Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e17 Episode Script

Surône kyôshû

It's no good. All of the memory units were removed.
Seems like they cleared out before the incident.
It took us six years to find this place. I won't go back empty-handed!
According to the records, the living quarters are up ahead.
Who's that?
How should I know?
What was that?
A pet robot?
No, this is a data terminal!
Radi, I found our treasure. I'm heading back.
Get ready to do some data analysis.
They're different from the first and second generation
Not even Veda knows about these Gundams.
Do those mobile suits really exist?
No matter what, we did see those things with our own eyes.
Very clearly! Very clearly!
There are at least three mobile suits that are similar to our Gundams.
And they were definitely releasing GN particles that were unlike the ones from our solar furnaces.
And you were rescued by those "Gundams"?
New Gundams
One of the pilots opened a comm channel with me.
He claimed that they were Gundam Meisters.
And then before leaving, they sent us the coordinates for this location.
What's their objective?
Maybe they just want to say hello?
We're their seniors after all.
Couldn't this be a trap?
But they did save our pilots.
That's true, but
We'll know when we meet them.
Let's go greet the new Gundam Meisters.
Optical cameras have spotted an object closing in.
Bring it up on the main monitor.
Feldt, prepare the Exia for launch.
Chris, scan their ship.
Roger that.
We're being spied on! We're being spied on!
Is that all right? Is that all right?
They're just being wary of us.
Leave them to it.
Now, let's go!
I've confirmed that GN particles are being released by the ship that's approaching us.
Are you serious?
Four GN Drives have been identified on board.
So it's real
But how did they obtain solar furnaces?
The hatch is opening.
Michael, Nena, hold on tight.
One of the suits we saw
There's no mistake! There's no mistake!
The mobile suit is sending a message in Morse code.
It's requesting permission to dock with the Ptolemy.
Grant them permission.
And remove Exia from standby.
Send Setsuna to the briefing room.
Roger that.
Now then
They've granted us permission.
Closing in on the Ptolemaios.
Thank you for allowing us to come aboard.
I'm the Gundam Meister of Throne Eins, Johann Trinity.
Throne Zwei's Gundam Meister, Michael Trinity.
And I'm Throne Drei's Gundam Meister, Nena Trinity!
You're all very young.
And your names
We're related by blood.
The three of us truly are siblings.
Hey, who's Exia's pilot?
Is it you?
No, you're wrong.
It's me.
I'm Exia's Gundam Meister, Setsuna F Seiei.
So you are that out-of-control Meister!
I like that in a guy.
Don't touch me!
You bastard! What are you doing to my sister?!
It was your sister's fault!
Shut up, you nihilist!
Do you want to get cut up? Do ya—
Stop that, Michael.
Get him! Get him!
Big Bro! Big Bro!
Big Bro! Big Bro!
So he's your brother?
I missed you! I missed you!
Big Bro! Big Bro!
Who the hell are you? Who the hell are you?
Haro! Haro!
Go to hell! Go to hell!
Big Bro!
Big Bro
Big Bro, your memory
Big Bro, your memory
Anyway, this isn't a good place to talk.
Let's continue this in the Briefing Room.
Those people are the new Gundam Meisters?
Looks like our opinions coincide for once.
About what?
I shouldn't have to spell it out.
That was intense
I hate that girl.
Don't tell me you like Setsuna?
That's not what I meant!
Mama and Papa never said anything about those Gundams
Why do you have Gundams in your possession?
Why don't they exist in Veda's data banks?
I cannot answer.
We're also sworn to secrecy.
Oh, too bad!
Where did you get your solar furnaces, or rather, the GN drives from?
I'm sorry, but I cannot answer.
Too bad, again!
So what did you people come here for?
We're just here to pay a visit to the Meisters who got their antiquated Gundams thoroughly trashed.
Just kidding! Just kidding!
I'm feeling unwell. I shall take my leave.
File a report with Veda later.
All right.
How regrettable.
He'd be really hot if he were a girl.
Fine, fine.
Johann, I'm bored.
Can I look around the ship?
Is that okay?
Oh? Y-Yeah, sure.
Wanna come?
Come on!
You don't want to make me angry.
Well, how about you tell us this one thing then?
What are you planning to achieve with those Gundams?
The eradication of war, of course.
We too are Gundam Meisters, just like you.
In other words, you're working together with us?
Idiot! Why would we want to do that?
More like, we're taking over the job because your interventions were too wimpy.
What do you mean by that?
Just like I said.
You guys are too unreliable. Don't you agree, Mr. Incomplete Super Soldier?
Ho, you want to fight?
I apologize.
I'm sorry for my little brother's insolence.
However, perhaps the entity who gave us our orders
has some reservations about your method of armed intervention.
We're not needed anymore?
Please continue your combat missions as you were.
We will conduct our missions independently.
Are you really necessary for Aeolia Schenberg's plans?
Who knows?
But I believe that will be decided by our future actions.
Who provided those guys with Gundams?
I need Veda to examine the data
There's someone in Veda's terminal unit?!
Who's down there?
H-How did you get in?
The normal way.
Just who are you people?
It's a secret!
They're gone
They said what they wanted and just left.
But that Johann guy wasn't too bad.
Eh, is that so?
Huh, when did you take that photo?
Just now.
Is it okay to let them go like that?
We still don't know anything about them.
That's not exactly true.
I checked through that so-called Throne while you guys were chatting.
As expected from a strategic analyst!
Please send the report on a non-network terminal.
Do not enter it into Veda.
Big Bro Big Bro
Nena, that Exia pilot's name is Setsuna isn't it?
What's so great about that guy?
He's cute!
It's love at first sight!
Oh, fine.
I'll shoot him down the next time we meet.
A new mission! A new mission!
So soon?
They really are slave drivers.
We have to show the world that Celestial Being is serious.
Thank you for this valuable information, Ribbons.
I thank God for having met you.
You took me in for this purpose, didn't you?
No, our encounter was destined.
So was my appointment as Celestial Being's Surveyor.
What are you planning to do?
Nothing at all. I'm a Surveyor.
I can only watch as the world reforms.
The finals are finally over!
I'm totally burned out. I had to work part-time too.
You could've taken a break before the test period.
Louise, it's your fault in the first place.
Oh, forget it.
What did you say?
Anyway, what are your plans for the holidays?
If there's any movie you want to watch
Oh, I'm sorry. I have to return to Spain for a bit.
My cousin is getting married.
I see
Well, enjoy yourself then.
Don't cheat on me.
Don't cheat on me!
I won't!
Kinue, you look tired.
Our leads are all turning into dead ends.
Have you heard the official reports from the various power blocs?
A total of 87 mobile suits were severely damaged. The body count has risen to over 200 people, it seems.
And according to a soldier who was there, some new Gundams appeared during the battle.
New Gundams?
It's not been confirmed yet, but it looks like Celestial Being had a trick up its sleeve.
Do you know the unit and name of that soldier?
The information came from Ikeda, so it's probably—
Get me an appointment with him, please!
Uh, okay.
I failed the mission I was given
and lost three excellent Flag fighters on top of that.
I'm a failure as a commanding officer.
It can't be helped.
No one could've known that new Gundams were going to show up.
And the gap in performance is just too great.
If only we could match the Gundam's performance
Flags are our military's most advanced suits!
I know that.
Darryl, we are Flag Fighters.
Show some pride!
It's me.
There are suits re-entering the atmosphere?
The Gundams?
Where is the projected landing spot?
If it follows my hypothesis,
everything falls into place if the Gundam's energy generation mechanism makes use of topological defects.
It would explain why there are so few Gundams and why the preparations took over 200 years
Building such an energy generation mechanism requires an environment like Jupiter's
The manned space mission to Jupiter over 120 years ago
Was that plan related to the development of the Gundams?
If that's the case, then Aeolia Schenberg's real goal is not the eradication of war, but the
What's this?
What's going on?
This is the control tower speaking.
Three mobile suits believed to be Gundams are heading for this base from EW9877.
Scramble all mobile suit squadrons!
This is
Request for help from the other bases!
Unknowns are within visible range!
That's way too fast!
Those Gundams are the new models?
We have reached the target point.
Nena, dock with me.
We'll finish this in one shot.
Roger that!
Transferring high density GN particles!
Am I their target?
Transfer of GN particles completed!
Throne Eins, GN Mega Launcher, firing!
As expected from Bro!
No words can possibly describe this!
Here they come!
A bunch of cannon fodder!
Sir, it's those three new models!
I can tell by looking!
Our base is
The professor is
Professor Eifman is
I've reached my limit! You'll pay for this, Gundam!
We're withdrawing.
What, why?
Let me have a little fun, Bro!
It'll be over in a flash.
I'll destroy, trample, and annihilate every last one of them!
Go, Fangs!
You don't scare me!
I'll show you, Gundam!
This is the power of a Flag!
I'll be done for at this rate
just kidding!
Howard Mason!
Sir the Flags
These are my Fangs!
Are you satisfied yet?
We're withdrawing now!
But, Bro!
We have our next mission.
Gundam Meisters are busy people after all.
Don't be rash!
How many times must you rub my face in the mud
They attacked a USAF base?
What was their objective?
We don't know.
Veda doesn't have the information either.
Doing as they please
Oh great. Now the negative sentiments against us are going to get even worse.
Are they Meisters?
Are they really Gundam Meisters?
Be careful, Louise.
Send my regards to your parents.
And also
Enough of that.
Uh, what?
Give me a kiss before I go!
Give me a kiss!
I can't do it!
Jeez, Saji, you're too uptight.
But that side of you is nice too.
Well, I'm off now.
Despite convictions and ideals, it is still human life that is lost on the battlefield.
Once again on this day, tears are flowing from someone's eyes.
Next time, "Spearhead of Evil."
Setsuna rejects the Gundam.
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