Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e10 Episode Script

Gandamu rokaku sakusen

Excuse me.
Please come in.
Your companion has arrived.
Oh, Louise, it suits you very well.
Looks like I made the right choice after all.
G-G-Good evening.
I don't remember inviting you.
I invited him. Right, Saji?
I declined, but
How weak-willed.
I'm told that a lot
Well, why don't I make it clear then?
Go home.
Y-Yes, madam!
Go home!
No, no, no!
There's no mistake.
The enemy is just buying time.
Damn it.
A battle of endurance?
We're not the enemy's objective.
They want to capture a Gundam.
I know you.
I know that suit
I know you!
The year is 2307 AD.
Despite having obtained a perpetual supply of energy, mankind was unable to put an end to conflict.
To confront such a world, a private military organization with the objective of eradicating conflicts,
Celestial Being began its operations.
In a world reeling from the backlash that followed,
a special operation is being carried out by the HRL Armed Forces Special Task Force Choubu.
Commanding Officer Sergei Smirnov's tactics threw the four Gundams into confusion,
crippling their chances of a counterattack.
In the midst of that battle, Allelujah Haptism is confronted with
Enhanced Soldier No.1 Soma Peiris in her Tieren Taozi.
What will this fateful encounter bring to the skies?
Colonel, the shuttlecock's
movement is weird.
It's not releasing special particles either.
A malfunction in the suit?
Or is this a trap?
Colonel, I will lead the approach.
Use the carbon nettings.
First Lieutenant Ming.
Don't come closer.
Don't come closer!
Stay away!
Relative velocity synchronized.
Approaching target.
This voice.
Can you hear me?
Everyone, gather in the central block!
If you don't want to die, gather in the center!
It's the voice of the same young pilot as back then.
But why is he in pain?
Is he reacting to Lieutenant Peiris?
Is it possible?
After analyzing the Taozi's mission records, we detected an anomaly in her quantum brain waves.
It's a phenomenon impossible under normal circumstances.
We suspect that she was affected by an external influence.
External influence?
If that is indeed the case,
then the person who caused this must also have enhanced glial cells,
someone who can utilize quantum brain waves.
The same as Lieutenant Peiris.
Colonel, he lost consciousness.
All units, load the shuttlecock into Vessel 4.
We are withdrawing to the safe zone.
Sergeant Yun, rendezvous with the main body and give them the signal to retreat.
I can't shoot them when they are this close!
Is Allelujah all right?
What about Tieria?
How could I be this careless?
The shuttlecock has been loaded.
Engineering personnel, remove the pilot from the cockpit and restrain him.
Engineering, roger that.
Chief, no matter what frequency I use to make a tomographic image, I get an error!
Is it because of those special particles?
Vessel 4, prepared for launch.
Lieutenant Peiris, are you disappointed by this anti-climactic development?
No, I don't harbor such feelings.
My only objective is to complete the mission successfully.
Colonel, a heat signature!
It's coming!
All units, spread out!
Vessel 4, withdraw from this zone immediately!
This shot
Is it the huge one?
To think that they have another squadron
Kyrios's signal is coming from that enemy transport.
He was captured?
What a huge disgrace!
I shall present you with certain death!
Colonel, the enemy has assumed firing position.
It's aiming for Vessel 4!
He should be aware that his ally is in there.
Is he going to fire anyway?
Allelujah Haptism.
You turned out to be unfit to be a Gundam Meister too.
He's fast!
It's different from a Tieren.
A new model?
It dodged both my shots?!
Colonel, leave this to me and guard the shuttlecock!
Lieutenant Peiris!
Vessel 4, stand by at the designated point.
Don't forget to retrieve the pilot from the shuttlecock.
If necessary, use the cutters.
The vessel is
You dare oppose my Virtue with a single suit?
I won't let you interfere with the mission!
At close range, even if the bullets are deflected
Don't be so full of yourself!
How dare you!
How dare you damage my Taozi!
You bastard
Colonel, the Lieutenant's suit is
I know.
The mobile suit squadron will assist Lieutenant Peiris.
Begin preparations to capture the huge one.
Bridge, we can't find any switches on the fuselage.
Switching to cutter.
I can hear her voice.
I won't let you interfere with the mission!
This voice is
Oh, that's right.
It's that female voice from before!
Something is wrong in the container!
Alert the colonel!
The hull is being breached from the inside
Vessel 4, what did you say?
Give me a situation report!
Vessel 4's signal disappeared.
What's going on?
This was all an error in my judgment.
However, we can't go back empty-handed.
We will capture that huge one no matter what!
There's something different about that suit's pilot.
Veda, what is this?
More enemies?
Commence operation after the enemy fires his cannon.
Don't die!
They're really underestimating me!
I know you have a cooldown period between shots.
Fire the gel!
This won't stop me!
You think I will let you?
Even so!
Even if that's the case!
C-Colonel, our suits are
This huge thing can overcome the combined propulsion of six Tierens?
Cut something off! The head, an arm, anything!
GN Field
I can't deploy it!
I'm going to lose!
What the?
It purged its armor?
Gundam Nadleeh,
annihilating targets!
Operation terminated!
Withdraw to the safety zone!
We're retreating.
What a huge disgrace!
I revealed Nadleeh at such an early stage of the plans!
The plans are getting derailed!
I am
I am
I am
Finally, seven down.
That makes nine
A retreat signal?
Ran away! Ran away!
It's about time
The enemy mobile suits are withdrawing.
W-We're saved?
So it seems.
Don't let your guard down.
The battle is still on.
Retrieve Kyrios and Virtue as soon as possible.
Lieutenant, what's the status of your suit?
I can't perform long-distance acceleration, but it does not hinder cruising.
I see.
After wasting so many resources and manpower, we couldn't capture a single suit.
Colonel. There's something approaching us from the front.
The shuttlecock?
I found you. Tieren pilot, Ms. High Mobility Enhanced Soldier.
There's no mistake!
You messed with my quantum brain waves one too many times!
You're just like me, right?
Yes, you're just like me.
A monster with a reinforced body and a brain they messed around with!
I will handle him!
Lieutenant, your suit is in no shape
So you have some guts, woman!
What? Is he messing with me?
See, I told you!
We're the same!
I know how you think!
Please retreat with the Lieutenant.
Colonel, you and the Second Lieutenant possess abilities that are vital to Choubu.
Please avenge me!
First Lieutenant Ming!
You won't have her!
Don't bother me, you cannon fodder!
You won't be worth much if you're dead!
First Lieutenant Ming!
Colonel! Please withdraw!
First Lieutenant Ming!
We're withdrawing, Lieutenant!
Don't pour cold water on a determined man.
They abandoned their comrade and ran?
HRL folks are all alike in the things they do.
Someday retribution will befall you people!
For your sin of disrupting the peace and order of our great nation!
Aren't you exaggerating?
What kind of peace and order is there in a society that modifies humans to be used as soldiers?
Having said that,
since that woman managed to get away from me, I'm feeling a little angry.
I won't let you die so easily!
How does it feel?
To helplessly watch your life slip away as an external power slowly kills you?
Please stop!
Please stop!
So that's what you call begging for one's life, right?
What are your final words?
"Mama"? Your lover's name?
Or are you reliving your childhood memories right about now?
Stop it! Hallelujah!
Be patient, Allelujah. We're at a good part now.
Please stop it!
What are you talking about?
I'm doing this for you because you're unable to.
Stop it!
Oh fine.
I heard you, Allelujah.
Jeez, I can't win against you.
Just kidding!
Isn't this fun? Allelujah?
Lieutenant Ming
Don't say anything.
Why, Hallelujah?
Why do you love to kill people so much?
Is that my true nature?
If that's so,
not a human being!
We have located Virtue.
Displaying it on the monitor.
I see.
He used Nadleeh.
That's Nadleeh?
Kyrios located!
Allelujah, do you copy?
What's wrong?
No, it's nothing.
He's crying
This is unbearable.
I made another mistake.
really hopeless.
What a terrible failure.
The Gundams are the perfect embodiment of Aeolia Schenberg's ideals.
But why?
Why are the Meisters so imperfect?
Is it really okay for you not to do anything?
I am an observer, not a performer.
The only thing I can do is see them through to the end.
Even if it's a path to destruction.
Soma Peiris's existence made Allelujah decide to embark on a mission.
Is it his atonement for past sins?
Next time, "Allelujah."
Baptism by blood That is the bliss of those who obey God.
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