Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e19 Episode Script


This particle beam is
A Gundam?
Gundam Exia?
Exia, targets sighted.
The three Gundam Thrones have been determined to be war-inciting elements.
Beginning armed intervention.
Exia, exterminating targets.
What the hell are you doing?
We're your allies!
The three of you
Those suits
You are no
H-Hey, what do we do now, Johann?
Can you hear me, Exia pilot?
Why are you interfering with us?
We are fighting to eradicate wars—
You're no Gundams!
Have you gone mad, Exia?
Michael, fight back.
Roger that, Johann!
I still have more!
What's going on?
Tieria Erde?
Virtue, destroying targets.
Exia is fighting with the Thrones?
It seems Virtue has just joined the battle.
Tieria too?
Gundams fighting one another will only cause mutual destruction.
I think it's fine.
Trinity's methods are disgusting.
And he's such a nice guy too
But isn't it possible that their actions are part of the plan
Then our current actions might also be included in the plan.
An urgent encrypted communication from Lockon Stratos.
He's requesting orders.
Tell him to stop the battle if he can.
But exercise prudence depending on the on-site situation.
Yes, Sir.
Aren't you just telling him to do whatever he wants?
Your reputation as a strategic analyst is suffering.
Yeah, it is.
What about you, Allelujah?
Are you heading out?
I'll stay here to protect the Ptolemaios.
Now that this has happened, it's not safe here either.
Although I'm trying to hold myself back from heading out with them.
Jeez, that kid is such a troublemaker.
You didn't stop him! You didn't stop him!
Oh, you were watching?
But thanks to him, Ms. Sumeragi has finally made up her mind.
And I understand Setsuna's feelings too.
He's trying to become a Gundam.
The very embodiment of the eradication of conflict.
What will you do? What will you do?
The truth is I'm ready for a fight.
Let's go, Haro!
Dynames, Lockon Stratos, sortieing!
I see. Exia attacked the new Gundams
Is it all right for them to be doing this?
Who knows?
Hong Long, I don't care as long as the world changes.
No matter what methods they use.
A battle between fellow Gundams.
That was faster than I anticipated.
We're moving into the third stage
There's no more room for turning back.
Formation S32.
A GN Field?
You bastard!
I never thought that someday we'd be in a formation together.
Me neither.
Exia and Virtue are in the process of engaging the Thrones.
They appear to be using tactical formations.
S32, D07, and even F52.
Tieria and Setsuna?
Nena, dock with me.
Do you really think I would give you the time to do that?
You can't dodge this with that maneuverability!
You're mine!
What's this? I'm losing control of the suit!
Systems down?
It hurts! It hurts!
What's going on?
Complete control over any suit linked to Veda
That is the true power of Gundam Nadleeh.
The Trial system for Gundam Meisters that was bestowed only upon me.
Johann! Nena!
You're not fit to be Gundam Meisters.
Therefore you deserve death!
What the—?
The Trial system was overridden?
What's going on?
Some data located in the Level 7 region has been tampered with.
What's in this data region?
I was denied access?
I'm not allowed to access this?
So Veda was
Another Gundam?
Dynames, huh?
Now it's three on three.
Let's promote fair play.
You're on!
Michael, Nena, we're withdrawing.
No way, Johann!
Gundams fighting one another will be detrimental to the plan.
Fine, I got it.
Running away?
There's someone you should be fighting before you fight us.
Isn't that right, Lockon Stratos?
Or should I say Neil Dylandy?
Neil Dylandy?
You stole my personal data.
We hacked into Veda and had a look around.
Level 7 information
Lockon, before you became a Gundam Meister,
you wanted revenge against some people, and one of them is currently beside you.
The Kurdish Republic's anti-government guerrilla organization, KPSA.
Among its list of members was Soran Ibrahim.
Huh? Who the heck is that?
Soran Ibrahim, codename Setsuna F Seiei.
It's Setsuna?
He was a member of the organization that killed your parents and sister.
The person you've vowed to exact revenge upon.
Seven Gundams
Mr. President.
We're left with no options.
If we keep on fighting and exhaust our military, our economy will go to ruin!
We have no choice left but to comply with their demands and disarm
Don't be foolish!
If we do that, we'll lose our national identities!
It's me.
What's the matter?
Someone claiming to be a member of Celestial Being has contacted us through the network.
Is that true?
He included some data regarding the organization.
We believe it is authentic.
I see, so there's an internal split.
It appears that God has not abandoned us after all.
Families of the deceased gathered around the former site of the Iris Corporation. The atmosphere is one of grief and sorrow.
The three attackers were identified as the new Gundams.
Their harsh actions were
Louise, I brought flowers.
I'll leave it here, okay?
Saji, you should go back to Japan.
You shouldn't skip school.
I'm happy you're here with me,
but you can't be here forever.
I can't leave you!
I can't go back and leave you here alone.
Your dream is to work in space, right?
I don't want your dream to go to waste because of me.
Even if we're together now, it will only be more painful later.
I'll always feel like a burden,
and you'll regret your decision.
That's not true!
Hey, can I entrust my dream to you?
Please fulfill your dream.
That's my dream.
So please fulfill my dream, Saji.
It's a promise.
You'll get sick if you sleep here.
Eh, you are?
Shouldn't guys introduce themselves first?
Eh, I'm Saji Crossroad.
I'm Louise Halevy.
Nice to meet you, Saji.
Going by first name already?
Can't I?
No, it's fine, but it's just
All right!
Sorry for the trouble.
I'm used to it.
So it's Laguna Harvey after all.
Well yeah.
He's the president of the Linear Train Enterprise and one of the top people in the financial world.
This man would have the money to build mobile suits,
and access to the space elevators at will.
So we should stop this investigation now.
Why else?
He's our company's major shareholder!
We'll all be fired if we continue to dabble in this.
That's why we're investigating it secretly, right?
I won't stop.
Since I finally found a clue
Is it true, Setsuna?
You were a member of KPSA?
So you were from the Kurdish Republic.
A teenage guerrilla fighter
Lockon, what the Trinitys said
It's the truth.
My parents and sister were involved in a KPSA suicide bombing and lost their lives.
It all began with the construction of the solar energy system and the international sanctions against petroleum export.
The world decided to stop relying on fossil fuels.
But the Middle Eastern nations received the bad end of the deal.
The sanctions caused national economies to collapse, and the people lived in poverty.
The poor clung onto God, and turned to those who spoke for Him.
They turned to the voices of those wretched ones who sought wealth and power.
Those petty reasons began the Solar Conflicts that lasted for over twenty years.
Calling it a holy war fought by those of God's land was just a self-serving excuse.
Of course the same was true of the United Nations when it unilaterally passed the sanctions.
But God and religion weren't at fault.
Neither was the solar energy system.
But even so, the world led itself astray.
I know all that.
I know that you were used by the KPSA and fought a war you didn't ask for.
But I lost my family because of that.
I lost everything.
Is that why you agreed to become a Meister?
Yes, it is.
I know that it's a contradiction.
What I'm doing is no different from terrorism.
Unable to break free from the chain of violence, I chose to fight.
But that's because the world needs to be radically changed to make sure these tragedies don't repeat themselves.
With an overwhelming force that could deter the world from fighting
The Gundams.
I'll atone for the countless murders after I've changed the world.
But there's something I must do before that.
Setsuna, right now, I just want to shoot you.
Let me avenge my family and lay my hatred to rest.
I believed in God.
I was made to believe.
So you're saying it's not your fault?
There is no God in this world.
Why, Soran?
There is no God in this world.
That doesn't answer my question!
I believed in God and learned that he didn't exist.
That's what he made me do.
That man?
KPSA's leader,
Ali Al-Saachez.
Ali Al
He was working for PMC in Moralia.
For a private military contractor?
So he turned from a guerrilla to a mercenary.
Isn't he just addicted to fighting?
I met him on the Moralian battlefield.
I see. That's why you exited the cockpit
I wanted to confirm that it was him.
I wanted to know where his God was.
If there is no God within him,
then what have I been
Setsuna, just answer me one question.
What will you do with the Exia?
The eradication of war.
If I shoot you, you won't be able to do that anymore.
I don't care.
As long as you take over the task and change this distorted world.
But as long as I live, I will fight.
Not as Soran Ibrahim,
but as Celestial Being's Gundam Meister, Setsuna F Seiei.
In your Gundam, huh?
I'm a Gundam.
This whole thing is so stupid, I can't bring myself to shoot anymore.
You really are a thickheaded Gundam maniac.
Thank you.
That's the highest compliment I could hope for.
So this is what it's like to be human.
I didn't expect the Gundams to attack us.
Those guys are nuts.
And I kissed him too!
Let's respect Ragna's orders.
Depending on the situation, we may end up fighting the Gundams again.
That's just what I want!
Many amendments to the plan have brought about dramatic changes to the world's balance.
Do people have no choice but to cry, fight, and die?
Next time, "The Blades of Change."
Who will this suffering reach?
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