Modus (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Stina is not like other children.
Can not put words to their feelings.
That's what gets so painful for her.
How is the girl? She's not a problem.
The victim has lain hidden in the basement since that night you were there.
If she had seen something as she had said it.
-Where Would your wife last night? It concerns the well did not you? It would help if we gained access to Elisabeth's computer.
We can go through the back door.
Via providers.
I am delighted that you are with.
Niclas ? I'm calling from the gallery LÃvholmsbrinken.
I think he is dead.
Wait, I hear something.
Maybe it's the ambulance? "Narcissistic wannabe.
" "Feminazi.
" Hello, you have reached Ingvar Nyman at the National Police.
Leave a message after the beep.
I have forwarded some material to you.
In both the bishop's and TV chef's websites- -– among all the positive comments, there are some rather disparaging.
In particular, two stand out, the same language, same spelling errors.
It's probably the same person.
On the bishop's site they call themself "666" - -and at Levin's home page its "Dalahästen".
See you, It was a long night shift.
I promised Paul and the kids I'd pick up breakfast on the way home.
Can you call a taxi? Sure.
See you at the station.
In Sweden there are approximately five drug deaths a week.
Behind each case there is always a tragic history.
Last night the artist Niclas Rosén died from a heroin overdose.
-in the Gallery LÃvholmsbrinken where he had just had an opening.
-Hello Darling.
I don't know how to say it here, but Niclas Rosén's dead.
Heroin overdose apparently.
He must have had a really shit time, despite the success.
His exhibition was a search for identity.
Yes, and his relationship with his father.
Did you hear what I said? -The dog food is finished.
-Dog food? Where are you? Are you at home? Maybe he was just a scammer? One who sucked lifeblood from others? Honey? Have you been crying? I miss you so much.
Hurry up adw get your clothes on so I can talk to mom for a bit.
Stina and I will come later.
You need not be afraid of me.
Mom, you know what? We're going to grandma's.
You mean you want to? We're going there today.
No, for the winter holiday maybe.
Talk to Dad yourself, then.
Hello? Isn't that a really good idea to go away? Where did this come from all of a sudden? As you said, if she saw him he may have seen her.
There is room in the car in case you have the urge.
I have to work.
-Yes of course.
Pack her stuff and we'll collect Linnea shortly.
Shouldn't you check with me before you promise the girls? It's for our daughter's safety.
The police car driving past every two hours is a joke.
See you then.
Good morning.
Do you remember what we're going to do today? Do you know that turtles can't stand to be dropped? They can die then.
Young children shouldn't get to play with them.
But you're not a small child.
Are you? The 37-year-old artist Niclas Rosén died yesterday.
He was educated at the artists' academy in Düsseldorf- -and just yesterday held the opening of his new exhibition Father: 2 Robin? -Are you not working today? Robin? -Let me be.
Up! I was going to take the leftovers from yesterday.
Can I have it all or should I leave some for you? -Fuck off.
Are you going to have leftovers? Robin? Shut up, I'm sleeping! Don't stop.
Stina, that night Lisa got married at the hotel After I had tucked you in What does it mean when you put a bird on a tombstone? The desire to give the dead peace.
I want a bird on mine.
But you won't die.
-Someday I will.
You too Mom.
But it's a long time until then.
-You never know.
Who will take care of me? Then you'll be an adult and can take care of yourself.
But I'm not like other children.
-Everyone feels like that occasionally.
That they are not like the others.
Linnea can take care of me when you are dead.
When she is adult.
Yes, that's true.
This will probably take a while.
Did you see her in the basement? The woman? "I always use locally grown vegetables.
" "It's the most climate-friendly.
" You must have been terrified.
Did you see anyone else? Stina? No, it was just her.
Bye, regards to grandma.
I'll call you when we get there then.
-Hello? -Hi.
You were right, 666 and Dalahästen are one and the same person.
He was convicted of assault and unlawful persecution of his two ex-wives.
We're going to pick him up now.
Do you want to come and search his house? -Happy to.
Go to Uppsala and call me when you are close.
Okay? -Lennart Carlsson? Yes, what's this about? Hakim Hammar Uppsala police.
You are under arrest.
-For what? -Unlawful threats.
We have an authorisation for a search and want you to come to the station.
Put on your jacket we'll be sitting in the car.
Yes, I want confirmation of who he was with in Malmo.
One moment, wait.
Hakim Hammar, I met you five years ago at the police academy.
You gave a great lecture of impulse control.
-Sorry, I don't remember you.
-It was a long time ago.
You also have a child with the diagnosis.
-Yes exactly.
-A boy.
-Yes that's right.
It's a beautiful animal.
Until it becomes ostracised from the pack and loses its right to howl with the others.
It doesn't take much isolation before they become tattered- -with mangy fur and bad teeth.
The computers seem to be his only social life.
No eye contact, no code of conduct -no insight into the feelings of the victims he harasses.
And some masturbation to go with it.
We'll take the computers into the techs and they'll restore what's been erased.
This was still in the scanner.
Café Intime, lot of times.
Can you make anything of this? Why is it in English? Perhaps his working hours? What do his finances look like? Benefits, black money of course.
So he has a tax ruling that he appealed in all instances.
Believes in a feminist conspiracy.
It's been recognised that conspiracy theories are close at hand- -when you feel persecuted.
Sadistic porn, submission, coercion, humiliation.
It's all stuff that strengthens his image of masculinity.
His sense of having the right to women and sex.
Carlsson has an alibi for both murders.
On Christmas Eve he was with his sister in Stockholm.
When Isabella was murdered, he was in Malmo.
Was he in Stockholm on Christmas Eve? The bastard - I would like to meet this Carlsson.
You are not obliged to do it, but it would help you- -if you tell us that you had a long history of spirits and pill abuse.
And when you get upset- -you send these ill-judged e-mails- -in all directions.
We can add that you are undergoing treatment- -and haven't touched alcohol for three months.
87 days.
And during that same period you completely refrained from Yes, what shall we say? Commenting on the world situation? Why the hell should I humiliate myself? You're already convicted of cyberbullying.
A forensic psychiatrist has stamped you as a Dark Tetrad.
So you're in trouble.
I'm trying to smooth things a bit here.
Dark Tetrad.
A classic portrait of an internet troll.
Psychopathy to some extent sadism and Machiavellianism.
Lust for power.
Tim Jacobsson.
Tim Jacobsson.
I understand that your client has agreed to speak.
You have attempted to delete hard drives in your three PCs- -which Is almost impossible.
So before we begin I want to inform you that with rebuilding -we can recreate all the data exactly.
If there is something you want to explain or comment on, do it now.
My client does not recognise the allegations of unlawful threats.
To put it plainly they are nothing but stupid sandwich filling, verging on trivial.
I have nothing to say to you.
What the hell were you doing outside my house the day before Christmas Eve?! Well, are we done then? What the hell was that? -I don't know.
More than that, he recognised me too.
Are you okay? Absolutely.
Has grandmother told you Jesus was born in a stable? Do you know what the three wise men are called? Casper, Jesper and Jonathan.
What does mother say? Mom probably doesn't know.
Casper, Melker and Baltazar.
If you want to play with the manger? Be wary of Jesus.
He disappears quite easily into the straw.
Francis of Assisi made the first crib.
-Stop, Alexander.
I'll get it.
you need to be a little careful.
Can it break? Yes, it's old.
Your dad had it when he was little.
And grandfather.
It really is an incredibly beautiful crib.
Elisabeth and I bought it in Salzburg on our honeymoon.
To think you had known each other so long.
Beyond that.
We got engaged when she was 16, 1970.
If there is something, if you need to talk about something then I'm here.
What are you looking for? I just wanted to see pictures of mother.
I can send you pictures from my phone.
But I want to find pictures of myself when I was little too.
Let those cartons be please.
You never answered my question before.
Do I have a sister? Would your mother, who bore you as God's child -in his hands throughout life, have a baby she didn't acknowledge? If she's not my sister, who is she, then? He must have taken the overdose right after I walked away.
Rolf said your Art Foundation nominated him for a grant.
Yes, we were considering it.
I've followed him for a while.
-Did you know him? -No not at all.
-We met only a few times.
-You didn't tell me.
I was in the studio a few times.
I couldn't nominate him- If I didn't put myself into what he did.
You mean naked old men? He thinks you're his sister.
His sister? I was supposed to be his mother.
That was the choice we made.
Do you have another one? Sooner or later he is going to know all the same.
Only if you tell him.
Have you never doubted? The one lie added to the next lie leads to a labyrinthine hell.
It was a pact with God, and as such can never be a lie.
Elisabeth and I've had a good life together.
She has been a wonderful mother to Lukas.
And you mustn't change that.
Do you hear what I'm saying to you? Hey, you've come through to Gunilla.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hey, mom, sorry I was stupid, ring me.
If he was sent out to keep an eye on your daughter -he must have had someone to report to.
Hurry up with the scan of the computers.
It's important.
Thanks for today.
-Drive carefully.
I was always able to hot-wire it, but It wasn't so good what you did there.
Don't worry, my mentor at the FBI taught me it.
It's quite effective once it works.
What? I think that sounds like a cheap pickup attempt.
That he wants to teach you how to hot-wire a car.
She is married.
Now it wasn't the thief trick I was referring to.
You shouldn't have exposed yourself to Carlsson.
He is not to be trifled with.
You must be careful.
It's from Hedvig in forensic medicine.
The artist who died in the night, there's something that's not right.
Sure, he had a rubber band on his arm and a syringe with diacetylmorphine- -thus heroin, but no blood.
The needle never pricked .
What did he die of? A depolarizing muscle relaxing agent called succinylcholine.
Among other things it paralyzes breathing ability.
Sometimes it's used in the US at executions.
He was mudered while he was about to inject heroin? I think his head had been forced back -and the poison was injected into this.
So it would look like a suicide? Then, he would have been able to inject him with a heroin overdose.
If it was not supposed to No.
-What? -Nothing.
Normally when you get murders during Christmas Holidays- -it's a result of a domestic dispute or family violence -or too much alcohol? What are you thinking? Three high profile murders in just a few days- -and none of them fall into any of those categories? You can download autopsy reports at the the reception in Siwan.
I'll go get them.
You'll have to watch out for Ingvar, I think.
He seems to be on the ball.
I don't understand what you're talking about at all .
No I can take the bus home.
Of course I'll drive you, you haven't eaten anything.
What makes a man a murderer? -A choice.
A choice? Can you define it? It could be a simple choice, a pure impulse, or a difficult choice.
You can have personal reasons, but others pull harder so it is a choice.
You feel entitled to exercise dominance over another person's life.
To e.
take their lives.
It could also be a man with a dictatorial attitude towards women.
What are you doing now? -Just a thought.
The little bell echoes the geat bells groan Robed in the door the precentor Noisome with quiristers prayerful moan Blesses those, who enter Hey, girls.
Can you not get a man? -Just get out of here.
-What did you say? -Fuck off ! -You disgusting little dyke.
No! Help! Let me go! What are you doing?! -Charlie, That's enough! Thora ! No, Thora Oh my God, Thora Don't just stand there, dammit! Ring an ambulance! No Thora ! Let it be, I'll get it later.
I just think it's nice.
And? What? Ten minutes ago you said you knew what it was about -since then you haven't said a word.
What did the bishop's man say when asked where she was going when she was murdered? "That's none of your concern is it?.
" And then he dumped her computer in the lake? Isabella Levin was gay, she'd been together with Ulrika SjÃberg for four years.
-Niclas Rosén was gay.
-Niclas? Sure? You only get this close if you want something more.
He was in love with him there.
What if the bishop's husband just wanted to conceal his wife's secret? That she was also gay.
Is it that these three murders have in common? Hate crime.
Hatred of homosexuals.
Have you decided what your turtle will be called yet? Quiet, grandma's sleeping.
My choice is that he should be called Stefan.
Good, huh? I can help you find a name if you want.
When I grow up will you take care of me.
Then we'll have a bird, for then Mom will be dead.
Mom won't die.
Well, someday, she will.
Everybody dies.
Can I have turtles and birds together? They live together in the real world.
Do you know, turtles might be older than people? I have a secret.
Dare you hear it? Maybe tomorrow.
No, we must continue this tomorrow, thanks for today.
How will you get home? -I'll drive.
But you've been drinking.
A half bottle.
And I'm a police officer, I can take the back roads.
You mean seriously? No, of course not I'll take a taxi.
Oh, we're going to Uppsala early tomorrow morning,- -and I have no car.
You can sleep here.
Damn it all, This is so fucked up.
-See you then, or? Yes, I can stop for an hour.
Call me, okay? It's damn lie! I have nothing against lesbians.
I have lots of friends who are! We have arrested the assault suspect outside Café Intime.
God does not exist in Sweden.
Everything is permitted.
The country heralds the end of the world! What do you know about your parents? They were married for 40 years.
Then you have no secrets.
He is probably the with a truth about the bishop.
1 + 5 is an American antigaygrupp.
They may order a murder.
Then they condemn themselves five other homosexuals to death.
Anyone with a connection to one.