Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e16 Episode Script


Go to hell.
How does Agrissa's plasma field taste?
Just leave the suit and die, Kurdish brat!
What the hell?
Still alive?
Are you all right, Mr. Exia Pilot?
Who are you?
Nena Trinity.
I'm a Gundam Meister, just like you.
Gundam Meister?
And that suit?
Gundam Throne Unit 3, Throne Drei.
Unit 3?
My brothers are piloting Unit 1 and 2.
By now, they should be
All units, do not break formation.
We're going to bring the Gundam back to HQ.
I, Patrick Colasour, am the officer in charge here!
All right, with this Gundam, I'll be able to get on the colonel's good side, and
What's that?
Target Hellion squadron has received substantial damage.
Proceeding with mission.
That light
Everyone, don't let your guard down!
The shuttlecock might go berserk again at any time.
Yes, Sir!
Yes, Sir!
This Gundam attacked the Super Soldier Organization facility,
and killed my compatriots.
Why? You're also
What is this overwhelming pressure?
An enemy raid?
What are these weapons?
They're not missiles?
The other squadrons let it through?
That suit is
Gundam Throne Unit 2, Throne Zwei.
Michael Trinity, exterminating!
Go Fangs!
Slow! Too slow!
An enemy raid?
Randy is down!
It's firing again!
Such a long range it's no ordinary weapon!
To think they still had more suits. I didn't hear about this, Gundam!
The formation is completely broken.
We have to retreat for now.
Roger that.
Who is that?
This suit is
Haro, do you know?
No data! No data!
It looks like I made it in time.
Who are you?
Throne Eins's Gundam Meister, Johann Trinity.
Johann Trinity?
Your fellow Meisters are being rescued by my siblings.
What's going on?
Yes, Nena?
I've cleared my mission.
I see.
Nena, set GN particle dissemination to maximum.
We're withdrawing from this area.
Roger that!
Let's go, Haro.
Sure, Nena! Sure, Nena!
GN particles set to maximum dissemination!
Stealth Field!
This light
GN particles?
What is it doing?
It's Nena, huh?
This scattering distance is
New Gundams have been sighted?
Yes, Ma'am!
Our main force has failed to capture the Gundam due to reinforcements!
How could they?
The duplex communication system blackout area is rapidly expanding!
What's going on?
Is it that suit?
It can spread those special particles over a large area?
Now we can only track the gundams by visuals!
I know that!
This is Overflag's Senior Captain, Graham Aker.
We failed to capture the Gundam.
Requesting rein—
Communications are down?
The communication blackout zone expanded?
If they had the ability to do that, why did they wait until now?
Just what are you planning, Celestial Being?
HQ, can you hear me?
This is Patrick, please respond!
Damn, it won't connect.
How am I supposed to go back?
An encrypted transmission from Haro.
All four Gundams are functional!
They're on their way back to Pacific Ocean Spot 6!
They sure made us worry.
I guess the mission is completed, isn't it, Sumeragi?
Oh, it's nothing.
Sometimes a wrong prediction can be a good thing.
To think that there would be three more Gundams to deal with
Did Celestial Being see through our plans?
Seven Gundams
New Gundams
Jeez, no one told us about this.
Just what was that suit?
Those suits are not in Veda's plans!
What in the world were those Gundams?
What's wrong? You've been yawning nonstop.
Last night,
they were reporting that Celestial Being intervened in the joint military exercise.
I was watching the news the entire night.
And before I knew it, it was already morning.
Oh, I see.
Don't you think it's a serious matter?
I'm more worried about the tests that begin tomorrow.
That's true
Surveyor Alejandro Corner.
I take it that this emergency session means bad news?
I presume this is about the three new Gundams that interfered with the battle in the Taklamakan Desert?
It appears that those suits are not mentioned in Veda's plans.
It seems logical to assume that Celestial Being secretly prepared a second team.
I move that we vote on this motion.
Do we, the Surveyors, acknowledge or deny the three new Gundams?
It's too soon to make a judgment.
Before that,
don't you think that there's a need for us to review Celestial Being's performance so far?
I second that suggestion.
I do too.
Celestial Being's first mission
The intervention on the ceremony unveiling the AEU's new mobile suit, the Enact.
240082. Exia, target destination confirmed.
I will stop the GN particles when I reach the destination.
Hey, hey, who are you working for?
The Union? The Human Reform League?
Well, either way, you've stepped into someone else's territory.
I'm not letting you get away that easily.
Exia, which was deployed for this mission, overpowered the Enact,
displaying its superior combat performance, and at the same time, destroying the enemy's newest prototype.
I'm special!
I'm famous!
I'm the king of mock battles!
Following that, Exia worked in conjunction with Dynames,
and revealed to the world that the AEU stationed more troops in the orbital elevator than allowed by the treaties.
Is it Lockon?
At the same time, in order to prevent a terrorist attack on the HRL's orbital elevator, Pillar of Heaven,
Kyrios and Virtue were deployed, and completed the mission successfully.
The objective of this mission?
I guess this isn't a conflict intervention,
but rather an attempt to win public opinion by preventing a terrorist attack.
This is an announcement for all of mankind who have been raised on Earth.
We are Celestial Being.
We are the private military organization that possesses the mobile weapon, Gundam.
Celestial Being's goal is to demolish the act of war in this world.
Following that, the mastermind of Celestial Being
and also its founder, Aeolia Schenberg's proclamation was broadcasted to the entire world.
After nearly two centuries, the main plan was finally put into motion.
The second mission was an armed intervention on the ethnic conflict on Ceylon Island, the former Sri Lanka, wasn't it?
The cause of the conflict's aggravation
was the HRL's desire to safeguard its solar energy pipes.
After this, the Gundams conducted numerous missions in ad hoc teams
following Veda's recommended plans.
You think I'll let you?!
They were doing well up until then.
But then they conducted an armed intervention against the Republic of Taribia in South America.
They were forced to play along with America and Taribia's little farce.
If it were me, I would've destroyed both sides.
Michael, you're too violent.
But then various obstacles started to appear in their plans.
Kyrios's rescue efforts that weren't part of the mission plan
This was reported as a unilateral action on behalf of the pilot, Allelujah Haptism.
Because of this unexpected mission, Dynames's high-altitude firing capability was revealed to the world.
Taking the shot!
It was later reported that Veda made adjustments to its plans.
And during the intervention on Moralia that followed, something unbelievable happened.
The Exia's pilot opened his cockpit hatch during battle and showed himself to the enemy.
What? So you called me out just for this?
What kind of idiot is that?
Great stuff. He's even crazier than I am.
Why did he do such a thing?
The pilot, Setsuna F. Seiei, refused to file a report.
However, the mission itself was successful.
There were some who suggested that Setsuna F. Seiei should be expelled from the organization,
but nothing came to pass due to a lack of consensus.
Without a unanimous vote, we can't exercise our right to veto.
First, we look at clothes!
And as expected, a global backlash occurred.
Then we look at clothes.
Finally, we look at clothes.
Demanding for Celestial Being to cease all activities,
an international terrorist network conducted indiscriminate attacks.
The bus
The bus exploded!
A terrorist attack! This must be a terrorist attack!
It's using the NRO's primary cipher.
Similar data is also coming from the BND and even the DGSE.
The world's telling us to act.
The matter was quickly resolved with the cooperation of the various national intelligence agencies.
Regardless of their opinions,
it's unmistakable that the world began to accept Celestial Being's existence as a reality.
However, the power blocs refused to accept their existence.
Vessels 1 to 3, launch all your mobile suits.
The HRL created the Special Task Force Choubu,
and began an attack on Celestial Being's multipurpose transport vessel, the Ptolemaios.
Steersmen of 2 and 3, switch your ships to autopilot.
Vessel 3, don't forget to trace the path of the third communication down point.
Dynames, commence firing!
But their objective was not to destroy the Ptolemaios, but to capture the Gundams.
Allelujah Haptism, who was formerly an experiment subject at the HRL's Super Soldier Organization,
Approaching target.
was affected by quantum brain waves, and Kyrios barely escaped capture.
Moreover, Virtue, in order to escape,
revealed the existence of its top priority system, GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh, to the enemy.
Not to mention Kyrios.
That weapon was not supposed to be used yet.
Please stop!
Due to this incident, some of us questioned the ability of Strategic Analyst Sumeragi Lee Noriega.
This is unbearable.
I made another mistake.
But as in Setsuna F. Seiei's case, opinion was not unanimous and it was dismissed.
I'm really hopeless.
Why was Allelujah Haptism's case dismissed too?
I looked through your mission plan, and your past too.
Ah yes,
that was because he submitted a mission plan for the destruction of the Super Soldier Organization's research facilities.
But are you sure about this? You'll be killing your own—
I don't mind.
Kyrios and Virtue, launch completed.
However, he continues to be influenced by quantum brain waves.
This may be problematic for future missions.
It seems that there's still room for debate as to whether he should continue to be a Gundam Meister.
In other words, they're too soft.
In the first place, I don't like their style of not killing the enemy pilots except in extreme situations.
If we reduce the number of veteran pilots they have, it will be to our advantage.
Don't you think so, Bro?
Don't say that, Michael.
They're concerned about public opinion.
That's why they're soft!
What's the point of being so considerate after declaring war on the whole world?
I hate indecisive men.
Not to mention that incident at Azadistan.
This time
Let me express my gratitude.
Please hurry.
Your Highness!
It's dangerous!
Marina Ismail.
What happens now will determine whether we'll return here.
Is that what they used to call the principle of nonresistance?
Fight for the God you believe in.
What is he piloting a Gundam for?
And regarding the incident in the Taklamakan Desert
Our report from Veda is incomplete,
but it seems highly likely that the Gundams would've been captured had the second team not interfered.
I agree.
But where were the solar furnaces used by the second team's Gundams made?
There should only be five functional solar furnaces at this point
I'm sure Veda will eventually release the details to us.
So there's information that even we aren't privy to.
It is of no matter.
We are the Surveyors.
No matter how the world moves,
all we can do is to veto Celestial Being by unanimous consent.
Now that we have sorted through our opinions, I would like to once again ask everyone here,
do we acknowledge or deny the existence of the three new Gundams?
I vote for acknowledgement.
Let them in.
I agree.
Well then
We are approaching the rendezvous point.
Do you think they will come, Johann?
Maybe they're scared of us!
No, they will come.
As Gundam Meisters, I'm sure they're interested in us and in the Gundam Thrones.
Ah, I see it!
Well, let's greet them as fellow Gundam Meisters then.
Yeah, yeah.
While the Trinitys begin their armed interventions with a forceful strike
Can the world do nothing but tremble and get stepped on?
Next time, "Throne Onslaught."
The ambition hidden within the ideals rears its ugly head.
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