Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e22 Episode Script


Ptolemaios, this is Lasse with the GN Arms.
Initiating docking sequence with the assault container.
Relative velocity synchronized with the container. Laser-guidance, locked on.
GN Arms, docking with Assault Container complete.
Thanks, your performance was impressive.
Pops, what's Lockon's condition?
Luckily his injuries aren't all that bad, however,
his dominant eye was damaged.
He's in the ICU now.
Dr. Moreno, how long will it take for his wounds to regenerate?
He's going to need a minimum of three weeks.
I think you already know, but once he goes into the capsule, he can't come out until he's fully healed.
Please start the treatment.
In the meantime, we'll return to the docks and perform maintenance on the Gundams
Hey, don't decide things on your own!
We don't know when the enemy will come knocking.
Treatment is a no-go.
But, you won't be able to snipe with those injuries.
Don't underestimate my teamwork with Haro.
Of course! Of course!
And if I went to sleep, there's someone who would be worried.
No matter how strong he seems to be, he's delicate.
Because I focused too much on Veda
I allowed him to get injured.
Because of me
We, the United Nations Army, are pleased to announce that we have
developed a mobile suit capable of matching the Gundams in battle.
We will establish a special task force consisting of these mobile suits, and initiate an operation to annihilate the Gundams.
The operation is code-named Fallen Angels.
So they've finally announced it.
They make it sound as if we developed them ourselves.
What's the status on my Flag?
As you can see,
we're pushing it as quickly as we can.
It'd be nice if you could wait a bit longer.
I'm an impatient man.
I know.
Lieutenant Colonel, all GN Drive compression chambers have now stabilized.
Start the engines!
Yes, Sir!
GN-Xs, activate!
We will now resume the operation to annihilate the Gundams.
GN-X Squadron, launch!
I won't let you escape this time, Gundams.
How is maintenance coming along?
The damage to the Virtue isn't going to be a problem.
And the Dynames?
It's no good.
The cockpit's heavily damaged. We can't do anything about it getting blasted.
We'll need to go back to the Dock and replace the entire unit.
Only three battle-ready Gundams left.
What's with "Fallen Angels"? You've got to be kidding me.
They're calling us angels that've fallen from grace.
Say, where's Feldt?
She's at the age where she worries about such things.
About what?
So dense
How long do you plan on acting like that?
That's not like you.
Get back to your usual, arrogant self.
I've lost it
I've lost my aptitude as a Meister.
If I can't directly link to Veda, then I'm no longer
Directly link to Veda?
Sumeragi, the Virtue's system is not accepting the switch!
Was the reason there was an error when we switched systems due to a conflict with Tieria's personal link to Veda?
But no human can do such a thing
I'm not fit to be a Meister.
Not fit?
Who cares anyway?
You've only lost the ability to link up with Veda.
Just think of it like you're no different from the rest of us now
Someone has taken control of Veda.
Without Veda, this plan can't be—
It can be done.
We'll still pilot the Gundams and fight for the eradication of all conflict.
But, the odds of success are—
Stop whining, and just do it.
There's a role model right in front of you.
An idiot who acts on what he feels with his entire being.
On what he feels?
Well, I'm off. Go back to your room and get some rest.
I'm sorry.
Ms. Sumeragi said it too. We all make mistakes. We're human, after all.
He's so kind, no matter to whom.
I want to eat meat!
I'm getting tired of all this canned stuff!
I want some sweets too!
How long are we going to have to run around like this, Johann?!
Our supplies are getting low too!
I would like for you to help us get back into space with our Gundams.
"With pleasure" is what I'd like to say, however
It seems like you're a bit too late.
A UN Army task force is already heading your way.
You'd best deal with them as fast as possible.
Michael, Nena, we're starting up the Thrones! Hurry up!
Lieutenant Colonel, the Gundams have been located.
Point E8590.
All units, enter attack formation!
Michael, Nena, the particle output of our Drives is running low.
Don't waste any of it!
Remaining power is at 30%
Sorry, Johann, but I won't go easy on these guys!
Go, Fangs!
All units, form up!
Now you've really done it!
Just die!
Attack again!
The Gundams are engaged in battle right next door to our country?
It looks like the UN's mop-up operation has begun.
Those units
They're not Setsuna's
Go to hell, Gundam.
Just because there's so many of you!
You expect to hit me with such an amateur attack?
I'll show you the power of a super soldier! Prepare yourself!
We're retreating!
We're the ones with the Gundams!
I won't let you go!
There's no need to give chase.
We destroyed their base of operations.
Their Drives will reach their operational limit sooner or later.
I've cleared level 6. I'm now entering the final stage.
It seems the Trinitys will soon reach their limit.
In that case, I shall enjoy this final show.
So the UN Army has finally launched an attack on the Trinitys.
To defeat the Gundams, the world is coming together as one.
So the purpose of our existence was to be destroyed after all.
Is this also part of Aeolia Schenberg's plan?
If that's true,
then for what purpose do the Gundams exist?
Gundams are mobile suits meant to eradicate war.
But the Trinitys only added to the conflicts, and even created the UN Army
Are those things a Gundam should do?
Are they?
Setsuna, the UN Army's assault on the Trinitys is clearly a conflict.
An armed intervention is necessary.
Hey, what are you saying now?
That's too reckless!
We're all exhausted, and they have control over the space elevators.
We were attacked last time because Exia and Dynames were being traced.
Silence is not an option for Celestial Being.
Isn't that right, Setsuna?
We might not be able to return to space again.
I'll go alone if I have to.
I want to find out for what purpose the Gundams exist.
I'll go along too.
The injured should stay in bed!
I'll go.
The assault container has the ability to exit the atmosphere if needed.
I'll be able to conduct a performance test on the GN Arms as well.
To split our combat force now is
Here's the mission plan.
There might be too many uncertainties for it to be of any help,
but make sure you return, okay?
I will.
The Exia has been loaded into the assault container.
GN Drive, connection to the Container confirmed.
Launch preparations, all green.
Setsuna, I hope you find your answer.
Commencing the mission.
Roger that.
Assault container, Lasse, heading out.
You can go if you want to, you know.
You're worried about Setsuna, right?
You're a fool.
What'd you say?
What does that mean?
Who knows?
A unit is entering the atmosphere? Whose is it?
We don't know.
However, Observation detected GN particles before the unit passed.
Understood. I'll be there as soon as I can.
Celestial Being, are you trying to save your allies on the surface?
My Drei!
Johann, what are we going to do?
I've asked Wang Liu Mei for passage into space.
Are you sure we can trust her?
What the hell?
An AEU Enact?
Light signals?
"I mean you no harm"?
Nena, stand by in your Throne.
So you're the ones having a rough time with the world at your heels?
Who are you?
I'm Ali Al-Saachez. As you can see, I'm a mercenary.
My sponsor has asked me to do something about you lot.
Reinforcements? It's only one unit!
Who sent you? Was it Ragna?
Oh, you mean Ragna Harvey?
The fellow's dead.
I killed him.
Your time is up.
You bastard!
R-Run, Nena!
What beautiful sibling love.
How about you get into your suit?
It's no fun fighting you like this.
Good boy.
Johann Michael's!
We'll avenge him.
That's impossible!
Zwei can't move without Michael's biometrics!
Was he able to rewrite it using Veda?!
It's a bit hard to use since I'm not used to it yet!
But once I figure out the weapons system, it’ll work out somehow!
Why are you attacking us?
I'm told you're just a sacrifice!
That's not possible!
You have my pity! I feel so sorry for you!
We are Gundam Meisters!
We fight to change the world!
Shut up already!
You're getting annoying.
Go to hell!
It can't be
We were created to become Meisters.
That's all we've lived for
GN particles are so pretty, don't you think?
Right, little girl?!
What the—
Get out of my way, Kurdish brat!
Ali Al-Saachez?!
Why are you in a Gundam?!
Level 7, cleared.
We have complete control over Veda.
Is that so? At last
So you were there after all, Aeolia Schenberg!
To go into a cryogenic sleep with no guarantee that anybody would ever wake you just to see the world change.
However, it pains me to say that you will never see the world's rebirth.
The united world you dreamed of,
and its deterrent, Celestial Being; I will inherit them both.
Yes, the one to change the world will be me, Alejandro Corner.
Ribbons, what is this?
If you have come here with hostile intentions,
to my own disappointment, it seems the world has not become what I wished it to be.
A-Aeolia Schenberg
A system trap?
Mankind is still foolishly favoring battle, and leading the world down the path of destruction.
Come on! Is that all you've got?!
A man like you should not be in a Gundam!
Like I need your permission!
However, I still have faith in mankind.
And I would like to entrust power onto you.
His aim is too accurate!
This Gundam thing is great! Here I come!
The world,
Gundam. This is an insane weapon! War's only going to get better!
That's what your Gundam is for too, isn't it?!
You're definitely wrong!
My Gundam's
This is the end for you!
must change!
What, where did he go?
What's with that speed?
I can't hit him!
He got behind me?!
What is that?
The Exia became red?
This Gundam
To those who possess the GN Drive.
I do not know if you have inherited my will.
Aeolia Schenberg?
However, I wish to entrust to you my final hope, the full potential of the GN drive.
I pray that you will continue to fight for true peace, the end to all wars.
Not for Celestial Being,
but of your own free will, along with the Gundams.
I don't know what kind of trick you used!
I can't possibly
What the hell? What the hell is that?!
Trans-Am System?
This is
They wanted to change the world and the minds of the people,
but against those wishes, they now yell.
Next episode: "Stopping the World."
An unending resonance rings out in the pitch black sky.
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