Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e09 Episode Script

Taikoku no ishin

Someone was here?
Could it be him?
The year is 2307 AD.
Almost 4 months have passed since Celestial Being began its series of armed interventions.
They have engaged in more than 60 interventions.
No matter what one thinks of their actions, their existence is gradually becoming a normality.
Both those who oppose and support Celestial Being
are in full agreement on condemning war.
No one wishes for war.
Amongst the three power blocs on Earth, the Union and the AEU have declared that they will only take actions against Celestial Being
if the conflict is within the borders of an allied nation.
Even so, there has not been a large-scale battle since the Moralian Conflict.
This is made possible by the Gundams' overwhelming combat performance.
The number of conflicts around the world continues to drop,
but the backlash against the forceful oppression persists.
And now, in the only power bloc that declared its intention to oppose Celestial Being, the Human Reform League,
a certain top secret plan is being unveiled.
Members of Special Task Force Choubu,
you are the representatives of the motherland, the elite of the Human Reform League.
Your objective is the annihilation of the private military organization that's carrying out armed interventions around the world,
as well as the capture of its mobile suits.
With the completion of this mission, we, the Human Reform League,
will undoubtedly lead the world and contribute greatly to the advancement of humanity.
I look forward to your rousing success.
Dynames, docking complete.
Proceeding to docking sequence for the Exia.
Container open.
Activating relative guidance system.
Exia, docking.
The Exia has docked.
Nice docking, Setsuna.
I'll help with the maintenance.
Go to your room and get some rest.
Don't go stealing my job.
Big Brother!
What a touching scene.
Commence maintenance. Commence maintenance.
Roger! Roger!
I'll leave it to you.
Sumeragi, what if we are attacked by enemies during the overhaul?
Then I can only blame God.
Are those the words of a strategic analyst?
Position adjustments completed.
Hatch open.
Linear catapult, increasing voltage. Preparations to launch duplex communication system completed.
Communication units, dispersing.
The communication units are dispersing. Moving towards designated locations.
Duplex communication is online.
We now have coverage over 80% of our geosynchronous orbit zone.
The particles released by the Gundams have the special property of disrupting communication devices within their effective range.
Making use of that, we have deployed tens of thousands of miniature probes with a duplex communication function.
If any area is blacked out, it means that the Gundams are there.
Colonel, do you think this net can catch the fish?
It would be very disappointing if it doesn't, Adjutant Ming.
A resource-intensive plan like this is not something we can afford to repeat too often.
"The future of international conflicts in view of Celestial Being's actions."
What a troublesome report topic
Why don't you just write whatever comes to mind?
I can't do—
I missed you so much, Louise!
How did you get here with the travel restrictions in place?
I asked a parliamentarian for help.
who might this be?
I told you before, right?
He's my boyfriend.
I'm Saji.
Saji Crossroad.
I see. Thank you for taking care of my daughter.
Ah, my pleasure.
But you've done enough.
Now, let's go, Louise.
What are you talking about, Mama?
The world is in such a terrible state; I can't bear to let my only daughter study overseas.
No! I don't want to go back!
Say something, Saji!
Even if you say that
Your lover is about to be taken away!
Since when did we
It's a misunderstanding, Mother.
No, that's not what I meant
You're a guy; make yourself clear!
An investigative report on Aeolia Schenberg?
I believe that if we investigate Celestial Being's founder,
we can determine their true intentions.
Please let me do it.
I hear that all the national intelligence agencies are turning up nothing.
What can you do by yourself?
But even so, I want to do it!
Please, Editor!
Can you come up with enough material to fill an hour-long special report within one month?
For our next news report.
The Middle Eastern Kingdom of Azadistan, currently experiencing a severe shortage of energy,
is receiving assistance from the United Nations.
The UN inspection team has already arrived in the country
If this meeting with the UN representative is successful,
my country will finally gain access to the solar energy system
Your Majesty, they have arrived.
This person will save Azadistan.
It's an honor to finally meet you.
I am UN Representative Alejandro Corner.
I am the First Princess of the Kingdom of Azadistan, Marina Ismail.
On behalf of our nation, I thank you for responding to our pleas.
The United Nations was founded to handle such issues.
That said, our member states' contributions to the budget are currently delayed,
so we are limited in what we can do for you.
Even so, we are grateful.
Assistance from the UN at this time
Even though there is nothing for them to gain
Just what is that man planning?
Eh? Where's Felt?
She felt sick, so she went to see Moreno.
Then you're taking a double shift?
I'll take over here. You can go have your meal.
Eh, really?
So nice of you!
It's nothing, really
Too bad you're not my type.
This is sad
Hey, what are you doing?
What's wrong?
GN Drive charge status, 100%.
We have lost duplex communication with AE3288.
Report it to the Colonel.
We lost AR9763 too.
Coordinates N07.
To think it was this close to us
Notification to all members of Special Task Force Choubu.
Launch all mobile suit squads immediately!
Prepare for immediate scramble!
Launching in sequence starting with Transport 1 at 0655.
All hands, brace for acceleration.
Rapid acceleration will begin in 140 seconds.
Lieutenant Peiris. How is the omnisensory projection system?
There is no problem, Colonel. System checks, all green.
This will be your first, real battle, Lieutenant.
Please avoid another incident like last time.
I'm aware of that, Colonel.
All ships have arrived at the acceleration zone.
Commencing acceleration.
Oh, so both your parents were in Celestial Being?
They were both second-generation Gundam Meisters.
I see.
I can fight today thanks to your parents' efforts.
So, are you feeling homesick or something?
Today is
their death anniversary.
What happened?
I don't know. All I know is that they're dead.
Celestial Being's members are sworn to secrecy.
I don't know anything about the present members' pasts either.
I see,
not even exceptions for parent and child.
You inherited their will, right?
You are strong.
You are a strong girl.
It's Neil.
My real name is
Neil Dylandy.
Your name?
Yeah, that's right.
I was born in Ireland.
My parents were killed in a terrorist attack.
It's not very fair if only you reveal your past.
You are kind.
Only towards girls.
Excuse me!
You're misunderstanding!
I couldn't taste anything in that situation!
A blip on the E-sensor?
These are communication devices?
What's going on?
You idiot!
The enemy has found out where we are!
Course adjustment to Ptolemy. Set course for the shortest path to the orbital ring.
All Meisters, stand by in your Gundams.
Ian, what's the Gundams' maintenance status?
The Exia is done.
But the generators in Dynames's legs can't be used.
The armor isn't attached either.
The unit I needed most
Kyrios and Virtue will launch first.
Live on.
Ptolemy, switching to catapult mode.
Scattering tens of thousands of communication devices
in order to determine the communication blackout zones caused by the GN particles
A resource-intensive plan like this it's probably the HRL.
What's the situation?
No good.
We can't escape from the enemy's communication net.
Head towards the generator satellites along the orbital ring.
Communication is blocked there due to the electromagnetic interference.
I'll need five minutes to take in the situation.
Kyrios has launched.
Virtue is moving to the catapult deck.
A diversion using the two Gundams?
That's part of it.
Sorry I'm late.
Felt, please take over the launch sequence.
I hooked a temporary attachment device to the left leg.
But the fire control is still
It's fine as long as I can shoot.
Good luck! Good luck!
Virtue, Tieria Erde, moving out.
Colonel, the communication down point heading towards the orbital ring has split into three.
So, the Gundams split up?
No, it looks more like two Gundams were launched.
In that case, it's highly possible that the first down point
is Celestial Being's space transport vessel.
Therefore, we shall respond to their diversion with our own.
Vessels 1 to 3, launch all your mobile suits.
Steersmen of 2 and 3, switch your ships to autopilot.
After separating your bridges, return to base.
Vessel 3, don't forget to trace the path of the third communication down point.
Vessels 1 to 3, all mobile suits launched.
Proceed to form a line formation behind Vessel 1.
Vessels 2 and 3, bridges separated.
Vessel 3, beginning trace on third communication down point.
Vessel 2, tracing second communication down point.
Adjusting courses.
Vessel 1 will take point as the main body heads towards the first communication down point.
The target is predicted to be the enemy transport vessel.
Enter combat immediately upon visual confirmation.
Ptolemy has entered the orbital ring's electromagnetic interference zone.
The optical cameras have visual confirmation of the enemy.
So they came.
Displaying on monitor at maximum magnification.
The closing vessels are HRL EDI-40 II Laohu multipurpose transports.
Four vessels identified.
Two of them are moving off to the right and the left respectively.
They are probably heading to engage Kyrios and Virtue.
They got us.
Can we contact Allelujah and Tieria?
We're in the electromagnetic interference zone. It's impossible.
Licht, emergency course adjustment.
Move away from the enemy vessel using the orbital ring as a shield.
The enemy vessel has changed its course. It's hiding behind the orbital ring.
Not bad.
Do we have visuals on the enemy vessel?
We only have an AI-adjusted magnification.
Never mind that. Show me.
So this is Celestial Being's spaceship.
That organization is large enough to get their hands on that kind of equipment?
I will now inform the crew of my outcome prediction as a strategic analyst.
There are two Laohu transport vessels closing in on us.
The enemy's entire fighting strength is probably concentrated around them.
What do you mean?
Didn't two of their vessels break away to engage Kyrios and Virtue?
That wasn't my original intention.
My original plan called for the enemy to ignore our obvious diversion
and head straight towards this vessel.
Then we could have performed a pincer movement on the enemy vessels as planned.
But the enemy responded to our diversion with their own diversion.
Most probably, the vessels heading to engage have already launched their mobile suits.
As a result, Allelujah and Tieria are being delayed by their attack on the vessels.
They sure are tough.
There are no mobile suits on board? Don't tell me
After the enemy's diversion, it will take 6 minutes for them to return here according to my predictions.
During that period, the enemy mobile suits will attack us in waves.
Ms. Sumeragi, what's the basis for that prediction?
18 years ago, the exact same tactic was used in the 4th Solar Conflict.
The HRL's commanding officer was a man known as the Wild Bear of Russia, Sergei Smirnov.
It's time for the main body to show itself.
Don't waste your lives!
Exia, Dynames, container hatches open.
Exia will stand by to attack in front of the Ptolemaios.
Dynames, attach your leg to the container
and stand by to fire the GN Rifle.
Shifting Ptolemy's priority to defensive mode.
Cutting regular power.
A-Are we really going to fight?
This ship is not armed!
We have the Gundams.
Only two of them!
All right! It's almost time for the enemy to show itself.
We will hold out for 360 seconds!
The enemy's transport has appeared from behind the ring.
Dynames, commence firing!
The calibration is off due to the change in the suit's mass!
Haro adjustments! Haro adjustments!
There's no time for that! I'll do it manually!
Missiles closing in. Total count is 24.
I will shoot them down!
Deploy GN Field!
This speed?
It's an unmanned kamikaze attack!
A kamikaze attack?
No way! No!
I won't let you!
Redeploy the GN Field!
No! No!
Hurry back, Allelujah.
I don't want to die.
Don't want to die.
Christina Sierra!
We will live on!
We will all live on.
Felt is right.
We will live on.
We will endure this, no matter what.
Enemy mobile suits confirmed.
So they were hiding behind the transport vessel.
Total count, 36 suits.
These kinds of petty tricks
They're in my blind spot.
Bridge, rotate the containers!
They are luring me in, eh?
If I go too far out, the defense line will weaken.
Got you!
Not again!
Can the enemy make up their mind already?
The GN Field can withstand attacks of this caliber without a problem.
I know, Felt.
Just a bit more a bit more
A long-range attack formation that differs from standard anti-ship mobile suits tactics
I see! Now I finally understand.
The HRL, or rather, Sergei Smirnov's mission objective this time is not Ptolemy!
He wants to capture the Gundams!
My predictions were off? No way
Even though I swore never to repeat it again!
I got you!
Huh, what's this?
We were lured into a minefield?
Kyrios won't fall this easily
What's this head-splitting pain?!
It's the same
It's the same feeling as that other time!
Just what is
That suit
I know it.
I know you!
Celestial Being has fallen into a trap.
Meanwhile, Kyrios is overwhelmed by his awakening
and Virtue exposes its hidden abilities.
Next time, "Operation Gundam Capture."
The feathers of the angels flutter in the sky.
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