreign workers currently reside there.
Out of about 4000 civilian corporations, over 20% belong to PMC.
PMC handles the deployment of mercenaries, training of military personnel,
weapons transport and development, and the maintenance of a private army.
They are a civilian military company that undertakes all those kinds of businesses.
Felt, you are really hardworking.
It's my duty.
Moralia is that nation that attracts investment from private military contractors by giving them benefits, right?
Why haven't we targeted them thus far?
If we exterminate all the wars in the world, they will naturally run out of business.
If only they would just die quietly
It appears that Moralia is picking a fight with Celestial Being.
The AEU is acting as their backer.
In order to complete the solar energy system,
and proceed to colony development,
the AEU needs the human resources and technical expertise of private military contractors.
And I'm sure Moralia is also thinking of revitalizing its slumbering economy.
Even if their own country gets turned into a battlefield as a result, they still require the AEU's help.
On top of that, I'm sure they've given some thought to capturing one
A Gundam
In that case, I guess we have no choice but to back off this time,
and leave it to the AEU's "ace."
This is Moralia Air Force Base. You have permission to land.
Please proceed to land at runway 7.
What's happening?
Hey! I'm the AEU's ace, Patrick Corlasawar.
I'm here to lend you some help, my Moralian comrades!
What's up with him?
Hurry up and come, Gundam.
I'll mess you up good!
A joint military exercise between Moralia and AEU?
It's a regiment-size deployment.
Moreover, Moralia's private military company, PMC Trust, is also taking part in the exercise.
With all their mobile suits combined, the total number is expected to exceed 130 units.
This mission will be a huge undertaking.
After this, the world can no longer ignore Celestial Being.
The express flight to Moralia is tomorrow. We can have our own free time until then, right?
Do you want to?
Well, all right then.
Felt, let's go shopping.
I haven't analyzed the mission plan yet
Forget that, let's go.
Every time we conduct a mission, commodity prices go up.
We have to buy what we want before it's too late.
The data analysis
Well, goodbye then, Sumeragi! We're off.
The analysis
Oh, enough of that.
Well, let's drink up.
It's been a while, Setsuna.
Ian Vasty.
I wanted to deliver these as soon as I could.
Prepare to be surprised.
Present! Present!
I have already mounted the Dynames's additional equipment.
And this is for you.
Exia's customized GN Blades.
Like the GN Sword, they release highly compressed particles,
and they can cut through 3 meter thick E-carbon with no problem.
Are you touched?
GN Blade
Gundam Seven Swords.
It's finally starting to look like the Exia's development codename.
What's with him?
I had to bring it to this deserted island in a big hurry.
Can't he be a little grateful?
He is grateful enough, Pops.
The Exia is Setsuna's entire existence.
My Gundam.
They're here?
Good afternoon.
JNN News Today.
Today's report concerns the joint military exercise with the AEU taking place in the Republic of Moralia, Operation Dawn.
The exercise involves over 100 mobile suits from both sides.
But why is such a large-scale exercise needed in today's political climate?
So it bothers you.
Ah, Une Puree.
Coming right up.
So, what do you think of Moralia's actions?
Let's not talk about that. It's been a while since we met.
Since university, huh?
How many years has it been?
Don't say it. My age will show.
But I already know that.
Thank you for waiting.
A woman becomes older each time she is reminded of her real age.
I take it you have firsthand data?
You sure don't change, Billy.
I was happy you called me.
That was fun!
I'm tired
Anti-Gundam Investigation Unit?
What's with the naming?
It's just been established. The official name hasn't been decided yet.
And you've been assigned to that unit?
Not just me.
Don't be shocked, but the technical supervisor is Professor Eifman.
The professor?
The professor is already working on the theory behind the particles released by the Gundams.
That's interesting
So, what kind of particles are they?
No matter how many times I asked, he wouldn't tell me.
I see, what a pity.
Well that aside, what have you been doing?
Umm, a lot of things
What about that incident?
I've already forgotten.
I see.
That's good then.
I'm glad I got to meet you again.
This is great too!
This is not bad either!
Oh, so cute!
Let me sleep.
As expected, they were only willing to provide food assistance.
Oh, don't say it like it can't be helped.
No matter what, we have to obtain technical assistance somehow.
I'm sure you've seen the news. Moralia is heading straight towards a showdown with Celestial Being.
If the conflict drags on for too long, you'll have to return.
Celestial Being will be coming here too
A joint exercise, huh?
I didn't think the AEU would agree to this.
It's the fruit of our diplomatic efforts.
We can't always draw the short straw.
This time, we'll have the AEU do the dirty work.
You're right.
I want to entrust this unit to you.
The AEU's new design?
It's a prototype for developmental experiments, but it's been tuned up by our technical department.
You want me to defeat the Gundams with this?
Capture them.
Easier said than done
The reward we have prepared will be enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life.
That does sound very tempting.
I've been expecting you.
Good day.
Well then, please follow me.
As expected from Wang Liu Mei.
Splendid preparations.
You flatter me.
This is the deployment status of Moralian and AEU forces, right?
And PMC Trust as well.
On top of that, it's real-time.
When did you hack their computers?
Just before breakfast.
The mission will commence at 0000 hours as planned.
Target everything that presents a threat to our forces.
So you met with Kujou.
Is she doing well?
And that incident?
She said she has forgotten about it.
I see.
Is that the strategic planner during that incident?
Live video feed is coming online.
Displaying on the monitor.
What is that equipment?
It's not in our records.
It seems that Celestial Being is getting serious.
Visual confirmation of the Gundams.
Point A4576.
The enemy has spotted us.
All units, proceed according to mission plan.
Keep your encrypted channel open.
Ms. Sumeragi will inform us of any change in the plans.
Moralia has declared a state of emergency!
Prepare the captions!
Put together a special broadcast!
Hurry up!
So they showed up.
Since the Republic of Moralia has declared a state of emergency,
it's safe to assume that Celestial Being has begun its armed intervention,
Are they having a war?
and both are probably exchanging fire right now.
So it seems.
Are the Gundams there?
The uncertainty lies with whether AEU forces taking part in the joint exercise will
This isn't right, Louise.
Celestial Being saved our lives, but now they're starting a war.
What they are doing will not change the world.
It's just breeding hatred.
They are only bringing more chaos to the world.
Livonze, I can almost hear it.
The sound of the world's evils.
Enemy air squadron coming in from E332.
Jeez, Sumeragi's predictions are just
What the?
I can't shake it!
Enemy formation broken.
No change to Kyrios's mission plan.
Continuing with intervention.
Dynames, Virtue, proceed to intervene at point D883.
Haro, I will leave the new shield equipment to you.
Leave it to me! Leave it to me!
I didn't even have to aim.
A-At this rate
Rear attack! Rear attack!
I love surprise attacks!
Virtue, making a sweep of the Helion squadrons.
I found you!
A different type from the previous time, but you're still a Gundam, right?
Well then, you're my target!
Enemy suits approaching at high speed from G653.
Eliminating targets.
What the heck was that?
Continuing with mission.
Virtue, phase one clear.
Entering phase two.
Kyrios, air superiority achieved.
Moving to phase two.
Change Dynames's mission plan to C5.
So this is the Gundam Meisters' power.
It's only the beginning.
What is Exia's status?
Engaging enemy forces at T554 as planned.
Exia, phase one completed.
Entering phase two.
A new model?
It's predicting my movements?
An excellent suit, but the pilot is certainly lacking.
Don't you agree, Mr. Gundam?
That voice?
How dare you mess up my transactions!
I-It can't be!
My bonus depends on this!
I don't believe this
You are mine, Gundam!
If acting by one's honor is what it means to be human, then acting on one's interest is also part of being human.
A transient victory, the despair that follows.
Next episode, "Unrepayable Soul."
The Gundam's true worth is questioned.
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