Modus (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

1 Shut the fuck up! Secret Service are in total chaos, they left prints everywhere.
Now we gotta identify and classify every single fingerprint.
Do we really have to go drink now? - No You agreed to be his contact person? - Yes.
I'm leaving, I can't do this.
- What is it you can't do? I know him it was before I met you.
Back when I was in Washington with the FBI.
I'm not working with him.
I don't really have a choice.
But you can leave if you want.
- Take.
Are you sure? - Yes.
Ingvar what was it that you said? Maybe it was you about her leaving of her own will.
We found something.
- Give it back.
I just spoke to my contact in the Secret Services, no one knows where she is.
Good morning and welcome to this special edition.
The world's eyes are on Sweden and Stockholm right now.
The visit of President Helen Tyler took an unexpected turn and, as we've been informed, very alarming.
We don't have anything official yet but it seems the American President went missing and she's nowhere to be found.
News are spreading fast on social network and international mass media We're just being told that the American President wasn't actually staying at the Grand Hotel.
She got moved to a secret location for security reasons.
Just to be clear Swedish were saluting her in front of the Hotel and she was never actually there? It seems so I've just been told that PM Harald Bohman will hold a press conference in two and a half hours.
Watch your steps.
It's pretty bumpy, watch where you put your foot.
There's a broken step.
That's how it went.
- What? What you just did someone stopped here, grabbed the railing and helped the President go over the broken step.
That's the mark of her hand.
Whoever was with her, was wearing gloves.
And he was in front, not threatening her from behind.
Unless there were more.
- Nothing points to that.
Come look at this, Leif! - I'm coming.
It was someone caring towards her, maybe someone she felt safe with.
What was she thinking coming down here? - I don't know.
Maybe she really came down here willingly.
Are you sure you wanna keep going? - Yes.
Listen You gotta promise me something.
That you'll never ask about him again.
- I can't promise that.
Yes! Promise me! - I'm not going to! You met him before me what's the big deal? - I don't wanna talk about it.
My ex father-in-law worked here.
- What is it? A dry dock, we're in Beckholmen.
You mean we walked from Skeppsholmen to Beckholmen? - Yes.
We found a lipstick.
Red? - Yes.
Where was it exactly? - On the upper stairs.
We also found tire marks, possibly from the car she got away with.
I'm just going off duty.
- There's plenty of stuff to steal here, there's gotta be cameras.
They're not required to register all cameras, it's gonna take an eternity! How do we know she didn't get on a boat? - You get warrants to check every security camera around here.
Get going, Sundberg! - Alright let's start from the entrance.
The perfect spot to control the docks.
Give me the gloves.
A "thirsty perfectionist" maybe used to think in terms of "all or nothing".
Why thirsty? - No But everything has to be perfect or it's not worthwhile.
16 pieces.
All bought the same day the 23rd.
Same day the first Secret Services got here.
What if it was Warren watching the docks? - He's one of FBI's big shots.
So? - Well, honestly That doesn't make him a saint.
Just because he's high rank Since we always end up talking about him, we might as well work together the three of us.
We don't think the PM will be able to keep it a secret any longer.
However, the press conference has been postponed, despite the fact that the situation is getting less clear by the minute.
The Foreign Minister and the head of security are here.
Alva Roos hasn't arrived yet.
Alva who? - The Chief of police in charge of the case.
In charge? Who's in charge of this mess? Her or the Secret Services? Where's the Minister of Justice? - Stuck in traffic.
Can't she get a police escort? She's the new Minister of Justice, for fuck's sake! Then women wonder why we are prejudiced.
Leave this out of my quotes book.
Who had the idea of Skeppsholmen as the secret alternative to the Grand Hotel? The Americans along with the Foreign Minister.
It's an island so it's easy to control.
But who came out with the idea first? I did, otherwise they'd have picked one of the usual hotels used in state visits.
Exactly hotels that in my knowledge don't have secret tunnels.
Jessica Östlund.
- Philippa Wallin, from the news.
I couldn't contact Ingvar Nyman so I tried with you.
- Wait a second.
It's Philippa Wallin, from TV news.
Some woman called her and told her she filmed the President last night at 4:56 in Mariatorget.
She asks if you have any comments.
Ingvar Nyman.
I need to see that recording.
- We're about to go live, I can describe it to you.
I can't comment on a film I didn't see.
- Can I quote you? Where the hell is she? You're not at risk but be careful.
They'll blame the SS, the police or even both and you are responsible for both departments.
Plus you're a woman and you're new on the government.
It's unlikely he'll dismiss you, but If he puts you in charge of the press office, then you're in trouble.
Ok, now? Alright, thanks.
Turn the TV on, the President is alive or at least she was at 4:56 last night.
We're the first ones to show you footages of US Presiden Helen Tyler on a Mariatorget street last night.
She used to live at that address 17 years ago, along with her husband, Dale Tyler.
Back then, he was teaching at Stockholm University.
The Governent press office refuses to comment on this You said she'd have never gone willingly.
- No, the SS said that.
We gonna look like total idiots! Jessica, we need that footage.
I don't care, just get it.
And you deal with the press.
Police are reluctant to speak and defer comments until the press conference.
Third floor.
We're right outside the apartment.
Stairwell is clear.
- Ready to go in.
Upper floor is empty, building has been searched.
- Thanks.
Are you done yet? - There's also a basement.
Shitty day to disappear.
On Saturdays, one should be home with the family.
- I didn't know you were married.
Will you be in the group photo with the President? - Yes, I will.
Provided there's gonna be a photo.
- There will be, we'll find her.
The most powerful woman in the world can't just disappear like that.
I know why she was elected.
- Do you? Being a man has become a disadvantage.
Where have you been? - Here's the film from Mariatorget.
Something's not right.
- What is it? What did I say? Finally, Sundberg! - I came running.
Plug it in.
We checked tons of cameras.
Nasty job.
See where we are? - Yes.
A bit more There.
Where is Ma'am President? You're not keeping your end of the bargain.
You ought to think of your family.
They'll be safe when you tell where she is.
You should step aside and leave it to someone else.
What? This bad blood between you and Warren we can't work like this.
I know, sorry.
I'll change attitude.
Where has he gone? - He went running to the Grand.
He's in very good shape! I mean you don't expect it from a white collar.
Are we spying on the Americans? - Stay sure they're doing the same with us.
They're fast.
- They sure are.
What the fuck he wants to go alone? Is he crazy? I have a short announcement.
I can confirm that the President agenda for today has been suspended.
Have they called the Army? - At the moment we don't know where the President is.
What does the PM say? - The matter is being taken much seriously.
That's all there is to say for now.
You couldn't have done differently.
Damn Bohman We'll see which one of us will lose our job.
Ingvar, what happens? - I'm in the car with Warren, we're going to where Hunter is.
Ok but wait for backup.