Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e07 Episode Script

Mukuwarenu tamashii

You shall offer yourselves to God.
In order to participate in this holy war, there is something you must do first.
That is to
Now you have the permission to participate in this holy war and become jihadists recognized by God Himself.
An excellent suit, but the pilot is certainly lacking.
Don't you agree, Mr. Gundam?
That voice?
How dare you mess up my transactions!
I-It can't be!
My bonus depends on this!
I don't believe this
You are mine, Gundam!
The year is 2307 AD.
With the completion of the solar energy system built around the three orbital space elevators,
humanity has obtained a nearly perpetual supply of energy.
However, mankind is still unable to end their conflicts,
and the various power blocs continue to play their large-scale, zero-sum game for the sake of their honor and prosperity.
To confront such a world,
a private paramilitary organization with the objective of eradicating conflicts, Celestial Being, began its operations.
The four Gundams carried out an armed intervention on the Republic of Moralia.
On that battlefield, Setsuna F. Seiei confronted a fateful man.
The man's name is Serges.
Ali Al-Serges.
I wasn't expecting to capture you without a scratch anyway.
If the linear gun doesn't work, I'll just have to chop you up into bits!
This movement
Just how many is he carrying?
But still
I can see through your moves!
Stop Soran!
Why why?
Why, Soran?
What's with this sharpness?!
So this is the Gundam's true power.
Light signals?
"Get out of the cockpit"?
Is he out of his mind?
Exia is
Is he serious?
He really came out.
And judging from his physique no matter how you look at it, he's just a kid.
This is interesting, Celestial whatever!
You want to fight hand to hand?
Eh, Mr. Gundam Pilot?
Good work.
What? So you called me out just for this?
At least show me your face, eh? Hey!
You missed! You missed!
Of course I missed.
If it had hit, Setsuna would've been toast too.
It's moving away!
Sniping the target!
It dodged the shot?
We'll hear about your reasons later.
You can continue with the mission, right?
Skip phases five and earlier. Execute six now.
Dynames, please support Exia.
Send the same orders to Kyrios and Virtue.
Thanks to that kid, the entire mission plan is messed up.
Please switch over to phase six.
He opened the cockpit hatch in the middle of a fight
Why would he do such a thing?
High-density particles, expanding in all directions.
Is that a shell?
Tieria, Setsuna seems to have messed things up again.
Just shut up.
I'm not in the mood to talk.
We lost contact with the 3rd Air Squadron.
No response from the fuel depot!
No response from the PMC 32nd Transport Company!
The communication network is being jammed! We cannot ascertain the situation.
What's the damage report on our mobile suit forces?
Only counting what was reported, 32 were shot down and 26 suffered heavy damage.
The AEU forces also had 15 of their mobile suits shot down.
In just two hours, we lost over half our combat force?
Commander! PMC Trust is expressing its desire to withdraw from the battle!
Preposterous! There is nowhere left to run to!
This is certainly beyond expectation.
They sure are overwhelming the Gundams.
Stop sacrificing the lives of your soldiers.
Surrender now.
From all our plans, this has turned out to be the worst possible outcome.
How are your preparations?
The unit in preparation for the reconstruction effort has been mobilized as planned.
We will be on the ground before any other nations.
The private assurance of monetary assistance from the other nations has also been secured.
With this, we should be able to take Moralia in.
Let us dedicate a moment of silence to our heroic soldiers.
You lost track of all the Gundams?
Did they withdraw?
No, I think it's more prudent to assume they have moved on to their next mission.
Any messages from Ali Al-Serges' squadron?
Our wireless communication was badly affected by the particles released by the Gundams.
The opponents have just four suits!
This cannot be called a war! Isn't this just a one-sided massacre!
All Gundam units have arrived at the rendezvous point.
Phase six, commencing.
Now, let's finish this thing.
Jeez, making us go through a route like this
Don't grumble.
The enemy is focusing on points experiencing heavy electromagnetic interference.
We have to hit their vital spot with a single stealth attack.
We're counting on you, point man.
Hey! That was too close!
Inept! Inept!
Don't mind.
That's my line!
Why is he here?
Is he working for PMC because he has nowhere left to turn to?
If that's the case, where is his God?
Setsuna F. Seiei.
Tieria Erde.
If you decide to engage in your unilateral actions again, I will shoot you in the back.
You intend to throw away a solar furnace?
It's merely to protect the Gundam's secrets.
Captain! Are you all right?
Yeah, somehow.
But the bonus got away.
Just as expected from the Captain,
you managed to evenly match that monstrous mobile suit.
We were right to follow your orders and hide.
Yeah, nothing is worth it if you are dead.
But who was that kid?
Did he know me?
And that sword style
Don't tell me it's from that time in the Kurdish
I guess I'm thinking too much.
Sumeragi, we are nearing the arrival time.
Phase six, completed.
Last phase, commence!
Gundams sighted!
Point 326! Right in front of Headquarters!
They came out of the ravine?
Scramble the mobile suit squadrons!
Virtue, crushing the targets.
Dynames, sniping the targets.
Kyrios, proceeding to intervene.
Exia, exterminating the targets.
We have lost all our mobile suit squadrons.
We lost everything in less than five minutes?
Is this a bad dream?
Commander, a message from the Prime Minister!
No response from the enemy forces.
Do they want to have another go?
Or perhaps
Haro, send a report to Ms. Sumeragi!
We have confirmed the enemy's white flag.
Mission accomplished.
Roger! Roger!
We have confirmed the signal for unconditional surrender.
Mission accomplished.
Initiating individual evacuation procedures.
Excellent work,
Felt, don't forget to back up the combat data.
Sumeragi Ri Noriega.
Well, we had an unexpected happening, though.
Even so, it's a fact that the plan progressed as predicted by Veda.
Personally, I wish we could stray from those predictions.
Why is that?
We're withdrawing.
I'll leave the disposal of equipment to you.
Wang Liu Mei, do you know how many people lost their lives because of this mission?
No, I don't.
Based on my projections, no less than 500 people.
Weren't you well aware of that when you joined Celestial Being?
I know that.
Yes, I know.
So, it's over.
It seems that the AEU lost their bet.
Is that so?
Certainly, the loss of over 20 mobile suits is a painful blow.
But now I think the AEU will have public support as it walks down the path of further militarization.
And now that Moralia owes them one, their relationship with PMC will probably get even closer.
How regrettable.
No matter how brilliant their victories,
Celestial Being is destined to be excluded from the world.
Professor, do you think that they are on the path to self-destruction?
They act as if they can't wait for it to happen.
At least, that's how it appears to me.
Moralia surrendered unconditionally!
That's way too fast!
It's only been five hours since the emergency declaration!
Change the program!
Where is the on-site footage?
Rewrite the scripts!
It's on its way!
Okay, hurry up!
The war is over?
Kinue, stop daydreaming!
Y-Yes, Sir!
For our first topic, yesterday, in the Republic of Moralia,
Celestial Being conducted an armed intervention on the joint military exercise between Moralia and the AEU.
From the emergency declaration to the unconditional surrender, the entire conflict lasted a little over five hours.
It's over already.
According to the official reports from the Moralian military released three hours ago,
Instant kill.
The Gundams are really something.
Saji, we were saved by Celestial Being, right?
68 mobile suits were shot down or heavily damaged.
Currently, the total death toll, including both soldiers and civilians, is 527.
Yes, we were.
If the number of missing people is included, the total count is expected to increase.
We have just managed to link up with correspondent Ikeda who is currently at the scene.
We shall let him describe the current situation for us.
Mr. Ikeda, please.
Yes, this is Ikeda.
I am currently in Moralia's capital, Liber.
Can you see this?
This is where a Moralian Army mobile suit crashed after being shot down.
On the way here, we saw many civilian buildings that were damaged by stray ordnance.
There appears to be many casualties among the civilian population too.
Has the private paramilitary organization Celestial Being released some statement regarding these acts of destruction?
I have not received any information of that nature.
Congratulations, Mr. Alejandro Corner.
That compliment should go to the Gundam Meisters.
How will the world respond now?
You bastard, what were you doing and where?
Where? I was fighting the Gundams obviously!
Then why is your squad the only undamaged one?
Because the Commander is excellent.
Anyway, I heard some good news is coming your way.
What? What news are you talking about?
You'll understand when you watch the news.
You understand the reason I hit you, right?
The real identities of the Gundam Meisters are to be treated as S-level secrets, alongside the solar furnaces.
Why did you show yourself to the enemy?
At least tell me the reason.
You really are stubborn.
Or is the punishment not enough?
It's fine if you don't want to talk.
You're a dangerous existence.
Stop it, Tieria.
If we condone his foolish actions, our lives may be endangered.
The plan has just begun,
if we screw up over this
I will not be taken off.
I will not be taken off Exia.
I am a Gundam Meister.
Lower your gun, Setsuna!
Having defied orders, I'm not exactly in the position to say this,
but we were all chosen by Veda.
There's a reason why Setsuna was selected to become a Gundam Meister.
In that case, I sure would like to know the reason why he's a Meister.
My existence itself is that reason.
I'm alive.
I'm still alive.
Everyone, get along! Get along!
So it happened after all
This is a world full of evil.
Louise, do we really have to go shopping at such a time?
Are you still thinking about the incident in Moralia?
Louise, aren't you from the AEU?
Why aren't you worried?
I've never been to Moralia; I don't know anything about it!
So, where are we heading to?
First, we look at clothes!
Then we look at clothes.
We look at clothes some more.
Finally, we look at clothes.
And all for yourself, right?
What happened?
The bus
The bus exploded!
A terrorist attack!
This must be a terrorist attack!
Terrorist attack?
Let's get out of here, Louise!
Oh! Hey, you guys!
Terrible news!
What happened, Pops?
Terrorist attacks took place simultaneously in seven locations in major cities around the world!
Multiple attacks?
What's the casualty report?
Apparently, time bombs were placed in train stations and commercial buildings.
The blast impacts are not big, but the targets were crowded locations.
Over a hundred people were reported dead.
How horrific
Gundam Meisters.
The terrorists behind the simultaneous bombings have just released their statement via the networks.
As long as Celestial Being does not cease its armed interventions and disarm itself,
the terrorists will continue to carry out indiscriminate killings all over the world.
So we are their targets as expected.
Which organization is responsible for this statement?
We don't know.
Until we receive reports from our agents, all Meisters are requested to stand by.
I don't know who they are, but they've really done us in.
Blackmailing us with indiscriminate killing
Do they really think we will stop our interventions just for that?
What did you say, Tieria?
Don't you care about the civilian casualties?
No, I don't.
The possibility of such an occurrence was within the scope of our plans.
You bastard!
What's wrong?
This is really unlike your usual, airy self.
Shut up, you bastard!
Do you hate terrorism that much?
And what's wrong with that?
From the world's perspective, we are fine terrorists.
What's wrong with hating terrorism?
That organization has started a conflict called terrorism.
In that case, Celestial Being has to be the one to intervene in that conflict.
We, Gundam Meisters, have to take action.
The ones free of sin continue to die.
If that is just part of the plans, then the Gundams bear heavy sins.
Next episode, "Indiscriminate Retribution."
Setsuna meets his fateful person.
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