Modus (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 Stina is not like other children.
Can not put words to their feelings.
That's what gets so painful for her.
How is the girl? She will be no problems.
Stina has had a good period of time, but last night, she had nightmares.
Dad? It's mom.
She's dead.
Do you have possibly seen it happened to the bishop? In your book you write about murders on famous women.
We need your expertise.
On 25 December at.
21 Stockholm Police found- -the 39-year-old TV chef Isabella Levin dead -in the basement of the Hotel Gloria.
An autopsy showed- -that she had been struck in the face and smothered to death.
Police investigations suggest that she had lain dead in the basement for three days- -after the brutal murder.
Levin was Swedish Television's popular chef -and advocated a healthy organic kitchen.
She leaves behind two small children.
Now to other news -Ingvar.
It's Inger Johanne Vik.
Have you seen the news? What bit are you thinking of? -The murder at the Hotel Gloria.
Isabella Levin.
She was there the night of the I had intended to call.
We have issues with some of the findings at the crime scene.
I'm in the hotel basement now.
Can I come by? -Now? Yes, if that works.
-I'll do that.
Mom, now I know what movie we can watch! Hello, sweetheart! Hi, honey! What animals do you it'll be fun to see? You must take some pictures, I haven't been there for a hundred years.
You should go now, Mom.
Have fun.
I'll come in for a kiss and say goodbye.
From Linnea that is Your mom will bring you over later then we'll have nibbles.
Have you seen the news? -No.
I'll get it.
Hi, I've to meet Inger Johanne.
Ingvar Nyman.
We met before Christmas at the Hotel Gloria.
You better hurry up if you want to Yes, of course, she'll be sitting freezing.
You too.
Come in.
Shall we sit here? Sure.
Well the victim had lain hidden down in the basement- -at the exit to the garage ever since that night you were there.
Maybe this was why she ran out barefoot? No, if she'd seen anything she would've said to me.
We have specially trained staff to handle the interrogation of children.
No, I said.
Can I show you some pictures? These are prints from there.
They are size 35.
I assume they are hers.
The size is just about right.
The footprints doesn't mean that she saw something But it was at the material time There can be absolutely no question of interrogating her.
My colleagues don't even know whose footprint it could be.
I found this in the basement under the stairs.
I do not know if it's Stina's.
Wait! He doesn't know who the hell we are? Yeah? -Feminazi! Shut that fuckin' kid up! Bitch! Mom, why are you rooting through our things? I'm not rooting, I'm looking for something.
What are you looking for? -Nothing.
Typical of you, mom.
Shall we go and watch an episode? You promised that we would have a home cinema day, and we've not seen a single film yet.
-Stop it now.
You are really really weird, Mom.
Will you help me with something? When we were at the hotel- -when Lisa got married and you saw the movie, was it scary? -With someone who died or something? You're strangling me.
Snow White? When the witch falls down the cliff and dies.
-Did you watch it? Did Stina watch it? I was sleeping, mom.
I'm sorry, honey.
Shall we watch an episode, then? No, two! Mom, Stina's mobile phone! Hey, you've reached Isak Aronson, leave a message Check this out! Hello? Hello? Dad? It starts in ten minutes, Dad.
It's St.
Stephen's Day, the sermon writes itself.
Stephen, the first Christian martyr and your mother's death.
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets- -and stone those who are sent to you.
How often I have longed to gather your children together, -like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings It's a memorial service for Elisabeth.
I know that.
Can I not just be left alone? I can't.
Stay home, Dad.
But you have to understand people will start talking.
Indeed, people will start talking? Hi.
We should just go.
I'll keep this brief.
It would help the investigation if we could get Elisabeth's computer.
-Then I'll get it.
It's not here.
I saw it only yesterday.
That's possible, but now gone.
Mom liked working at night- -the extra bed was so she didn't disturb father.
Where's the computer, Dad? Did you not hear what I said? It's gone.
No problem.
Our IT investigators can get into it by the back door.
However, I see that you've started clearing out after your wife, stop that.
-This is a murder investigation.
No, it's an official residence.
And I'll be moving out.
I have to throw things out.
It'll have to wait.
Do we agree? -Or? Or should we bring the law into it? Patricia! Have you been offered a role in an American TV series? Now we're here for Elisabeth's sake -You knew Bishop Lindgren personally? -Elisabeth married us.
Oh oh, Mom's called a lot.
-Is everything okay? Absolutely, what did you want? -The turtle, it's gone.
-Did you bring the turtle with you? What a noise, I can barely hear you.
What did you want? -Ingvar wanted to -Yeah, Ingvar.
What? -Nothing, What did Ingvar want? He said the that evening at the hotel Can you go somewhere where it's quieter? We were just about to go.
- Stina.
Where the hell is she now? What do you mean? Isak! Calm.
Don't get hysterical, she just couldn't find the turtle.
I'm not hysterical.
Can't you keep an eye on her? Don't worry, we're in a museum.
What can happen? Do you see her? Do you see her? Isak? I'll call in a little while.
-Have you lost my children? No, Mom.
I'm here.
Not them, the blue.
But it doesn't matter.
They must be blue! Stina? Stina? But why the hell doesn't he answer? Fuckin' idiot! I don't want to come with you.
-You must! But I don't want to! Stina? Stina? Stina? Stina? There it is! Nice, huh? Look, I'll call Mom.
Ouch! Damn - Hello? I found her.
Want to say hello? Yes, really happy to.
-Say hello to Mom.
No, it seems quite impossible.
We're going home.
Okay, call when you're at home.
Okay sweetie, we don't need to go.
Now we can watch the movie, okay? You really have to make up your mind Mom.
We'll go home instead.
We'll have to see that he eats something.
I can't.
He refuses to come to the memorial service.
He throws out mother's things, lie to the police, he's impossible! Cut it out.
They'd been together for over 40 years.
Maybe it's not so surprising that he's being a bit weird.
Do you remember the photo of the girl that was in Mom's office? -The one who looked like you? Have we talked about this? No, but I've thought about it.
Who is she? I don't know.
Sometimes I wondered if I have a sister.
You didn't ask about her? -No.
Why don't you ask him now? He took it away.
But then it's even more important that you ask.
Now we'll go up and see that he eats something.
We came to ask if you wanted to accompany us out to eat.
No, I found some crackers in the pantry.
Dad That photo you've taken away, who is she? None of your business.
Drive carefully.
I actually like my father.
-I do too.
But not as much as I do.
Two macabre murders of famous women left their mark on Christmas yesterday.
During Christmas night the bishop Elisabeth Lindgren was murdered- -on the street in Uppsala -and on Christmas Day TV chef Isabella Levin was found -murdered in the basement of the Hotel Gloria in Stockholm What was this, then? But, Mom.
It's meatballs Hi.
-Hi Oh, look.
Have you cooked dinner for me? That's for Dad.
-Is it okay if we sit here? Absolutely.
I'll just get the macaroni! If your daughter has seen him, -then obviously he could have seen her.
One of our cars will come by here periodically.
She's with her father now.
-Yes, We know that.
Yes, of course.
I have looked at Bishop Lindgren's website in Denmark -and she was the victim of a massive hate campaign.
Have you checked her emails and computer? It's probably at the bottom of a lake north of Uppsala.
But can't we go through the back door, via the providers? "We"? I'm delighted that you're with us after all.
Mom! She's a real little fighter, huh? How old is she? Seven? Eight? -Eight.
It sounds like you have one yourself.
Or I had.
She died a year and a half ago.
It was her heart That's terrible.
Are you going to work now or what? Yes.
Were you at the Bishop's memorial service? Yes, it was beautiful.
Too bad you couldn't come.
Can't I talk a bit more before you go? I took a test this morning.
It worked.
You're going to be a father.
But why didn't you say anything? It'll be in July then? Congratulations.
Congratulations to all.
What about me? Nice.
How elegant it is, that one.
I know.
We decided not give each other gifts this year.
Much can be said about your husband, but he is not to be trusted.
Did you see the coat he gave Sophie? Now she wants to give something back.
I might have an idea.
Do you have anything to do now? -No, I've to be at the theatre by seven.
They're going to have a baby! I hope it'll be a girl.
That's what I always wanted.
Yes, besides you of course.
That's not what I meant.
Can you lend me a little bit? I might need another.
Thanks, Mom.
It's only one police car driving past at times.
You won't even notice anything.
Is this what he decided? What's his name? Yngve.
It's an offer he made us.
For safety's sake.
Is he there now by the way? Pardon? Oh, whatever.
Stina has been out of sorts since we came home.
What do you mean out of sorts? Is she sick? A little warm, didn't want to eat but she's asleep now anyway.
Why didn't you say something? I'm saying now.
Don't worry, she just needs to sleep.
It's a teenage thing.
My dad says I slept for three years from when I was 12 until I was 15.
-Isak? Take care of her.
-Why do you say that? You've just asked someone else to do it.
Sorry, that was damn unnecessary.
I'm delighted that she is with you.
-Talk to you tomorrow.
You can give Marcus a trip for Christmas.
It's been a long time since I could lure him into something like that.
-Patricia, H! -Hi! Everything okay? Nice to see you! -This Is Rolf.
Go on, I'll just have a cigarette.
I'll stop when the baby comes.
I don't care, it's not me who'll die from it.
Sorry, I was joking! Can't you see his dick? What is this? One can take him home if you want in 3D -This old man in purple.
You could take him home to Marcus? -Glad that you've found us.
-No thanks.
Yes, it was just by chance that I discovered that my husband, Marcus Stahl -is very interested in your art.
The 3D statue there.
Can you print it now so I can take it home? No problem.
What material do you want him in? Metal, plastic, plaster, chocolate? I have to move on, but I'll see you later.
Yes, absolutely.
I love marble statues.
Nothing is hidden- but still, or perhaps for that very reason the craftsmanship gets in the way – -of the artwork itself.
So by setting out a real body, an experienced body- -I can get a more picturesque, erotic texture- -more true to life.
I love old bodies.
Could I take a picture of you? Of course.
-I don't want to.
Let's see.
And maybe smile a little more.
Super Fine, perfect.
Can I take one with you and Simon also? Is it okay with you if I go home now? I feel a little bad.
Don't worry, I know lots of the people here.
It's quite quiet.
I'm almost finished.
Can you just give me five minutes? Is there anything you want to tell me or? Patricia and I were at an opening tonight.
Is it him? Marcus, you've Googled his name I don't know how many times lately! -Are you spying on me? -I understand you.
He is both attractive and talented.
-Stop now! Rolf, come.
Come and sit.
I Googled him as our cultural foundation- -has nominated him for one of our grants.
Rolf, come and sit.
How could you think that I? I don't know, A lot of things just get to me But now he's clearly out of the question.
Yes, of course.
Do you know what else I thought? That maybe you were jealous of me.
As I'm going to be a dad now.
It's probably time that I got back to my family.
I've booked a table for eight o'clock.
Coming? I have to go the theatre, unfortunately.
-Go on ahead.
I'll change shirt and arrange a little bit here.
Thank you.
I'll wait here for the taxi.
Have a nice time.
-See you -Bye.
I've forgotten my wallet.
-Call Niclas, he can bring it.
I'll run back.
Okay, see you there well.
Niclas? Niclas? Are you there? Niclas? Niclas! What have you done? Niclas Niclas, wake up.
What have you done? My name is Thora Lundahl.
I'm calling from Gallery LÃvholmsbrinken.
You must send an ambulance now, I think he's dead.
Did you see her in the basement? Did you see anyone else? Lennart Carlsson? You're under arrest.
-Your Client should be given a statement? I have nothing to say to you.
What the hell were you doing outside my house the day before Christmas Eve? What are you looking for? -Photos Of mother only.
Let be those cartons as please.
-FÃrr Or later he will still know.
-Only If you tell him.