Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e24 Episode Script

Owarinaki uta

Let me introduce the new Gundam Meister.
His code name is Setsuna F Seiei.
He will be the pilot of the GN-001.
Wait a minute, Sumeragi.
He's still a kid.
He passed the pilot qualification test.
Did Veda select him?
Of course.
That's hard to believe
I think it's perfectly fine.
It was our own decision to join the organization and become Gundam Meisters.
Age doesn't matter.
Don't you agree?
And you are?
My code name is Lockon Stratos.
I'm the man who can snipe beyond the stratosphere.
You wish to change the world with the Gundam too, don't you?
So do I, Setsuna.
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon Stratos
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon! Lockon!
Lockon Stratos
Mistress, we have received an emergency encrypted transmission from Ptolemaios.
What does it say?
They are being engaged by UN Army mobile suits equipped with the fake GN Drives.
That is all.
I see.
I wonder which direction the world will face.
The UN or them?
Stop it, Tieria!
You went down to the surface and divided our fighting strength!
Answer me!
Why did he have to die?
Why did he
The enemy is still out there.
If you have time to whine, then help out!
Feldt, I'm sorry! Feldt, I'm sorry!
It's not your fault, Haro.
I'm not blaming you Haro
I don't like this at all
Out of the 27 suits we had, only 11 returned.
We also lost the captured Gundam.
And the Gundams have displayed a new ability
Colonel Manekin, I recommend we withdraw from this area.
If we continue, we'll just keep losing men for no reason.
My sentiments are the same. However, UN headquarters has notified us that reinforcements are on their way.
Don't tell me they still have more units equipped with GN Drives?
I don't know.
But the orders are for us to launch a second wave when the reinforcements arrive.
We have detected a GN-X heading this way.
A survivor?
Identification match complete.
The pilot is Patrick Colasour of the AEU.
I'm sorry, Colonel. I got beaten.
To think I was worried That idiot.
The shuttlecock Gundam
He wasn't influenced by my quantum brain waves.
Did he install a jamming device?
Or is he
No matter what, I will finish him during the next battle.
I'm a completed super soldier.
I must not lose to the incomplete test subject E57.
I have set a few asteroids to release GN particles, as you instructed.
But will the enemy really be fooled by this?
At least it feels better than doing nothing.
The whole asteroid belt region is probably being monitored anyway.
But we have to try whatever means we have.
So what's the situation on the Gundams?
Kyrios can sortie if we remove the flight module.
Virtue will have to do without the outer armor and sortie as just Nadleeh.
I'm equipping it with specialized weapons.
How long will it take?
At least eight hours.
Please have it done in six.
Okay, got it.
Our only dependable fighting potential now are the assault container, and Exia with the GN Arms.
Our last hope, Trans-Am, comes with a time limit
Sumeragi Lee Noriega, please give us our next battle plan.
Are you saying you want to fight?
Of course.
If we manage to destroy all the enemy's fake GN Drive units,
then we will be able to regain control over the world, and the plan will be able to continue.
There's too much risk involved.
The enemy may receive reinforcements soon
I am well aware of that.
But this is not just my own opinion.
The Meisters are in consensus.
Allelujah and Setsuna too?
The will to live on.
Ali Al-Saachez!
That man killed Lockon!
My parents and sister were involved in a KPSA suicide bombing and lost their lives.
Let me avenge my family and lay my hatred to rest.
You sacrificed your life to take revenge, Lockon?
What's with you? You're afraid of dying?
That's an act of defiance against God!
Beyond death, there is no God.
I think that perhaps the fact that we, Celestial Being, exist is what matters.
To exist
is to live.
To carry the will of the dead and face the world.
Not by God's will,
but by my will.
Incoming transmission from 34th Observation.
They have detected four objects leaving the asteroid belt.
Order the squadrons patrolling the asteroid belt boundary to investigate.
Yes, Sir.
It's a diversion.
Yes, I think so too.
There's an unknown object approaching us from behind!
What is that unit?
Did we take that from Celestial Being too?
I see. So Setsuna and the others chose to fight.
You should be prepared too.
This is a bit scary.
But we have no other choice.
What are you doing, Feldt?
I'm writing a letter.
A letter?
Yes. To my parents in heaven, and to Lockon.
Feldt, your parents are
Isn't it kind of bad luck to write a will now?
No! I will live on.
I won't be able to meet them for a while, so I want to apologize.
I see.
That's the spirit, Feldt.
I made a promise with Lockon.
Make sure you keep that promise.
Maybe I should write a letter too.
To whom?
My Mama in the colonies.
She's my foster mother, though.
It's not like I have any good memories.
I ran away from home to get away from her, and got chosen by Veda
At least you still have her.
Yeah, that's true.
And what about you, Licht?
My parents were orbital elevator technicians.
They sort of died during the Solar Conflicts when I was a kid.
I guess everyone lost something.
And that's why we all joined Celestial Being.
Speaking of which, this is the first time we actually spoke of ourselves.
Well, that's because we're supposed to keep it confidential, so no use worrying about that now.
That's true.
How is Nadleeh's maintenance?
It's repaired.
Without the Trial system and with its low particle storage capacity, Nadleeh may not—
Even so, I will fight.
I have to avenge Lockon no matter what.
It's better if you don't get too worked up.
I can't do that.
Feldt Grace.
What's the matter?
I wrote a letter to Lockon.
Setsuna, do you have anyone you want to write to?
Not really.
I see.
You must be lonely.
He's the one who is lonely.
That's why you should keep him company, Haro.
Go to Lockon Stratos.
Lockon! Lockon!
Go find him, Haro.
Roger! Roger!
Thank you.
The E-sensor has detected enemy squadrons approaching.
Relative velocity, 0235.
Let's go, Feldt!
Distance to battlefield
How many are there?
13 of them!
But one of them appears to be exceptionally large.
Exceptionally large?
Displaying it on the monitor.
Sorry I'm late.
Is that a warship?
No, it's not.
a mobile armor equipped with fake GN Drives!
Incoming particle beam!
From that distance?!
Damage to the first particle compression chamber!
Reroute all the particle supply to the second chamber!
Yes, Sir!
Second shot incoming!
I've got it!
Launch the assault container. The target is the enemy mobile armor.
Assault container, sortieing.
Licht, move the Ptolemy behind a nearby satellite.
Roger that.
Kyrios and Nadleeh will sortie directly from the container. Defend the Ptolemy!
As planned, we will attack the spaceship simultaneously from two sides.
All units, use the satellites for cover to get close and deliver a fatal blow!
Yes, Sir!
All the glory will be mine!
Enemy closing in rapidly from the front.
Move out of the way!
Leave that to the others.
Yes, Sir.
We will settle this battle once and for all.
Enemy mobile suit squadrons are approaching from our left and right.
It's the Gundams!
I won't let you go any further!
You're the one to talk, semi-nude and all
It's still too early for Trans-Am!
What's wrong?
That suit is it's you!
I'm sorry, Allelujah.
I don't want to die yet!
Test subject E57!
Hi there!
Leave this to me.
We have entered firing range.
Commencing attack!
A GN field?
How does it produce such a dense field?
Then how about this?!
It's heading for the Ptolemy?!
What's this?
The Ptolemaios
Piece of shit!
The third docking container is destroyed!
Severe damage to starboard side!
Close the shutters for sector E02 to 68!
Sumeragi, the medical room
Don't leave without me, damn it!
No way
The system is malfunctioning!
The GN field has failed!
I'm heading to the assault container. They will be here soon.
Inform Ian.
How dare you!
What's with this guy?!
Nadleeh, eliminating—
I'm so lucky!
Not yet.
I can't die now!
For the plan
and for Lockon!
That sentimental bastard really got me into a mess!
It's still alive?
Please hit!
There's an anomaly with the Dynames's solar furnace.
Something seems to be wrong with the linkup.
But there's no such data
Hurry up and go! We'll be done for at this rate!
That was a lie, wasn't it?
You can tell?
Well, yeah.
There's one heading this way.
We'll hang in there!
I know.
I don't want to be scolded by Feldt again.
GN Missiles!
He's trying to get closer!
As if I'll let him! I'm detaching the container from the Ptolemy!
What's the status?
It's coming!
Chris! Licht!
Damn you!
Chris! Licht! Respond!
I'm fine.
I was with my parents
Half my body became this way.
I don't know
Whether I'm dead or alive.
I'm so stupid.
There was such a great guy right next to me all this time.
Yeah, that's right.
I really have bad taste, huh?
Yeah, really
Licht? Respond! Chris!
Chris, you're all right?! How's Licht?
Feldt, are you there?
I'm here.
Please try to be more fashionable, okay?
Live on, for Lockon's sake too.
Please change the world.
Christina Sierra!
The attacks aren't working!
Then let's get closer
and attack him directly!
All right!
You annoying ghosts of Aeolia Schenberg!
I, Alejandro Corner, shall make you into an offering for a new world!
You've got to be kidding!
Shit! Setsuna!
Exia, Setsuna F Seiei, exterminating the target!
The Kyrios destroyed,
the Nadleeh destroyed,
the Exia destroyed.
Life and death becomes one.
Next time, "Setsuna."
The pain from a wave of change born from destruction makes the young man groan.
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