Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e18 Episode Script

Akui no hokosaki

It's It's the Devil!
I just can't get enough of this!
This makes it their seventh armed intervention.
They've been targeting nothing but military bases,
and they fight until there's nothing left of it.
Not to quote Allelujah, but I can almost hear the world's hatred for us.
Any contact from Ptolemy?
We're on standby. Thanks to those three, our plans have all gone to waste.
Ms. Sumeragi is desperately trying to modify the plans.
Is that something a Gundam would do?
So it's Italy this time.
Once again, the three new Gundams
were identified as the attackers.
Mr. President, it is clear that the interventions conducted by the new suits are of a different nature from the ones we've had so far.
It seems that we have awakened a sleeping giant because of that joint military exercise.
We can no longer hold out against Celestial Being on our own.
We need to strengthen our cooperation with the Union and HRL, and
And that will be enough to stop the Gundams?
So what are you saying we should do?
You're saying we have no options left?
Colonel, will the Gundams attack this place too?
The possibility exists.
That is if their objective is the destruction of the world.
You, as a Surveyor, did not know about the existence of the new Gundams?
I only know the information available at my current Veda access level.
Their team name is Trinity,
and the mobile suits they pilot are called Gundam Throne.
That's about all I know.
This is just my personal opinion, but I do feel that their actions are going a little too far.
Do you believe that the existence of Trinity is part of the original plan?
Isn't that the most logical conclusion?
After all, they do have Gundams in their possession.
Those Throne suits have control systems and armor that use the same technology as ours.
So they are of the same type.
But the GN Drive is different.
Different? The solar furnace?
Functionally, it works the same, but the core component doesn't use a TD Blanket.
There's a limit on how long the drive can operate.
You could say it's a counterfeit solar furnace.
Someone stole Celestial Being's technology and built Gundams with it
But how?
The plans for the solar furnace can only be found inside Veda.
That means
Someone hacked into Veda?
That's not—
Chris, nothing is absolute.
Even if that were true, it would take a long time to construct the solar furnaces
But at the very least, it's certain that we have a traitor in the organization.
So it seems
Level 3 clear.
Level 4.
Level 5.
Some data located in the Level 7 region has been tampered with.
What's in this data region?
I was denied access?
I'm not allowed to access this?
Just what is going on, Veda?
So, what do you plan on doing now?
If the world believes that Trinity is our ally, it will be dangerous for us to conduct missions now.
We have no choice but to observe them and gather enough information to come up with a plan.
Guess we'll have to rely on Wang Liu Mei.
Mistress, regarding the bio data of the Trinity pilots sent to us by Ptolemaios,
I could not locate a match for them.
Continue with the investigation.
As you wish.
The Trinitys certainly do things recklessly,
but if that's what it takes for the world to change
Howard Mason.
He really respected you.
He believed that you being the test pilot was the reason why the Flag was chosen as the new main battle suit.
I just agreed to being the test pilot because I believed that the Flag had the best performance.
Not to mention, during the mock battle to test its performance, I—
That was just an unfortunate accident, Sir!
Sir, he told me this,
"It's thanks to the Lieutenant that I was able to become a Flag Fighter."
"Now I can fly together with him."
I see.
Sounds like he loved the Flag more than I do.
In that case, I swear to you, Howard Mason,
that I, Graham Aker, will defeat the Gundams with my Flag.
Thank you for taking the trouble to meet in such a place.
It's better than meeting near the base.
Anyway, where's the payment?
Go on.
I heard that you saw the new Gundam models during the joint military exercise in the Taklamakan desert.
Yeah, I did.
Did you just see them?
I accidentally overheard the pilots' conversation.
My Realdo was shot down by a Gundam.
While I was awaiting rescue, I came across it.
Haro, report to Ragna.
Sure, Nena! Sure, Nena!
I couldn't see through the helmet visor, but judging by the physique and voice, it was definitely a young woman.
So she was telling someone to report to this "Ragna"?
I may have heard it wrongly.
But that's as much as I know.
Have you told the military about this?
No, I didn't report it.
I figured someone like you would pay a high price for it.
Could you keep this story secret for the time being?
That would cost extra.
I'll send it to you in cash later on.
Thank you.
Now I can have a nice party for my daughter's birthday.
Report to Ragna
Is it a name?
A code?
It seems this is worth looking into.
Father, I too will seek out the facts and connect them
And then uncover the truth.
May the two of you be happy.
Thank you, Mrs. Halevy.
Hi, Saji, how are you doing?
I'm at work now.
I'm totally exhausted now from working so many shifts.
How about you?
It's pretty exciting here.
The bride is really pretty!
And the food is great too
Huh, it disconnected?
Oh well. I've almost saved up enough money!
Just a bit more to go!
Hey, we have a delivery.
Got it!
Jeez, what's going on?
Those lights Are they?
Amazing! It's the first time I've seen them in person!
Ragna has sent us our next mission.
Heading towards the target point.
Not again!
No way! We've been working nonstop recently.
Bear with it.
It's for the sake of eradicating wars.
Oh, damn it!
What's that?
Having fun while others are working their butts off!
You people don't understand a thing.
The world is about to change.
Look there!
A mobile suit?
Isn't that a Gundam?
Why don't you just die?
Nena, what are you doing?
Sorry, I pressed the wrong switch.
You're just tired from the long mission hours, right?
Stop doing things on your own.
Trinity attacked civilians? What's going on?
Perhaps there were war-inciting elements among those people?
That doesn't seem to be the case.
There's no records of this in the Trinitys' mission data present in Veda.
They attacked those people for no reason?
That's just
What the hell are they doing?
Are they just playing around?
Attacks on civilians.
By Gundams?
Terrorist attacks again?
By a mobile suit, it seems.
I bet it's the Gundams.
The number you have just dialed—
What's going on?
Is she being held up by her parents?
Louise Halevy, the international exchange student?
Yes, she hasn't come to school for three days.
Your girlfriend?
Give me a second.
Is something wrong?
Ms. Halevy was involved in an accident in Spain and is now hospitalized.
An accident? What?
I don't have any details, but there's a note filed for her absence.
Please tell me the name of her hospital!
Spanish health resort According to survivors, the attacks were conducted by Gundams.
No way
Hey, what are you doing here at this time of the day?
Katagiri, why are you here?
Aren't you supposed to be hospitalized—
This Custom Flag can't get its maintenance done without me.
After all, it was painstakingly fine-tuned by Professor Eifman.
Don't push yourself.
I can't do that.
Just as you have things you refuse to give up, so do I.
How stubborn.
Not as much as you.
I thought about it.
Perhaps Professor Eifman was the real reason why the Gundams attacked Overflags headquarters.
The professor was close to discovering the nature of the Gundam's power generator and the special particles.
Having somehow gotten hold of this information,
Celestial Being planned to assassinate the professor under the pretext of an armed intervention.
There's a spy in the military?
It's illogical to assume that there isn't.
A mobile suit believed to be a Gundam has been spotted over Iowa at point F3988!
The identified suit has been determined to be one of the new models that appeared during the joint military exercise.
The only thing that's located around that area is
The Iris Corporation's military factory!
The 6th Anti-Air Battalion and the
That can't be!
Even though it's a weapon factory, the workers are all civilians!
I repeat.
A mobile suit believed
Katagiri, can this Flag fly?
Graham, going ahead.
It's too reckless to go out on your own!
And I shall overcome reasoning with my recklessness!
A suit is closing in.
This speed
So it's one of the new ones after all!
Not bad.
No matter how big the gap is in performance
Today, I am
a being that surpasses even the Asura!
What the—?
Th-That's impossible!
That one was for you, Howard.
I can't believe my body can't even take a few Gs
Those Trinitys are at it again.
What did they do?
They attacked the Iris Corporation's weapons factory causing the deaths of over 800 people.
Those workers were all civilians.
This is no different from indiscriminate terrorist attacks.
The critical lifeline of this entire plan, the quantum information processing system
If someone did hack Veda,
then we must proceed with the plans, but without Veda.
That's impossible!
From Billy?
Professor Eifman passed away?
An attack by the Gundams?
Sumeragi, terrible news!
What happened?
Louise was hurt?
Flying off to Spain?
Hey, you, running here is dangerous!
Saji why?
I heard you were in an accident.
I'm sorry I took so long to get here.
Aren't you ditching school?
Who cares.
But I'm glad you seem all right.
I'm so relieved.
Oh, right. This isn't a get-well gift or anything
What's that?
Remember this? It was the one you wanted earlier.
I worked during the test break,
and finally saved up enough.
Please accept it, Louise.
It's pretty.
Louise, I like
I like—
I'm sorry, Saji.
You went through so much trouble to get it
And it's really pretty
But I can't wear it anymore.
I can't wear it.
No way
I'm sorry, Saji.
Louise lost her parents and relatives during the accident.
Please don't upset her.
I don't know about eradicating wars or whatever, but people get hurt in battles.
Even if we heal the wounds to the best of our ability, we can't do anything for their hearts.
Eh? Aren't the Halevys that famous, wealthy family?
I heard they were attacked by the Gundams.
And the whole family was wiped out.
That's awful
Maybe they were secretly involved in wars?
But they were just civilians!
Looks like our work is going to get busier.
To think that there was someone whom even Big Bro has trouble handling.
"Unpreparedness is one's greatest enemy."
I was impressed, though.
This particle beam is
A Gundam?
Gundam Exia?
Exia, targets sighted.
Three Gundam Thrones have been determined to be war-inciting targets.
Beginning armed intervention.
Exia, exterminating targets.
The one you must exact revenge upon is right beside you.
Having attained that truth, Lockon Stratos seizes his fury and a gun into his hands.
Next time, "Bonds."
The person he wants to shoot is
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