Monarca (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


For sure.
Before the fire, we would have to buy
all the agave in the valley.
That way, they won't recover.
There's no doubt about it,
you're a great strategist.
Even better than your father
during his prime.
So, is it feasible?
But in order to burn
all of Monarca's agave plants,
you'll have to enlist
the help of the cartel.
There's no way in hell
I'm dealing with those people.
You have no choice.
No one but the cartel has that kind
of influence in the region.
There must be another way, Uncle.
You can't send your own people
to burn those fields.
You'd be exposed
if a single man is arrested.
Well, there must be someone else.
the cartel is the cartel.
Everyone has to deal with them.
You know it.
Your father used to do it.
Out of necessity,
not by choice.
I will not work with the Bajio Cartel.
You must know someone else,
an alternative, Uncle.
There might be someone else.
Do you know the risk I'd be taking?
If anyone found out
that my guys are torching fields?
Yes, I understand.
I'll compensate you for the added risk.
You rich guys
love throwing bombs
out of your high towers.
As far as I know,
generals love giving orders
from those same towers.
No amount of money
will make me send my men
into the Bajio Cartel's territory.
You might even reclaim the region
and become a hero.
Sure, because going up against them
has worked out so well for us.
No. Definitely not, Mr. Carranza.
Rodrigo, what's going on? Pay attention!
Slower, Rodrigo.
Don't lose the stirrup, dammit! Recover.
All right, come here.
Where's your head today? Focus.
I'm focused, but he's jittery.
He's trying to knock me off.
You're giving me excuses.
They're not excuses.
At this rate, you won't be able
to try out for the team.
He said you lack focus?
You did great when I visited.
What is that supposed to mean?
Things were perfect before, Mom.
The horse, the team.
But ever since you got here
Since I got here, what?
Well, you messed things up, Mom.
Uncle Joaquín won't see me ride anymore.
If he won't see you ride,
that's his problem.
If the coach says you're not ready,
then you have to work harder.
You agree that I'm not ready to compete?
That's not what I said, Rodrigo.
I don't get it.
I train every day and I'm not ready,
while you're ready to run Monarca
fresh off the plane?
I don't get why you hate Uncle Joaquín.
He's only trying to help you
and you fired him!
That has nothing to do with you.
But him not coming to see
me ride has everything to do with you.
How about you?
Are you ready for the centennial?
I hate those events.
That makes two of us.
The opening of the Gran Monarca Hotel
in Mexico City
is part of our centennial celebration.
We've worked tirelessly
to integrate its colonial architecture
with the stylish modern design
of the Monarca hotels.
All done. Bernardo is with the clients.
I just wanted you to know
that I'm not mad at you.
Oh, what joy.
I mean, you don't owe me any explanations.
I know you and Dad will make up
and it's none of my business.
-That's right, it's not.
Before you go,
I hope I can keep learning from you
here in the company.
Why not?
architect, designer, chef,
and, of course, Ilán Markowitz.
Markowitz, come here.
I want you to meet him.
It's very important.
Speaking of Mexican talents,
look who we have here.
-One of the hottest artists right now.
-How are you?
-Ilán Markowitz, what a pleasure.
-The pleasure is mine.
Would you please tell us some more
about this wonderful sculpture of yours?
To me, it represents the strength
of Mexican women in general.
It's an honor for us to have it
as the crowning piece
of the Gran Monarca Hotel in Mexico City.
Why are we talking business
with this woman?
Because she's the CEO, Father.
You'll never cook again,
you son of a bitch!
Find me a replacement immediately.
What was that?
The head chef resigned.
What do you mean, he resigned?
All chefs are divas.
It's the same everywhere.
Can't another chef jump in?
I need someone with a name!
What do you mean?
Mr. Carranza, these men
are from Civil Protection.
They say the smoke detectors
aren't properly installed.
-Good afternoon.
-This is a mistake.
We've been officially cleared
for weeks now.
Sorry, sir, this is an order
to stop all activities.
Let me take a look.
Julie, call Delegate Cueto, please.
You have 24 hours to fix this,
or we'll be forced to shut you down.
All right, please show them out.
Excuse us.
I'll fix this with Cueto directly.
How exactly?
Don't worry about it.
I'm worried you'll try to fix it
with money.
Will you fire me?
-No, we're on the same team.
-It doesn't look like it.
Joaquín could have fixed it with
a phone call to Cueto, he's his friend.
Don't you dare ask Joaquín.
-Is that an order?
-Let me come along.
I love how you want to change the world,
but this is my hotel.
You have no idea how to run it,
so stay out of it.
-Can't you see?
-Stay out of it!
Someone is sabotaging your grand opening!
Is everything all right?
I'm going back to the office, unless
there's something I could help you with.
Actually, there is.
Table 15 is ready.
Is table four ready?
Why are you here? Who sent you?
I already told you, it wasn't my Dad.
Listen, Auntie Ana María
needs a renowned chef,
so who better than you,
since you're family?
Do you think I'll just drop everything?
It's just for the event.
Even if I wanted to, I can't.
The owner is a real hard-ass.
Why not run your own kitchen at the hotel?
You You'd be part of Monarca.
You sound like an evangelist.
What shall I tell Aunt Ana María?
Tell her the truth.
I can't do it.
Yes, Civil Security gave them 24 hours
to fix it or they'll get shut down.
Wonderful. How did your aunt react?
Well, I'm not sure. Not well, I suppose.
Stay close to her. Where are you?
I'm on my way to the office.
I'll keep you posted, okay?
But you signed the permit.
I thought we had a deal.
Yeah, but you know how this is.
Who's behind this?
Give me something. What do you want?
It's not about that this time.
The only way to save the centennial
is to go up against the delegate.
If you must do it to keep the hotel
from getting shut down, do it.
Yes, but Andrés asked me
not to get involved.
But it's clear that someone is attacking
us and has bribed the delegate.
-Who else?
-Listen, Ana María
The grand opening of the hotel
has to be flawless.
We need to close the deal
with Gibran and Ahmed.
I think you should do what it takes
to make sure that happens.
Is it me or are you ignoring me?
What do I have to do for you
to forgive me?
My cousin's friends are a bunch of idiots.
They're spoiled brats
who think money can buy everything.
I completely agree.
That's why I need you to forgive me.
Otherwise, I'll end up talking about
purses and shoes and gel nail polish.
What are "gel nails"?
If you keep playing hard to get,
I'll have to tell you the truth.
I like you.
There's a party tomorrow,
it's a family event.
Maybe you'd like to come with me?
As a human shield?
No! Wait, maybe. No.
As my date.
I promise there won't be roulettes
or any weird stuff this time.
Yes, there's a lot of dirt
on this particular delegate.
I need information so I can expose him.
Nothing about his personal life,
I just want to prove he's corrupt.
Give me a couple hours.
Can I ask you something?
Why do you and Aunt Ana María
hate each other?
-Hi, bon appétit.
-Hi, uncle.
This is a surprise.
I need your help with Cueto.
Someone is trying to sabotage
the hotel's grand opening.
And you want my help?
I don't work for Monarca.
Oh, come on! I don't care
about your problems with my sister.
It's the centennial.
She fired me
and you did nothing.
I swear I cried a lot.
Bro, help me out.
Have a seat.
Go on, sit.
Want some dinner?
I know, Lourdes told me
you rejected my offer,
but I had nothing to lose by coming,
and I gained a lovely glass of wine.
Truth is, I'm not interested in
working for Monarca.
It's not for me.
I understand.
For years, I wanted nothing to do
with Monarca.
But I've seen Joaquín
trying to lure you back.
-to alleviate his guilt.
I spent so much time
being mad at my father.
That's why I left Mexico.
And I missed out on so much, Gon.
We're not saints.
No one is. But I did miss you all.
Anyway, I get it. You're young,
you want challenges and adventures,
and you deserve them.
Thanks for the wine.
You know what?
I'm in.
New challenges.
I'm sick of this damn place.
I've been cooking the same food
for two years.
Just one thing:
I'm doing this for the family,
not for him.
All right.
Listen, Amaro
I quit.
Good evening, delegate.
Ana María Carranza.
Two Carranzas in one day?
I'm flattered, but I was just leaving.
I'm here to personally give you
an invitation
to the centennial anniversary
of our Herederos Tequila.
Where did you get this?
I look forward to seeing you there.
Monarca Presidential Suite?
What's with the wine?
A really nice bottle.
-Yes, the one from our anniversary.
I'm with some clients.
I'll get another bottle later
so you and I can have a glass.
Sounds great.
-Don't take too long.
-I won't.
Room service.
Ximena is here.
I'll be back soon.
So you and the wine can breathe a little.
Son of a gun.
Good morning, delegate.
Tell your sister she doesn't know
who she's messing with.
What happened?
Enjoy your fucking party,
since it'll be your last.
Wait, but
Fucking hell.
-Don't forget the peppers
-Yes, sir.
jalapeños and onions.
Thank you.
You saved us tonight.
Thank you. Enjoy your night.
Gibran, thank you for coming.
My handsome boy!
Hi, Mom.
Ready for the photo? Come with me.
Come here, Mom. Get here in the middle.
Camila! Where's Camila?
Come here, sweetheart.
I'm taking the photo. You all ready?
-Another photo here.
-One more over here!
Of course.
You all look great,
but I'm feeling left out.
You made it! Traffic wasn't too bad?
Nice to see you here.
Welcome. Let's take another photo
with all of us together.
Thank you.
Ana María, over here!
Ana María Carranza, CEO of Monarca.
What has reaching this moment
meant for your family?
What a difficult question.
Mostly, a lot of hard work.
We worked as a family to show
the best of Mexico to the world.
-Thank you.
-Mrs. Cecilia!
-Can we get a photo with your daughter?
Why aren't you taking my calls?
Now is not the time.
Some other time, then. Thank you.
Madam Governor, thank you for coming.
-Ana María, congratulations.
-Thank you.
I'm proud that a company from Jalisco
is building stuff like this
in Mexico City.
-That's right.
-And I love The Warrioress.
It's breathtaking, isn't it?
I was just telling Ilán
how much I love the sculpture.
He's so talented, right?
He is, isn't he?
-A Mexican artist.
Join us. Have you met Ilán?
-Of course, how are you?
-How are you?
-It's great to see you.
Hey, would you take our picture?
-Of course!
-Yes, a photo.
That's it.
Horizontally, dear, please.
-You all look great.
Now, come stand with us.
Gaby, please take our picture.
Let's take a picture, since we're here.
That's the spirit.
Thanks. I'll be right back,
I should check on the ambassador.
It's great seeing you both.
If you'll excuse me.
-Sure, go ahead.
-Go ahead. Congratulations again.
-Thank you, Ximena.
-Isn't he handsome?
Well, he's not my type.
He's a little too gay, isn't he?
Gay? He doesn't look gay.
Please, it's obvious.
Oh, no. I'll go talk to the girls.
We did it.
We successfully launched your hotel.
What's with that face? Aren't you happy?
I told you to stay out of it
and let Joaquín fix it.
I told you not to say anything to Joaquín.
Don't you see he was the one
who tried to ruin the grand opening?
Maybe it was you who made
an enemy out of Cueto.
No, Cueto was already our enemy.
We wouldn't have pulled this off
without me.
Wow! That ego of yours
is getting pretty huge.
Can't you give me a little credit?
Or have a good time,
like the family we are?
You haven't been part of the family
for the past 25 years.
What are you talking about?
You still hold that against me?
Should we be happy, then?
After you left without an explanation?
-You don't know what happened.
-I guess not.
What happened to me, what they did to me.
Or maybe you do?
No, you don't know.
You just got up and left.
You didn't care about us then,
and you still don't.
So enjoy your evening at the hotel,
and go ahead and take credit
for the years I've put into it.
Yes, what a shame.
Cheers, enjoy.
Please, excuse me.
Are you all right?
Not here, Andrés.
They're my employees,
they won't say anything.
I know, but you must protect your image,
especially at work.
Since when do you care
about stuff like that?
Your wife and son and family
are all out there.
So what?
I get that that this is your world
and this is how you like it,
but it's definitely not for me.
Hey, cousin!
What's up? Are you having fun?
-Cheers, Carlitos.
-Nice party, huh?
-Yeah, it's awesome.
See you around.
In one, right? Down it in one, come on.
Hi, Cami, how are you?
You look super cute.
There's something I have to tell you.
I get that you don't know this
since you're American and stuff,
but Carlos is kind of a hick.
Thanks for your advice.
That's what I get for trying to help.
Is now a good time?
I asked you for only one thing.
Mom, I can't keep the family together
if Joaquín keeps getting in my way.
He could say the same thing about you.
I'd never order anyone to beat him up.
You didn't know?
He sent two of his thugs
in the middle of the night
to scare me into going back to L.A.
Don't talk about your brother like that.
I'd love for you to trust me.
Trust is earned.
Well, even without it,
I'll continue making decisions.
Perhaps I was wrong to choose you.
How are the peppers doing?
Mr. Carranza.
I'm Itzel.
I'm sorry, who?
Everything was delicious.
What do you want?
Why do I feel like
you're doing all this to hurt me?
Oh, please.
How many times did I offer
to set you up with a restaurant?
Your aunt simply shows up,
and you say yes?
Why? To spite me?
This has nothing to do with you.
I could have given you something
like this, or even bigger.
You don't know how to give.
You only know how to buy.
All I want is for you to be happy.
Take Mom, for instance.
You tried to buy her happiness,
and look where that got her.
Do you have any idea what I feel
every morning when I wake up
and she's not there with me?
Good to see you.
Hey, do you mind if I ask you
a serious question?
What are you doing with my brother?
You don't know him well,
but Gonzalo can be a bit dreamy,
you know, starry-eyed.
People take advantage of that.
Well, not me.
I don't take advantage of anyone.
Please don't get me wrong,
that's not what I meant.
Want some?
Still, I'm sure you understand that,
as his sister
I won't let anyone screw with him, got it?
You can keep it.
Anyway, that's all.
I'll see you out there, all right?
Ilán Markowitz!
Right on, man. I'll have another one.
I saw your picture on the cover
of one of my Dad's hotel magazines.
I'm Pablo, Andrés Carranza's son.
-Nice to meet you, how are you?
Let me tell you
I'm a big fan of your work.
The Warrioress is spectacular.
-Thanks. I'm glad you like it.
-Thank you.
-A toast to the great Ilán!
-Go find your cousins, love.
-Give it here.
The fact that Andrés
likes to play with fire
doesn't mean you can take
any other liberties.
Relax, Ximena.
I'm only here to unveil my sculpture.
I'm going to tell you this just this once:
-Don't come near my son again.
-He approached me.
I don't care.
Consider that a warning.
You have no idea what I'm capable of.
Why did you bring him here?
Why did you bring him here?
There are lots of other artists.
Didn't you see his sculpture?
It's huge, sweetie.
Don't be cynical.
-My mom chose him.
Ilán is a world-renowned artist,
he's highly sought after.
-You don't say.
-What's wrong?
Nothing's changed.
Vallarta is one thing,
but we agreed Mexico City was off limits.
Why do I have to watch him
talking to my son?
-He was talking to Pablo?
-They were toasting at the bar just now.
-Let me see.
-Hang on. No, you stay right here.
What's going on? Are you all right?
I talked to my mother about Joaquín.
And she didn't believe you.
"How dare you say those things
about your brother?"
It's like talking to a wall.
She's completely blind.
Can I say something?
I've always thought that your mom
has balls of steel.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Ana María
Tradition. Roots.
-What's up?
I've missed you at training.
Ever since you stopped coming,
Luis has been extra hard on me.
He's a bastard, but he's also the best
in the country.
Yeah, I know.
I'm working hard, but it's like
he's waiting for me to fuck up.
I'd love to support you, son,
but I can't get involved.
Your mother has drawn a line.
But she has no right to do that!
Why wouldn't she?
She's the new head of the family.
But you're not a kid anymore,
you're a man.
You're the reason
that prick even has a salary.
Demand his respect.
Good evening.
Good evening, everyone.
I have the pleasure of introducing
Mrs. Ana María Carranza,
CEO of Monarca.
She'd like to say a few words.
Good evening, everyone.
Thank you for joining our celebration
for the centennial of Herederos Tequila.
Being at the helm of Monarca has been,
without a doubt,
one of the most extraordinary
experiences of my life.
Continuing my father's legacy
has been a monumental challenge.
I'd like to express my gratitude
to someone very special to me
My brother Andrés.
Andrés, without your talent,
vision and creativity,
this hotel would not be a reality.
I'm so proud of you. I love you.
There's two things I've learned
that without my family's
unconditional trust and support,
this night wouldn't have been possible.
And second,
that this place
is my rightful place.
This is where I belong.
Here's to our tequila!
And to 100 more years!
Thanks for joining us. Good night.
That speech was befitting Monarca's CEO.
Hypocritical and full of lies.
I'm a Carranza after all.
You were right.
I never knew what happened
after I left Mexico.
I stayed because I wanted to.
But if I had seen what you guys saw,
what you saw
I would have probably made
the same decision to leave.
Give me a break.
So much love.
What a family!
Congratulations, little sis.
Amazing speech.
We inaugurated the hotel
despite your dirty tricks.
"We" inaugurated.
You're using the plural now.
That's nice, I hope it lasts.
How much did you pay Cueto?
I don't know what you mean.
Jo-Jo, tell me one thing. You
Are you like this
because your wife died or by choice?
I can't believe you said that!
You went a little far.
Please, he earned it!
We were told there was
a party going on upstairs.
We're on the 5th floor,
at the hotel's opening.
We can already hear signs of the party.
Blue light is a good start.
Wow. Keeping Up With the
Let's see how the rich
and not-so-famous party.
Woo! All you need to be in is money.
Come pick me up.
Yes, it's time.
Yes, sir. On my way.
Will you be my cameraman? Come on!
Here we have a suite with a king-size bed.
Cami, I think that's enough.
We still have more to see.
Come on, it's fun.
All right.
Here we have a view of the city.
And here, we have
What are you doing?
Pablo? Get off! Don't touch her!
What the hell are you doing, you idiot?
She's unconscious! What the hell?
Get me some water!
What are you staring at, assholes?
Get the hell out of here!
What the hell, Pablo?
Go get my mom!
-Come with me, ma'am.
-No, the kids!
Let's go.
Find the kids, Mendieta.
-Are you okay?
-I'm fine, and you?
Your sculpture!
Ana María! Are you all right, dear?
Yes, but I can't find my kids.
I have to find Pablo.
-I'll take care of her, Auntie.
Rodrigo! Are you okay?
Where's Camila?
Rod, Mom, Dad, what's going on?
Stay close. Let's go outside.
Martin, let's go out.
-Andrés, what happened?
-Are you all right?
-I'm fine. Wait, don't go!
-I'm here, Dad!
-Are you okay?
-Where are your cousins?
-I don't know.
I'm fine, Mom.
Dad, come on!
What's going on, Joaquín?
Put me in touch with the cartel.
Are you sure?
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming
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