Monarca (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

The Pruning

What happened?
Are you all right?
Careful. Come on.
You first. Open the door.
Close the door. Close it.
We have to call the cops.
-Don't even think about it.
-Why not?
No one can find out about this.
The truth can't leave this room.
Mr. Fausto!
Hey, Mr. Fausto!
-Mr. Fausto.
-What is it?
-Another banner.
-Also from the cartel, sir.
-Burn it.
-Will do, Mr. Fausto.
Darling, your medication.
Take it.
I have things to do.
You're always so busy, love.
I want you to know something,
and I want you to hear it from me.
I'm not paying you a penny
for the Los Zapotes Highway.
So, you and your vultures
can go fuck yourselves.
Why are you so angry?
What about the graffiti?
That was stupid, Camila.
If you want to change the law,
go to law school,
instead of graffitiing the walls.
The end doesn't always justify the means.
Do you understand?
That's the price of your "statement."
Don't get used to it, okay?
Thanks for letting me come.
Everything will be fine.
Family. Tradition. Roots.
These are the values
that Monarca has championed
since it began with Herederos Tequila.
A tequila born from effort and dedication,
which has become a national pride.
Just as Mexico has grown, so have we.
Always finding new routes
for the Mexican dream.
We are Monarca.
We are family.
We are Mexico.
This year we celebrate 100 years
of Herederos Tequila.
Let's raise a glass to 100 more years.
From our family
to yours.
So, what do you think?
It's fine.
Speak up, artist. Tell me the truth.
It's boring as hell.
It's square.
That's what my dad will love about it.
This stupid grand opening
will burst my hemorrhoids.
I'm on my way.
-Fuck me.
Guess what today is, asshole?
-The day you take off your pajamas?
-No, you idiot.
It's our anniversary.
No fucking way!
Eight years, Andrés.
How could we both forget?
Let's wait until I get back
and then we'll celebrate!
-I'm sorry.
-No, I'm sorry.
-I owe you a present. I love you.
-I love you.
-I love you.
-I love you.
I forgot, but I love you.
Sir, your son's gift.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Sir, your father asked me
to read you this message personally.
"Little Joaquín,
you failed to do what I asked you.
So I had to take care of it myself."
That's all, sir.
Find out where the hell Laborde is.
-Good to see you, Mr. Carranza.
-Secretary Laborde?
In the conference room, sir.
Speak of the devil.
Come in.
We were just talking about the Carranzas.
Yes, I heard my dad spoke with you.
I'm the Secretary of Economy
and he told me to go fuck myself.
It's a last-ditch effort.
The work started three months ago,
and I haven't gotten a dime.
Don't be coy, Jorge.
We all know the President needs that
highway finished before he leaves office.
So, if you want to screw my dad
go right ahead.
But don't you dare shut down
the construction,
because you'll be screwing your boss,
and his boss, and his boss.
So, quit throwing a tantrum
and let me do my job.
Your party will get more votes,
and we will get our money.
What do you say?
Three days.
-Please, move your car.
-I'm not moving it.
I'll have to call a tow truck.
Do what you have to.
-The car is not moving.
-Let's go.
Excuse me! Is this your SUV?
License and registration.
Hey! You can't leave!
-Cool, buddy.
-What did I tell you? I told you he'd fly.
-Pablo, get him down!
-He's fine.
-Turn off the music! Get him down!
-All right.
All of you, fuck off. Go home!
You could have hurt him.
The blades aren't even sharp.
That's not the point, Pablo.
Marlon is an animal, but
he has feelings.
Plus, he is part of the family.
-Yeah, like Mrs. Tomasa or Mary or Chuy.
-Next you'll tell me he's my brother.
Fine. I'm sorry.
-I don't know what to do.
-Me neither.
With this behavior, he doesn't deserve it.
No, he doesn't.
Maybe it was a mistake,
and we could give him a second chance.
I'm not sure.
Wait, I'll be more responsible
and start behaving.
A black card?
But if you misbehave,
that card will be gone!
For sure, for sure. Thanks, Mom.
I love you guys!
-Hey! Apologize to Marlon.
I'm sorry, Marlon.
When's the last time you were here?
When I was your age.
-Thank you.
Come on.
I'll put you down for one table, then.
I'll send you the invoice later.
My granddaughter is here!
I'll call you later.
-Hi, Grandma.
Hello, sweetheart. What a lovely surprise!
-Hello, Mom.
-Hi, sweetie.
You look great.
So do you. Very natural.
The hacienda is gorgeous.
Isn't it?
It's unfortunate your mom
didn't bring you before.
Where's Dad?
In his study.
You go ahead, and I'll stay with Camilla.
We have lots and lots
of catching up to do.
Tell me, how are things
with that skater boy?
Great. He's gone.
No way.
It looks fine.
Ana María!
-Come here, my dear.
You look well.
Yes, I'm well.
Bernardo, come here.
This is Bernardo Vélez,
Chief Financial Officer of Monarca.
-Nice to meet you.
-My pleasure.
Your dad has told me all about what
you're doing in L.A. as a journalist
Fausto, I'll give you some privacy.
Excuse me.
Go ahead.
How are you?
Very well.
Let's go for a walk.
Two years old.
Six years old.
These plants are amazing.
It takes them six years to grow,
only to be uprooted
in less than a minute.
Are you sick again, Dad?
No, sweetheart. Not at all.
I'm strong as an ox.
So, why did you send for me?
I wanted to see you, sweetheart.
I wanted to talk.
About what?
About certain decisions I've made
after my heart attack.
Monarca has been my life.
I've given everything to this company,
but I have done things
I shouldn't have done.
I already know all that, Dad.
What's your point?
I don't want that to be my legacy.
I want to clear Monarca of all the shit.
A bit late, don't you think?
I'm putting up a good fight,
but I'm being pummeled.
By whom?
By everyone.
and even old friends.
We would have to change
the whole damn system.
What does this have to do with me?
I want you to come back to Mexico.
Come back to Mexico?
I want you to be the CEO of Monarca Corp.
Have you gone crazy, Dad?
I've been hearing that a lot lately.
What about Joaquín?
Joaquín? I tried him already.
He's too far gone.
He's too crooked to help clean up Monarca.
-What about Andrés?
-Please, darling! Andrés?
You don't even know me, Dad!
Sure I do.
You've always been brave and honest.
All your life, you've stood up
to injustice and defended your values!
Besides, I know
that this has been your dream
ever since you were a kid.
Yes, but not this Monarca.
is the only one we have.
You're the one who decided to leave.
You never went after me.
I didn't know what to say.
why don't we focus on the future?
One where I leave my family
and all I've accomplished
in order to come here to reform you?
That's not what I'm asking.
-I'm asking you to come home.
-Now that it suits you.
Why don't you think about it?
Stay here for the weekend.
Enjoy the hacienda.
You can give me an answer
on Sunday.
Where the hell is Monarca?
I was shocked too, Dad.
-First time we didn't make the list!
-I know.
Find out who's responsible for this
and make sure they get fired.
Do you know what this is?
It's all your granddad's fault.
There must be something we can do.
Bring me the plane.
I'm going to Tequila.
Maybe if your grandpa sees this,
his pride will kick in.
Fine, thanks.
My dad needs to fly to Tequila.
Oh. No, I didn't know that.
I'll call you back. Thanks.
What is it?
The plane isn't there.
Grandpa had it sent to L.A.
to fly Aunt Ana María to Tequila,
and it's still in Guadalajara.
Ana María is in Tequila?
Is she coming to the city?
Why do you have to go
if everyone is coming here tomorrow?
I want to see Rodrigo ride, Mom.
At least stay at the house.
I'd rather stay at a hotel. Thanks.
Where's Dad? I wanted to say goodbye.
He went for an early walk.
He left this for you.
Okay, I'm running late.
-Enjoy your grandpa's company.
-Yeah, Mom. I love you.
Those lists are worthless.
They're not worthless.
The same day you schedule a press release,
and this is in every newsstand in Mexico!
They'll eat you alive, Andrés.
Darling, it's the press.
-What do you mean they'll eat me alive?
-I don't believe it.
How will you announce
the centennial like this?
Well, you could tell them
how ridiculous this list is.
Friedman Corp. in second place?
-It's Forbes, not a tabloid.
-I know.
I can't speak badly of Forbes.
What do you need?
You know what.
A double espresso with milk.
-And silence.
-Of course.
I'll make sure no one disturbs you.
You have to focus on your speech.
Oh, I hate these things! So stressful!
Who's my handsome boy?
I thought you were coming later.
I couldn't miss the show.
I miss you!
Are you showing off?
So elegant and sophisticated.
-It's a new one.
-I can see that.
Coach, what did you think?
Good. Your timing was great.
You looked more confident
with the horse.
I'll start considering you
for the international team.
Well, first you have to earn it.
And we'll also have to discuss it
with your uncle.
-And with your mom!
Go rest, Rodrigo. See you tomorrow.
-See you later.
I have to call Uncle Joaquín and tell him.
I'll see you later.
He told me to ask you,
but he thinks I'm ready.
Okay, I'll tell her.
Love you.
That was Uncle Joaquín.
Lourdes is planning a party
tonight to celebrate.
To celebrate what?
That I'm ready to compete.
He says you have to come.
You're the guest of honor.
All right, I'll be there.
Bolt sure looks big!
This isn't Bolt, Mom.
Bolt was borrowed.
This is Atila.
Uncle Joaquín gave him to me.
Joaquín gave you a horse?
Three months ago.
Isn't he amazing?
I can't believe he did this
without consulting with me first.
You know you can't keep it, don't you?
Why not? I'm already riding it.
You know exactly how much
these horses cost, Rodrigo.
-What do you mean, so?
We're not the kind of people
who own horses
that are worth thousands of dollars.
Mom, you're overreacting!
It was a gift from my Uncle Joaquín,
not some stranger.
Besides, you could never afford
a horse like this.
And no professional rider
rides borrowed horses.
Professional rider?
Of course, didn't you see me?
We said this was only a gap year
before going to college.
This is college for me.
I spend all day here.
Ask Uncle Joaquín.
So, now you love Joaquín
and I don't understand you at all.
You've never understood what I want to do.
You know that's not true.
All I'm saying is that horse riders
have short careers.
It might not work out,
or you might regret it later.
Is everything okay, Mr. Carranza?
You can take him away.
Take the brush, too.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I didn't come here to fight.
I'm sorry.
I miss you so much.
Look, I started wearing it again.
Feels like only yesterday.
I get here and now you're "Mr. Carranza."
Don't forget you're Ross-Carranza, okay?
Your dad is a loose cannon.
I know it, Uncle,
but I can't reason with him.
And he also froze my bank accounts!
How much does Laborde want?
Practically nothing.
Ten million dollars for each
construction payment we get.
Sir, Mrs. Fritz is here.
I have to be honest with you, Joaquín.
I'm not going to lend you that money.
I can't risk money
on a company that's in free fall.
Amelia, those are just rumors
and political smears.
Let's be realistic.
Monarca would give you credibility
in Mexico.
You're the one who is not being realistic.
I've seen your cash flow reports.
You're in the red.
If Agustín brought you to me,
it's because no bank in Mexico
will lend you the money.
Or because you want to avoid
the type of bank that asks questions.
Maybe it's both.
And yet you're here.
You want something.
I'd never refuse to do your uncle a favor.
What does Mr. Fausto think of all this?
No, my dad is about to retire.
Plus, I'm offering you something new.
It's a way into the country
for your bosses.
How much do you want for this loan?
This year, we celebrate 100 years
of Herederos Tequila.
Let's raise a glass to 100 more years.
From our family
to yours.
Good afternoon.
As president of Monarca's hotel division,
I thank you all for coming.
This year, we're celebrating
the first 100 years of Herederos Tequila.
As part of this celebration,
I'm proud to announce
the opening of our new hotel:
the Gran Monarca Hotel in Mexico City.
-Why isn't Monarca in the Forbes list
of the ten most valuable companies
in Mexico?
Daniel, hold on to your questions
until the end, as always, please.
This is the first year
Monarca hasn't made the list.
-Mr. Carranza!
-A question!
-One question.
-Just a question.
Mr. Carranza, just one question.
Okay. Let's talk about this subject,
since it seems to be
so important to all of you.
I don't know what metrics
the magazine uses for its list.
Interestingly enough, nine years ago,
during our biggest crisis,
because of the fall in the price of agave
and issues related to our expansion,
we were number three.
And now that it's our best moment,
we didn't even make the list.
I think one of their editors
doesn't like us very much.
Let's talk about why we're here,
and what better way to do it
than with a taste
of our new Centennial Tequila?
You'll be the first ones to taste it.
Prepare this for me.
Hello, Auntie. What a nice surprise.
Everything looks delicious.
Thanks, I'll send you some flautas
with a cilantro emulsion.
I wanted him to be executive chef
in the hotel's restaurant,
but he'd rather be a line cook here.
I know, but I've grown my wings.
Let me fly.
You know what it's like to leave the nest.
-I know.
-Explain it to me.
You'll do great anywhere.
-I wouldn't know. Explain it to me.
-See you in a bit.
-Bon appétit.
Thank you, Gonzalo.
He hasn't talked to Joaquín
ever since Inés died.
What's up with you?
What about me?
There are no First Communions.
No Christenings, no funerals.
So, why are you here?
How is Ilán?
Ilán is fine.
He's in Vallarta finishing a sculpture
for our new hotel.
So, he's doing very well.
The lover, great.
The wife, divine.
The son, perfect.
The new teeth, wonderful.
What are you doing here?
Dad sent for me.
He says he wants to clean Monarca.
Is that true?
Ever since his heart attack,
he's been going on about
straightening his path,
protecting his legacy.
I thought he'd be himself again
once the drugs wore off, but no.
So, he's serious about it?
He's ruining Monarca,
that's what he's doing.
He wants me to work with him.
What are you going to do?
Teach him how to use Instagram Stories?
He wants me to be the CEO.
You're joking, right?
-What did you tell him?
-Nothing. What would I say?
You're lucky enough to be far away
from all of this.
Right? Stay with your family.
You don't need this headache.
-Look, he even gave me this.
-What is it?
-Where is Dad's ring?
-What? His ring?
-He gave you the Monarca ring?
-And you lost it?
What is the universe telling you?
I have no idea, Andrés.
What is the universe telling me?
I've never been one
to speak ill about anyone,
but the truth is she never calls your mom,
and much less your dad.
She ran away to L.A.
She got pregnant by a gringo
without being married!
Oh, but now that she's back,
she's all everyone talks about.
I know.
-It's always been like that.
Hey, you jerk.
To what do I owe this surprise?
What a treat! Hi, sweetheart.
How was your day?
-Great, and yours?
You look so cute together.
Would you give us five minutes alone?
Only because I love you, brother-in-law.
Me too, sister-in-law.
How's the prodigal daughter?
She came to renew her passport, or
to get some real tacos from Xochimilco.
Don't play dumb.
Why did Dad call her?
Why don't you call him and ask?
Is Dad not taking your calls?
Her return would screw us both.
Us? No.
If she returns,
it would screw you.
Is she coming back or not?
You'll never guess what I just heard.
-I'll tell you over dinner if you stay.
-Is she coming back or not?
-Well, I don't know what's for dinner
-Is she
but now that you're here,
I'm sure it will be tasty.
Good evening.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
All this for Rodrigo?
I thought you weren't coming!
-How could I not?
Hello, sister.
It's so noisy!
I said it's so noisy!
Let's go outside.
-What kind of joint is this?
We're celebrating your son.
What gave you the right to give him
a horse worth half a million dollars?
I gave him one of our horses,
and he fell in love with it.
He can't be responsible for it,
he's only 18 years old!
-You should have asked me first.
But precisely because he's just turned 18,
I thought he didn't need
Mommy's permission to accept a gift.
I'm sorry.
You went to Tequila.
Did you speak with Dad?
What about?
You, among other things.
How fucking ironic, huh?
I'm the one who stayed.
I slaved myself over Monarca
for the past 25 years,
and now I'm the asshole.
Why won't you help him, Joaquín?
You know what he wants to do,
he can't do it alone.
Help him do what?
Send everything down the drain?
He set the rules,
and now he wants to change them.
Don't you think he regrets what he's done?
The world doesn't change
just because he wants it to.
It doesn't work like that in Mexico.
The system crushes rebels.
That's why Monarca is screwed.
That's why Mexico is screwed.
Don't bring your American idealism here!
When did you start caring
about the company?
I care about my family.
Your family is in the U.S.
Because this family
you lost it years ago.
I know Dad asked you to take over Monarca.
There's one thing
I want to tell you, sister.
If you decide to come back
be very careful.
Because this system will crush you.
It will shit you out.
And you know why?
Because you're too
That's why you left, right?
Because you're a coward.
Dad was right.
You're rotten to the core.
Who is it?
Hotel security, miss.
Hello, everything we ordered?
We ordered some things,
I don't know if you got them.
Okay, I've also got few things in the car
that you can load onto the plane.
-How are you?
-Fine. You?
How's it going?
Hey! Nice color.
-I love red.
-Anytime, consider it yours.
He didn't offer it to you.
Shut up.
Where's Ana María?
I don't know. You spoke to her.
You saw her last though.
Straight to voicemail.
Let's wait.
Good morning.
I'd like to check out.
Mrs. Carranza? Excuse me.
This man wants to talk to you.
Hello, good morning.
Perhaps you remember me.
I drove you from the airport.
Yes, of course.
You left this behind.
-No way.
-I found it yesterday in the cab.
I came looking for you,
but you weren't here.
-How kind. Thank you so much.
-No worries.
-Please, let me give you some money.
-No, there's no need.
Welcome to Mexico!
Excuse me.
is she coming or not?
I mean, we've been waiting for hours.
Fine, let's go.
-Thank you.
-Good morning.
Of course I wasn't, I wasn't drunk!
Right, and you were up until 3:00 a.m.
singing songs for old-timers.
What old-timers?
U2 and Soda Stereo are not for old-timers!
How disrespectful!
-Who is Soda Stereo?
-Hey, Pablo.
The singing was fine,
but then you started flinging CDs
into the fire!
-I can't help you there.
Don't tease him. He was happy
to be spending Christmas with his family.
So, how is Martin?
Great. Busy as always.
He's publishing a new book.
Writing is noble work,
because there's no money in it.
-Why don't you and I talk in private?
Is it that bad?
Today, Grandpa taught me
how to harvest agave.
That's right.
My granddaughter is a natural.
How nice.
Real nice,
especially now
they'll be visiting more often.
Good that you're getting involved
in the business.
What do you mean, Dad? Eh?
Grandpa is giving the company
to my sister. Hadn't you heard?
Joaquín, now is not the time.
Why not? We're all family.
There is no better time for Dad
-to explain his plans.
-I owe you no explanations, Joaquín.
Of course not.
Because if you did,
you'd see that you're making a mistake.
Because the only person in this family
who can lead Monarca is me!
-Where did you get that idea?
-I'm not talking to you.
Name one thing you didn't get
from Dad or Uncle Agustín. Just one.
The construction company
that puts food on your table.
The one that's frozen?
My hotels are what's keeping
this company afloat.
No one knows we're going bankrupt,
and that's thanks to me.
-Shut up!
-You're drunk, take a seat.
Seriously, shut up!
I'm warning you! Shut up!
Ximena, take the kids away.
No, Mom. They're not kids.
They're old enough.
They should stay and hear this.
Now is the perfect time for Dad to tell us
why he never considered
giving you the company.
-Shut up, Joaquín.
-Why don't you explain?
Better him than you.
You have no say in this family.
That's enough! All of you!
-I'm going for a walk.
-My love
What's that?
A gift from your grandpa.
A gift I'm not sure I can accept.
Or don't want to?
I'm going to talk to him.
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming
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