Monarca (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

The Wake

We have to call the cops.
Don't even think about it.
Why not?
No one can find out about this.
The truth can't leave this room.
-They killed Dad!
-I know.
But we can't trust the cops,
much less the government.
Dad had many enemies.
They could easily frame us for his murder.
If anyone finds out about this,
our family and the company are doomed.
Who fucking cares?
We need to find out who did this!
It was the cartel, dammit!
-They had threatened him before.
-Why did nobody do anything, Joaquín?
I didn't do anything?
I didn't do anything, you fool?
Where the hell did you get that idea?
I hired more men!
I doubled security at the house,
as well as at the hacienda!
But he wouldn't listen!
We have to protect our family.
We have to control the story.
What are we going to say?
Sir, it's me, Hound.
-Did you find anyone?
-No, the cops are here.
-Someone reported gunshots.
The cops are here. I'll take care of this.
Good evening, Mr. Carranza.
-Is everything okay?
We came as soon as we got the call.
Yeah, I heard.
But no gunshots were fired here.
Can we check inside?
The whole family is here at the hacienda,
and I don't want to worry my mom
over some teens lighting fireworks,
do you understand?
Well, then,
have a good night.
Thank you, but
I still need to do a quick search.
As a matter of protocol, that's all.
Let them through!
They're coming in.
Come on.
Will it take long?
The report says that the gunshots came
from the barn area.
I'll go take a look and be right back.
There's a journalist outside.
How the hell did he find out?
Probably an illegal police scanner.
I need your help.
There's a goddamn journalist
parked outside.
Get rid of him so I can relax
with my family.
-Certainly, Mr. Joaquín.
-Thank you.
Let's go!
Here. Change your clothes.
We have to tell Mom.
What's wrong? Where have you been?
Where's your dad?
Mom, Dad is dead.
Was it his heart?
Was it his heart?
He was murdered, Mom.
It's not true!
It's not true! No!
No, it's not true!
Tell me it's not true.
-I want to see him.
-No, Mom.
-It's better if you don't.
-I'm not asking permission!
What have they done to you, my love?
No one can ever find out
what happened here today.
Only the four of us can know.
Your father had another heart attack.
That's what killed him.
Take care of this.
I told your mom not to worry
about anything.
I already booked the catering,
the flowers,
and sent for the three Virgins
from Jalisco that she loves so much.
I still can't believe it.
Where are you going?
I'm going for a run.
At this time of night?
When my father died,
I felt that my world was falling apart.
Do you remember what you did?
I took you to Paris.
Not just that.
You were there, by my side.
Well, now it's my turn.
I'll be right back.
I don't recognize this number
so I'm hanging up, sorry.
Andrés, are you okay?
My father is dead.
For fuck's sake. My father is dead, Ilán.
I mean, fuck.
We found the watchman who had run away.
I'll be right there.
It pains me to inform you
that yesterday, at 7:00 p.m.,
at 71 years of age,
after a fatal cardiac event
Don Fausto Carranza passed away.
We'll hold a private wake
exclusively for family and close friends.
To the general public
and members of the press,
we thank you for your concern,
and we ask all of you
to respect our privacy
in our time of grief.
That's all for now. Thank you.
Andrés, who will take the reins
of Monarca Corp.?
We used to smoke here from time to time.
Did you find the watchman?
One of the cameras picked him up.
He was drunk.
Why didn't you tell me?
It was 3:00 or 4:00 a.m.
Too late to call you.
So, what did he say?
He said that he heard the gunshots,
and saw some men
running through the old gate by the creek.
They were wearing hoods
and holding AK-47s.
He called the cops.
Did he see them kill Dad?
He saw them leave.
-Where is he now?
-I let him go.
-He didn't know anything else.
-You let him go, Joaquín?
What's your problem?
I've been up all night
trying to keep this under wraps,
and you're scolding me?
What if it was him who let the killers in?
It wasn't him.
Hound and I had a long talk with him.
Trust me, that's all he knows.
Don't you think it's strange
the cameras got nothing?
I mean, you don't trust
anything or anyone.
Why hasn't the cartel taken credit yet?
Are you an expert
on how the cartel operates?
No, but I'd like to know
who killed my father.
Why, Ana?
What will you do?
Ask the cartel to apologize?
Is this a light and breezy conversation?
Remember Mr. Ernesto Torres, our notary?
How do you do?
If you have no objections,
I will read the bequeathment
of the shares after the funeral.
My deepest condolences. Excuse me.
You know Dad and I weren't
on the best of terms lately, but
I'm asking you, is there anything
I should be worried about?
You have a lot to worry about.
You have to take care of the family.
The entire family.
You're the patriarch now.
Put the pink one in the middle, please.
That's it. Go and check everything,
we're way behind schedule.
The photo's here.
Let me see the frame. Oh, it's beautiful.
The guests are arriving.
so people can see it.
Have you seen who your son brought?
He's doing it to annoy me.
He looks very much in love.
Can you tell me
why the hell you invited her?
She's my girlfriend. Why?
Gonzalo, you've only been dating
six months.
-You did it to cause a scene.
-She's only here for the wake.
She has a post-graduate class tonight
in Mexico City.
-Why do you even care?
-She's not part of the family.
I'm so glad you could make it.
I want to give my condolences
to your father.
It's the decent thing to do, Gonzalo.
He can be rude if he wants,
but I'm not that kind of person.
You're more polite than them,
but much less cunning.
I don't want them to hurt you.
They don't frighten me.
How are you holding up?
It doesn't feel real yet.
Yesterday, he was alive.
Angry, but strong.
When we found him
his expression was peaceful.
Your grandfather was proud of his family.
I'd like to see him.
-What for?
-I don't know.
To see him
-and say goodbye.
-We should respect Grandma's wishes.
Did you see him?
-Then I want to see him, too.
-You can't, Pablo.
That man in there is not Grandpa.
It's best not to see him like that.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
Your husband is here, my dear.
Thanks, Licha.
Ro, why don't you take him upstairs?
Come on.
Anita! It's nice to see you again,
No one's called me that in years.
-Fine, then, Ana María
-No, you can always call me that.
You know?
Your father was very proud of you.
-He read all your articles.
And I know because
he always told me about them.
But you already know what he was like.
Don Fermín,
do you know all the workers here?
Of course, sweetie.
How about a watchman called "El Chava"?
Sure, but why?
I want to talk to him.
I'll contact him for you.
May I ask why?
-I'll tell you later.
-Hey, come with me.
-Just don't tell anyone.
The same guy
who was snooping around last night.
-What kind of journalist is he?
-Same as all of them.
He only wants to screw us.
No offense.
What was the message?
He's writing an article
questioning whether Dad
died of a heart attack.
He wants us to comment.
I'll make a call and get him fired.
No, leave it to me.
Subtlety isn't your strong suit.
I'll find out how much he knows.
And he'll just tell you?
You must be heavy-handed
with the journalists.
I don't tell you
how to make crooked deals.
We're not taking about me!
I'll talk to him.
If you get him fired,
he'll know he's onto something big.
As the face of the company,
you can't do it either.
He'll feel important if you go.
No one knows me.
I'm only talking to him
because I'm a journalist and he's my dad.
Rubén Cabrera?
Nice to meet you. I'm Ana María.
-Where's Andrés?
-Andrés is busy.
You must be the sister
who ran away, right?
You seem well-informed about my family.
That's my job.
You wanted to talk to one of us?
Yes. Yesterday, someone
reported gunshots in the area.
Any comments?
You mean, what you heard
on an illegal police scanner?
Because, if so,
you can dismiss all of that.
A drunken worker made up
a crazy story in his head.
A story where shots were fired
on the Carranza estate,
on the same day that Don Fausto
was found dead.
-From a heart attack, yes.
Or maybe not.
By the way, the worker wasn't drunk,
he was scared.
Can I ask you a question?
Why are you so sure
that my father was murdered?
Let's say, I understand
why you'd cover up a murder.
The Monarca empire would finally collapse.
Who do you think would kill him?
-Your father's list of enemies is long.
-Like who?
We could say
half the people at the funeral.
You're wasting your time, Rubén.
You have unfounded suspicions,
nothing more.
If you'll excuse me.
let's make a toast.
To my brother.
Jorge and I were talking
about Monarca's future.
With you as the new CEO,
everything will change.
That's right.
I know we've been going through
a stressful period,
but you have nothing to worry about.
I'm glad to hear that, Joaquín.
And I'm sorry for your loss.
-Thank you.
-Let's make a toast.
To Monarca's brighter future.
-Thank you.
-Hors d'oeuvre?
I'm so sorry, sir!
Don't you dare touch me!
-I'd like to ask you something.
-Go ahead.
When Dad tried to clean up Monarca,
he said many people
turned their backs on him.
Are any of them here today?
Come with me.
In front of us, the guy with the beard,
that's Secretary Laborde.
Your dad got him his job.
But now he has shut down
our biggest construction project.
To his right is a local congressman.
He stole 500 hectares of land
from your father to plant agave.
He restructured the land
and sold it to Quintana,
who's the bearded guy opposite.
If your dad were alive
he would kick them all out.
Joaquín, I'm very sorry.
Thank you.
-How's the shirt?
-I've just changed.
Don't you think it's weird
that Grandpa's casket is closed?
-Not really.
Well, I do.
I want to see him.
-Don't indulge him.
Who wants to join me?
-I've never seen a corpse.
-Me neither.
Are you scared?
You must be Ana María.
-Pilar Ortega.
-Governor, nice to meet you.
-Please, call me Pilar.
-All right, Pilar.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'd heard many things about your dad,
but when I met him,
he turned out to be completely different.
He talked about doing things right,
without cutting corners,
about his love for Tequila,
the people.
It's weird hearing all this,
it's as if I didn't know him.
You know him better than you think.
Are you staying in Mexico?
-I don't know.
-You should.
This place sorely needs journalists
like you.
-It was a pleasure, Ana María.
-The pleasure was mine.
-Joaquín, I'm so sorry.
-Thank you.
That Governor is a pain in the ass.
How did it go with the journalist?
-What does "fine" mean?
-He has nothing.
-He'll keep snooping.
Stay out of this.
You have nothing to worry about.
I'm so very sorry, my love.
Of course I had to come, Andrés.
I love you.
You shouldn't have come.
I can't right now
I just can't, got it?
Why won't you let me help you?
I get what you're going through, Andrés,
but that's precisely the problem.
You have to let me in.
My dad was murdered.
-What is it?
-Follow me.
-Shh! Follow me.
I know.
You do it.
No, you do it.
This was your idea.
But you walked in first.
What was that?
-Did you hear that?
-Yes. It was Camila, right?
-I don't know.
-What happened?
-Are you all right?
-Don't touch me! Don't!
-What is it?
-What's wrong?
-You lied to me!
-Lower your voice.
-Why don't you tell them?
-Lower your voice, let's talk.
Tell them how Grandpa actually died!
He was murdered.
Don't you dare go near, Rodrigo!
Did you know, Uncle?
-What are they saying?
-We were trying to protect you.
From whom?
No one.
We wanted to spare you this pain.
Who killed Grandpa, Dad?
We won't discuss that now.
-Why not? Why the hell not?
-Don't speak to me like that.
-Grandpa was killed!
-Don't speak to me like that.
What's going on? Tell me.
The cartel killed him.
It was the cartel
who took your grandpa's life.
They killed him
because he wouldn't work with them.
They killed him because he was stubborn,
and because he was brave.
But people won't understand.
They'll destroy your grandpa's good name,
our family's good name,
and I won't let that happen, ever!
I'm really sorry
that you had to find out this way
but the truth remains the same.
Your grandpa died from a heart attack.
That's final.
I'm going to bed.
Come on.
I had never seen him so full of life,
like he was after the heart attack.
He used to say that, finally,
at 71 years old
he'd finally found a worthy purpose
in life.
But it was
it was too risky.
He knew it, and I told him,
but not strongly enough!
-Not strongly enough!
-You can't blame yourself, Mom!
He knew he'd take a risk
by cleaning up Monarca,
but he was sure that it was worth it.
It wasn't just about cleaning up Monarca.
He wanted his family
to be together once again.
Everyone together.
And he wanted you
to come home.
"None of us lives for ourselves alone,
and none of us dies for ourselves alone.
If we live, we live for the Lord.
And if we die,
we die for the Lord.
So, whether we live or die,
we belong to the Lord."
Romans, 14:7-8.
Don Fausto Carranza
my father
was born right here
in Tequila.
This was his land
his people
his family.
It was here where his father
taught him to toil the land.
And from this land,
he grew a life full of joy and happiness.
The seed of my father's work
took our company
to unimaginable heights.
But Don Fausto never forgot
about his dear valley.
His life wasn't always easy,
and his path wasn't always clear.
But if there's one thing
I can say about my father
it's that he was born with an iron will.
He will always be the lion
who conquered the world.
But his heart
was devoted to God
to his land
and to his family.
Rest in peace,
Don Fausto Carranza.
Dad? Dad!
Ana María
Can I have a word?
-Can it wait until after this?
-No, it can't.
I'm the head of this family.
-Will Mrs. Ana María be joining us?
She wasn't feeling well,
she won't be long.
We must wait for her.
Good, we can begin reading
the bequeathment
of the shares of Monarca Corp.
Don Fausto has designated
Mr. Fermín Martínez as executor,
president of Monarca Transportation.
Is Mr. Fermín Martínez here with us today?
Yes, I'm here.
Then, let us begin.
"I, José Fausto Carranza Burbón,
sound of mind,
and through this document,
hereby order that the shares
totaling 80% of Monarca Corp.
that are currently in my possession,
be divided as follows:
20 percent to my wife,
Ana Cecilia Dávila de Carranza,
and 20 percent to each of my children,
José Joaquín
Ana María
and José Andrés.
Regarding the CEO position,
having failed to name a successor,
I leave this difficult task to my wife,
who will surely do a better job
than I did.
She will be the interim CEO
of Monarca Corp.
until she decides
among my three children."
However, it is important
that you sign here
if you agree to accept the CEO position
and succeed your father
in the case that you're chosen.
Now for the signatures.
José Joaquín Carranza Dávila.
Thank you.
José Andrés Carranza Dávila.
And lastly, Ana María Carranza Dávila.
Mrs. Ana María?
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming
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