Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e08 Episode Script

Musabetsu hôfuku

"Until the cessation of armed interventions and the complete disarmament
of the private military organization Celestial Being come into effect, our retaliatory actions will continue."
"What we do is not evil."
"We are the voice of the people,
and apostles of justice rising up against those who would oppress the world with military force," eh?
They've really done it.
Indiscriminate terrorist bombings
An international terrorist network
Damn bastards.
Lockon! Lockon!
Angry! Angry!
Sorry, Haro. Let me have some time to myself.
I'll take them down.
I'll take them down, all right.
terrorist attacks
I know it was a
possible outcome, but
we're going to get blamed even more.
It's not like they just started to hate us now.
Being up here in space, we can't do anything anyway.
Leave it to the guys down on Earth.
Welcome home, Mistress.
I have things to do. No need to serve me.
If you'll excuse us.
Why dress like that?
It's camouflage! Camouflage!
Although it's also a matter of style.
Do you know the situation we're in?
I know, but we can only wait for reports from the agents Wang Liu Mei sent out.
But still, it's really hot here.
Don't you have some cold beer or something?
How do I describe her undaunted or
She's just acting tough.
If only we could contact the agents directly.
We're the strike force. We don't need to know everything there is to know about the organization.
We'll put our hopes into Veda's plan.
Long time no see, Felt! Long time no see!
We finished notifying all agents using a unique cipher key.
What's the situation for the various countries?
It seems the intelligence agencies of the major countries have already made their move,
and are looking for the international terrorist network's bases.
There was a terrorist attack. It's in HRL territory.
With this, the Union, the AEU, and the HRL, all three power blocs have become subject to attacks.
It does appear to be highly likely that an international terrorist network is behind this.
We can't rule out the possibility of sponsor nations either.
I hate it when waiting is our only option.
It's deduced that the international terrorist network has multiple bases.
I will have the Gundams stand by at their appointed positions so that we can attack them before they move to a different base.
Sorry, but we must part here.
See you later, Felt! See you later, Felt!
GN System, exiting repose mode.
Priority to Setsuna F. Seiei.
GN particle dispersion setting to normal.
Kyrios, heading towards destination point.
Virtue, Tieria Erde, going out.
Exia, Dynames, prepare to sortie! Prepare to sortie!
Exia, Setsuna F. Seiei, heading to destination.
Dynames, Lockon Stratos, sortieing.
The terrorists bombed us too?
24 dead and 67 heavily wounded.
It seems the Intelligence Division has started to investigate, but
Inform me when you discover something.
Understood, Lieutenant Colonel.
What's wrong?
I don't think this incident is something that requires your involvement, Colonel.
The cause of the simultaneous terrorist attacks is Celestial Being.
In that case, there's a chance they might get involved.
That's all there is to it.
Lieutenant, even if we do this, we won't find our enemy.
I know.
I'm an impatient and restless man.
And I also hate people who do such cowardly things.
I know it's nonsense, but I can't stay still and watch.
I'll accompany you, Lieutenant.
I thank you for your loyalty.
The Moralia conflict and the simultaneous terrorist attacks.
It seems like everyone is trying to obstruct your diplomatic trip.
The conference with England's Foreign Office has been postponed due to the terrorist attacks.
This is all Celestial Being's fault.
Just think of it as a holiday and enjoy it.
I'm surprised you can say that.
Parliament was in complete chaos the other day.
A conservative figurehead was injured in an attack planned by the reformists.
That's terrible
It's only a matter of time before the people start rioting.
This may be the first and last of your trips.
Ah, Louise?
It's me. How are you doing?
I'm fine.
But Mama insists I go back to Spain.
How about you go home just once and show her that you're safe.
Of course not. She was against me going on exchange to begin with,
so she'll come up with different reasons to stop me from coming back.
I'm home.
My sister's back.
I'll talk to you later, Louise.
Call me if anything happens.
Okay. Bye.
Welcome home, Sis.
You tired?
Of course I am.
The conflict in Moralia, simultaneous terrorist attacks,
official announcements from each country,
the various anti-Celestial Being demonstrations being held around the world
We can't cover them all even if we mobilize the entire agency.
Honestly, I didn't think it would affect us.
What would?
Like, you know, the state of the world.
Here you go.
Even if Celestial Being appeared, there are no wars here,
so I thought it had nothing to do with me.
After the bus was bombed and many people got involved
When I witnessed it, I realized that it concerned us as well.
I just didn't understand.
I just didn't know anything.
Me too.
I just interviewed the victims' families, but honestly, it was tough.
They didn't do anything.
They simply happened to be there, and their lives ended just like that.
I can see why the family members hate Celestial Being.
Eliminating war from this world is impossible to begin with.
Maybe they think so too?
What do you mean?
There must be an ulterior motive to their goal of eradicating war.
The true objective Celestial Being wishes to accomplish.
Though it's just a guess.
But people died. Many people died.
There are many people who are saddened.
I think so too.
What would our parents think if they were alive?
I'm sure they'd be saddened, just like you.
Virtue, I've reached the destination point.
Standing by for orders.
Kyrios, continuing to stand by.
How long is this going to take?
This is irritating.
You're going?
Of course I am.
I'm going to do my job as God's proxy.
You can't! You'll die!
What? You're scared to die?
Your conduct is an insult to God.
He lived and died for God.
His soul should now be invited to join God.
There is no God at the other side of death.
A heat source was detected.
It's near the anticipated terrorist attack point.
So it's a terrorist attack after all.
This is Setsuna.
We've found a suspicious individual
leaving the bomb site through the security cameras.
You are closest to the site.
Can you handle it?
Roger that. I will head to the site.
You can't use the Exia right now.
I know.
Is it confirmed that there was a terrorist attack?
We have definite intel.
I've arranged for a hotel in the suburbs.
The suspicious individual escaped by car. It's a brown coupe.
Capturing the target.
Hey, what are you doing?
What were you trying to do?
Let me check your ID.
What's wrong?
Hurry up and take out your ID.
Pardon me. This young man is with us.
And who are you?
This is who I am.
I-I'm terribly sorry!
Did I do something unnecessary?
I didn't think I'd meet someone here from the same part of the world as I am.
You're from Azadistan, right?
No, I'm Kurdish.
I-I see.
I don't know what to say
I haven't introduced myself.
I'm Marina Ismail.
I'm Kamal Mazirif.
Did you come here for sightseeing?
Let's talk for a bit longer.
We've captured one of the culprits.
Yes. I will send over his biometric data.
Mistress, we have definite intel.
We have determined that the international terrorist network is a radical bioconservative group that's active in Europe,
La Edenra.
Run a search through all their operating locations ASAP.
Diplomatic trip?
I'm sure you're aware of this, Kamal,
but Azadistan is split between the conservatives and the reformists. The country is in chaos.
To rebuild Azadistan's economy, which has its oil export regulated,
we need the solar power system.
And ironically it was the solar energy system which destroyed our lifeline in the first place.
The conservatives don't think pleasantly of it.
If we don't stop their opposition, "they" will come.
Celestial Being.
They're a group of fanatics.
Stopping war with military force is
Yes, war is a bad thing,
but people are dying out there as a result of their unilateral armed interventions.
There are even countries whose economies have collapsed.
I wonder if they think themselves to be gods.
People will die if war breaks out.
But their interventions are too arbitrary!
They are threatening people with force without even trying to negotiate and search for a peaceful solution.
That's just ridiculous.
People are dying while you are negotiating.
It's Azadistan that destroyed the Kurdish Republic!
Yes, that's true.
But both countries tried to look for a peaceful solution until the very end—
In the meanwhile, people were dying.
Kamal, could it be?
That war ended 6 years ago.
You were still young.
Were you fighting?
Even now, I'm still fighting.
I'm still fighting.
Are you one of the conservatives?
Did you come here to kill me?
Even if I were to kill you, nothing would change.
The world wouldn't change either.
my codename is Setsuna F. Seiei.
One of Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters.
Celestial Being?
If the conflict persists, we will eventually go to Azadistan.
N-No way
That's nothing to joke about.
It's the reports from our agents.
It seems La Edenra's important bases were already vacated.
They're cautious.
Now we're back to square one.
Please wait.
Biometric data of suspected terrorists is being leaked out to the network.
It's using the NRO's primary cipher.
Similar data is also coming from the BND and even the DGSE.
The world's telling us to act.
Was it all right, Director? To leak the information?
It is difficult for us to perform military interventions on terrorist organizations in other countries outside our jurisdiction.
But it's different for them.
It's just that our interests happened to coincide this time.
La Edenra has three bases.
We will attack simultaneously at 1400 GMT.
Roger that.
Virtue, initiating attack on terrorist base.
Kyrios, going as backup.
Their total strength is unknown.
They may possess mobile suits.
I'll just shoot them down.
Roger that.
Exia, starting mission.
GN System, exiting repose mode.
Priority to Setsuna F. Seiei.
Deactivating the external camouflage layer.
Maintaining the GN particles' current dispersion rate,
and entering broading mode.
Exia, commencing intervention.
All Gundam units launched.
Sumeragi, any more orders?
Nope, none!
Let's leave the rest to the Meisters
and head to the beach.
Will it be all right?
We'll be heading back to space right after we complete our mission, you know
I'm going! I'm going!
Let's go, Felt!
Just come on!
Take that!
I didn't think that the intelligence agencies of the other countries would help us.
Aren't we lucky?
Geez, stop that!
We are just being used.
But this is certainly a huge step forward.
Isn't it?
Virtue, targets completely annihilated.
Mission complete.
I won't go easy on you.
I won't show you guys any mercy.
Mobile suits approaching! Mobile suits approaching!
Today, I
am merciless.
Exia, exterminating the targets.
A mobile armor?
Although it's an old model, this is unexpected.
Did I get it?
Exia, target destroyed.
The Gundams have destroyed their assigned targets.
Give orders to continue keeping an eye out for La Edenra's activities
and continue to investigate the countries financing it.
Seriously, this world is
Princess, we were able to contact Finland's Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Though I don't think we can expect much aid
My code name is Setsuna F. Seiei.
Celestial Being's Gundam Meister.
It can't be true.
Hey, look! It's a mobile suit.
Which country does it belong to?
That white armor Isn't that a Gundam?
Celestial Being went too far.
An annihilation mission carried out with overwhelming force.
What is its true, ulterior motive?
Next episode, "A Great Nation's Dignity."
Nobody is omnipotent.
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