Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e15 Episode Script

Oreta tsubasa

The duplex communication system is in place at all points.
Message from Euro 2.
Commencing deployment of floating duplex communication system.
Union 3, signal strength is all green.
Simulated plan, all clear.
Communication checks completed for all units participating in the exercise.
Broadcasting to all mobile suits is at optimal level.
To think that we would be joining forces with the Union and AEU.
This'll be fun.
Lieutenant, how's the suit's anti-dust system doing?
It's doing fine, Colonel.
Just watch me! I'll get the Gundams with this suit!
Overflags Squadron is to stand by until further orders.
Roger that.
52 squads,
832 participating mobile suits.
Even if we're called cowards,
I will obey military orders, Gundam.
Louise, how long are you planning to keep this up?
I'm depressed because Mom returned.
I understand how you feel!
Please cheer me up.
Brighten up, Lou—
Physically, please.
That's impossible, Louise!
I can't afford name brand stuff like that!
Buy them for me!
No way
Buy them! Buy them for me!
What are those two doing?
Buy it for me!
They sure are carefree,
considering there are close to 1000 mobile suits conducting a large-scale exercise right now.
They are the weird ones.
This large-scale exercise
was it part of your plan, too?
Aeolia Schenberg.
How's the case going?
We have reports from the intelligence bureau.
As expected from our intel, three mobile suits and three transport vehicles are heading towards the enriched uranium facility.
Now we just need them to fall into the net
Interference has been detected in the duplex communication system deployed at the site.
Just as planned.
Inform the commanding officer of the change in plans.
We're the ones who provided this location for the exercise and suffered public criticism over it.
I hope we can get at least two suits
Allelujah, maintain current speed and altitude.
Don't shake the suit!
Don't be unreasonable.
Observation Group, what's the Gundams' target?
There are no squads stationed within the path of the communication blackout point.
The Gundams are heading towards the enriched uranium facility?
What's going on?
Why did no one realize that there were terrorists heading towards the facility?
Colonel, headquarters have ordered for the capture of the Gundams.
I see.
The whole thing was planned.
In order to draw out the Gundams, our government left the terrorists alone despite knowing of their plans.
Dynames, firing at targets.
All on target! All on target!
We're withdrawing, Allelujah.
Enemy attack!
Incoming enemies! Incoming enemies!
I know!
Incoming enemies! Incoming enemies!
These bastards!
I'm fine.
They're coming!
Keep the barrage going!
Pin the Gundams down!
We have exceeded the scheduled end point of the first phase.
I hope they withdrew successfully
Sumeragi, what's your take?
The situation is probably heading towards Plan B2.
Deployment of Exia and Virtue
Union 3, initial attacks were successful.
Two Gundams at point EF4122.
Continue with the long-range barrage.
Yes, Sir!
Continuing long-range barrage.
Encrypted visual signals from Human 1!
They're requesting troop deployment to TF2123.
So they picked an undermanned location after all
Launch the 23rd Mobile Suit Squadron!
23rd Mobile Suit Squadron, prepare to sortie.
23rd Mobile Suit Squadron, prepare to sortie.
Colonel, why don't I get a sortie order?
I'll get those Gundams—
You're on standby now.
Trust me.
I will turn you into a man.
Switch mission plan to B2.
Exia, deactivating outer camouflage layer.
Commencing mission.
Two Gundams sighted!
Contact HQ!
Virtue, securing an escape route.
GN Bazooka, switching to burst mode.
Particle compression rate at 97%.
Releasing GN particles!
The plan has shifted to B2?
Let's retreat, Allelujah!
Burst shot completed.
Beginning charge of GN particles.
This many?
Their response is too fast!
It's been two hours since the start of the mission.
According to plan B2, Dynames and Kyrios should be arriving at the rendezvous point soon
If only we could use the GN arms
Judging from the time, the plan should be proceeding from B2 to E5
In that case, that suit will show up soon
What's wrong, Allelujah?
My head
The super soldier is
The super soldier?
That customized HRL suit that was in the report?
Incoming enemies! Incoming enemies!
She's here!
Things are going as planned?!
How long until the charging is complete?
170 seconds to go.
That's too long.
This time
This time I will complete my mission as a super soldier.
Hey, what's your name?
A transmission?
Tell me.
I'm Super Soldier No.1, Second Lieutenant Soma Peries!
Soma Peries?
That's a nice name
to kill!
Get away, Lieutenant!
This is boring
I'll leave the rest to you, Allelujah.
So it's been five hours since the fighting began.
Where are you going?
I'm going to speak with the other Surveyors.
My job may well come to an end here.
As if you're really going to do that
I really hate adults.
The 7th Mobile Suit Squadron is approaching operating time limit.
Have the 16th Mobile Suit Squadron relieve them.
Lieutenant, it's almost your turn.
Prepare to sortie.
Yes, Sir!
How long is this attack going to last?
At least let us have dinner.
We can't hand the Gundams over!
Overflags Squadron, mission time clear.
Roger that.
Graham Aker, taking off.
Message to all units!
Our target is the huge Gundam.
Once the attack stops, we'll proceed to capture it!
Don't get hit by enemy beams!
15 hours since the battle started.
What's going on?
The attacks stopped?
Retreat now!
I found you, Gundam!
What's the matter?
Your movements are slow, Gundam!
Get him!
Gundam captured!
Good work.
It's all thanks to me!
Colonel, I'll capture the shuttlecock.
Be careful, Lieutenant.
It may start moving suddenly like the last time.
Commander, target sighted.
Entering combat.
Overflags, commence mission in formation E!
Captain, Joshua is
Joshua, don't break formation!
Acting like a commanding officer and all
Midair transformation?
Always thinking that it's going to be just yours
Switch to formation C!
My fingertips are going numb
I want to embrace you, Gundam!
Truly a sleeping beauty.
Feldt, any contact from the Meisters?
What's going on?
They're fading away
the lives of the Gundam Meisters
Where are the other Meisters?
An enemy at 3 o'clock?
A mobile armor?
That Enact?
I'm here to collect last time's debt.
Got it, Mr. Gundam?
Go to hell.
How does Agrissa's plasma field taste?
Just leave the suit and die, Kurdish brat!
It's just unofficial information that reached the foreign ministry.
Apparently, Celestial Being showed up at the military exercise being held in Eurasia.
Celestial Being?
They have already engaged in combat, it seems.
But going against nearly a thousand mobile suits with just four Gundams
It's just impossible.
Your Highness?
Why is this world misguided?
Is it God's fault?
Or is it Man's fault?
Oh no!
At that time
You were
Am I going to die?
In this misguided world
Without having become anything
After losing all those times
Am I going to rot away?
What the hell?
The three new Gundams that have risen to the stage
What will be illuminated by the GN particles they release?
Next time, "Trinity."
The reverberating bell signals the start of the second act.
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