Modus (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 Don't wash your teeth don't wash.
Don't shower don't wash your teeth don't wash.
I need to get in.
To prevent pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.
Turn your head, please.
Back again.
Unit Chief Warren Schifford, FBI.
Ready? There's clearly been some kind of misunderstanding.
Inger Johanne is a student of mine and a friend.
Let's go, sir.
Rebecca Schifford, Warren's wife.
I'm so angry about what my husband's done to you.
No one deserves that.
Did he tell you about our 4 children? - Yes.
Our youngest, Elliot, has the same condition as your daughter.
She's dropping the charges.
- Obviously.
And she's leaving the FBI, effective immediately, to go back to Sweden.
Here's what I want in the divorce settlement, and you can fight me or you can accept it, I don't care either way.
I'm getting full custody of the kids and I'm taking them back to London with me.
She's agreed to keep her mouth shut about what happened in that hotel room, provided you never get in touch with her again.
Did you give her money? - She's not a prostitute.
- Hi, everything ok? Perfect! - And the heart? What did they say? It was great, it sounded like a little drum! Beautiful - He's got your nose.
I know you're busy, we'll talk later.
Listen - Yes? I - I know, I love you too.
Stockholm is getting ready to welcome US president Helen Tyler in her official visit to Sweden.
Security is at the highest level.
Stockholm police requested extra resources from all Sweden.
2000 police officers are expected to be on duty.
It's only the second time a US president is visiting Sweden.
Helen Tyler will be staying at the Grand Hotel with all her staff.
She'll be accommodated in the Princess Lilian suite.
US and Sweden have strong links.
It's estimated that over 4 millions Americans have Swedish heritage.
Tyler herself lived in Stockholm back when her husband was teaching at Stockholm University.
The president's schedule is expected to be very busy.
Isn't Johanne here? - No, she delivered the final profile report.
She's very clever.
We're monitoring 16 of her profiles, all extremists and nutjobs of all sorts.
"Nutjobs" is not exactly the word she'd use.
- Right.
- Hi.
Air Force One landed in Arlanda.
We've been preparing for this for several weeks, some of you even months.
In the next 36 hours, we gotta show what we're capable of.
Commissioner Ingvar Nyman has something to tell you.
- Thanks, Alva.
The chief of police consulted with US authorities, the president will be staying at the Admiralty Palace in Skeppsholmen.
Public and media must keep believing she'll be staying at the Grand Hotel.
Are we expecting any new threats? Nothing new has come up.
Despite her own major security system, it's now Sweden's duty to make sure nothing happens to Helen Tyler.
We're still waiting for the first US female president to get off the plane and start her European visit.
Prime Minister Harald Bohman will welcome the President, who declared she sees Sweden as a trailblazing nation because of the controversial reforms it has brought forward.
Many see her as a threat to traditional family values.
Feminists appreciated her fight for women's right, especially the right o abortion.
The President is getting out now.
We're glad to welcome President Helen Tyler and her 17 years old daughter, Zoe.
We're expecting these two beautiful women to cause a lot of commotion in the next few days.
Hopefully she'll be noticed not just for her looks.
She's also a great mediator.
She's now with the US Ambassador, Lori Reed.
Here's now PM Harald Bohman.
The President will have two different meetings with him.
An informal meeting and an official conference, before leaving for Berlin.
Months of preparation are behind this visit Mom! It's dad! I'm leaving.
Text me when the President is on site.
The Boss gets the best shifts.
Come on Ingvar has been working 24/7 for the past three weeks and he's starting at 5,30 tomorrow morning.
That late? Nice place you got here.
Coffee? - Yes, please.
I know you're busy now.
If there's anything I can do just tell me.
Ok, thanks.
- Hello! Ingvar! - Hi, Linnea! Hi.
- Hi.
Did you meet the President? - Not yet.
Was she already president when we were in Washington? In Washington? No She was elected afterwards.
Obama was president then.
Checkered here grey here.
I was just saying how nice the place looks.
- Yes, when it'll be finished right, Stina? 32 cars are escorting Helen Tyler downtown.
Streets are closed and people are advised to use secondary roads.
Next stop is the Grand Hotel, where the President and her staff will be staying.
Sorry for the inconvenience, ma'am.
It's just a few more minutes drive.
- I don't care where I sleep, as long as I sleep.
All this diversion because we're afraid of Troy? - We're just trying to cover all the bases.
Maybe I should have gone straight to Berlin.
We have to wait a few minutes.
You got a migraine? - No, it's just I don't know.
I was here in '86 when Palme was assassinated, it was a ski holiday with a girlfriend.
And her family they knew Palme.
Her father cried so hard that he walked into a door! Why am I thinking about that? I want to visit Palme's grave, will you put that on the schedule? Of course.
Hunter, make a note.
What's your name? - Eva.
Eva you're on duty tomorrow? - I'm sorry, sir.
What ever happened to that Swedish woman? Your student at the FBI.
I haven't seen her in 4 years.
- Good.
All clear.
- Ok, it's clear.
Let's go.
They're about to get to the Admiralty Palace.
Excuse me, sir can I help you? Jessica Östlund, office manager.
We met at the embassy, in Washington.
Of course! Hello again.
Just wanted to stop by.
The premises are a bit makeshift, it's been set up purposely for the presidential visit.
It's impressive, efficient.
- We barely float.
Warren Schifford, FBI, personal advisor to the President.
Alva Roos, Chief Inspector, head of the task force.
Nice to meet you.
Have a nice day, Mr.
Four years ago I had a very "Swedish" student at the FBI.
"Very Swedish"? - Free spirited, intelligent Inger Johanne - Vik, yes.
She's prepared a number of profile assessments for us.
- Vik is she here? No, she's just part of the emergency unit.
Is this your first time in Stockholm? - Yes, beautiful city.
Although a friend of mine warned me it can make a foreigner feel very lonely.
Here's footages of the President landing in Arlanda.
I hope she has a nice weekend.
- What's wrong with Stina? Nothing.
- Come here.
I got you a little birthday present.
- It's two weeks away! You don't like it? It's beautiful! It's a diamond.
What's wrong? - Wait I'll be right out.
Open the fucking door! Everything ok, Hunter? - All fine, sir.
How's your wife? - My wife? And the boys? I bet they miss you.
They're fine, sir.
- Ma'am President is waiting for you.
I'm being relieved now.
- Sleep well.
The intel has been pouring in on Troy these past few days, it's just total anarchist chaos.
Could be diversion, could be Trojan horse but it doesn't fit with any of the other intelligence we're getting.
Nothing else points to an imminent spectacular attack.
Your job is to be on the forefront, to find the people behind the threats.
What worries me is that there's absolutely nothing that could give the enemy glory or even attention.
I have given you virtually limitless resources.
Zoe! That's a gorgeous dress, good choice.
Our little Cinderella is going to the ball with the young royals.
Mom, enough with the fairy tales! Come on! What am I supposed to talk to him about? - You just be yourself, you got plenty to offer.
Now you see this? This is Queen Astrid.
She was beloved and respected for her care of innocent women and children.
That was her legacy.
- Ma'am President, the car is here.
Wake me up when you get home tonight, I want to know everything.
I love you! Love you too, mom.
I suggest we loop in the Swedish PM about Troy.
They got too much on their plate as it is.
Besides, they got an election coming up.
You never know who you can trust.
Good night and see you tomorrow, when we'll continue to follow Helen Tyler's visit.
Why did you skip some of the cue cards? Do we have to say even when has a fuck? It's not that.
- What then? Her daughter was conceived right here in Mariatorget.
We're not debating her sex life.
- It would be cool, Swedish would love it.
I love it.
- I bet It's funny.
- Yes, it's funny a little.
Sorry to wake you up, Stina went crazy when she realized she forgot her toothbrush.
I told her to take it.
- As long as she's happy.
Listen I saw Warren on the TV, he's here in Stockholm.
You haven't seen him since Does Ingvar know what happened - Nothing happened, goodnight.
Say hello to her.
I've done it, Warren.
I told Isak I'm leaving him.
Inger Johanne? I heard the door, was someone here? - It was Isak, Stina left her toothbrush.
You can't sleep? - Are you eating ice-cream? Please Sorry.
What am I doing wrong? Maybe I'm just stressed.
The house renovation and the baby coming What is it? We just received new information and it looks like we'll have to act sooner than we thought.
Send it through.
You got it.
I gotta run, let's talk later.
She's changed her mind.
She's changed her mind.
She's changed her mind.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
Here's Zoe! I got away with it it's time to let it go.
Has my mom gone to bed? - Yes.
Hello there! Mom! Mommy! Mom? Hey, Zoe! - Where is she? My mom? She's in bed.
- No, she's not.
Where is Ma'am President? Zoe, look at me! It's gonna be ok! Le me stay! Fucking orders from our Commander and Chief! - Why wasn't I informed when you entered? I didn't wanna wake you.
- Let's go! What's going on? - We're taking you to the embassy.
Keep moving, quick! Get her in the car now! Ok, back inside! Ingvar Nyman.
Ma'am President's coat is gone, as are her shoes.
Maybe she had some place to be, somewhere we didn't know about.
How did she get out, Roy? - I don't know.
Can you picture our President climbing out of the window and down the wall 'cause she had some place to go we didn't know about?! With complete disregard that by doing so she would set up this cluster fuck! Never mind the fact that opening any of these windows triggers a really loud alarm.
Your people are contaminating the crime scene, can you at least pretend you are in charge?! PRIME MINISTER'S HOUSE Where's the Prime Minister? - Maybe I can help you No, where is he? - He worked very late You didn't wake him up? Shall I do it? Thank you.
I'm really sorry - I told you not to disturb me! Security, it's urgent.
What happened? - The US President disappeared from Skeppsholmen.
What? - She can't be found.
What the fuck are you saying? Disappeared?! - Exactly.
Just tonight.
She might have personal matters to - Secret Services excluded that.
But Skeppshomen was there any threat? - Nothing specific.
The whole city is monitored, all streets are watched.
All involved authorities are on their toes.
What about the media? - We leave 'em out for now.
Fuck it What the hell do we do now? - We wait until more info comes up.
This will cause a landslide of conspiracy theories.
Russia, ISIS someone will take advantage of this.
The consequences are unpredictable.
Make sure you find Helen Tyler alive! Stina? - What happened? Aren't you sleeping? - I can't with all this racket, don't you hear? What? - Helicopters, five of them.
Cars speeding on the street, they lighten the room blue when they go by.
- 21 what, Stina? Cars but they're not enough to make such a long line.
We agreed to keep the iPad off at night.
- This is dad's.
There's probably been some accident.
Go to sleep now.
- Mom? Are you ok? - Yes I'm ok, Stina.
You must not worry.
- It's not something you decide.
Ingvar? Ingvar? Secret Service had a double surveillance by the suite.
- Cameras everywhere except inside the suite.
No one could go in or out.
The window alarm? - Never went off.
She just disappeared? - There must be another way out.
If it's not another American maneuver then it's foul play.
We need analysis.
Will she do it? - You'll have to ask her yourself.
Inger Johanne.
- Commissioner Alva Roos, we need your help on something.
I'll be right there.
Put together everything you have and send it to me.
I gotta go.
Ma'am President didn't want cameras in the suite, we're trying to figure out how she got pass Secret Services.
I don't need you to tell me my President's habits.
Is there any possibility she might have disappeared voluntarily? - Don't be absurd.
Maybe she wanted to meet with someone she knew in Stockholm, without the press around.
Why is that absurd? She's lived here.
- Tell me something do you think we're a bunch of amateurs? Maybe we should just stick to you answering the questions I need answering, ok? I tell you what's ok, Mr.
A crime has MAYBE been committed in Sweden, which definitely falls under Swedish jurisdiction 'cause Sweden is a sovereign State.
I'm in charge of the investigation, you're a guest.
But as courtesy an out of respect for your president, we've assigned you with a liaison officer.
As long as it doesn't interfere with our investigation.
Is that alright, Mr.
Schifford? Fair enough.
Can I have him? Schifford is our contact with the Americans.
It'll be tough, they wanna do it their way.
How does he know me? - Americans know more than we think.
This is Ingvar Nyman, Chief Inspector.
Warren Schifford from the FBI.
Not to let you down but I don't think much psychology is involved.
Someone might have simply fallen asleep and now they're covering for each other.
Is the FBI here too? - You figure them out.
They let us in after 30 minutes, who knows what they're up to.
Are we still in Sweden or have I missed something? That's where I lay down Ma'am President's make-up.
Doesn't she wear lipstick? - Yes.
Strange I'd put it out, it was the one that matches the coat.
So her coat was hanging on this rack.
- Yes, right next to the outfit for tomorrow.
I mean today.
What about her purse? - Have you ever seen Ma'am President wearing a purse over her shoulder? Is there a threat you haven't inform us of? - I'm not authorized to tell you.
Who can authorize you? - The Commander and Chief.
Be quick.
- The dog sniffed out a trail.
Jessica, we need a camera hook-up.
- Right away.
That is under water.
An underground tunnel! You guys didn't know about this? Jesus Christ! There's gotta be a map! - We got it a week ago, along with a description of the tunnel.
Someone knew this was there and didn't say anything? You gotta have an insider.
You decided to move the President to Skeppsholmen in the last minute.
You cleared everything, including the tunnel.
- I gotta notify my embassy.
It's not strange there's a tunnel, Stockholm is full of them! It's Warren Schifford, can you put the ambassador on? Time for a briefing.
5 minutes before getting downstairs.
Shit! Inger Johanne IN THE NEXT EPISODE