Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e23 Episode Script

Sekai o tomete

What the—? What the hell is that?!
Trans-Am System
I've been entrusted with it
What's this function present in the Gundam?
There's nothing in the data on it.
It was probably integrated into the GN-Drive blackbox from the start.
Also, it appears that all the data on the Meisters has been completely erased from Veda.
Are you saying that Aeolia Schenberg predicted my alterations to the plan?
As if I'll be played any further by that arrogant idealist who plays God?!
Assault container, commencing attachment to the Ptolemy.
Tail Booster, storage complete.
We need to finish maintenance before the enemy arrives. Let's hurry.
Roger! Roger!
By releasing all the higly compressed particles accumulated in the unit,
it allows an energy output three times that of its specifications.
A function only given to the original solar furnaces
The Trans-Am System.
Heh, that old man sure left us a nice gift.
After using the Trans-Am system, the performance drops significantly.
Truly a double-edged sword.
There's an encrypted transmission from Setsuna.
Open the line.
Exia, acknowledging the order to return to the Ptolemy.
I have something to report. The mobile suits with the fake solar furnaces on Earth have all gone into space.
So they're coming.
Also, one of the Gundam Thrones has been captured by the enemy.
By the UN Army?
The pilot who took the Throne is Ali Al-Saachez.
Ali Al-Saachez
That bastard's coming here.
How far does he plan on thwarting me?
Who is he?
I heard he's a mercenary.
Will we finish resupplying or will the UN Army get here first?
Either way, Lagrange 1 will become a battlefield.
Even supplying spare parts, how nice of them.
So it was you who captured this Gundam?
I'm Sergei Smirnov, captain of the Special Task Force Choubu.
To think that the "Wild Bear of Russia" would greet me personally
Second Lieutenant Gary Biaggi of the French Foreign Legion's 4th Independent Mobile Suit Squadron.
I'll be participating in the operation to annihilate the Gundams.
I'd really like to hear how you were able to capture that Gundam.
Let's keep it a secret.
Distance to visible battlefield, 2000. All personnel to level 1 battle stations.
Mobile suit squadron, prepare to sortie.
The time has finally come, Howard.
I repeat. Distance to visible battlefield
Have you found your answer, Setsuna?
I don't know.
But, I
We have been entrusted something by Aeolia Schenberg.
In that case, I will choose to fight to eradicate all conflict,
along with my Gundam.
To be honest, I've never thought we could end all conflict.
But whether our absurd actions are good or evil,
they've been engraved into people's hearts.
I think that perhaps the fact that we,
Celestial Being, exist is what matters.
That we exist?
Humans only truly understand something by experiencing it.
Ptolemy has spotted the UN Army fleet.
The approaching enemy vessels have been identified as three Union Virginia-class heavy transports.
Distance to visible battlefield, 4200.
Ptolemy will retreat using the mining satellites.
Kyrios, Virtue, ready for defensive battle.
Dynames, stand by in the Ptolemy.
Hey, hey. Come on.
They even put the locks on?
Don't you think that's a little too much?
He's not the kind to listen to words.
He saved me in the previous battle.
That's why this time I'll protect him!
Kyrios, stationed in the linear field.
Kyrios, Allelujah Haptism, moving to intercept.
Mobile suits are launching from the transports.
Virtue, Tieria Erde, taking off.
There are 26 fake GN Drive powered mobile suits.
There's a Throne within the enemy squadron!
To all pilots: only 2 Gundams have launched.
Respond with formation 245. We will surround them and exterminate them.
Colonel, look forward to my performance.
I'll do it. I'm gonna do it!
It looks as if everyone's pretty cheery.
So they came
Commencing preemptive strike!
What? New equipment?!
Don't get cheeky!
Thanks to the Tail Booster, maneuverability has increased!
All units, don't break formation!
We'll take them both down with Plan E.
Our attacks aren't working!
Leave it to me!
A Throne?!
Go get them, Fangs!
You can do whatever you want with him.
A direct hit?!
M-My head!
Test Subject E57!
Soma Peries?
Kyrios, Tail Booster damaged.
He's fighting a mobile suit that appears to be piloted by the super soldier.
Virtue, suffering attacks from enemy mobile suits.
Tell the Gundams to retreat.
Bridge, do you read? The Dynames
Dynames, sortieing!
I'm going to repel the enemy ships with the GN Armor.
Meaning, I'm following your tactics.
But in that condition
Haro! Sorry, but you're coming with me
Roger! Roger!
Ali Al-Saachez!
Lieutenant, now!
Die, Gundam!
My head
I've cut off the quantum brain waves.
Kill them all, Allelujah!
What's that light?
A new weapon?
The particle count
You've sure done it, Gundam!
Enemy unit approaching at high speed!
GN Armor?
Lockon Stratos?!
Concentrate your fire on the new unit!
Sorry, but I can't snipe you down right now.
I'll just have to overpower you!
Commence the attack! Commence the attack!
Moving to take out the transports.
Lockon, in the shape you're in
I appreciate the care,
but right now, I will fight!
It's too fast!
Shit. The Trans-Am's time limit
They retreated
You went too easy on them.
Kyrios, Virtue, leaving Trans-Am mode.
Performance has dropped until particle recharge.
What about Lockon?
He has broken through the enemy mobile suits and is commencing an assault on the enemy transports.
Please hurry, Setsuna.
Save him.
Enemy mobile armor approaching!
Respond with the linear cannon.
Taking out the command ship in a single shot!
The Norfolk has sunk!
The mobile suit squadron isn't here yet?!
180 seconds until arrival!
This is the end!
That's a Throne.
Ali Al-Saachez?!
Because of my dominant eye!
Saachez of the KPSA!
Heh, you heard it from the Kurdish brat, didn't you?!
Were you the one who ordered the terrorist bombings in Ireland?!
Why do something like that?!
I'm a mercenary. Besides
It's obvious that the Middle East would be against the construction of the AEU's orbital space elevator.
You involved innocent people!
We're not so different, Mr. "Terrorist who claims to eradicate war"!
I'll accept my punishment after I defeat you!
Setsuna, I've confirmed the point.
Release docking.
I'm heading to the battlefield with Trans-Am.
I'll never forgive you!
You're the embodiment of what gives birth to war!
Oh, shut up! You're the same as me!
Don't compare me with the likes of you!
I will change this world
Enemy approaching! Enemy approaching!
There you are, Gundam!
This is revenge for Howard!
Don't get in my way!
I'm a Union Flag Fighter!
So you can't see your right side, eh?!
Lockon! Lockon!
I can't see!
Damage critical! Damage critical! Damage critical!
Unable to fight! Unable to fight! Unable to fight!
That didn't finish him? He's a stubborn bastard!
Haro. Take the Dynames back to the Ptolemy.
Lockon! Lockon!
That's an order.
Lockon! Lockon!
Don't worry,
I'll come back alive.
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Take care of the solar furnace.
See ya, partner.
The Trans-Am's time limit
Shit! Where the hell is he?!
What the hell am I doing?
But still,
if I don't do this,
if I don't take revenge,
I can't move forward.
I can't face the world.
An organism has been detected.
That's why
I'm sniping you down!
I know
Even if I do this, nothing might change.
Things won't be like they used to be.
Yet, from now on
the future
the future Lyle will live in
Did you find your answer?
The GN Arms!
But still, you guys
Are you really satisfied with this world?
I'm not.
Kyrios and Virtue, both in good shape!
Dynames found!
He's entered a return route for the Ptolemy.
Everyone's okay!
Yes, thank god!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
What's wrong, Haro?
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
No way
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
It can't be
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
It can't be!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon Stratos
Are those that seek a thoughtless hope only foolish knights that challenge a windmill?
Even so, they will remain here.
Next Episode, "Endless Poem."
Is life the cost of innocent hope?
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