Modus (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 Inger Johanne Vik, psychology professor.
What makes a man a murderer? -A choice.
You feel entitled to exercise dominance over another person's life.
Your daughter is probably out on the street.
What were you doing out there? She's dead.
Stina, who is it who is dead? I'm not angry, I agree just not with you.
But it's not just about us.
We have promised each other that.
Stina? There now There, sweetheart.
There, there.
Yes? When? Okay, alone? Good.
-Ingvar Nyman.
The National Police.
-Hakim Hammar.
Where is Wettergren? -Christmas break.
-When will he be back? -Two weeks.
He's in Bangkok.
You don't think that there is reason to call him home? We did a physical examination.
One resolute cut straight in the chest.
The perpetrator was fucking lucky -or he knew exactly what he was doing.
It doesn't seem to be about either sex or money.
Bishop murdered on Christmas night.
There will be a shitload of media here soon- -so have plenty of people at the barricades.
-Have informed the relatives? Yes.
It's Erik.
Dad? -It's Mother.
-What is? What's wrong with Mom? She's dead.
-Huh?! What are you saying? The police say she was murdered.
I'll come over.
-No no.
You don't have to.
What is it? Hello, you have reached Isabella Levin.
It's fine to leave a message.
Can you check if there are passengers still on the ferry? All passengers must have left the ferry.
Are you okay? -No.
My partner is He might have gone by the back door -She.
Can you check if she was on the ferry? Unfortunately I can't do that.
Damn it, it's Christmas.
Her name is Isabella Levin.
-The TV chef? Yes.
Really What's her date of birth? 7 7 76 She hasn't checked in in Helsinki.
What? It was a return ticket? -With departure from here? -23rd.
She hasn't traveled to Helsinki.
Not with us, anyway.
Okay, thanks.
This is an extra news broadcast- -the Bishop of Uppsala, Elisabeth Lindgren, was stabbed to death last night.
The attack took place in the street near her home in Uppsala.
What are you watching? -Yesterday, she held a Christmas sermon.
Later on Christmas Eve at 22:55 she left the bishop's house Come on, Stina.
Come on.
Shall we wrap Dad's gifts? We will now go directly over to our reporter Malin Wallgren.
With her is Inspector Ingvar Nyman.
The bishop was found murdered near Akademigatan.
What can the police say about this? More than that, we don't know.
Members of the public are welcome to contact us if they witnessed anything.
-Nothing else you can add? -No not right now.
I felt Elisabeth Lindgren was an amazing person.
Very modern.
Well versed in today's big issues.
Was she popular? Absolutely.
But she got a lot of very strong reactions.
She campaigned for gender-neutral marriages openly, courageously.
It was an issue for which she was particularly criticized.
On abortion, she was a tough opponent.
She went a little further than that, didn't she? For Elisabeth, it was about the sanctity of life.
This applied to pregnancies that were a result of, for instance, rape.
Thank you, Sophie Dahlberg.
In the fall the bishop visited "Malou after ten.
" There, she told us about her faith adw her view of love.
Can you tell us what happened? Suddenly he just stood there before me in jeans.
Young and beautiful.
He had on a white crumpled shirt and sandals on his feet.
During adolescence of course we find ourselves in a kind of turbulence.
Life feels so overwhelming, and I was very lost.
Until that moment, actually.
But at that moment I immediately recognized him.
Who was he, then? -Jesus.
You say your life was overwhelming.
What do you mean? That's a matter between me and God.
We are all entitled to our secret place.
Why are you in such a hurry, Dad? This is an official residence and I have to move.
That photograph of mother as girl we had in the workroom.
Where's it gone? Elisabeth was very private, and it should remain so.
Hey, Ingvar Nyman from the National Police.
They said that the hearing could wait.
My father isn't ready.
I fully understand, I thought more about maybe I can answer your questions.
With all due respect, we don't need comforting, especially not from you.
What does he want? Ingvar Nyman, National Police.
I apologise if I've come too soon, I'm sorry for your loss.
-Do you have any questions? -Of course, but it can wait.
Yes -Yes, just one thing.
Where was your wife going last night? That's none of your concern is it? Okay.
Was there something more? -No.
Then that's that.
I apologise.
-No problem.
I'm glad we came here.
It's so sad.
Yes, unimaginable .
-Marcus? -Drop me off at the office? It's Christmas Day.
Yes, don't you have a dying horse waiting for you? You should be off.
I love you when you're so naive.
Come on.
Police are still looking for the person or perpetrators -who murdered Bishop Elisabeth Lindgren on a street in central Uppsala.
The police are still reticent about the details of the murder- but it seems at present that they have no clues as to the culprits.
Hello? Hello? Hey, Isabella? Hello? Hello, you have reached Isabella Levin.
It's fine to leave a message.
Stina! Linnea! Put on your coats! We have to hurry.
You know, Stina says that in former times beetles- -were used as medicine when you had a stomach ache.
She wants to take them to dad.
Can you find a box for them? Mom said we should put them back in the box.
Come on, dad is waiting.
He's not in a hurry.
My dad is never in a hurry.
No, that's true.
Come on, Stina.
So, did you bring the presents? - Stina, come on.
Stina, come on now.
-Do you have all the gifts? Yes.
Oh, God Stina, come now! Stina, we should have been there a long time ago.
Come on! Okay, call Dad and say that we'll be a bit late.
I'm sorry, honey.
I remember that your friend was here Partner.
We don't disclose information about our guests.
I'm sorry.
Every time we're in Stockholm we stay here.
-Don't you not know me at all? -Unfortunately.
But it's me who booked the room.
It's on my credit card.
So you can check it out, huh? Of course.
I see it now, but she hasn't paid.
-Yes, She paid cash.
She never has cash on her.
The receipt is printed, at 23:38.
That's not true.
I was talking to her when she was going to get a massage.
Then she would go to sleep.
Why check out in the middle of the night? I don't know.
The massage room is there on the right.
I will be there in a minute.
Yes, you wanted to know if your girlfriend had been here? -Partner.
-Has she left you? No, I'm wondering if she was here at some point? No, unfortunately.
She never showed up.
But she paid apparently when she checked out.
I do not know if it helps you, but when it comes to infidelity- -often someone related knows how it is.
You might want to start there.
-Regards to Grandma and the others.
You're welcome to stay.
It would be nice, but Will you take a look at the new pets sitting in there? What have you bought now? -A couple of turtles.
They love the animals They stay here.
I don't want them.
Don't worry, you will be charmed too.
-Sorry we were late -Don't worry.
Stina's happy, all is well.
It's nice.
By the way, I was going to ask for him on Facebook.
You can't go.
You can't go! It'll be really nice here You mustn't go.
-Stina, Come here.
Should I take her? Forget it, she staying here with us.
Stina, you should be here with dad.
You're supposed to celebrate Christmas.
Then you come to me tomorrow.
It will be good? You can't go.
-You go.
- Come Mom! Mom! Come on, honey.
We'll go in here.
Merry Christmas.
Uh I'm just wondering if you've heard anything from Isabella? I thought you were the man in the house? The one who kept order? -Not to be rude but I think she's missing.
Have you asked yourself why? Is she here? Is she there? Damn - Isabella? I want to share with you my feeling of Christmas, which is magical.
It smells good, it is beautiful, mysterious -Can you please go? -Sorry.
I know she was calling you on Christmas Eve.
I was hoping that you'd heard something.
We thought you had persuaded her not to go to Finland.
They actually asked if I wanted to come along.
But I have the dogs and they can't be left alone.
We thought she had stayed with you.
Without calling her children? On Christmas Eve? We have never really understood your relationship.
She texted the children that she wouldn't come.
"Something has come up.
" She would never do that, never.
Hello? Mom? -Aj! What are you doing? -Sorry I just came in.
They're not here either.
-What are you talking about? Dad was sure that he left his glasses here last night.
I haven't seen them.
What is it? I just left the girls off with Isaac.
Stina cried when I left.
It was horrible.
Isaac had to hold her, -so that she wouldn't run after me out on the stairs.
He didn't want me to bring her home again.
The other night I woke and the water was running.
She sat in the shower with all her clothes on.
She has been feeling good for a while now, but last night, she had nightmares again.
She screamed and I Do you think it's to do with the truck? I believe that in addition to Stina being as Stina is- -she is also entering puberty and it's tough.
And she needs you.
You're great.
Had I been half as wise when you were that age so But don't forget you have another little girl to take care of too.
It's not easy to be greatest when one is lesser.
No, I know.
There they are.
I told him he should have them on a string around his neck.
-Inger Johanne? Hey, Ingvar Nyman here.
It was me who drove you home the other day.
Yes, you left without saying goodbye.
-Sorry, I didn't want to intrude.
Well, I bought your book.
Can I check in with you after work today? If it's okay with your kid.
What a fool I am, it's Christmas Day.
That's okay, I'm alone.
Is it possible you saw what happened to the bishop? Yes, it's horrible.
She seemed to be such a fine woman.
In your book you write about murders of famous women.
Yes, I saw a feature about her on TV with old clips.
She talked about a secret room.
She didn't mean physically- That was when she was young But it still seemed to mean something to her.
Why else would she mention it? -So what are you thinking? That if you want to come here it would be best after eight o'clock.
Hey, how is she now? She's good, a little tired maybe.
Why? She was cracking up when I left.
She calmed down when you texted and said you were home.
We've had a super cozy time.
The whole family was here.
Too bad you were not here.
Everybody saw you on TV.
My mother sends her regards she thought you were damn good.
That's nice of her, thanks.
So we spoke about the cop who drove you home the other day.
-Did he behave or? -Isak It was my children he had in the car.
Of course I wonder -Regards to the girls, say that I would call soon.
Are you going to have guests? Bye.
Come in.
Thank you.
How is she, your oldest? -Good.
Or Stina has had a good period but suddenly we feel a huge setback.
-After the thing with the truck? It could be something completely different.
She can't put her emotions into words.
That's what gets so painful for her.
You didn't come to talk about my daughter, right? No, I've read your book.
Yes, you said that.
You write about the murder of famous women- and now a very famous woman has been brutally murdered.
We need your expertise.
As an external assistant.
You can work here or sit in the office with us.
It's up to you.
I suspected that was why you wanted to meet.
And it is very tempting.
My last case in Washington was a very unpleasant story.
A serial killer, it began with rape and only got worse.
I'm sitting on the subway and realise what his weak point is.
I want to call my boss at the FBI, but the phone has no coverage- I got off at the next station.
And the train went on.
I had forgotten Stina and Linnea were still inside the carriage.
They still talk about it actually.
Or rather, it's just Linnea talking about it.
A that point I decided that from then on- -I would just stick to research- -and skip the reality.
And that promise is being kept.
You, that inspiration you had in the subway- - "The weak one behind", wasn't it? Yes.
Well, it's me again.
Damn, whether you want to be in peace -or even if you have left me, I still want to hear from you.
I know I can be pain in the ass but Bye.
Don't start that again.
Come on, this is not about my ex, but my children.
I have to hang up.
I have ordered a massage.
Too late, now they are asleep.
But you could of course have asked them to call.
But you had guests? -Yeah okay.
You sound out of breath.
Had to run down to the studio and pick up a hard drive.
I wanted to listen to a recording of the evening.
-Did you leave them alone? Yes, so what? You leave them alone when you have to work.
-That was something completely different.
-Yes of course.
When it's your decision it's good when it's mine, it's bad.
I'm always a fool.
That was before the truck.
She almost died! She went out in the street and we have no idea what she was doing there.
You're right.
I should have asked them to come with me.
I'm just so worried that something is going happen to her.
What could it be? What could happen? I don't know, see you.
Strange story that about the TV chef's partner.
They talked just as she was on the way down but she never appered here.
Did she find someone new in the elevator? Stuff like that happens.
Isabella? Don't wake her, she's sleeping.
So, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
You, I'll take a taxi now.
The police were here.
'Oh? Why? They want to talk to everyone who was at Elisabeth's church service.
If we had seen anything strange.
-Did we then? -No.
I can't think of anything either.
But I'll leave now.
What the hell is this now? -What is it? It's the police.
Something seems to have happened right outside the Hotel Gloria.
Kiss Kiss.
If your daughter has seen him course he can have seen her.
If she had seen something as she had said it to me.
It would help us if we got Elisabeth's computer.
It's not here.
That photo you Having removed, who is she? It is none of your business.
Wait, he know damn not who we are?