Monarca (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Filthy Rich

Mrs. Carranza, we armored your SUV,
not just against attacks
with conventional weapons
but also against attacks with AK-47s
and armor-piercing shells.
Mendieta was trained by Mossad.
He has 15 years' experience
working in Spain and South America.
So you haven't worked in Mexico before?
No, ma'am.
Even better.
We installed Kevlar in the entire vehicle,
as well as metal plating on the doors
and the trunk.
We reinforced all the windows
with 12-millimeter polycarbonate glass.
What's next?
Los Zapotes Highway.
Go ahead and cancel it.
Are you sure?
Joaquín will be mad.
He won't just let you cancel the project.
I know what's at stake,
but I won't start my tenure as CEO
bribing the Secretary of Economy.
We also installed run-flats
in all the tires.
And if we are ever cornered,
we have a teargas system in place
that will prevent any assailants
from getting near the vehicle.
And with all this, Mendieta,
can you guarantee that my family
and I will be safe?
Ma'am, I can guarantee your SUV has the
best armoring technology on the market.
I don't know if hearing all this
makes me feel better, or more nervous.
No, sweetheart. They work for Monarca.
You'll love the house.
It's close to an amazing museum district.
And your school isn't far either.
Did I tell you that's where
I went to middle school?
Wasn't that a Catholic school?
Yes, but that was 25 years ago.
-But there are no nuns, right?
-Would I send you to a school run by nuns?
Maybe you want me to have
the full Mexican experience.
Ma'am, no amount of armoring can guarantee
there won't be any attacks against you.
Do you like it? We could grow
a vegetable patch down there.
Ro! Your sister's here.
Welcome, ma'am.
Chio, how are you?
-Fine, thank you.
-This is my daughter, Camila.
-Oh, nice to meet you.
Mr. Rodrigo is at practice, ma'am.
We'll see him later, then.
-I'm at your service, ma'am. Excuse me.
-Thank you.
So? Do you like it?
Well, say something.
It's a beautiful house.
We'll come up with some way
to use all this space.
Let's go to your room.
Rodrigo wanted this because it has
a walk-in closet, but he let you have it.
You don't like it?
No, I like it a lot.
It's just that it's not what I expected.
I don't know,
but having all these armed guys around,
so many gates and electric fences
It's for our safety.
I don't like it either,
but it's part of our new life.
We have to be careful.
It's one thing to be careful,
but this is
We'll get used to it together.
Good morning.
I thought everything was paused
until the board meeting.
So did I, but this came straight
from the new CEO.
Dad, call me back. It's urgent.
It's about Los Zapotes Highway.
Good morning.
Chio, would you pack me some fruit to go?
Certainly, sir.
Thank you.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I have a glass here.
Thank you.
It didn't take you long to become spoiled.
What do you think? Tied up or loose?
-Good morning.
-Hi, Mom.
-Morning, Mom.
Cam, eat some breakfast.
I don't want to be late. I'm meeting
Pablo at the gate, so I should get going.
Don't forget to eat, okay?
Wait! Let me take a picture.
It's your first day at school!
-No. Bye! I love you!
Good morning, miss.
I'll sit in the front.
-Excuse me?
-Thank you.
Good morning.
Where are you going?
How's that going?
Come here.
-When can I come see you again?
-Not today, Mom.
I'll let you know, okay?
Was it a heart attack?
Given what you told us,
a panic attack is more likely.
I don't get panic attacks.
What is it, darling?
Where are you?
I've been calling you all morning!
I'm having breakfast. What is it?
Check your voicemail.
Ana María wants to cancel
the highway project.
Yes, I have the paperwork here.
Can you please tell me
what my aunt is thinking?
She's trying to find a way
to screw us over.
I'm on my way.
Sir, you should come to the hospital.
For a panic attack? Please.
-Nora, good morning.
-Good morning.
Is everyone here?
They're in the conference room.
-Including Mrs. Cecilia and Mr. Andrés.
-What about Joaquín?
He hasn't answered any calls
since you were named CEO.
That's ridiculous.
Ma'am, shall I schedule a decorator?
That's not necessary yet. Thank you, Nora.
This is fine. Thank you so much.
Wait, miss. Miss!
-Ramiro, really, it's not necessary.
-I'm following orders, miss.
The gate's right here.
-It's for your safety.
-You can't go in.
Excuse me.
You look so elegant!
Someone made an effort this morning.
Your father would be proud of you.
Don't let him down.
Here comes that stupid girl.
Look at her hair.
What happened to her?
She looks like a mess.
I'll be back. Wait for me.
Hey, Cami!
-Hey, cuz!
-How are you?
-Great, you? I didn't see you outside.
It was crazy busy.
I can imagine. Come on.
I've been talking about you.
Let me introduce you.
Guys, this is Camila, my cousin from L.A,
the one I was talking about.
-Hello, I'm Aurelio.
She arrived in Mexico yesterday.
Nerd alert.
You should have gone to Tulum first.
It did cross my mind.
Dude, bring her to the dinner party.
Would you like to come?
Thanks, but I don't think I can make it.
Since I just got here, I still have a lot
to unpack, but thanks anyway.
Next time, then.
I hope so.
Maybe next time. Bye.
Where's the chemistry lab?
Yes, I'm going that way.
-Could you take me?
I don't know where anything is.
Welcome, cousin!
Monarca has to evolve.
We have to breathe new life
into this project.
We have to think differently,
find a new way to do things.
We're going to foster integrity,
we're going to foster transparency
and accountability.
We'll also implement a system
for anonymous reports.
Don't look so glum.
The idea is to protect people
who want to report any irregularities,
not to persecute them.
From now on,
operating within legal
and ethical guidelines
will be mandatory for all of us
who are part of Monarca.
and, of course, family members.
Corruption won't be tolerated
in this company.
Oh, yeah.
That's great. Just what we needed.
Incentivizing tattletales to waste
more of our time on lawsuits.
Give us a moment alone, please.
How dare you cancel
my construction projects?
You did what?
Miss CEO here
took a dump
on Los Zapotes Highway project.
Yes, I asked Bernardo to cancel
all the projects involving the government.
Is that wise, dear?
Are you aware that Dad left us in the red
after building the hotel
and expanding the distillery?
-Of course, Joaquín.
Without the next government payment,
we won't be able to settle our debts.
Do you think your bank cares
about your stupid moral code?
They'll take everything.
The hotels, the construction company,
and Mom's foundation.
Ana, what you're trying to do
is really nice.
But quite frankly, it's a load of shit.
I'm sure you have a plan.
Working with the government
means getting our hands dirty.
What country are we in?
-We need private companies.
-Oh, God.
You'll ruin us, idiot.
Please, stop fighting.
We're all on the same team.
Juan Manuel Pérez
has an interesting construction project.
Fermín recommended us.
The project consists of building
five hospitals in three years.
They haven't found anyone yet.
-Hospitals are highly profitable.
-Oh, thank you.
You two are witnesses.
Today, Miss CEO here
flushed Monarca down the toilet.
Tell me more about this.
Juan Manuel is uptight, but he's serious.
How far along is the deal?
They liked our initial proposal.
-We're having a final meeting soon.
-So, close the deal.
I need my sister's schedule this week.
Could you please send it to my assistant?
I need to coordinate some meetings.
-Certainly, sir.
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
You must get Joaquín on board.
You can't cut him out.
I can't get Joaquín on board
with anything, Mom.
As long as it's my idea, he'll hate it.
I only asked you for one thing.
First day?
Is it that obvious?
No. But I would have remembered you.
Chemistry is the only subject
I failed at my old school.
Were you expelled?
I moved here from L.A.
Ah, really?
-That's cool.
-I was influenced by writers who
I'll see you in a bit.
Yeah, all right.
Why are you talking to him?
Who, Carlos? I just met him, why?
His dad is a teacher here.
He has a scholarship.
Do you care who your friends' parents are?
Don't be prejudiced.
You should give them a chance.
Speaking of which come to the dinner.
No way, it's not my scene.
Please, Cami!
As a favor to me.
Why do you care if I come?
Aurelio will nag me if you don't.
Plus, you'll make friends. Please.
All right, but I'm doing it for you, okay?
-Don't use me like this again!
-I know!
I owe you one.
Oh! And I'm bringing Carlos.
No way, Camila.
Take it or leave it.
Fine, I'll send the address.
You called me, ma'am?
It's about a delicate matter.
I need your full discretion.
I need you to get me a private detective.
I just moved to the city.
I don't know who I can trust yet.
Don't worry. I'll sort it out
with a few phone calls.
-Thank you.
-Excuse me.
Did you like it?
Not bad for someone so traditional.
What? Did I hurt you?
Who were you getting even with?
We're always getting even
with someone or other.
Aren't you?
do you know Juan Manuel Pérez?
A little.
We worked together for a while
at the Business Council.
Did you?
Does he have any weaknesses?
His weakness is his strength.
He's an honest man.
Trust me, he's not your type.
How are you?
Fine, thank you. Hello, Joaquín.
I know it's late,
but I'm sorry about your father.
Thank you.
Hello. I have an appointment
with Juan Manuel Pérez.
I'm Ana María Carranza.
Where's Ana María?
That's why I'm here.
She's sorry, but she can't make it today.
The meeting isn't here, Mrs. Carranza.
Your office called to move it
to the golf club.
My office?
Mr. Joaquín Carranza's office.
Is she all right?
Yes, she's fine.
But I wanted to talk
about this business deal.
That's nice, but I've been dealing
with Ana María.
Maybe we should reschedule, so we can
I saw the budget she sent you.
It's not bad, eh?
No, it's not bad.
But it could be better.
Why don't you give me some time
to write up a more "creative" budget?
We could work in some discounts
Some costs we could split,
do you know what I mean?
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Maybe my sister didn't tell you,
but this is how we do things.
But if you can't see
how this will benefit you, it's your loss.
Let me be honest.
I agreed to meet with Ana María
only because I respect Fermín,
and he told me
things were different at Monarca.
And now you show up with this shit?
I only want to help, Juan Manuel.
You know I don't play dirty.
Oh, please.
We all play dirty,
you're just better at hiding it.
Good to see you.
Tell Ana María not to bother
contacting me again.
Juan Manuel, I beg you to reconsider.
Why don't we talk about this face to face?
Of course I have control of Monarca!
We're all set.
All I need is for you to sign these,
and Los Zapotes project
will be officially cancelled.
I just talked to Juan Manuel.
Joaquín sabotaged the deal.
How can I clean up Monarca
if Joaquín keeps fucking it up?
What did you say this place is called?
The Anahuacalli Museum.
Designed by Diego Rivera.
I can't believe it.
How did they get this place?
The same way you get anything
in this country:
with money.
The worker that Joaquín questioned
turned up dead in Tequila
with a bullet to the head.
Just like Dad.
Give it a rest, you'll make us
a target for the Bajio Cartel.
What if it wasn't them?
I'm hiring someone
to look into Dad's murder.
They'll look into everyone.
The cartel, his former partners,
Monarca's employees
and Joaquín.
Joaquín is crazy, he's sick,
but he's not a murderer.
Do you know what he did
a few days after Dad offered me Monarca?
He sent two thugs to my hotel.
Two thugs came out of nowhere.
I was asleep!
Andrés, they threw tear gas at me
-How do you know it was him?
-He told me himself, Andrés.
Still, he couldn't have murdered Dad.
Joaquín is rotten.
Why can't anyone else fucking see it?
Good evening. Thank you.
If Diego Rivera could see this,
he'd beat them up.
-Let me help you.
-What's up, cousin?
How are you?
-Fine, you?
-I'm great.
-I'm so glad to see you.
-Thank you.
Cami, you look so cute. Here.
Thank you.
-Here are your seats.
-Okay, thanks.
-We're about to start.
The excitement after the concert.
And he's not homeless.
I want to apply to the journalism program
at Columbia University.
That's cool.
Your mom's a journalist, right?
Yeah, but right now
she's working for Monarca.
Hey, Camila!
I started to follow you on Instagram
and I saw something about a protest.
Yeah, that's where I got arrested.
No way, that's crazy.
I mean, they arrested me
and 30 other people.
Your mom probably got them
to release you immediately.
No, not really.
Carlitos here also
has influential parents.
He gets discounts on books
with his dad's faculty ID.
Good to know. I actually need some books.
She already knows.
I was going to pay for dinner
with my daddy's credit card,
but I have a better idea:
credit card roulette.
I'm game.
-Take out your card, Carlitos.
-You know the rules. You lose
-you pay.
-It's on.
I'll cover Cami.
Where's your card, Carlitos?
That's enough.
Don't be a grinch.
If he's broke, why did he come?
Oh, please.
Seriously, Pablo?
Carlos, I'm sorry.
I had no idea they were like this.
They can all go to hell.
Oh! Damn it, Pablo.
Wow! I figured you'd be too busy
with your war on corruption.
That war starts with you,
so I had to come.
Excuse me.
You scared her!
You'd like her, she has a non-profit.
Right, since women are only fit
for charity work,
not for running companies. Am I wrong?
Your words, sister. Not mine.
I talked to Juan Manuel.
Really? What did he say?
Is he here tonight?
I really tried to work with you
because Mom asked me to.
But you're toxic.
Is that why you came here? To lecture me?
I came here to fire you.
You're out of Monarca for making
illegal offers to potential clients.
You can't fire me.
I just did, Joaquín.
I told you,
Monarca won't tolerate
any sort of corruption.
Where were you?
Calm down, it was a joke.
It was all paid for beforehand.
I came here as a favor to you,
and this is how you treat my guest?
He's just a bitter peasant.
Do you really want to fit in
with these people so badly?
Come on, Pablo.
-Nice joke.
-Are you leaving?
-Yes, I am.
Your bodyguards already secured the area,
Mrs. Carranza.
My dad didn't die of a heart attack
like the media reported.
We found him with three gunshot wounds.
Two in the chest, one in the forehead.
They also cut up his face.
That sounds like the cartel.
He had many enemies: the cartel,
politicians, business competitors.
Family members?
I want you to look into everyone.
Especially my brother Joaquín.
For fuck's sake.
Listen, I need your help.
Hound told me you were here.
I turned off my cell phone.
I needed to get away from things.
Your mom used to help me do it.
She had a gift.
What is it?
Grandma is livid
because my aunt fired you.
I'm quitting tomorrow.
No, what?
You're not quitting.
I need the exact opposite.
Get close to your aunt.
Do you want to go in?
No way, Ana María. You said you were
going to investigate him, not fire him!
I made the best decision
for the future of Monarca, Andrés.
Without consulting us?
You have some nerve.
Hello, Joaquín.
Come in, son.
I'm sorry to say that your sister
is crazier than your father.
Thanks, Uncle.
Is it too much that I have tried
to make those around me
pay for the damage they caused me?
Have you ever thought, Miguel,
about the pain she has caused herself
-Hi, Mom.
It would never justify
Ana María is out of control.
Unless you stop her,
she'll only get worse.
No, the worst thing is I let her get to me
to the point where I almost died.
I thought I was having a heart attack.
The paramedics checked me over thoroughly,
and concluded it was only a panic attack.
But it helped me.
Because there was a moment when I felt
that I was close to death.
And that made me see things
from a different perspective.
I'm now considering
alternatives that
I wouldn't have otherwise.
Tell him to take over that man's will.
How was school?
Don't even ask.
And you?
How was work?
Don't even ask.
What's your plan?
Attack Monarca from all sides
until the stock plummets.
I need to give Monarca
and my family just that:
a panic attack that feels
just like a heart attack.
Do you think it will work?
Our Mexican adventure?
We'll devaluate them.
Squeeze them dry.
Until they have no choice but to sell
some of their shares to survive.
I don't think Ana María, Andrés
or your mom will sell anything,
unless Monarca is truly
on the brink of bankruptcy.
It will be, Uncle.
With your connections, her money
and my experience in the company,
we're going to ruin them.
They won't even know
how to defend themselves.
My family doesn't know
who they're messing with.
I use men when I need them,
and discard them when I'm done.
Ana María will regret
ever coming back to Mexico.
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming
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