Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e11 Episode Script


First Lieutenant, is it true that the HRL guys fought with the Gundams in space?
Yes. Based on the amount of debris observed, we estimate that they lost over twenty Tierens.
Oh jeez. I'm starting to have second thoughts about fighting the Gundams.
Yeah, seriously.
Mobile suit performance is not the sole determining factor in victory.
I expect great things from you, Flag Fighters.
So these particles are multi-variation photons after all.
That's not all.
The Gundams can create these special particles on their own.
There can be no other explanation for their long cruising distances and operational hours.
It appears to be linked to the fact that only four Gundams have appeared so far.
The most frightening part is Aeolia Schenberg.
He discovered and further developed this special particle almost two centuries ago.
Why would a brilliant person such as him
embark on such a fairy-tale mission to eradicate war?
It's his warning to humanity which has extended itself into space even as the flames of war continue to burn.
That's how I see it.
During the operation launched by the HRL,
Kyrios was cornered and captured, and Nadleeh's true appearance was revealed to the enemy.
Sumeragi Ri Noriega, as the mission coordinator, you are responsible for everything.
I'm sorry.
But I'm human too, and humans sometimes make mistakes.
That doesn't solve anything.
This is a huge blow to the mission plans—
Weren't you the one who revealed Nadleeh to the enemy?
I would be dead if I hadn't done that.
Still, you are partly responsible too.
Don't blame it all on Ms. Sumeragi.
Just be happy you're still alive.
Just make sure you prioritize Veda's directives next time.
Excuse me.
That was intense
He didn't have to say that in front of everybody
Isn't he cute? Taking it so seriously
Being so pushy around other people.
That suit
A Tieren High Mobility Type customized for Super Soldiers.
The pilot within was definitely the same kind as me.
To think that it continued
That abominable research.
Data taken from the shuttlecock during the period of its capture.
Celestial Being's transport vessel captured by our Tierens' mission recorders.
Footage of the huge one with its armor pieces removed.
It's all too little considering we spent tens of thousands of probes and lost over twenty Tierens.
I have no excuses.
I am prepared for the necessary punishment.
I have no intention of replacing you.
I won't accept your letter of resignation either.
This operation was indeed a failure,
but my opinion of you has not changed.
The Gundams' capabilities exceeded our expectations.
Pardon me, but we may never find out the limits of their capabilities.
It would be unwise for us to continue with the plan to capture—
I know that.
The President is planning to conduct top secret talks with the Union.
With the Union?
It means that our fight against Celestial Being has entered its next phase.
Lieutenant Peiris, during the next mission, please avenge Lieutenant Ming
No, please avenge our fallen comrades.
I will do my best for the mission.
That is the only reason my existence is acceptable.
Don't come closer!
There was an apparent increase in the amount of pain felt by the Gundam's pilot as the Lieutenant's Taozi closed in.
The Gundam pilot's response to the change in quantum brain waves is
It matches.
Testee E-0057.
E-0057, after modifications to the quantum brain waves, developed a separate personality with violent tendencies.
After completing data collection disposed.
This is not good.
If the higher-ups find out about this
Have you found out anything from the Taozi's mission recorder?
No, sir. I have yet to discover anything.
I believe that the Gundam pilot is the same kind as Lieutenant Peiris.
It's entirely possible that there are countries other than us researching quantum brain waves.
If that's the case, this world is really twisted.
I agree with your sentiments, Colonel.
What should I do?
Should I report this, or—
There's only one thing for you to do.
That abominable organization still exists.
And they continue to produce things like us.
That's a war-inciting action.
Are you telling me to take them out? Our people?
Our own kind?
Kind and gentle Allelujah can't handle it?
Then hand over your body.
I will take care of it.
Just like that time
Are we going to die?
I don't want to die, Allelujah!
That won't do!
You shall die.
No my name is
Please stop it, Hallelujah!
We don't have to kill anybody.
We can capture them
What future is there for someone modified for war?
You should know that yourself.
Right, Celestial Being's Gundam Meister?
The reason why I came here was
You can't do anything but fight.
That is our destiny.
What's wrong?
No, it's nothing.
Construction on the receiver antennas are behind schedule.
There are many obstacles to the construction project.
There are some citizens who are against the solar energy system.
Please give top priority to guaranteeing the safety of our technical personnel.
If anything happens, we will have to withdraw from this nation.
I gave the instructions to the army.
Princess, may I suggest that you pay a courtesy visit to the construction site?
It will help to boost the morale of the soldiers and technicians.
So that she can get assassinated?
Envoy Corner, why did the UN decide to give technical assistance to Azadistan?
There are plenty of Middle Eastern nations that are technologically behind.
So why us?
Perhaps you have a fairy godmother somewhere.
The UN is using Azadistan as a model case in order to lay the path to spreading such assistance to the whole of the Middle East.
Moreover, Celestial Being's existence is also of great concern to us.
Celestial Being
With their declared goal of eradicating war,
it's only a matter of time before they finally come to the Middle East with its never-ending conflicts.
I believe that assisting to prevent conflict is more important than assisting to reconstruct after a war.
What noble intentions.
Envoy Corner, can you swear by your God that those sentiments are true?
I swear,
for Azadistan's future, by your God too.
What's wrong, Allelujah?
Are you mad at me too?
Well, yeah
I guess I did get you into a huge mess.
I'm sorry for being such a useless strategic analyst.
Are you drunk?
Is that bad?
I think you should drink a little less.
No way. I can't live without this.
Hey, if you don't have any business
I have a mission plan for you and Veda to consider.
A mission plan?
An armed intervention against a certain organization that incites war.
That organization is related to my past.
I have compiled detailed data.
Please take a look when you're sober.
Excuse me.
Human Reform League Army Super Soldier Special Duty Organization?
This is
I will break this chain of nightmares.
This time, by my own will.
Oh my, Louise, this is superb!
I didn't know you could cook Japanese food this well. I'm so proud.
Have a bite.
It's really delicious.
Is it good?
Yes, very.
Mama says it's very delicious, Saji!
Thank you
No matter how good you are at cooking, I won't approve of your relationship with my daughter.
However, I admit your culinary skills are very good.
I'm glad it suits your taste.
It's no good.
Senior, how do you plan to chase after Aeolia Schenberg?
His bloodline has ended.
And even if you try to trace the funding,
information security was totally worthless 200 years ago.
Someone could've modified it many times over.
It's just not possible.
That's why we are here.
What does that mean?
They are here.
Who are they?
The Union's National Security Agency.
The National Security Agency?!
They are tracking Aeolia Schenberg too, and they visited here three times this week.
This is too dangerous, Kinue!
If they find out that we're doing this
Wait for me! Kinue!
I looked through your mission plan, and your past too.
There is indeed a good reason to intervene and Veda recommends this mission too.
But are you sure about this? You'll be killing your own—
I don't mind.
What does your other self say?
There's no need to ask.
You're really sure, right?
I'll face my own past.
Very well then.
Exia and Dynames will proceed as planned and forcefully intervene in South Africa's border conflicts.
After launching them, set Ptolemy's course to the Lagrange 4 point.
We will conduct an armed intervention against an HRL Special Duty Organization located in the Quanqiu space colony.
Preparations completed.
Timing control to Exia.
Don't die just because I'm not around.
Exia, Setsuna F. Seiei, launching.
Now entering Dynames's launch sequence.
Container, begin loading.
Dynames, entering catapult deck.
I looked through your mission plan, and your past too.
But are you sure about this? You'll be killing your own—
I don't mind.
Allelujah Haptism
I see, he is
Humanity, these beings known as men,
does its foolishness know no bounds?
They were asking about your great grandfather?
Yes, they told me not to reveal anything,
but I can tell you that the men from the NSA were looking for my great grandfather who disappeared almost 200 years ago.
What kind of person was he?
All I know is that he was a leading authority on material engineering, but the specifics
We didn't get any clues from that.
That's not entirely true.
Aeolia Schenberg probably recruited many scientists of that time for this plan.
Although financial information can be concealed, it's not the same for people.
I'm starting to see the shadow of the man who disappeared two centuries ago.
This is a piece of cake.
Allelujah's side is the one that needs concern.
Kyrios and Virtue, launch completed.
0042 until mission start time.
So that's the HRL's space colony.
I never thought I would return to this place
I will handle it as planned.
Take the target out.
Thank you.
If his past is what's tormenting him,
then he has to correct that himself.
That's what a Gundam Meister would do!
Security system breached.
The real showdown starts here
What's that? A Gundam?
It's Celestial Being!
What's the perimeter defense doing?
They are exchanging fire with another Gundam.
Activate the emergency hatch lock!
It's no use! The data has been overwritten.
The Gundam is entering the colony!
I'm being swept by the airflow?
Celestial Being appeared here?
Don't they know that fighting within the colonies is banned by the treaties?
Those terrorists don't listen to reason.
But what is their objective?
Just as Sumeragi predicted, there are no counterattacks inside the colony.
Don't come closer!
Stop it!
My kind, they're inside that abominable place!
I can't stand this.
I'm a Gundam Meister!
Stop it! It hurts!
My head
Do I really have to kill them?
I can take them in and
How naive.
How will you take them in?
How will you raise them?
Have you ever lived a normal life after escaping from the facility?
Stop dreaming of the impossible.
But this is too tragic for them.
Tragic you say?
Those kids in the facility, none of them think they are unfortunate.
Someday they will.
But do you think that the girl piloting the Tieren felt unfortunate?
She didn't, right?
Stop forcing your opinions onto others.
No matter how you beautify your words, your kindness is just hypocritical.
You pretend to be kind, but it's just self-gratification.
They're alive.
They were modified!
And one day they will come to kill us!
Don't pity your enemy!
Or what?
You need my help again?
Sealing away the things you don't want to do yourself, so that in the end you can say it's not your fault?
Sure, I'll do it.
Who cares about other people?
I'll fight to protect my own existence!
That's just
Then why did you come here?
I'm just here as part of Celestial Being to
Kill them, right?
I'm here as a Gundam Meister!
So your position allows you to kill?
It's just a trigger, pull it!
Pull it with your ego!
Pull it until you're ruthless!
I don't want to shoot
I don't want to shoot!
Good work!
You really are my other half!
Sensors have detected Kyrios and Virtue.
Mission complete.
Christina, leak the Super Soldier Organization's information to the media as planned.
The HRL's human modification, huh?
This will be a huge scandal.
Stop that!
Celestial Being attacked Qianqiu.
The target was the Super Soldier Organization which you belong to.
Eh? That can't be
An attack on a facility even I don't know about
It seems that there is a Gundam pilot who was from the Super Soldier Organization after all.
But you already knew that. Am I right?
No, I was not aware.
I'm suspending this research facility with my authority.
You will be taken in for questioning.
Hold it!
This incident has already been reported worldwide.
Because you neglected to report the truth, you have put our country in an unfavorable situation.
Your crimes are severe.
Take him away.
We ended up giving Celestial Being a public victory
You're on standby, Lieutenant.
Return to your station.
Yes, sir!
What's wrong, Allelujah?
Do you have a new mission plan for me again?
Sumeragi, may I have a glass too?
I feel like I really need one.
No, you're still underage.
I don't want to become a criminal.
But we already are renowned terrorists.
Even so, no means no.
It's okay now.
I just turned 20 years old according to Greenwich Mean Time.
I see.
It's a little weird to say this, but congratulations.
Thank you.
Why do you like this bitter stuff?
You will understand one day, I'm sure.
Due to an internal conflict within Azadistan, Setsuna returns to his homeland.
What's the conviction he will receive there?
Next time, "At Doctrine's End"
Despair creeps up from the back of hope.
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