Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e12 Episode Script

Kyôgi no hate ni

Rasul, Parliament is defying the will of God!
This kingdom's land was bestowed upon us by God.
They are inviting heretics into this blessed land.
The reformists will surely come and rob us of this land one day.
Rasul, the people will rise up if you ask them to! Now is our chance.
Calm down.
Divine punishment will come to the princess and the parliament who have turned their backs to God's teachings.
We just have to wait for God's judgment.
How long do you insist on waiting?
At this rate, we will follow in the Kurds' footsteps!
We shall become God's halberd and deliver punishment upon the reformists!
We will drive the heretics out of our land!
Let God's thunder strike those corrupted reformists!
God's blessing is with us!
Divine punishment to those who forgot God's teachings!
Rasul! Rasul! Rasul! Rasul!
What's going on?
Are the reformists here?
Rasul, bandits—
Who are you?
Do you have any idea what place this is?
The Middle East. Most of the countries in the region had depended on petroleum exports to support their economies.
But with the completion of the solar energy system, their livelihood was being threatened.
By decree of a UN resolution, oil exports were restricted to a minimum level.
In response, a group of Middle Eastern countries resorted to force.
The fighting worsened and the war, now known as the Solar Energy Conflict, lasted for 20 years.
The Middle Eastern countries were exhausted by this war and abandoned by the rest of the world.
They underwent an unending series of splits and unifications.
That is the current reality of the Middle East.
The Kingdom of Azadistan, located between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf,
is also one of the numerous Middle Eastern nations caught in a state of disarray.
It assimilated the neighboring Kurdish Republic six years ago, after the latter's domestic situation deteriorated.
As a newly-born nation, it revived the old monarchy.
But due to differences in the interpretation of the state religion,
the people were split into two major sects.
The political situation grew extremely volatile.
Massoud Rachmadi was kidnapped by an unknown group?
How could that have happened?
The conservatives must be convinced that we, the reformists, are behind this.
In fact, it might even be true.
It appears that the UN's assistance has brought us nothing but trouble.
The solar energy system was approved by Parliament!
That doesn't mean that all the citizens support this decision.
Parliament has already ordered the mobilization of security forces.
It's only a matter of time before the ultraconservatives resort to extreme measures.
And if Massoud Rachmadi were to turn up dead
Stop talking about such ominous things!
You must consider it. You need to, in order to avert the worst-case scenario.
The worst-case scenario
Civil war
May God's thunder strike those who forget His teachings!
I can't establish contact with the Ptolemaios.
It will probably take some time before they return from the Lagrange 4 point.
If a civil war breaks out in Azadistan, we'll have to make do with what we have here.
It's me. How is the situation over there?
There has been some brief fighting, but nothing serious yet.
Please leave that country at once.
I'm staying here.
I wish to watch over the fate of this nation.
And I also want see with my own eyes how you will act.
I investigated everything up to 200 years ago.
There were 138 people holding doctorates who disappeared or were reported missing.
Can you find out what the most recent disappearance was?
Sure thing.
Urgent report!
Azadistan's religious leader, Massoud Rachmadi, was abducted by an armed group!
Did you say Azadistan?
We should have some correspondents there covering the UN assistance right now!
Contact them and get them to prepare a report!
Got it!
Will Celestial Being appear?
Oh my, that looks delicious.
You really didn't have to bring anything.
I told you, right? Mama has a thing for gifts.
But it's just a pizza.
Why are you dressed like that?
Oh, I work part-time at this shop.
Mama, Saji lost his parents at a young age and lives with his sister.
Oh my, your parents
So that's why you have to work part-time
You're a good boy.
It's nothing really
Mama cries easily.
Way too easily!
You said your name is Saji, right?
Oh, yes.
On a closer look, your features are quite dignified.
Eh? Is that so?
You look like him.
Like what?
You resemble my late husband.
No he doesn't! And Papa is still alive!
Rasul Massoud Rachmadi
I see. So you have finally decided.
Yes, I have decided to take my place as the First Princess of this kingdom.
Even if it's just a symbol of this holy Azadistan, a mere decorative title,
I believe that I must do what I can to help.
So, please Rasul
In that case, I humbly take the opposing stand.
Listen well, Princess Marina.
Even if you try to recreate this nation anew,
the people living here have their heritage, their families, and their teachings from God.
There are many who despise change.
I am one of them.
In order to prevent those who oppose you from taking up arms,
there needs to be someone who can empathize with them.
Rasul Were the things I did terrible mistakes?
Is Parliament willing to consider my suggestion?
A mutual compromise—
It's not the time for that.
The conservatives are boycotting Parliament,
and the reformists are going to request for military assistance from the Union, with whom they had been secretly negotiating.
But that will only serve to agitate the ultraconservatives!
And why is the Union interested?
They won't gain anything from protecting this nation
I'm sure they will, somehow.
Lieutenant, it seems that we may finally get to meet the Gundams again.
I won't be satisfied if we don't.
But to think that we are going to Azadistan.
The higher-ups have been working on Azadistan's Parliament.
We can't afford to be beaten to this by the HRL.
Until the civil war begins, the two of you are to stand by outside your suits.
I have prepared rooms for you, though they are slightly cramped.
That's really considerate.
Hotel! Hotel!
So how's your side?
In order to prevent a civil war in Azadistan, we need to take custody of the kidnapped Massoud Rachmadi
and inform the entire country of his safety.
That said, the people of this nation dislike foreign cultures.
Whether it will be effective or not
I will participate too.
You will?
I'm originally from Azadistan.
This country?
don't get emotional just because it involves your homeland.
I know that.
According to Veda's predictions, there is a high possibility that the organization who abducted Massoud Rachmadi is not reformist.
Conservatives trying to start a fight?
Or perhaps a third party is involved.
There are people who are trying to start a war in this country.
Those terrible acts
Do these people want more?
Hey, Mister!
Do you want to buy some water?
No, I have enough.
Is this your first time here?
I've been traveling around the world for a long time.
Hey, I heard this from the tribal chief.
Is it true that there are really tall towers in this world that let people go into space?
Yes, it's true.
Have you been to space before?
Well, yeah.
Princess Marina said that, one day, we'll be able to go into space too!
You don't know her?
Look there. The woman on that poster is Princess Marina Ismail.
Marina Ismail
You there, what are you doing?
You're Kurdish, aren't you? I can tell from your face.
This is no place for your kind!
Get out of here!
To think that they would request for help from the Union.
It seems they don't know that their own army is infiltrated by conservatives.
I have to escape somehow
At this rate, our nation will once again fall back into a period of disarray.
Now then, which side will God pick this time?
Whatever side He picks, war will come anyway.
What's wrong?
May God's thunder strike those infidels who invade this land!
There's gunfire at Point D!
So they came for the antenna after all.
Let's go, Flag Fighters!
Lieutenant, allied forces are fighting each other! What do we do?
Which ones are the traitors?
The radar is
This glowing particle beam is it a Gundam?!
All shots on target! All shots on target!
We were right to stand by.
This is for us!
There are too many of them!
The solar antennas were destroyed?
Who did it?
It appears that ultraconservative agents penetrated the ranks of the mobile suit pilots responsible for security detail.
It's almost as if they had predicted the kidnapping of Massoud Rachmadi.
A planned rebellion
It can't be
Howard, Darryl, go after the enemy who fired the missiles!
I will take care of the Gundam.
We'll leave the Gundam to you.
Hey! Isn't the Union on a mission to defend Azadistan?
So we are their real objectives after all?
I'll take you down!
People call that the Graham Special!
Roger! Roger!
I won't miss this time!
I missed again?
Just who is that pilot?
Let me introduce myself
I am Graham Acre!
He kicked me!
To have forced me to use my sword
Your movements are stiff, Gundam.
How about this?
It took the shots?
How dare you damage my Flag!
This level of persistence is not normal!
Haro, stop scattering GN particles! Reroute all the energy to the weapons system!
Roger! Roger!
I won't lose to a single Flag!
Mobile suits are moving in from the Azadistan Army's Zeir Base.
Their target appears to be the royal palace.
All units, please move there to suppress the attack.
An emergency communication?
It's likely that there will be movement at the other bases, too.
The Azadistan Army?
Mobile suits are scrambling from Zeir Base without authorization?
This is a coup d'état?
There are five mobile suits in total heading this way.
Your Majesty, please evacuate to the shelters!
Please hurry!
We are the halberds of God!
We are halberds!
May God's thunder strike those who forgot His teachings!
Remove the heretics who dare to step on God's holy land!
Are you sure you don't need to take shelter?
Livonze, stay here and watch with me. Watch the existence known as Gundam.
Setsuna F. Seiei,
Exia, exterminating the targets.
They say it's a coup d'état.
What are you going to do now, Mr. Flag Pilot?
Even though I finally got to face a Gundam
This is highly regrettable, but I'm not my own man!
Howard! Darryl! We are heading to defend the capital!
What about the one who fired the missiles?
We detected something that appeared to be a mobile suit, but due to the special particles
The Gundams' abilities are not always advantageous it seems.
That is a Gundam.
This is just brute force.
He is depending too much on the Gundam's abilities.
The pilot's name was Setsuna F. Seiei, wasn't it?
What is it?
Mobile suits have scrambled from Gazuna Base too.
They are passing through the Kesh region right now.
Jeez, they just keep on coming.
This is
It appears that Celestial Being has conducted an armed intervention on the Kingdom of Azadistan which is currently receiving UN assistance.
The Kingdom of Azadistan has been experiencing instability due to differences in the interpretation of the state religion.
Where is Azadistan again?
Oh, it's in the Middle East—
Don't stick so close!
Just as they are receiving UN assistance and solar energy rights, why are
Sumeragi, we have an emergency encrypted message from Veda.
A coup d'état in Azadistan?
The reinforcements have gained air superiority over the whole capital!
So unrestrained religious faith brings about such tragedies
Those bastards! The Gundams sure can mess things up!
And the fun part was just about to start!
I allowed the coup d'état
and Celestial Being's intervention to happen
We are currently under the protection of the Union military.
The coup d'état is waning.
Please put your concerns to rest.
But the flames of hatred are burning in the hearts of my people.
My actions have guided this nation into war.
Stand up! Marina Ismail!
It's not over yet.
Not yet.
This is terrible.
Exia located! Exia located!
I can't become a Gundam.
Ali Al-Serges stood in the way of Setsuna, whose beliefs had been crushed.
In order to eradicate conflicts, Exia stood up once again.
Next episode, "Return of the Saint."
Setsuna becomes the Gundam.
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