Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e13 Episode Script

Seija no kikan

The coup d'état by a section of the army has been foiled. However, terrorist acts are still occurring throughout the city.
Citizens are requested to stay at home and refrain from unnecessary travel.
I am the First Princess of the Kingdom of Azadistan, Marina Ismail.
Everyone, please calm down.
We, the people, should not be hurting one another on this land given to us by God.
It's all because the reformists brought in the UN.
Princess Marina, bring us God's blessing
We still don't know where Massoud Rachmadi is?
We are cooperating with the Union and conducting a thorough search.
But it will still take time.
I see.
The situation can't get any worse.
The receiver antennas were destroyed, and the UN technicians withdrew.
And worst of all, Celestial Being intervened.
In order to end this situation, we need to rescue Massoud Rachmadi.
It's the only way
The kidnapping of Massoud Rachmadi, a religious leader in the Kingdom of Azadistan, sparked off a civil war.
When the civil war reached the point of a military coup d'état,
Celestial Being intervened with its Gundams.
With strategic analyst Sumeragi Ri Noriega absent,
can Setsuna F. Seiei and Lockon Stratos really stop Azadistan's civil war?
A third party?
Besides the Union forces invited by Azadistan and ourselves, who are here to intervene,
there is a third party that is inciting the civil war.
And they are the ones who kidnapped Massoud Rachmadi?
It's just my own deduction, but even Veda has indicated this possibility.
And the basis for it?
There was a long-range missile attack on the receiver antenna facility.
Judging from the payload size, it's highly probable that it was fired by a mobile suit.
An organization that possesses mobile suits
But for what purpose?
I don't know.
That's why I sent Setsuna to investigate.
We stand out too much in this country.
According to Lockon's information, the missiles were fired from around this area
There were definitely mobile suits here.
But whose?
The Union?
With the pod we retrieved and these residuals, I'd say it's quite likely.
They are investigating this area too?
What did PMC Trust say?
During the Moralian Conflict, they lost
What's wrong?
It's not good to eavesdrop.
They found me!
Come out!
A local kid, huh?
We'll see.
Uh, I heard there was a battle around here
I see.
It's understandable for a boy your age to be interested in such things, but this area is still dangerous.
It would be better for you to leave immediately.
Yes, I will.
Excuse me.
Young man.
What do you think about this country's civil war?
What do you think about this country's civil war?
I guess it's not possible for you to be objective.
In that case, which side are you on?
I'm on neither side.
I think they each have their own justifications.
But many people will die in this war.
Many will die
I agree.
Even though you're a soldier?
Are we nuisances for coming to this country?
Well, the more soldiers there are, the more casualties there will be
You're fighting too.
What are you hiding behind your back?
What a scary face.
Katagiri, the mobile suit that attacked the receiver antenna from here two days ago was the AEU's latest Enact model, right?
What are you saying?
And on top of that, the suit was apparently stolen from Moralia's PMC.
We're withdrawing.
Graham, why did you do that?
I wonder why?
I can only say that my tongue slipped.
PMC's Enact
Could it be?
It's him That man
That man is involved in this civil war.
Why now?
Another terrorist attack?
This area has a lot of reformists.
We can't do anything with our mobile suits.
We can only request for them to deploy crowd suppressing automatons.
Can't be done.
We were deployed here to look for the Gundams.
The higher-ups won't bother to spend any resources on this.
Life is tough.
Taste God's wrath!
P-Princess Marina
Everyone, please calm down.
Bring us divine blessing
We, the people, should not—
I'm so powerless.
Excuse me.
What's your business?
Die, you reformist puppet!
Why do we have to hate each other so much?
Eh? What did you say?
Point F3987?
What's there?
It may be nothing,
but there's a possibility.
I guess it's better than sitting around and waiting.
Roger that, Setsuna.
Can you take Hong Long with you too?
He's very handy when it comes to rescuing people.
GN System, exit repose mode.
Priority set to Setsuna F. Seiei.
Disable outer wall camouflage layer.
Continue GN particles dispersion. Switch to broading mode.
Exia, commencing mission.
So, Hong Long, ready to go?
I leave it in your hands.
Roger that.
Dynames, heading to target.
Captain, this old man refuses to even drink.
Leave him alone.
He probably doesn't want to accept things from the enemy.
Jeez, this country's people don't know what being accommodating means.
Thanks to those Celestial whatever, my plans are all messed up now.
Captain, there's a mobile suit approaching!
A Union scout?
It's that white mobile suit!
Exia, arriving at target point.
So they were here after all.
A mobile suit!
I will handle the Gundam.
Take the old man and get out of here!
That Enact!
That Gundam
I see, the pilot is that Kurdish boy after all.
Then it should be no surprise that he knows about this hiding place!
To think that little boy is piloting a Gundam.
Isn't your war over?
A voice message?
The Kurdish nation was destroyed!
I know that!
Why are you here?
Where is your God?
Answer me!
I'm not obliged to do that.
It's wasted on you, so hand it over!
That Gundam of yours!
Who would?
He's good, but
it's going according to plan.
We'll see about that.
What's that?!
Captain, it's an ambush!
There's no response.
Something's coming.
You bastard!
Don't move.
Hand over that man.
It seems my skills haven't rusted yet.
You are?
Celestial Being.
Celestial Being?
We are the private military organization currently intervening in Azadistan's civil war.
I see. You people are
Please get in.
We accept this last mission, Sumeragi.
What kind of plan is this?
Did you really give such orders?
If anything goes wrong, Exia will
This is the most certain way.
I agree with Sumeragi's plan.
We need this to show Celestial Being's beliefs to the world.
Princess Marina, we received a message from Celestial Being.
From Celestial Being?
"Massoud Rachmadi is in our custody. We're heading to the royal palace."
"We request that the First Princess hold ceasefire talks as soon as possible."
That is all.
Understood. Make urgent preparations for a conference.
Yes, Madam.
Princess Marina.
It is true that I don't condone their actions.
This may even be a trap.
But most of all, I want to believe in them.
I want to believe.
Is it true that Celestial Being is heading to the palace?
And they're bringing the hostage too?
If that's the case, it's the perfect opportunity for us to capture them, Lieutenant!
I'm watching you, Gundam.
We're in front of the Azadistani royal palace.
Many citizens have gathered here upon hearing rumors that Massoud Rachmadi has been rescued and is now heading towards the palace.
It is still unconfirmed, but we have reports that it was Celestial Being who rescued Massoud Rachmadi.
Will the Gundams really appear?
If talks can take place between the symbol of the reformists, Princess Marina Ismail, and the religious leader of the conservatives, Mr. Kataf,
then Azadistan will undoubtedly, finally be able to end its civil war and move on.
The Gundams are coming
Let go of Saji, Mama!
I know.
Your Highness.
I-It's a Gundam.
A Gundam is descending from the sky.
Amazing, it really came!
The Gundam has just landed gently in front of the palace.
It's unarmed?
How foolish! He came here without any weapons?
Do not attack the Gundam!
This is an order!
Get out of our holy land!
We have gunfire!
A few citizens are firing at the Gundam!
Look, Saji!
T-The Gundam has started moving.
It's walking slowly towards the palace.
Release the hostage you have in custody!
I repeat, release the hostage you have in custody!
Shut up and watch.
This time
Princess Marina
This time
I will become a Gundam
Please head to the palace.
That wasn't a very smooth ride.
My apologies.
Let me express my gratitude.
Please hurry.
It's Massoud Rachmadi!
Celestial Being has handed over Rachmadi, and transported him to the palace.
Your Highness!
It's dangerous!
Setsuna F. Seiei!
Is that really you?
Marina Ismail.
What happens now will determine whether we'll return here.
Fight for the God you believe in.
Lieutenant, let's give chase!
We can capture him now!
You think we can do that?!
If we do that now, the whole world will turn against us.
Phew, that was intense.
But Miss, will the problem just go away like that?
It probably won't.
But we are one step closer to the day when people stop fighting one another.
It's one step.
Massoud Rachmadi publicly declared that the kidnapping was done by a mercenary group and the civil war was a set-up.
The secret mastermind most likely sided with forces that wanted to prevent the modernization of Azadistan.
But so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the action.
Later on, Marina Ismail and Massoud Rachmadi released a joint statement calling for the end of the civil war
and the cessation of terrorist attacks.
However, the civil war in Azadistan continues
A conflict disguised as a joint military exercise between the three power blocs.
What goes on in the Meister's heart as he heads towards his death?
Next time, "The Decisive Morning."
If that is indeed a Gundam
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