Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e14 Episode Script

Ketsui no asa

According to research conducted by JNN investigators, numerous scientists and technicians went missing
or disappeared mysteriously in the last 200 years.
It's likely that Celestial Being is involved.
It takes at least a few decades to develop new mobile suits.
So that means that their plans began over two centuries ago?
What a nuisance.
They're still speculating.
It's unlikely that civilian investigators can get any further than this.
I got it.
It's been a while.
The last time the three of us met like this was the solar energy summit, wasn't it?
That whole scandal with the Super Soldier Organization must have been quite troublesome.
I didn't come here to chit-chat.
This is an unofficial meeting.
Let's get to the point immediately.
I have read the documents.
If this plan is brought to fruition, it will be the first of its kind in the world.
I believe that's what it will take to deal with the Gundams.
a gravitational and centrifugal balance point lying between the Earth and the Moon.
That's where the Union, who promptly began space development, built its space colony.
300 kilometer from there lies a large asteroid field
formed by numerous mineral satellites that were transported there for colony construction.
Within it, is a secret dock belonging to the private military organization, Celestial Being.
Allelujah, how's it going?
No problems.
The spread of GN particles around the satellites is at a regular level.
You could've left this to me and gone to the surface, you know?
I'm fine.
My body is quite tough.
And I have something to think through, too.
We already fired the first shot.
We can't afford any regrets.
I know that
Thanks to the dissemination of nanomachines, the negative effects of living in space on the human body are reduced.
But still, we have to return to the surface regularly to ensure psychological health.
There's still some way to go before humans can live in space beyond the colonies.
Sumeragi, do you dislike humankind's advancement into space?
We're still a lifeform in its infancy.
But that's not a bad thing either.
There's something special about drinking wine while under gravity.
Don't they say that drinking in the afternoon is bad for your health?
I can't quit even if I want to truly infantile.
What are the two of them doing?
Hey, you, that's sexual harassment.
On this side, things look overly hot too.
This is a rose?
Haro, what's this?
Anemone! Anemone!
And that side is in her own land
Hey, where are the Meisters?
Setsuna returned to his safe house.
Lockon went somewhere.
Tieria should be in the basement, but
Somehow, we seem to have zero solidarity.
It would be awful if we were together 24/7.
Since Celestial Being began to take action, the number of conflicts world-wide dropped by 38%.
Over 63% of the companies involved in the military industry have declared their intentions to withdraw from it.
Just looking at the numbers, Veda's operational predictions have been attained
But the problem is that Dynames's high-altitude firing capability
and GN-004 Nadleeh were revealed to the world.
And then there's Setsuna F Seiei
The UN resumes it support to Azadistan in building its solar receiver antenna facility
Oh Licht, it's you.
What do you want? I've been reporting regularly, haven't I?
No, it's just that
Hey, are you with girls?
Just how many girls are you with—
Stupid, don't ask such boorish questions.
If you have no business with me, I'm hanging up.
See you.
It's become so beautiful
Kinue, rejoice!
Yesterday's special report had a viewership of over 40%!
It's our highest rating since the start of the show.
So, I can continue my research?
Yes, the higher-ups approved too.
Next time, we will report on the effects of Celestial Being's activities on the world economy.
You'll team up with Sakazaki from the business department, and make a list of the various bankruptcies and recessions taking place
Please let me continue my research on Aeolia!
I believe that Celestial Being's true goals are not the eradication of conflict, but something else.
If we investigate Aeolia Schenberg, we may discover the truth.
That's why I—
Very well. Do as you wish!
Don't overdo it, Kinue.
If you dig too deep, you may end up buried.
Yes, Sir!
Mama, send my regards to Papa once you're back.
I'll tell him that Louise is a very good girl and is doing fine.
I'm done loading the luggage.
Oh, thank you, Saji.
Good day.
I haven't seen you around recently. Did you go somewhere?
You could say that.
See you!
Oh, it's a little sudden, but are you free today?
I want to ask you for a favor
Mr. President, have you read the documents on Project G?
Yes, I read through them.
Taklamakan To think that those HRL bastards would choose an enriched uranium dumping area, a relic from the past.
It's well-suited for a military exercise.
It's surrounded by mountains on four sides, and the desert keeps expanding.
Almost no one ever goes there anymore.
Any intel will be intercepted. It works well to their advantage.
No need for appearances, huh?
This is all my country can afford to deploy.
Since the Moralian Incident, public opinion has been strong.
On top of that, the location for the exercise is that cursed land.
But if we don't mobilize the troops now, we'll be one-upped by the Union and the HRL.
If we bring back results, public opinion will acquiesce.
We have to get our hands on the Gundams no matter what.
So the players have finally gathered.
If this plan is successful, our Party's rule will be guaranteed for the next ten years.
Look further into the future.
In order for us to lead the world, we need them no matter what.
Yes, that's the official name for the Anti-Gundam Investigation Unit.
Publicly, we will function as a unit comprising solely of Flags, the 8th Independent Tactical Aviation Corps.
Are we getting new pilots?
That's why I brought you here.
12 units?
That unit's markings
The leading pilot is Alaska's Joshua?
And that's Georgia's Randy,
and even Illinois's Stewart is here!
They're all elite pilots from various squadrons.
The surprise is still not over.
All the Flags are scheduled for customization by Professor Eifman.
Is that true?
I don't lie.
This squad is now formally activated, and we have 12 new Flag fighters transferring in too.
It seems like a fairly large battle is about to begin.
Buckle up!
Yes, Sir!
Lieutenant Colonel, are we deploying?
Most probably.
But they haven't told me the details of the operation yet.
We are not the only ones; the other mobile suit squadrons received orders too.
This time I will execute my mission faithfully!
Don't get so worked up.
Yes, Sir!
I'm sorry, but it's almost time.
I'll repay you some other time.
The AEU's ace, Patrick Colasour, reporting for—
You're late, Second Lieutenant!
Why you, woman. A man's face is
Y-You hit me twice!
I'm Colonel Katie Manekin,
tactical commander of this mobile suit squadron.
She's one fine lady!
I apologize for my tardiness, Colonel!
I'm in love.
He's acting like he's a martyr.
To think that he's trying to eradicate conflict like this
He mistakes the Gundam's performance for divine power.
How silly.
Gundams are just weapons,
built to achieve set objectives and kill people.
Eh? A message on the regular channel?
Hey, how are you doing?
There's some material I want you to read.
Tell me your opinion if you don't mind.
I await your reply.
This is
It can't be
I figured this might happen.
Thanks for coming.
I thought that having more people around would distract Louise.
It doesn't seem to work.
Your mother just went home. What's there to cry about?
I feel lonely!
You can meet her anytime you want.
It's not like she's dead.
Saji, I hate this guy!
Punch him or beat him up for me!
Uh, I can't do that
And they're both the same.
I'm sorry
How peaceful.
I'm sorry. Something came up.
Ah, okay.
Leave! Leave! Idiot! Idiot!
The various power blocs have started to move?
I see.
A joint military exercise?
The Union, HRL, and AEU?
According to reports from our agents.
There will probably be an official announcement in a few days.
If that's true, it will be really large-scale.
Why are the Union and the HRL so friendly all of a sudden?
It's because of us.
That's the most probable explanation.
After having its capture operation foiled, the HRL is probably trying to keep us in check by partnering with the other power blocs.
If it's just a military exercise, there should be no need for us to intervene, right?
There's more to this.
It takes a huge amount of money to mobilize troops.
They wouldn't hold such a huge exercise just to send us a warning.
I agree.
Wang Liu Mei, please determine the actual location.
It's being done.
Thank you.
People, I believe we will have to intervene.
Enjoy yourselves while you still can.
Feldt, let's go shopping.
Come on!
I'll pass.
I haven't said anything yet!
The world is taking action so soon
Does this mean that even Veda can't predict human whims?
Let's hurry a bit. Be careful of the acceleration G.
Don't treat me like an old man.
My apologies.
Thanks for coming all the way here.
You dare say that after sending me that dangerous file.
I apologize for that.
So, is this file real?
If I just say that it's a simulated military plan, will that be enough of an explanation for you?
The possibility of capturing a Gundam with current warfare capabilities
May I hear your take as a strategic analyst regarding this.
There's too little information on the Gundams.
And not just in terms of performance. We don't even know if there're only four of them.
Well, at least mass production is out of the picture.
It's hard to keep things secret with that many people and resources.
That's true.
What would you do if you were the tactical commander?
You know the answer.
Indeed, we can't defeat the Gundams with our present warfare capabilities.
However, encircling them with overwhelming numbers or fighting a protracted battle can drive the pilots inside to exhaustion
They may have autopilot functions to protect their secrets.
Or, in the worst case, self-destruct.
As expected,
you did analyze Celestial Being on your own.
Stop, don't speak like that.
Don't worry, I didn't make a copy of the file.
Or rather, you really fail as a soldier for showing me this data.
Why don't you drop by the base?
Professor Eifman is worried about you too.
I'm sorry. I have business to attend to.
Is there someone waiting for you?
And if there is?
I won't be too calm about it.
I really have something to attend to.
Well then, see you.
I guess it's fine, as long as I get to meet her again.
Latest news.
The Union, HRL, and AEU announced their intention to hold a large-scale, three-way joint military exercise.
According to official comments from a Union Armed Forces spokesman, this military exercise seeks to better prepare the troops
for various situations involving the defense of the orbital elevators.
Currently, the location and timing of the exercise have not been revealed.
It has begun.
Union forces based in Japan are set to take part in this large-scale exercise.
An invitation has also gone out to the JSDF.
However, the government is exercising prudence in deciding
High output plasma jets and a new linear rifle model.
This is finally turning out to be a decent independent unit.
Still, how well will it stand up against those Gundams?
Feeling scared before we even sortie?
I guess with subordinates like these, Lieutenant Graham can't be much better.
It's Senior Captain, not Lieutenant.
He was promoted with the squad's activation.
Wow, that's impressive.
Did he kill another superior officer to get that?
Don't spout unfounded nonsense!
Hey, just be careful, all right?
If not, you might just get shot in the back by the Senior Captain.
You bastard!
Stop it.
I don't care what you think.
But I will prove the rumors wrong in battle.
I look forward to that, Senior Captain Graham Aker.
Mistress, the US fleets are moving.
They're crossing the Pacific and heading for Eurasia.
The AEU and HRL are probably gathering their mobile suits at their borders right about now too.
How do you know that?
Sumeragi's predictions are also spot on.
How is it?
My opinion and Veda's are in agreement.
There will be a conflict?
Most definitely.
The location?
The Taklamakan Desert in northwest China, an enriched uranium dumping area.
Enriched uranium
I don't know which organization it's from, but this facility has been marked as a terrorist target.
Either the Union or the HRL leaked this information and chose this as the location for the exercise.
If the facility is attacked, radioactive material will be released. The damage will affect the whole world.
We should intervene as soon as possible.
We'll be walking right into the enemy's military exercise.
The participating forces will engage us in no time.
They will go all-out in order to get their hands on the Gundams.
But we'll still go because we're Celestial Being.
Gundam Meisters place the objective and secrecy over our own lives.
We decided it before we boarded the Gundams.
Or rather, we wouldn't be piloting the Gundams if we didn't have the determination.
Roger that. I'll return to base.
Things will get heavy.
Looks like I won't be able to hold back on this one.
So this is the world's reply
GN particles, maximum dissemination! Spread to frontal area!
Kyrios, performing atmospheric reentry!
Roger, proceeding to rendezvous point at specified time.
Please do.
Why is Exia there?
Hey, what's wrong?
Oh, it's nothing.
I see.
Jeez, off on your own again.
I don't care if you get scolded!
Who's there?
S-Setsuna F Seiei?
Why is this world misguided?
Is it God's fault?
Or is it man's fault?
God is fair.
People can learn to understand each other too.
But still, the world can't help but be misguided.
That's why we should try to understand each other
What is misguided?
And where is it?
Colonel, the guest is here.
Let him in.
Excuse me.
A secret mission for my squad?
Read the mission orders for the details.
They didn't even tell me anything.
All I was entrusted to do was to pass you the mission orders and hand you the Aggressor.
The suit that was used in the 5th Solar Conflict?
The location where you can retrieve the suit is also written in your mission orders.
Roger that.
I, Second Lieutenant Gary Biaggi of the 4th Independent Foreign Cavalry Regiment, accept this top-secret mission!
It's finally starting to get fun!
It's a war!
And a frigging huge one at that!
Overwhelming resources,
unrelenting attacks.
This is the world's reply.
This is the Gundam Meisters' demise.
Next time, "Broken Wings."
Setsuna cries out for God.
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