Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e20 Episode Script

Henkaku no yaiba

What do you mean?
Her left hand can't be regenerated?
We found some abnormalities in the cells there.
According to the doctor, the Gundams' beam weapons may somehow be impeding cellular functions.
N-No way
That's no good, Saji. You have to go back.
Wait for me in space.
I'll be there soon.
In space
In response to Celestial Being's countless, atrocious acts of terrorism,
the Union, Human Reform League, and AEU are forming a military alliance.
We hereby declare the start of military actions under the UN's authority to neutralize the threat that is Celestial Being.
The three military powers have announced the establishment of an alliance under UN control.
This has given rise to the largest UN army in history.
The military leaders of the various nations will be meeting
It seems that the world is moving just as Celestial Being wanted.
to consolidate their manpower and resources
Was the intention behind their recent, extreme actions to force the UN to form a unified army?
in order to form the new UN army within the next few days.
That would be the logical conclusion.
Moreover, the warships and mobile suits that are currently under UN control consist of
The world is coming together as one.
three carriers, five cruisers
That's Celestial Being's objective
To negate conflict with conflict, and win peace
Is this the world you hope for Setsuna?
So the first stage of the plan has finally been cleared.
Although I don't feel right knowing that it was due to the Trinitys' actions.
This doesn't make sense.
The various nations are all getting their military bases wiped out by the Trinitys.
Even if they unified their armies, under these circumstances, nothing would come of it.
It will just increase the growing public apathy and disappointment.
There must be something behind this.
To be honest, I'm worried.
The Trinitys' existence was not recorded in Veda.
The fact that Veda's data was somehow tampered with worries me.
It's an encrypted transmission from Sumeragi Lee Noriega.
"The Meisters are to return to the Ptolemaios with their mobile suits."
All right, it's time for a strategy meeting.
We're returning to space.
So, what do we do now?
We have to see what the UN army does first.
It's you we're talking about. You can already guess, right?
There are some preparations to be made.
Ian, please take Lasse with you and retrieve the GN Arms.
Got it!
We're finally rolling out the GN Arms?
Well, it's just one unit for now.
The remaining members will prepare to receive the returning Gundams.
So it's finally time for the GN Arms to debut.
We're in a situation where we can't afford to withhold it.
Katagiri, how's the report on the beam saber from the new Gundam?
Now's not the time for that.
What happened?
It seems that Celestial Being had a traitor.
A traitor?
And he's providing us with mobile suits equipped with the same engines as the Gundams.
Thirty of them in total.
That's why they can afford to make such a declaration.
I see. So that's what it is.
We will probably be selecting pilots from the Overflag squadron for our share of the mobile suits.
And of course, Captain, you'll be one of them.
Sorry, but I refuse.
I'll defeat the Gundams with my Flag.
I pledged to do so in front of Howard Mason's grave.
But, Sir, the Flag's performance can't match the Gundams
A man never goes back on his word.
So this is the Gundams' central mechanism
According to the data, the official name is GN Drive.
GN Drive?
Our share consists of ten GN Drives.
Colonel, I will leave the pilot assignments to you.
Yes, Sir.
Colonel, please assign me as one of the pilots.
Of course we will.
But, Sir
I hear that the lieutenant's quantum brain waves have an effect on the shuttlecock Gundam's pilot.
As such, there's no reason why we shouldn't make full use of that.
I will give it my best!
It'd be troublesome if you didn't.
Yes, Sir!
The pilot candidates will of course be selected from the top guns of the AEU member states.
But should I include that man?
Colonel, it's me! Patrick Colasour!
What do you want, Lieutenant?
I was hoping to ask you out for dinner.
Lieutenant, the world is on the brink of a great revolution.
Don't you have any thoughts on that?
No, Madam, I have none!
Jeez, you really are something.
What do you mean?
Wait there. I'll go get changed.
All right!
JNN again?
Tell her I have nothing to say to her.
Very well, Sir.
It's tough being popular, isn't it?
It's nothing to joke about.
Anyway, I see that the delivery of the suits is going well.
I'm doing the job I was paid for,
President Ragna Harvey.
So, what's your business?
Let me get straight to the point.
I wish to have one of the new mobile suits that I'm helping to deliver.
What kind of nonsense is that?
Well then, let me into the Union or AEU.
I would like to request that you use your influence to get me into the army.
You were in the Foreign Legion, weren't you?
They call me Second Lieutenant Gary Biaggi there.
I've heard of your combat skills.
But why do you want to pilot that suit so badly?
I want to get back at someone who messed up my plans three times.
But more importantly, I believe that the demand for mercenaries will disappear in the near future.
Before that happens, I wish to find somewhere I can continue fighting.
Just how much do you know?
Oh nothing, it's just my intuition.
I hope that you'll consider my request, Mr. Harvey.
Those Celestial whatever really messed things up.
The investigation is coming up empty.
What should I do?
The president was in a meeting just now
Excuse me.
How may I help you?
I'm a JNN correspondent.
May I ask you a few questions?
A JNN reporter?
I don't mind, but I'm in a hurry right now.
Can we talk in the car?
Uh, that's
It's all right if you don't want to.
No, I'll accept your offer.
Ms. Kinue Crossroad, is that right?
I can't believe there are reporters as pretty as you.
You're too kind.
So, what did you want to ask me?
I apologize if I'm mistaken, but
Mr. Biaggi, were you meeting with Ragna Harvey, the president of the Linear Train Public Corporation, just now?
Yes, I was.
What did you talk about?
I'm in the transportation business.
I was confirming some details on a delivery with the president.
The president personally?
Is it a personal delivery?
Yes, personal.
If you don't mind, could you tell me what the content of the delivery is?
GN Drives.
GN Drives?
Is that some kind of equipment used for the linear trains?
No, they're engines used to power mobile suits.
Mobile suits?
The Gundams, that is.
You know about them, don't you?
That young Kurdish guerrilla fighter pilots one of them for Celestial Being.
Kurdish guerrilla fighter?
That little brat
The one who kidnapped him, brainwashed him, trained him in combat tactics, and made him into a guerrilla fighter,
was me.
I'm a warmonger.
I enjoy wars so very much.
I'm a terrible man who leads his life by following the most primitive human impulses.
Is Sis out in the field again?
It's me.
I took care of a rat who was sneaking about.
I didn't ask you to do that.
I thought it'd make a great propaganda piece for garnering public support.
You really are something.
Master Alejandro, you didn't have to come with me for this.
You went through a lot to gather this information.
I shall see it for myself.
And this is the Corner family's greatest wish after all.
Master Alejandro, you, or rather,
the Corner family, set this plan in motion many centuries ago, right?
But as long as Veda existed, we couldn't do anything.
Then, by chance, an angel appeared before me.
You are that angel, Ribbons Almack.
I'm merely repaying you for the gratitude I feel about taking me in.
But to think that we finally found its physical location
I apologize for having taken such a long time.
Ribbons, you truly are my angel.
After making us work so hard, now he's suddenly ignoring us. What's going on?
Don't ask me, Nena.
I don't think about such complicated things.
Yeah, I guess Michael is that type.
Don't make fun of me!
Stupid! Stupid!
Stupid! Stupid!
Hey, Haro. You wanna get cut up?
Stupid! Stupid!
Haro is an indispensable asset to Trinity.
I was just kidding, Johann! Just kidding!
Ragna sent us new mission orders.
The objectives are the same as usual.
We'll be launching in three days.
I've been waiting for this!
I've found you at last.
What? How did you get past security?
Who cares?
Now that you've seen this place, we can't let you leave here alive!
Put that away, Michael.
I've seen that lady over there before in Veda's database.
I'm honored that you recognize me.
My name is Wang Liu Mei.
I'm an Agent of Celestial Being.
This is my partner, Hong Long.
He seems like a nice guy.
Oh, really?
You've proven the value of your abilities by managing to find this location.
But may I know what business you have with us?
I'm merely here to present my greetings.
Team Trinity is a part of Celestial Being, just as we are.
As Agents, it is our duty to provide you with support.
What are you talking about?
We were attacked by your Gundams!
I have heard of that incident.
However, I do not belong to that side.
So you are assuming a neutral position?
No, I am one who follows the ideals of Aeolia Schenberg.
That's all I am— nothing more, nothing less.
I see, so that's how it is.
Very well.
Wang Liu Mei, I look forward to your support when we need it.
Of course.
And the location of this place
I promise to keep it a secret from them.
Take care.
Are you sure about letting her leave like this, Johann?
It's fine.
It's better for us to keep as many cards to hand as possible.
She's cute! She's cute!
Shut up!
Don't be jealous! Don't be jealous!
Mistress, was that really wise?
Celestial Being is opposed to them and
That doesn't concern me.
The Trinitys brought about change to the world.
Do you hate the current world that much?
To a point that I would rather see it destroyed than remain unchanged.
Exia has docked.
What's the situation?
No changes thus far.
Trinity hasn't been making any moves.
What's my punishment for disobeying orders?
Since when did we have those?
That's how it is.
Did something happen?
Who knows?
Sumeragi, the Trinitys have started to move!
Feldt, what is their attack target?
The only military base that lies on their route is in the HRL Guangzhou Military Region.
Observation tower to all personnel.
Three suits believed to be the new Gundams
are heading this way from S9788.
They are believed to be conducting a military intervention on
I'm still pissed off from last time.
I'll have my fun this time!
Johann, can I?
We're in combat now, go ahead.
All right!
Let's go!
Another one is coming!
Hit! Hit!
Don't falter! Concentrate fire!
Attacking from behind isn't fair!
You're just a bunch of cannon fodder!
Shit, you demons!
Let's finish this quickly.
Perform docking now.
Exia again?
No, it's not.
A formation of ten mobile suits?
Those are
They aren't Gundams!
What's going on?
But they are releasing GN particles!
Are those from Celestial Being too?
Choubu GN-X Squadron, proceed to attack.
These are our ten precious trump cards. Don't get them destroyed.
What's with this mobility?
What unbelievable performance!
This mobile suit is amazing!
What are you trying to pull?
Now we have nothing to fear from the Gundams!
What a joke!
No way!
I am your opponent!
Don't underestimate me!
What the—?
The mobile suit movements match my reaction speed.
This is the power of a Gundam!
How dare you destroy my Fangs!
We're withdrawing.
But, Johann!
No buts!
Stop right there!
We've done enough today.
But Colonel
Look at the base below you.
Those are
The base is heavily damaged, yet they
This is your first time experiencing it, right, Lieutenant?
This is what we call "the sweet taste of victory."
Trinity has left the combat zone.
They retreated?
What happened?
The HRL has mobile suits equipped with solar furnaces.
Solar furnaces
The data that was taken from Veda
This has now become a fight between Gundams.
Between Gundams
The world is changing so quickly.
I wonder what lies beyond.
This way, Master Alejandro.
This is Veda
Aeolia Schenberg's no
Celestial Being's core system!
The new mobile suits bare their fangs at the Gundams.
Is that a sentence against those who dare to dream of the eradication of conflict?
Next time, "Path of Destruction."
This is the world's reply.
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