Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e21 Episode Script

Horobi no michi

After examining her bio data, we have identified the victim as Ms. Kinue Crossroad.
Please confirm.
Sis! Sis!
Sis! Sis!
So this is Veda's physical system.
The brainchild of Aeolia Schenberg, or rather,
the foundation of Celestial Being's entire plan.
Can you do it, Ribbons?
I will need some time.
Time is of no matter.
The Corner family has already waited over 200 years for this day.
Chris, bypass Veda and bring up the footage of the squadron that repelled the Trinitys.
If possible, try to keep our channel—
The data channel is scrambled.
Download is complete.
Displaying the footage.
This mobile suit
It's definitely using the fake solar furnace
War is spreading.
Haro, have you managed to contact Ragna yet?
Nope! Nope!
Bah, the UN's new mobile suit Just what the hell is going on?
Johann, what are we supposed to do now?
How is the situation?
I have cleared up to level 5, and have started on level 6.
I see.
Would you like some good news to help pass the boredom?
Oh, so Ragna Harvey has finished distributing the GN-Xs.
I guess it means he has served his usefulness.
Hey there! Are you one of those Flag Fighters?
And you are?
How can you call yourself a soldier when you don't know who I am?
I'm the AEU's ace pilot, Patrick Colasour.
Ah, the first guy to be attacked and torn into pieces by the Gundams.
Don't open old wounds!
More importantly, where's the Union's top gun?
Senior Captain Aker will not be participating in this operation.
Eh, what's that supposed to mean?
Oh, I see.
It means he's feeling scared
The Union's ace isn't that gr—
What are you doing?
Don't badmouth the Captain!
I o-oppose the use of violence!
That's enough!
I apologize for my subordinate's actions.
I am First Lieutenant Darryl Dutch of the Union.
Colonel Katie Manekin of the AEU.
I will be in command of this operation.
Nice to meet you, Lieutenant.
Yes, Sir! I will give it my best!
I look forward to your success.
Patrick, come with me!
Hey, wait for me! Colonel!
I'll definitely succeed.
If I don't, I won't be able to face the captain after having left my Flag behind.
Sorry for pushing you so hard!
Oh, just what I needed.
Thank you!
And you too, Feldt.
I'm just doing my job.
How's the system rebuild progressing?
We're about 80% done.
But is it really okay?
If we cut off Veda's backup connection to the Gundams, the strain on the pilot will be
Hey, isn't this alcohol?
Oh, I'm sorry.
You've become more cheerful recently, Feldt.
Oh, is that so?
Yes it is.
Keep it up! Keep it up!
Well, just hold on a bit longer, all right?
Yes, Sir!
Judging from the situation, it is certain that Veda's system is being used by others
But, can we really go against similar suit types without Veda's help?
Troubled by something?
Lockon Stratos.
Don't be so worried.
Even without relying on Veda's backup, we still have the Gundams and Ms. Sumeragi, the strategic analyst, on our side.
So you don't know about her past sins either.
I do.
Everyone makes mistakes.
It just so happens that in her case it was an extremely big one.
But in order to redeem her past, Ms. Sumeragi chose to fight.
Even as she drowns her half-broken soul with alcohol.
Being able to do such a thing is what it means to be human.
Lockon, you knew that I'm—
Both of you, Sumeragi ordered us to stand by in the containers.
Tieria, let me just say one thing.
Now that the situation has gone sour, cooperation between the four Gundams is more important than ever.
I'm counting on you.
You should be telling that to Setsuna F Seiei.
Well, I guess that's true.
Marina Ismail?
Come here, Soran.
The flowers are blooming even in a place like this.
With the solar energy, both the land and its people are returning.
I'm sure things will be better soon.
So please, you don't have to fight anymore.
It's all right now, Soran.
It was a dream?
Why Marina Ismail?
No, more importantly, do I want to quit?
Do I want to be stopped?
Colonel, we'll soon be arriving at the target point.
Choubu GN-X Squadron, commence the attack on Celestial Being's facility.
Once again, I shall taste victory
What the—?
They saw us coming?
We got one!
The High Mega only managed to take down one?
We were betrayed.
Or did he intend for us to die all along?
Ragna Harvey!
M-Mr. President?!
Throne, release docking.
We'll break through the center of the enemy's formation!
Good work.
Thank you both.
An enemy attack?
The E-sensor didn't react until now. That means
Both of you, change into your normal suits!
All personnel, prepare for Type 1 combat!
The enemy forces consist of 19 suits with fake solar furnaces.
19 suits
The enemy already has us in sight.
They really got us.
All four Gundams are to take off from the containers immediately!
Approach the target using formation S34!
The enemy squadron is approaching us from 0130.
They must think they took us by surprise, however
Opening container hatches.
Gundams, sortieing!
All units, formation S34 now!
Don't let your guard down.
Roger that.
My father was a freelance journalist.
There isn't a soul in the business who hasn't heard of Mr. Crossroad.
So your sister joined our company due to his influence?
My father was framed by the company he was investigating,
and he ended up in jail
I know.
Whenever we went to visit him, he would always say the same thing to Sis.
"If you seek the facts and connect the dots, you will uncover the truth."
I see.
That's why Kinue was so
Please, I want to know!
Just what was my sister investigating?
Even I can tell that she didn't die in an accident!
What was my sister investigating?
Kinue was doing a full-time investigation on Aeolia Schenberg.
Aeolia You mean
Yes, he's the person identified as the founder of Celestial Being.
I'm sorry, Saji!
If I had stopped her
We have visual confirmation on the Gundams!
So they prepared themselves for our attack?
It seems they have an excellent commander.
Who cares?
With our units being up to par, I have the upper hand with my spotless mock battle victory record!
GN Field!
It went through the field?
They're adjusting to my particle compression rate?
They're fast!
Firing at target!
Just a scratch?
They're good.
Two forward units are approaching Exia.
Let's go, Darryl!
All right!
Not bad!
Guys, it's our turn to shine!
Destroy them!
Impossible to evade! Impossible to evade!
Is our destruction part of the plan too?
That can't possibly be
You're just asking for it!
I haven't started yet!
The backup connection from Veda?
System error! System error!
System error! System error!
You've got to be kidding!
So we're doomed
What's going on, Exia?
We were asking for punishment.
This isn't funny!
We haven't accomplished anything yet!
Have I been abandoned by Veda?
The Gundams are moving strangely!
Is this a trap or are they
It's the same
Just like that time
Even though I'm piloting the Exia
I still can't become a Gundam.
Are you sure about this, Master Alejandro?
The UN forces' victory is necessary to unite the world.
As long as the GN Drives remain, we can revive Celestial Being at any time.
I'm a greedy man, aren't I?
I want both Earth and Celestial Being in my hands.
Gundams, system down! Veda is causing it!
Switch to our system as planned!
Yes, Sir!
Is this the end for me?
It's all right now, Soran.
It's all right now
I'm still alive!
I'm alive!
Move, Exia!
Please move! Gundam!
The system is
We're good to go!
Sumeragi, the Virtue's system is not accepting the switch!
Please, make it in time!
He's moving again!
What's wrong, Tieria?
The huge one is slow!
It's mine!
How dare you!
I'm not done!
The colonel's kiss is mine!
I am
My longstanding grudge!
Tieria, what's wrong?
One more time!
Wh-What the—?
The stored particle count is running low, but here I go!
Got you!
Retreat flare confirmed!
The colonel's kiss
I can't face the captain with this!
Is everyone all right?
Dynames, damaged! Dynames, damaged!
Lockon, injured! Lockon, injured!
Lockon is?
It can't be
He protected me
Lockon Stratos!
They've really done it.
Creating a backup system was a brilliant piece of strategy.
As expected from Sumeragi Lee Noriega.
Hurry up and retrieve Dynames and Virtue!
Christina, contact Moreno.
Yes, Sir.
Master Alejandro, I have cleared level 6.
Almost there
Almost there
Not a bad performance for a team put together on short notice.
Make the analysis and mass production of the GN Drive our highest priority.
Yes, that's right. I'll leave it to you.
Now our power bloc can fight shoulder to shoulder.
Call for a press conference.
The era of the Gundams is over.
Now the world will change.
A plan that began over two centuries ago has been derailed by one man.
Will this be the start of a new era?
Next time, "Trans-Am."
It is what lies at the bottom of Pandora.
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