Monarca (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

The Coronation

Silver, rested, and aged.
Each one with its flaws and virtues.
Silver tequila is young.
Some find it immature,
while others find it pure.
The aging process has distanced
rested tequila from its source,
but deep down
it retains its essence.
The wait has been long
for the aged tequila,
but it has developed its own identity.
Some claim that so many years
spent in the barrel
have made it impure,
far from the agave from which it was born.
But which one is the best?
All three are excellent.
My compliments to the master tequilier.
Dear sister-in-law
you don't have to carry the burden
of making this decision alone.
In any case, I'm here to help
with anything you need,
as always.
That's what family is for.
You knew Fausto better than anyone
except for me.
I'll never understand
why he thrust this choice on me.
But I won't entrust his last wish
to anyone else.
The explosives were hidden in boxes.
How much did we lose?
Twenty percent of the tequila in storage,
the warehouse and a cargo truck.
Thirty million dollars.
And, sadly, one of the drivers
was killed in the explosion.
Leave us alone.
Joaquín, we need to make a decision.
We, the partners, need to talk first.
Leave us alone.
The cartel who killed Dad
is responsible for this.
How can you be so sure?
If the cartel did it,
we can't stick our noses in this.
On the contrary,
we need to file a police report.
The only way to stop this
is to do things like before.
With dirty dealings?
No, with balloons and confetti.
We must pay the system to protect us.
From the system itself, the cartel?
From anyone. That's how
things are done in this country.
That's not your call to make, Joaquín.
Where is she going?
Bernardo, what else can you say
about the explosion?
Not much.
Your mother asked me
to go to Jalisco tomorrow
-to save the rest of the tequila.
-Forget the tequila.
Our tequila and hotels
keep this company afloat.
Joaquín, we'll soon be in breach
of several distribution contracts.
If we get sued, we're fucked.
Trying to fix this with tequila
is like putting a band-aid
over a vampire bite, goddammit.
The only way to save Monarca
from bankruptcy
is with the Los Zapotes Highway.
Laborde has shut down that project.
I'm sorting that out.
Why can't you understand that Dad
didn't want any more dirty deals, Joaquín?
Dad wrote the book
on how things are done in this country.
Yeah, several volumes.
His senile, rewritten will
doesn't mean you can judge us.
He changed it because he saw you.
He saw how you had turned into scum.
That's why he called me here.
Wait, you're not the CEO,
and neither are you.
We're not here to argue,
we're here to decide what to do.
Go fuck yourselves.
-Ana María?
I know it's not the best time
after the warehouse explosion,
but I just found the watchman
you wanted me to find.
He was about to cross the border
into the United States.
He was terrified.
But I talked him into staying
so you could talk to him.
I could meet him and give you a call.
No, I'd rather talk to him in person.
I'll be in Tequila today.
Thanks for waiting.
It's your plane after all.
We should talk.
I told you over the phone,
I have meetings all day.
Just five minutes.
-Why did you retract the loan?
-It wasn't me.
It was my bosses.
Your father's death made them uneasy.
That, and the fact that
you weren't appointed CEO.
It's a matter of time. That's all.
If you don't give me the money,
I can't give it to Laborde,
and I can't restart the construction,
got it?
I get it,
but even with these
"off the record" loans,
the bank needs collateral.
What better collateral than my word?
Don't tell me you're the sentimental type.
Monarca's equity shares
are better collateral.
But, then again
only the CEO can authorize those.
To be completely honest,
Joaquín has a point.
The revenue from the Los Zapotes Highway
could save us.
Answer me this:
What pops into your mind first
when you think about Monarca?
That's where it all started.
Highways and bridges are only about money.
-They're off brand.
The value of the distillery
lies on public perception.
We may be crumbling inside,
but on the outside,
if we get this tequila
to where it needs to be,
Monarca Corp. will be stronger than ever.
You sound like your father.
Do you know what he gave me
when I turned 11?
A garden hoe.
Not a bicycle, not a doll,
a seriously sharp garden hoe!
And he made me carry
an agave heart this big.
I put it in the oven all by myself.
And he said
"When this agave heart
turns into tequila
you'll be 18 years old
and we'll drink it together."
But you left before that.
Any progress with Laborde?
If he and I don't reach a deal,
we'll lose this bid and every other deal
in this administration.
Laborde is an ingrate.
Your dad should never have
recommended him to the president.
Mom, why haven't you decided yet?
You know the company would thrive
under my management.
I know this decision is mine to make,
but I can't simply ignore
your father's wishes.
Listen, Mom
You're not choosing your favorite child,
you're choosing
the CEO that Monarca needs.
I'll sort things out with Laborde,
and I'm going to restart construction,
so there's no doubt in your mind,
all right?
I'm leaving now.
Isn't it a little early
to start brown-nosing?
Or maybe I'm late, since you're leaving.
You have some parsley stuck in your teeth.
Have you been walking around
like this all day?
Doesn't your "Hound" look after you?
Are we still monitoring Laborde?
House and cell phone.
Did you find out if there's anything
we can offer him?
You asked me for three days
and I gave them to you.
And then you promised me a gilded age
for Monarca.
And I'm sorry
but you're not on the throne.
It's very simple.
You restart construction,
I take over as CEO of Monarca's
and I'll make sure you get your cut.
Again, you're giving me your word.
And a gesture of good will.
Sierra Gorda Street, Number 115.
How do you know that address?
How long has your wife been trying
to buy that house?
Forget it.
-The owner won't sell.
-What if I get it for you?
What are you looking at?
So handsome!
How old were you when you got married?
I was 19.
So, when did you?
-You what?
Have sex, Mother?
We got married eight months after we met.
Oh, so a shotgun wedding?
Stop it.
Let's go out.
Let's go see how nice the hotel is.
The Markowitz that you wanted
is being installed today.
How's it going?
Let's see for ourselves.
That's a yes.
It weighs over four tons.
It will be suspended from steel cables.
Here in the middle of this courtyard,
all the way up there.
Each floor will have a view
of a different detail of the sculpture.
This is lovely, son.
Your dad would be proud of you.
Also, I thought
we could pay homage to Dad.
How so?
Imagine a reserve aged tequila
A special, limited edition version.
We would call it
Boys, give us some room, please.
"Don Fausto - 100 years".
We'd need a nice bottle.
We could ask Ilán to design it.
I think it's a wonderful idea.
Seen that?
I'll go talk
to the insurance people, okay?
You said you'd be here and you meant it.
Where's the wife of the driver
who was killed?
There she is.
Let's go.
Ma'am, I'm Ana María Carranza.
What is your name?
Adela Velásquez.
Adela, I'm sorry for your loss.
We'll find out what happened.
You were well aware of it
and you did nothing!
Will you bring my husband back to life?
I promise we'll get to the bottom of this.
-You promise! What do you promise?
-Mrs. Adela
-Anita, wait in the office.
-I'm holding you responsible
for the death of my husband, you hear?
The Carranzas are responsible
for my husband's death!
Don't touch me! Get off me!
We must pay for her husband's
funeral expenses, Fermín.
In full.
I'll handle it, Anita.
Whose sign is that?
The Bajio Cartel.
In the past
we paid them to use their roads.
Monarca paid the cartel?
Until your father had enough,
and stopped paying.
Soon after that,
the cartel sent us a message.
Fortunately, the boy lived,
but the drivers refused
to drive down those roads,
so what we've been doing
is filling up the warehouses.
The cartel knows, and that's why
they blew up the tequila we had stored.
The insurance claim is moving forward.
Is the insurance covering all this?
You dad had increased our coverage
to include even malicious attacks.
If Dad anticipated all this,
he must have had a plan.
Your dad knew that the system
would turn against him,
so he tried to rally politicians
and business owners
And each one of those bastards
turned their backs on him!
How does the cartel come into this?
Running a business here
requires us to deal with the cartel
and politicians.
There must be another way
to move our tequila.
Come here. Take a look at this.
Look. We're located right here.
This entire area,
all the way down here,
including all the roads,
belongs to Emilio Palafox.
That is, the Bajio Cartel.
But he doesn't control these roads.
No, but our distribution centers
are nowhere near this area.
What is this?
That's a regional airport,
San Sebastián del Oeste.
If we can't drive the tequila,
how about we fly it?
We could rent cargo planes.
I'm not sure, Ana María.
That wouldn't be cheap.
It's definitely cheaper
than losing warehouses
and distribution contracts.
who do we see about getting those permits?
We'd have to deal
with the San Sebastián delegate.
-This guy, he's corrupt
-We'll do it, Fermín.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
I'm here to see Delegate Flores.
Last door on the right.
Thank you.
You'll find that
all the documents are in order.
Everything looks good.
Permits like this one are hard to get.
The airport isn't used
to receiving cargo planes.
-But it is able to.
-Of course.
But in any case,
it will require a thorough inspection.
This seems like an urgent matter
so I'll make an exception.
As long as you and I can come
to an arrangement.
So, that's your position,
Delegate Flores?
Do you know how much I love you?
Are you okay?
Of course.
I'm so proud of you.
You're a wonderful lawyer,
and you're doing great.
I know you want a larger role,
so I have a job for you.
Are you interested?
Was that a yes?
Yes! Yes, sir.
It's here. This one.
Can you stop here, please?
Thank you, Javier.
Mrs. Guadalupe Briseño?
If it's about the house,
I told you it's not for sale.
No, I'm Erica Morales
and I work for a film studio.
We'd like to rent your house
to shoot here for a couple of days.
We pay 100,000 pesos per day.
All right, come in.
Thank you.
My husband was a doctor.
He looked after this house
as if it were a patient.
And now I look after it.
All by yourself?
Yes, I can't afford to hire anyone else.
-Are you sure you won't sell it?
She doesn't want to sell it.
Even though it's a big house
and they clearly need the money, but
It should be easy to convince her, then.
I must confess,
I don't work for a film studio.
My Alberto lived and died here.
This is his house, so get out!
I understand, but please
let me make you an offer.
No, miss.
Or maybe we should leave her alone.
What about the son? Tell me about him.
Mom, I'm home.
That's my son. Don't mention anything
about buying the house
in front of him, please.
Who's this?
They want to shoot a film here.
How much do you pay?
100,000 pesos per day.
-Make it cash. Deal?
-She was just leaving, son.
-I'm watching the soccer, Mom.
So please don't fucking interrupt me.
He's a total leech.
So he's waiting for her to die
so he can keep everything?
Very clever.
I'm sorry
that I couldn't get you the house.
But these are another ten options,
which are nicer and cheaper.
I'm sorry.
-Stop saying you're sorry.
-Let me know.
I'll let you know.
Thank you, Dad.
call me as soon as possible.
-What do you have for me?
We're at the government palace.
-Why are you there?
-I don't know.
We came straight from the precinct.
How are you, sweetie?
-How's everything over there?
-I'm fine, Mom.
Cam, don't worry about him.
I have to be here.
-He'll understand eventually.
-That's not my decision to make.
-But if you did
it would be pretty cool.
I have to go.
I love you.
I know you're busy, Pilar.
-I'm sorry to bother you.
-Please, don't worry.
But please explain, because I don't
understand what you want me to do.
I need your help to get a permit
to use a local airport.
You need my help?
It's all perfectly legal.
Ana María, the work we do here
is not about getting permits.
Just because I attended your father's
funeral or your last name is Carranza
doesn't mean I'll extend courtesies
to help you run your business.
This isn't about you giving courtesies
or doing me any favors.
Listen, I went to see Delegate Flores.
I submitted the application requesting
the permit, and he denied it to me.
That's too bad.
He wanted money to do his job.
That's why I'm here.
Look, Pilar, I'm not like them.
And something tells me you're not either.
So tell me, what should I do?
Get me Delegate Flores on the line.
Cecilia, you know we don't need to be
in the confessional in order to talk.
I've known you for almost ten years now.
I know when something's bothering you.
I have to make a decision.
And this decision involves who?
My children.
Fausto asked me to choose his successor,
but I don't think the changes
that he wanted to implement
are what Monarca needs.
What does Monarca need?
Someone who knows the company.
A true leader.
Or someone kind-hearted, someone loyal.
Someone like Andrés.
Sorry, I didn't mean to overstep the mark.
All I know is that he's the only one
who came here today.
People love him.
Bernardo, tell Fermín to load
all the tequila into the trucks.
What happened?
Ana María!
Ana María!
Let him go! Alberto, let him through.
I'm fine.
What is it, Rubén?
I wanted you to know
that even if you destroy my life,
I'll keep doing my work.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Is it a coincidence that I got fired
after I talked to you?
-You got fired from the newspaper?
-For talking to you.
If you don't meet our demands,
not a single one of my men
will drive Monarca's trucks.
Raymundo, be reasonable, please.
Reasonable like those
who blew up the warehouse?
Like those who killed Vicente?
Mr. Martínez, I'm Ana María Carranza.
Fausto Carranza's daughter.
Why don't you tell me what it is you need?
We want things to go back
to the way they were.
So do I, but things have changed
and there's no turning back.
Life insurance for each one of my men.
They risk their lives
driving across cartel-controlled areas,
transporting your tequila.
The drivers aren't insured?
We pay employer contributions.
As well as basic benefits.
How can we make a living?
We lost one of ours today.
Your responsibility, and our duty,
is to protect his family,
and the families of all our drivers.
Mr. Raymundo, I feel your pain.
That's precisely why we'll keep
paying salaries during the strike.
That's also why we pay social security
benefits so that you'll be protected.
Bernardo, please
Mr. Martínez, give us a second, please.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
Life insurance for all our employees
is financially unsound.
But it's only for the drivers!
Only the drivers? And then what?
The problem is we don't have the money.
I need to speak with him alone.
Mr. Martínez, you're a leader
to many who work at Monarca.
You earned that position
because people trust you, right?
That's right, ma'am.
My father also earned his people's trust.
He made many mistakes.
But there's one thing he never broke
his word.
If you get our tequila to the airport,
staying clear of the cartel's roads,
I'll find a way to get life insurance
for you and your drivers.
This is the ring my father wore
since the day he founded Monarca.
It's my family's ring.
When I manage to get you
everything you deserve,
I'll come back for it.
She swayed the union?
We're loading the tequila now.
Thanks for telling me, Fermín.
Chava this is Ana María Carranza.
Don Fausto's daughter.
I'm very sorry
this happened to you, Chava.
Were you there on the night
my father was killed?
Yes, ma'am.
And that same night you spoke
to Joaquín
my brother?
Yes, ma'am.
What did you tell him?
I immediately told him
I hadn't seen anyone.
I swear on my mother's life
I didn't see anything.
That's the truth.
I only heard gunshots.
Then I called the police, that's all.
But your brother wouldn't believe me.
So, it was my brother who did this to you?
You know what?
I don't want any trouble.
Please leave.
Listen, sweetie
I may be old, but I'm no fool.
What are we doing here?
My father was murdered, Fermín.
We said it was a heart attack
to protect the family, but
the way they killed him
He was butchered.
And they didn't even leave a message.
No banners, nothing.
If it wasn't the cartel
then who did it?
Hold on.
What is it?
The lady doesn't have much money,
but she has no debts either.
Her taxes are in order. She's a dead end.
What about the son?
Kicked out of school for fighting
and he has a few assault charges.
For fighting?
Pass it!
-Get me another.
-What a shit team.
That team is like Santa Claus.
You know why, asshole?
Why's that, ass-wipe?
Because only kids and fools believe in it.
Shut your fucking mouth,
you son of a bitch!
Stop pushing me! Loosen the handcuffs.
Be careful, he has a gun in his car.
-Check the car.
-Go ahead.
Gun in the car, sir!
No way! You framed me, bastard!
Here we are.
Thank you.
Tell me, son
What do you want?
Do you want Monarca?
In that case
stop manipulating me.
Oh, and
I'll talk to the Archbishop tomorrow
to have Father Norberto
sent to some parish in the mountains.
I no longer trust him.
Mom I don't know what the hell
the priest told you,
but this is my job.
The foundation is my job.
I'm sorry for taking you out
and having some fun.
If that's me manipulating you
then I'm sorry, Mom. Good night.
What did you tell the priest?
About what?
What did you ask him to tell Mom?
The truth.
You just ruined everything.
Mom saw right through it.
-She's no fool, Ximena!
-What did you tell her?
What could I say? What should I have said?
You could feign ignorance!
So, you wanted me
to try to fool her again?
So, are you giving up just like that?
This is want we wanted, Andrés.
-No, dear, this is what you want.
-Oh, me?
All this is what you want.
The house, the car,
the trips, the clothes,
but it's not enough!
You went behind my back
and did what you wanted.
You went behind my back!
And what did you accomplish?
I lost the CEO job.
I lost it because of you!
Mrs. Guadalupe?
No, I'm not busy. Go ahead.
Of course, I'm still interested.
No, there's no need.
if they ask you. Okay.
Good work, Hound.
What is it?
The lady from the house just called me.
Turns out she wants to sell it!
-Her son's in jail on assault charges.
And since the bail was set
at 3 million pesos
-It's fate.
-It's fate!
Hey, what happened to Hound?
He got mugged, can you believe that?
I mean, look at his size.
-I have to go.
There's a reporter from Guadalajara,
Rubén Cabrera.
Could you call his editor
and, as a personal favor,
ask him to hire Rubén back?
Sure. I'll handle it.
What's this?
A small gift for all you did yesterday.
This isn't just any aged tequila.
It's from a special reserve from 1989.
Back then, you were eleven years old.
I can't guarantee that the agave heart
you cut with your dad
made it into this bottle, but
But maybe it did.
Maybe it did.
Thank you.
No, wait. You don't have to open it now.
Why not?
Life is short.
To your father.
You worked very hard yesterday.
I felt useful.
Only useful?
I felt like part of the family.
You've always been part of the family.
Despite our differences.
I know that, Mom.
There's nothing more important
than family.
Us women must work hard
to keep our family together.
Martín, Rodrigo and Camila,
they're your family.
You should be with them.
It's time to go back.
I appreciate what you've done,
but I wanted to tell you this in person.
Joaquín managed to restart
the construction project.
He saved the company.
I'm appointing him CEO of Monarca.
And how do you think
he managed such a feat, Mom?
The way your father taught him.
Be careful.
Don't make your brother into a devil.
Remember that.
I don't know if he's the devil,
but he's lost.
He can't do things right.
Why can't you see it, Mom?
I know perfectly well
what your father was doing,
and it cost him his life!
You don't know what Joaquín
is capable of doing.
He's blinded by his ambition.
What about your blindness,
when you abandoned your family?
That was 24 years ago, Mom!
It doesn't matter how long ago it was.
Well, now I'm here.
I won't sit back and do nothing.
I see the same determination
in your eyes as your dad's
and it scares me.
When he asked me to come back,
I thought we'd finally make peace.
And now he's dead, Mom
because he tried to do things right.
You said it yourself. It was his mission.
If I don't finish what he started,
he will have died for nothing.
But I understand.
It's your decision.
Listen to me.
Your father and I didn't always agree
on everything.
I think that Joaquín deserves
to be the CEO of Monarca
because that's what he's worked
his whole life for.
But you were also right.
Your father was a dreamer
and I can't take away his last dream.
If you think you can do it
Monarca is yours.
Upon one condition
You have to keep the family together.
That's all I ask for.
Good night, my dear.
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming
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