Monarca (2019) s01e07 Episode Script


We all saw the video,
so let's ask, why did this happen?
As we all know,
the upper class enjoys impunity.
No, excuse me, Javier.
What Pablo Carranza did
in abusing this girl
didn't happen because of impunity.
The parents of these millionaire kids
make them believe
that the world is there to serve them.
We're looking for the source
of the edited video,
but we haven't found the guy.
There were many guests that night.
Have you checked their recordings?
Only what's online.
If they recorded without posting it,
the video exists only on their phones.
Can we access their phones?
Yes, but that's not exactly legal.
So, do you think the parents
are to blame here?
Andrés and Ana María Carranza?
Also the victim,
who hasn't pressed charges.
Do you think they haven't threatened her?
Or that it's easy for a girl to speak up
against such a powerful family?
Do it.
I know you're experts,
but I have to ask you to keep it quiet.
Let me know if you find anything.
Speaking of that,
Camila Ross Carranza
published another video
in which she defends Sara.
She has no shame.
She participated in the abuse
as if it were a circus,
and now she wants to present herself
as some kind of women's advocate.
These young people post things online
without considering the consequences.
They deserve social humiliation,
even criminal charges.
And conveniently,
she's trying to clear her name
Andrés, Camila's video from last night
We agreed to stay on message.
-I know.
-Instead, your daughter attacked Pablo
-and ruins our strategy.
-You're right.
But I didn't know she'd post it.
Make her retract herself.
Take away her cell phone so she can't
I can't make her do that. I'm sorry.
Can't you see how much trouble we're in?
Of course I do!
So, take responsibility.
AGAVE - 1,777,000 PESOS
Sir, we've started buying all the agave.
Everything all right?
The plan's in motion.
It better work, because I've invested
a lot of money in this.
Your money is in good hands, madam.
Gentlemen, let's have a single meeting.
We're issuing
an official press release tonight.
But before we do, I need to grasp
the gravity of the situation.
The one here is shut down
and losing money every day.
What about the delegate?
He won't answer.
It's personal. He's bleeding us out
so we'll be forced to sell for cheap.
How has the scandal affected
our other hotels?
We have had a cancellation rate
of 18 percent.
The construction company, Bernardo?
Laborde got tired of waiting.
The project is officially canceled,
and we got hit with default fines.
Even if we wanted to pay him off,
we don't have the money.
Fermín, tequila and transportation?
Both paralyzed.
Casa Cuervo keeps beating
our market margins.
And our drivers and field workers
are officially on strike from today.
Over the life insurance?
They've been waiting a month, Anita.
We've been looking for a solution.
Can we buy some time?
Raymundo wants an answer
and he wants it today,
or he'll take it to the media.
We have a debt payment due next week.
If we miss it, Merrill Lynch
will go after our collateral.
Gentlemen, where can we get money from?
Look, here she comes.
She has some nerve coming back.
Seriously, dude.
She should be in jail.
What a disgrace.
How dare she show her face?
-Fucking gringa.
No one likes her.
Hello, Cam.
What are you doing here?
If they're gonna say that,
they should say it to my face.
Nice video.
Ignore them.
You're better than
all of them put together.
You know that, right?
-See you in class?
Mr. Acosta!
Hi, Dad.
Don't get involved, son.
She's my friend.
Do you know what they're saying about her?
Wake up, son. Those people will use you.
And once they're done,
they'll discard you.
I don't want you to see her ever again.
Oh, shit.
It's time for the second part of the plan.
It's too soon.
I still haven't bought all the agave.
The governor will be in Mexico City
today and tomorrow.
Get her to meet you at the Patria Azul
restaurant in Polanco.
We'll take care of the rest.
I can't tell a governor where to eat.
It won't be easy.
Just as it won't be easy
to do what you asked me.
But I'll do it anyway.
What if she refuses?
Look, a deal with the Bajio Cartel
means you follow our rules.
Simple as that.
We need a plan B.
We can sell a piece of Monarca
to get some cash flow.
Like amputating a patient's arm
in order to save their life.
Which arm?
How much is construction worth?
It's worthless.
The machinery is leased,
the projects are built for third parties.
With no future projects, it's worth zero.
Transportation, Fermín?
Trucks depreciate quickly.
Plus, laying off our employees
will cost a fortune.
Not to mention the bad press
from firing striking workers.
Selling the distillery
is the sensible choice.
It's paralyzed,
but it has assets and land.
It's well-known worldwide.
We can't sell the distillery.
-Why not?
-The distillery is Monarca.
That was before.
The hotels are the only thing
making money.
We can't cut off
the patient's healthy arm.
Nothing justifies what happened
or how she's being treated.
Sara, if you're watching this,
I stand fully behind you.
Fleeing the country is not an option.
Oh, please!
The Molinas are in Spain
and the Gómez-Urrutia in the U.S.
Yeah, for tax evasion, not for rape.
No one has accused my son of rape.
So, don't say that word again.
-What's wrong with you, idiot?
-Mademoiselle Ross!
What, you all think this is funny?
Is this a joke to you?
Mademoiselle Ross,
go to the principal's office!
to provide the necessary support
to our young talents
so that their work can be exhibited
and sold worldwide.
Thank you.
Congratulations to all of you.
Thanks for your support. Congratulations.
-Where to now?
-This way.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you all for coming.
Thank you.
Madam Governor, congratulations.
I completely agree with you.
Mr. Carranza, what a surprise.
When I heard you were here,
I cleared my schedule.
Thank you very much. If you'll excuse me.
Listen, I have a project
that might interest you.
My schedule is packed,
but thank you for coming.
See, I'm no longer with Monarca.
I'm reinventing myself.
So, I've been getting into e-commerce.
I wonder if you'll be able to keep
the promises you made just now.
Because I can.
What is your real interest in all this,
Mr. Carranza?
I doubt it's philanthropic.
Oh, but it is.
This is a million-dollar deal.
There's enough to go around,
even for philanthropy.
Let me buy you dinner
so we can discuss it further.
Patria Azul is getting a Michelin star
and it's hard to get a table.
Let's do it tonight, before you leave.
Ma'am, we have a meeting.
Yes, that's right.
If my schedule clears up,
I'll be sure to let you know.
-Good seeing you.
-Same here.
What happened?
I'll let her tell you.
I want to go back to L.A.
I got suspended from school.
What did you do, Camila?
They're silencing me!
"Destruction of private property"
is their piss-poor excuse.
"Destruction of private property"?
What is that supposed to mean?
They're all so callous, Mom.
Even the damn principal.
He wanted money to void my suspension,
I swear.
Camila, what did you do?
They were recording me,
what else could I do?
Who was recording you?
Some idiot from class.
And then?
I smashed his cell phone.
You broke his phone?
I should have broken his nose!
You know what you did was wrong, Camila.
-You're taking their side?
-I'm not taking their side?
-I'm trying to understand what happened.
-Understand what, Mom?
That I want to go home.
I want to be a nobody again.
I don't want to be a target.
I want to go back to how things were.
My love, I know some things have changed.
Not some, everything!
You used to come home for dinner,
now you're not even around.
Cam, I know that all of this
has been difficult.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you and I have a girls' night?
We can order food.
We can order sushi.
We could just talk and catch up.
What do you say?
The phone guy was asking for it.
I'm sure he was.
Come on. We have to go.
Mom has to get back to work.
Camila, wait up.
Camila, I just want to talk.
I'm talking to you!
-She has nothing to say to you, Andrés.
-I just want to talk.
If we don't help Pablo,
he could end up in jail.
I can't help him, Uncle.
He's your cousin.
He's your family.
Don't listen to him, okay?
This is much more complex
than taking sides, right or wrong.
I've tried every bank there is,
but no one will touch us.
What about the Arabs?
Gibran and his father?
Nora Sorry.
Can you tell me what hotel
Gibran and his father are staying at?
They're staying at the presidential suite
at the Gran Marqués.
-If the mountain won't come to Mohammed
Hold your horses.
We can't offer them the same deal again.
It needs to be better.
Give me ten minutes.
I'll meet you downstairs.
Get here now, Andrés.
The guy is on his way.
I'm not meeting him alone.
Ximena, make him stay in his car.
Don't invite him in.
No, wait for me!
For fuck's sake!
I'm stuck.
I need to grease some palms
to restart construction.
To get the roads open, to clear the hotel.
Welcome to reality.
I'm not paying those buzzards.
Goodbye, reality.
We have to restart the distillery,
we need cash.
We need money to pay our debt.
And your point is?
I'm selling the hotel.
While it's closed down.
To the Arabs.
That hotel has no future.
Especially not
with Monarca's name attached to it,
and you know it.
You've been in Mexico
for all of 15 minutes,
and you want to waste
four years of my life
by giving away my hotel
to those damn Arabs?
No, it's not about that.
Why do you have this need
to fight over everything?
All the time?
I won't sit idly by
while you destroy everything we built
while you were off living in Disneyland!
It's a strategy,
and it's the only strategy we have.
Listen to me.
If you sell my hotel
I'll call a board meeting
to declare you unfit
and kick you out of Monarca.
And the way things are going,
no one will oppose the motion.
Yes, speaking.
I see.
OK, what time?
I understand.
Thank you.
Seems like
the governor's schedule
isn't as packed as she thought.
Do you remember
the first time you killed someone?
How was it?
I was 13.
My dad was a cop,
he taught me and my brothers
how to shoot when we were kids.
He was also a violent guy.
Not a day went by without him beating us.
But I just couldn't stand it
when he hit my mother.
One night I came home
and found her beaten and bloody.
I didn't think twice.
I went to get the .45
that he kept in his night stand.
Before going after him,
I racked the slide
and took the safety off.
When I found him,
he looked at me for a minute,
and then I emptied the magazine into him.
Do you regret it?
I did it for my mother.
Anything for the family, huh?
8:30 p.m.
Patria Azul.
First, I'll get Pablo out the country
on a private plane.
Not the company jet, a rental plane.
Once we're in the Bahamas,
I'll get him new identity documents.
Then we'll follow a route
with several destinations
until we finally reach Portugal.
There you'll be able to contact him.
What if INTERPOL wants to find him?
The only flight record for Pablo Carranza
will be his trip to the Bahamas.
I'll be with him the whole time.
My fee is $200,000 up front,
plus expenses for the first three months.
The first three months?
Ximena, this isn't the way.
-Andrés, I don't
-Thanks for your time.
No, but
-Thank you.
-Very well.
But if a warrant goes out for his arrest,
my services will no longer be available.
Good day.
If they come for Pablo,
we're going after Camila.
What good would that do?
What do you mean?
Camila recorded your son.
Don't you see the damage
that she and Ana María are doing to us?
Ana María humiliates you
just like Camila did to Pablo.
She treats you like her pet cat.
Pablo molested a girl!
You listen to me!
Pablo didn't do anything wrong.
Besides, who are you
to give him lessons on morality?
To say what's right or wrong?
You've lied to him all his life.
How can you say that, Ximena?
You're as responsible as I am
for all this.
Be careful with what you do and say.
This is about Pablo, not you.
No, it's about Pablo not going to jail.
That's what this is about.
Best burgers in LA?
In-N-Out. No.
Apple Pan.
What? You only like it because
it's always deserted.
No, they're actually better.
What is it?
They just uploaded this.
-Hey! Get off her!
-I wasn't doing anything!
She's unconscious, you dick!
Carlos, get me some water.
Get me some water!
What are you idiots staring at? Get out!
Pablo, what the hell?
It's clear from this angle
that you were trying to help her.
Text her back.
Andrés, I'm arriving
at the Gran Marqués Hotel.
I don't want to sell the hotel,
but I see no other option.
If you have any ideas, now is the time.
I'll go alone.
Ana María, this guy
I can handle him.
Once we sort out the strike,
we'll have to act fast
to ship our tequila.
So, act under the assumption
that I'll get the money.
Got it?
Got it.
I couldn't remember anything.
I had to watch the video.
And at first
I didn't recognize myself.
Since then
I can remember Pablo touching me.
I was screaming, but no one could hear me.
But actually, no one could hear me
I was too drunk to scream.
Can I ask you something?
Why did you call me?
I watched your video.
I needed to talk to someone
who wouldn't judge me.
Someone who's not worried
about my reputation, you know?
My dad says I have to press charges.
But my mom says that if I do,
we'd have to move to the U.S.
What would you do?
Look, Sara, I can't
I can't even imagine
how you must be feeling.
But I know that if I were in your shoes
I'd tell the truth.
The truth?
Will the truth make all this go away?
What's going to happen next month?
Or next year, Camila?
I don't know.
Thanks for seeing me.
Mrs. Carranza, my apologies
for not calling after the inauguration.
My father is not a tolerant man.
It's a good thing
I'm not looking for tolerance.
I'm looking for a business partner.
Sorry about the scandal.
Even with the 15-ton broken sculpture,
our lobby is way nicer than this thing.
Sorry I'm late, Gibran.
Mexico City traffic.
It's fine.
-Can you excuse us?
-No, it's fine. I heard your message.
I'm sure you're aware that opening a hotel
in this country is hell.
In any country.
We have 72.
Europe is civil.
Middle East
I guess being close
to Saudi royalty helps, but here
There's no royalty here.
There's us.
I'm listening.
We wanna save you time and effort
and get you up and running
with a brand-new hotel.
Plug and play, ready to go.
Ready to earn.
You are selling me your hotel?
Half of it.
Monarca would sell the hotel to you,
but stay on as a silent partner,
and I will act as a
hidden adviser
and help you survive the government.
My father is not interested
in silent partners.
But I am.
You came to sell me your hotel
because you need money.
How much?
Fifty million.
One hundred million, as a personal loan.
If I am not paid in full
plus ten percent in 30 days
you keep the money.
And I keep
entire Monarca's hotel division.
All 12 hotels.
Would you give us a minute?
I came here to sell half a hotel.
Not all of them,
and not for 100 million dollars.
-They're worth five times that.
-Not anymore.
-This scandal will hit us harder yet.
-They won't depreciate that much.
OK? They're assets.
Andrés, with that money,
we can pay down our debt,
end the strike and reactivate
the distillery. Isn't that enough?
We have to sell the distillery.
We have to.
You're shooting yourself in the foot.
I promise we won't lose the hotels.
-I don't care about promises
-I promise.
A hundred and fifty.
One hundred and twenty-five,
and I cancel my meeting
with your rivals at Live Aqua.
A hundred and forty.
You know our hotels are worth much more,
even without the brand name.
We won't accept less than that,
and we need the money in 48 hours.
Expect the loan agreements tonight,
and as soon as they're signed,
we'll be in business together.
I'll be back in five minutes. Relax.
Hi, Fernanda.
No, no, no. Don't get up.
What the hell are you doing here?
Calm down, don't hurt yourself.
I'm only here to tell you
Get the hell out, please.
Let's have a friendly chat.
You and I aren't friends!
You're right, we're not.
But I still want to help you.
I feel like you're
very angry about what your daughter
claims happened to her.
Or maybe you're mad at yourself
for having a daughter like her.
I'd like to offer you some perspective.
-You know
-Let go.
how things work in this country, right?
I said let go!
Especially when dealing
with a family like ours.
If your daughter presses charges
against Pablo
I mean,
my son won't ever set foot in jail,
you can be sure of that.
But if Sara decides
to pursue this any further
I'll make sure
that her video stays
on social media forever.
They'll talk about her.
They'll talk about you.
I mean
what kind of mother
raises a daughter like her?
So, think about it.
Who'll end up suffering more
when the dust settles?
Your daughter
or my Pablo?
Ciao, Fer.
Well, bye.
-Thanks for everything.
-You're welcome.
See you.
-Text me if you need anything.
I'm so proud of you.
I mean it.
When did you get home?
I've been right here.
What time does
our mother-daughter night start?
Oh, Cam
I can't make it today.
I have to fly to Tequila
to resolve a worker's strike.
I mean,
how could I ever compete with that?
Have I ever told you
what a good brother you are?
Learn from me then.
That's how siblings treat each other.
How are you?
I'm scared.
I don't want to go to jail.
Try to get some rest.
How can I get any rest, Dad?
It's our lawyer.
Hello, counselor.
Yeah, he's here with me.
Sara's parents are about
to formally press charges.
Tell me the truth.
Whatever you heard isn't true.
Was there any penetration?
-Tell me.
-I told you there wasn't.
Don't lie to me. Tell me the truth.
Sara's parents are pressing charges
and they say you raped her.
They say there was penetration.
Listen to me.
If it's not true,
I swear we'll fight until the end.
If it is, I have to put you on a plane now
and get you out of the country.
Do you understand?
-There was!
But not how you think.
I fingered her
before Camila started recording.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Pack only essentials, we're leaving
for the airport in ten minutes.
Fermín, we just landed.
We'll meet you there.
We're buying a plane?
No, we're leasing it.
That's the beauty of it.
It'll even save us money on taxes
in a 20-year time frame.
Transporting tequila by air was your idea.
I only had to find a working model.
"Monarca Transports expands into the sky."
It's a great message.
From a thriving company.
I told you we'd find a way.
Are you both ready?
Let's welcome Ana María Carranza,
CEO of Monarca.
Sit down!
I'll just be over there. Thank you, guys.
-Madam Governor.
-Mr. Carranza.
-Thank you for coming.
-My pleasure.
-Thank you.
-It's time to talk to them directly,
give them your word,
face to face.
Good evening.
The violence you experienced
last month is unacceptable.
It left two children without a father.
That can't happen ever again.
Anything to drink?
-Thank you.
-Herederos Tequila, aged.
Herederos Tequila, got it.
-A glass of water, please.
-With pleasure.
You can drop the act.
I know why you asked me to dinner.
Take care, my love.
You want to repair your public image.
Even so, I accepted your invitation,
because if you're serious
about supporting my program,
I'd be delighted.
As long as I set the terms.
I'm here to tell you
that from now on, all of Monarca's drivers
will have life insurance.
We've hired a security company
that will protect all of you.
And none of you will drive on roads
controlled by organized crime.
Is everything all right?
Where were we?
Starting over again is hard, isn't it?
It's practically impossible.
I'm a firm believer in second chances.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Here at Monarca, we've made many mistakes.
But rather than run from them,
we intend to learn from them.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, Pablo. Come on, let's go.
Adela, I'd like to offer you
two scholarships
so that your children
can go to university.
The same goes for every child
of every one of our employees.
Thank you. Good night.
Yeah, Raymundo!
My ring.
Raymundo! Raymundo!
Thank you so much.
This will be all over the news.
I hope so, we need a break
from the scandal coverage.
I'm starving.
Here's an idea.
The restaurant at my hotel is really good.
I'll buy you dinner to celebrate.
Let's not confuse things, Bernardo.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Some dessert? Coffee, perhaps?
No, thanks. I'll have a black tea.
A double espresso, please.
I don't like dessert either.
My husband used to say
it was a sin to forego dessert.
"Used to say"? Is he gone?
Yeah, my former husband.
He died three years ago.
Prostate cancer.
I'm very sorry.
Life sometimes deals us a bad hand.
All things considered,
I feel like life gave me a gift.
Toño fought
for three years.
And we used that time to talk
To be honest with each other
To say
all the things we had forgotten to say.
I'm also a widower.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
My wife died more than ten years ago.
She was a miracle to me.
When life
took her from me
it took her just like that
all of a sudden.
Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!
Stay here. Here.
Sir, are you all right?
Let's go.
Good evening, partner.
I just wanted to let you know
that the agave is taken care of.
We'll see if the governor's assault
was successful.
Hey, Dad.
I haven't seen you in days.
What happened to you?
You didn't hear?
Hear what?
An assassination attempt.
Stop! Stop!
-Wait, ma'am.
-Let go of me!
-Please, ma'am.
-Let go of me!
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming
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