Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007) s01e25 Episode Script


You annoying ghosts of Aeolia Schenberg!
I, Alejandro Corner, shall make you into an offering for a new world!
You've got to be kidding!
Shit! Setsuna!
Exia, Setsuna F Seiei, exterminating the target!
Setsuna, aim for the container!
You may just be able to take out those arms.
Roger that!
Did it work?
Not even a scratch?!
Going against the Alvatore with those toys.
How ridiculous!
Feldt, what's the status on the Meisters?
N-Nadleeh is severely damaged.
No response from Tieria.
The Kyrios's fuselage is heavily damaged.
It's currently engaging two enemy mobile suits.
The shuttlecock is hiding somewhere in the satellites.
With the unit in that state, it won't be able to run far.
I really screwed up, damn it.
Go away, Allelujah. You're useless when it comes to matters of life and death.
I will live on, even if it means that the blood of others will flow.
I will live on too.
I haven't heard the world's reply on what this fighting means yet.
Until I find out what it is, I will not die.
So you've finally decided to be useful.
Then let's show that girl what a true super soldier is.
There it is!
Entering attack course. Let's see you dodge this!
Hurry up with adjusting the axis. Attack simultaneously with the leg!
It's moving differently!
Why is that unit able to?
I'm different from before now!
Isn't that right, Hallelujah?
That weapon is just like the Throne's!
Setsuna, let's dock!
As if a GN Armor can
Deploying field!
Firing at target!
Nice dodge however!
We're going in, Setsuna!
Those fools never learn!
Fuck off!
I'm not done yet!
One more time!
Setsuna, vindicate our ex—
You bastard!
I-Impossible! A single Gundam destroyed my Alvatore!
I'm the perfect super soldier!
You really don't get it, girl.
You are not a perfect super soldier!
Super reflex ability is made possible by quantum brain waves
But your mind can't catch up with your reflexes!
You're just like an animal acting on its instincts!
That's not true!
That's why I can read your movements.
The fusion of reflex and higher-level thinking
That is what a true super soldier should be like!
That glow
So that's what they meant!
Goodbye, girl!
Do it now, Peries!
What are you doing?
Don't worry about me!
Fight on, Lieutenant!
I can't do that!
If the Colonel is gone, I will be alone.
Why are you?
Lasse, respond! Lasse!
What the—?
I should've expected this from a suit equipped with an original solar furnace.
To think that an inexperienced pilot such as you could cause me this much trouble.
So it's you!
You're the one who distorted Aeolia's plans!
It's all going as planned.
The only difference is that now I am the main character.
Yes, I, Alejandro Corner, am the main character!
Just what do you seek?!
Destruction and reconstruction!
The destruction of the world was brought about by Celestial Being's armed interventions,
and its reconstruction shall come in the form of a united world government.
And I shall make that world fall under my power!
So you want to rule the world?!
I am merely guiding it onto its correct path!
However, there's no place for you in that new world!
Return to dust and be gone, Exia!
Too bad for you, Aeolia Schenberg.
The one who will unite this world and guide it into a new era
is me, a man who lives in the present!
Is that Aeolia's system?
I found it.
I found the distortion in this world!
And you are the cause of it!
Reconstruction has already begun!
Are you still going to continue destroying?!
Of course!
A GN field
Setsuna, do you know why Exia is equipped with the experimental unit?
It's to counter GN fields.
Anti-Gundam warfare is part of the plan.
You will be our trump card if it comes to that.
We're leaving it in your hands, Setsuna.
I got it, Lockon.
I'm a destroyer who can do nothing but fight.
That's why I fight!
I fight to end all conflict!
You bastard!
The eradication of conflict through force.
That is what Celestial Being is truly about!
The field!
The Gundam will carry it through!
Along with me!
Yes, I am
We are Gundam!
Alejandro Corner, you made a fine clown.
This is no longer Aeolia Schenberg's plan; it's become my plan.
Ri-Ribbons you bastard!
I shall take over the future of this united world.
You bastard! How dare you use the Corner family like that
Dwelling on such foolishness is why you amounted to nothing.
Another one?!
A Flag?
With a fake solar furnace?
I missed you.
I really missed you, Gundam!
A beam saber?!
I shall avenge Howard and Darryl with this GN Flag!
This transmission
What? Aren't you the young man from that day?
It looks like you and I are joined by the chains of fate after all!
Yes, the fate to face each other in battle!
I finally understood!
Your outstanding performance touched my heart.
And beyond any doubt, this feeling is love!
But when the love is gone, what remains is hatred!
Much like how great progress can bring about internal strife.
If you know that, why are you still fighting?!
Asking a soldier why he is fighting is ridiculous!
You are warped!
No, you're the one who's misguided!
The existence of Gundams is!
That's why I will defeat you!
This has nothing to do with the world.
This is my own will!
Aren't you part of the world too?!
In that case, this will be the will of the world!
No, you're just projecting your own ego!
I will strike down the distortion that you represent!
Well spoken, Gundam!
Howard, Darryl, I avenged you—
This is not the end
The plan is still proceeding
At the very least, the solar furnace has to
Nadleeh has released its GN Drive
With this I can finally join you
No way!
Soma Peries was Marie?! You knew about it, Hallelujah?
You wouldn't be able to fight if you knew.
You'd be dead.
Well, it's all the same now.
I'll take my leave first.
It can't be
Marina Ismail.
By the time you read this, I am no longer in this world.
The eradication of conflict through force.
Celestial Being has given me,
one who can do nothing but fight, a reason to fight.
Just like that Gundam from my past.
I really wanted to know.
Why is the world so distorted?
What is the source of that distortion?
Why does malice still linger beneath the surface of people's thoughts?
Why do they not try to notice that malice?
Why do some people destroy the lives of others?
Why do people rule, and why are they ruled?
Why do they hurt one another?
And yet, why do people try so hard to survive?
I desired answers.
I thought I might have found them if I had met you.
You who desire the same thing, but walk a different path from me.
A path where people learn to understand one another and the answers it brings
I have desired them for a long time, alongside my Gundam.
Alongside my Gundam
Louise, it's been a while since my last mail.
It's been two years since I lost contact with you.
But I have something I really need to tell you.
I'm starting work in space this year.
Though many tragic things happened
But I managed to realize this one small dream.
So please let me realize another one.
I'll be waiting for you, Louise.
I'm waiting for you in space.
Isn't that the light from GN particles?
Whose suit is that?
That's not a Federation suit
The color of the particles is different.
Oh yeah, now that you mention it
That light
Yes, that light
a Gundam?
It's been one year since the United Nations was renamed into the Earth Federation.
With the approval of all 328 member states and the dissolution of the various national armed forces,
I am proud to announce the birth of the Earth Federation Peacekeeping Force under a united command.
When all national armies eventually disappear and our Peacekeeping Force becomes the world's sole army,
the world will truly be united.
We will do everything in our power to be the guiding force that will make it possible.
Mistress, did the world change after all?
Who knows?
Don't you like the current world?
I have great hopes that the world will continue to change.
It has begun, Innovator. Towards the future of humanity.
It must have been a tiring trip, Mistress.
What is the status?
One of them is ready.
It's being tested for combat readiness.
What about the other suits?
They will be completed on schedule.
If you don't mind, there's something I want to see
The first generation suit.
Got it!
This is the 0 Gundam.
The first mobile suit equipped with and powered by a solar furnace.
We've already tried moving its solar furnace for a test fit.
But its solar furnace didn't match either.
I wonder if Exia's solar furnace will work
The mobile suit that will change the world.
00 Gundam.
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