Monarca (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Revenge of Tzitzimitl

That's right, Alejandro,
it's just like you said.
First, the death of their patriarch.
Then, their Mexico City hotel
was shut down.
And now, their agave fields
have been consumed by fire.
It seems like the Carranza family
is going from crisis to crisis.
I warned your aunt,
but she's stubborn as a mule.
It's a miracle no one got injured.
Is there anything we can do to help?
The only way to help your aunt
is to let her hit rock bottom.
Watch your arm. There you go.
She's out of danger,
her condition is stable.
Stable? After five gunshots?
Has she made a statement?
Nothing yet.
Governor Pilar Ortega remains
in critical condition
at Mexico City's Military Hospital.
The only other injured
is Mr. Joaquín Carranza,
who was having dinner
It's for your father.
Who is it?
The police.
You should have seen the fields.
I did. I mean, it's all over the news.
-Any police leads?
-It's too early to know anything.
I'm devastated.
Look, I'll take the next flight out.
No, you stay there with the kids.
-There is no need
-No, no, listen. If I leave now,
I can get a flight
and we can fly back together.
-Listen, I gotta go.
-Call me if you change your mind.
We lost all of it.
I hope you no longer think
this is Joaquin's doing.
Whoever did this must have known
we were focusing on the distillery.
Your dad would have known what to do
if someone hurt his family.
I'm not my father, Mom.
I'm not like that.
Well, neither was he.
But your father did love working the land.
That's why your grandfather
gave him Monarca.
But he also knew that an idealist
couldn't possibly face
the problems of the valley.
So, he molded your father.
He hardened him.
And by the end
your dad surpassed even his own father.
And he knew how to defend his company
and his family.
Holy shit, man!
Burned-up agave fields, murder attempt.
Your family is owning the headlines.
Yes, it has been a
It has been a rough week.
I swear to God,
if this story gets any juicier,
we're going to have to make it a trilogy.
How is your research going?
I'm documenting as much as I can.
Trust me,
you're sitting on a gold mine, dude.
Listen, JP, it's
It's a rough time right now, okay?
So just be patient, okay?
I'll be in touch. All right.
Mr. Carranza! Care to make a statement?
Mr. Joaquín Carranza is here
to cooperate voluntarily,
not just as a witness,
but also as a victim.
He is happy to help the police
with their investigation. Thanks.
Is this in any way related
with Monarca's torched fields?
We're running late, excuse us.
Thank you very much.
-Mr. Carranza
-Thank you.
It's a miracle she survived
after five gunshots.
It's incredible.
Was it the cartel?
That's what the media is saying.
Palafox is to blame for this,
as well as our torched fields.
Some of our workers recognized their men,
armed to the teeth.
Now we need to buy all the agave we lost.
I've been making phone calls
and it's not looking good.
A company has been buying
thousands of tons of agave.
To monopolize the market.
-And they're succeeding.
-So, who's the buyer?
No one knows.
It's a new company.
No one had heard of them before.
What a coincidence.
A new buyer grabs all the agave
just before Palafox burns ours.
Without agave,
our long-term distribution deals
will be gone
and other distilleries
will corner the market.
Plus, we'll forfeit our debt to the Arabs.
Find out more about the company.
I'll keep you posted.
Fermin, excuse me.
Go ahead.
I'm fucking sick and tired
of going from crisis to crisis, Fermín.
I have a feeling it's all connected.
There's someone else behind all this.
Including my father's death.
We won't be safe, Fermín.
Not until we find out who did it.
The governor confirmed at the last minute.
I guess she was followed
or something like that.
Although, the waiters have the impression
that the gunmen already knew
which table you'd be at.
Then maybe you should be interrogating
those observant waiters.
You never know,
there might be traitors
in the kitchen. No?
I spent all morning going over
the security footage from the restaurant.
And I found your reaction
very interesting.
When the gunfire starts
you simply stay put.
You didn't lift a finger
to protect either yourself
or the governor.
Almost as if you already knew
nothing would happen to you.
Oh, please.
I was in shock.
Agent Vela,
Mr. Carranza is here to help,
-not to be treated
-No, it's fine, let him ask.
The only thing I care about
is finding the killers,
or killer, whoever.
Don't worry. We already found the gunman.
He'd been shot in the back of the head.
It seems they're tying up
all the loose ends.
Good morning, miss.
Could you tell me which room
Pilar Ortega is in?
I can't give out that type of information.
I'm Ana María Carranza.
I'd like to visit her.
Mrs. Carranza
The governor isn't ready for visitors yet.
Could you give her these?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Mrs. Carranza.
Rubén, I don't have any comments.
That's not why I'm here.
I want to thank you.
I know it was you who got me
reinstated in the paper.
It was only fair.
I'm very sorry about your agave fields.
If there's anything you need,
just say the word.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
He had
a certain peace of mind.
I love you.
You know that, right?
I love you too.
I want us to talk to Pablo,
to tell him the truth.
While he's in exile?
Why, so he never comes back?
No, I want him to come back.
You'll ruin his life.
What life? He's stuck in an apartment
half way round the world.
What about me, then?
What's going to happen to me
and my family?
I'll be publicly humiliated.
It's not about making it public,
it's about not lying to each other.
What fucking world do you live in, Andrés?
Telling our 16-year-old son
that we got married
to keep it a secret that you're a fag?
That's not true.
Don't trivialize our marriage!
He'll hate us.
For what?
Why are you doing this?
What will you achieve?
I want to stop lying.
I want my son to learn to tell the truth.
It's the best thing we can do,
for him and for us.
I was hoping
we could do it together, but
But, what?
You're doing it anyway, right?
So, what's next?
Asking me for a divorce?
I sacrificed my life for you.
No, you didn't.
All to become Mrs. Carranza!
All I have is your last name,
and you're not taking it from me.
Do you hear me?
That, my darling
is not happening.
Not ever.
No, motherfucker.
That's what I pay you for!
I'm not setting foot there again,
and I'm not talking to that agent!
I found something
connecting your brother and Palafox.
After the hotel's opening,
Joaquín went to Palafox's home.
Was he kidnapped?
No, my sources tell me
he went there voluntarily.
So Joaquín is behind all this.
The burned fields, the phantom buyer
and even my dad.
Every time I find a new lead,
the Hound was already there,
erasing traces.
The Hound will be crucial
for us to get to the bottom of this.
And finally unmask my brother Joaquín.
Mom, please.
Getting a loan from the Arabs
was negligent and stupid!
Now that we're all gathered here.
What is your proposal?
My uncle and I found an investor
willing to buy 20% of Monarca's shares.
That's their offer.
-And dilute our shares?
Well, at least Uncle and I
won't sell a single one of our shares.
And it would be unfair for you to sell.
So, then?
Ana María can sell hers.
She got us into this,
she should get us out.
Ana María won't sell.
We can make her, Mom.
Together, we own 70% of Monarca.
And you'd take over as CEO.
Well, yes, that's one condition
for Monarca's bailout, of course.
This isn't a bailout, it's a coup d'état.
Hi, do you have a minute?
-Sure, come in.
Have a seat.
All right.
I haven't been entirely honest with you.
I've been sharing information
with my dad
about you.
Ana María will be richer
than in her wildest dreams.
And deep inside,
she'll thank us for relieving her
of this burden. She can't handle it.
So, who are these investors?
It's Chinese money, Mom.
Private funds.
Predatory funds.
I thought I was being loyal.
Well, it's normal that you tried to help.
He's your dad after all.
But now he's mixed up in something
and I want nothing to do with it.
I'd like to quit.
It's not ideal, but there's no choice
given the circumstances.
I shudder to think that 20% of Monarca
will be in Chinese hands.
We won't be the first tequila distillery
to have foreign investors.
Think about it.
We only have five days to decide.
Well, no. I can't accept your resignation.
-In fact
I could use your help.
I need some information on the Hound.
Hello, handsome.
Do you want me to take you to heaven?
Thank you, Chio. I'm going to bed.
Thank you. I didn't hear you come in.
How are you?
What happened?
I mean,
did they figure out who burned the crops?
Not yet.
Well, online it's
They say it's the cartel.
Well, that's only a front.
For who?
Listen, I'm so tired.
I don't wanna talk about work.
We used to talk about everything.
Well, there's nothing to talk about.
-We don't know anything else.
-you're lying to me again.
-I'm not lying to you.
Forget it.
Thank you.
Is everything OK?
Bernardo, sorry to call so late.
No, it's fine. I couldn't sleep.
I'm out walking my dog.
I'm just so angry.
How come?
I have no choice but to see Laborde.
We need the second construction payment.
Listen, don't worry.
There must be another way.
The entire system is designed
so that there's no other way.
Don't worry, I'll talk to Laborde.
Thank you.
Get some rest.
No problem. You too.
not too tired to talk to him, huh?
He's my CFO.
And I'm your husband.
There you go! Regulate the pace.
Concentrate. Eyes to the front.
Don't lose control, Rodrigo!
Rodrigo, watch the stirrups!
Don't lose the stirrups!
It's risky for you and the horse.
I know, I know! Don't bother saying it.
Don't bother saying it, I know.
But I'll do better in the competition.
You're clearly not ready.
How can you say that, prick?
I've been busting my ass for months.
This was an accident, it happens.
You need years.
Didn't you see what just happened?
You're not bonding with the horse.
Monarca sponsors this team.
And pays your salary.
I suggest you think it over, asshole.
Sir! Where's Carlos?
Leave him alone. You've done enough.
-What happened?
-I was fired.
An administrative layoff, they say.
I'm asking you, please leave us alone.
What do you have for me?
I spent all morning going through the data
in the Hound's cell phone.
For sensitive matters, he and Joaquín
communicate through an encrypted app,
which deletes messages
once they've been read.
But I was able to recover a few of them.
Looks like the Hound is investigating
Don Fausto's murder as well.
He told your brother
he suspects the CISEN,
the government's intelligence agency.
It seems very strange to me.
So, it wasn't Joaquín?
It seems not.
But then whoever gave the order
works for the government.
The only way to save Monarca
is the Los Zapotes Highway.
Laborde shut it down.
It must have been the president,
or someone close to him,
someone powerful enough to orchestrate it.
Joaquín reactivated
the highway construction.
How do you think he managed that, Mom?
The way your father taught him to.
Your father made his career.
And now he has shut down
our biggest construction project.
Try to find a connection
between Laborde and CISEN.
There must be something.
I didn't know you took up smoking again.
I never quit.
Have you heard from the Hound?
He has been gone since yesterday.
Dad, I'm not his nanny.
What's wrong? What's the matter with you?
Are you sure that Mom didn't leave a note?
Anything to explain
why she did what she did?
Your mom had bipolar disorder
and depression.
So don't go looking for answers.
I have bipolar disorder too, Dad.
Or so the doctors say.
But I'm not suicidal.
Then stop torturing yourself,
because we'll never know why.
Let's eat.
Who is it?
It's me.
What are you doing here?
Why won't you answer my messages?
I just don't want any more trouble.
Can we talk?
I have to change schools.
-Because of your dad?
I had a scholarship
for being a teacher's son.
They can't do that.
They already did.
This is payback
for defending me in public.
Those Those bastards!
But it's not fair.
I know it's not fair.
But listen to me,
what I did and what I said
I'd do it all over again.
Hello, Andrés. Pablo is fine.
He's settling in,
but it's not a good idea
for you to see him.
I know it's not ideal.
It's too risky.
Why don't you just call him?
Arturo, it's not up for debate.
OK. Regarding the divorce,
I already found the best lawyer
Just make sure
that Pablo doesn't find out.
-Correct, I need to
-I'll call you back.
How are you?
How's Pablo?
Well, he's not in jail.
It's bullshit, right?
Having to worry about the hotels
on top of everything else.
Spare me the theatrics
and get to the point.
Don't get me wrong, brother.
Don't get me wrong.
Pablo is my nephew and I love him.
I worry about Monarca
because I'm a partner.
And if we don't pay that idiotic loan,
we can kiss the hotels goodbye.
You think I don't know that?
Or are you trying to pressure me
into betraying Ana María?
Not even Dad at his worst
-You've surpassed him.
-Why do you refuse to be helped?
Do you take me for a fool?
For once in your life, let me help you.
Help from you? Don't be ridiculous.
You and I want the same thing,
for Monarca to be like before.
That won't happen with Ana María,
and you know it.
You know Monarca needs me.
Get Mom on board first,
and then we'll talk.
Ana María
Come in!
Leave your purse and cell phone here.
I never thought agave could be
so sensitive to the Jalisco heat.
Actually, it's not.
We'll pull through, as usual.
Of course, tell me
how can I help?
I'd like to talk
about Los Zapotes highway.
And ask you to reconsider
canceling the project.
I'm willing to honor the deal
you had with my brother.
And with your father?
And with my father.
that deal has already expired.
To set things in motion again,
we need a new agreement.
I'm all ears.
I'll need double.
Are you retiring, or what?
No, on the contrary.
I'm going to run
Or rather, the party
is nominating me
as its presidential candidate.
And I need funding.
Someone needs to help this country
return to its old prosperity,
back when there was profit to be made.
You gluttonous pig.
Look, sweetie
Ana María.
Either you fall in line
or I'll bury what's left of Monarca.
You're going to pay
for everything you've done to us.
So, I've been crunching the numbers.
My bosses are nervous.
They're worried about
the governor's investigation.
Tell them it was the cartel.
Explain how those words
can make any investigation go away here.
They know the cartel very well.
But you, not so much.
You know me, don't you?
You trust me
don't you?
I trust your ambition.
But you always want more
and more.
And more.
And that's dangerous.
You'd better not let me down.
Because the people I work for,
they're just as bad,
if not worse than the cartel.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Evening, Mr. Carranza.
Don Emilio is a bit worried
since you're not picking up.
I've been
very busy.
The boss saw you on TV,
at the prosecutor's office.
Don't go running your mouth.
He has nothing to worry about.
The governor is still kicking
and that worries him a bit.
I took care of my part.
So, next time he calls, pick up.
Let's go.
To Toluca Airport.
To set things in motion again,
we'll need a new agreement.
I'm all ears.
I'll need double.
Andrés is on board
with selling to the Chinese, Mom.
He wants to focus on Pablo right now.
They're going to be fine.
Don't worry. Relax.
Everything will be fine.
Monarca won't fall, I promise.
How can you be so sure?
Well, because
I wouldn't be surprised to find out it was
you who burned down our agave fields
or committed the other acts of sabotage
since your sister became CEO.
I was wrong to name her CEO,
there's no denying it.
But ever since she got here,
you've been nothing but petty.
All I've ever done
is try to save Monarca, Mom.
You've taken advantage of us,
flying overhead like a vulture.
And you act like you're doing it for me
and your siblings?
That's not true, Joaquín.
You're doing it for yourself.
It's all for you.
I'll talk to Andrés and Ana María
to raise that 20%.
But I'll do it for the family,
not for you.
What a nice surprise!
Sorry, I didn't know
you had an event going on.
I can come back tomorrow if you want.
No, no! Actually, I could use your help.
I don't know, you have Itzel.
I'll only get in the way.
You're the best event planner there is.
I hate you.
I never apologized for the hotel thing.
I feel terrible about it.
You lost your job.
I didn't lose anything.
That was the reason
I started cooking my own food.
Now our dinners are a hit.
People will pay anything
to dine at a chef's house.
-Yeah, right!
-We're fully booked for months.
-Well, that's great.
So, have you two moved in together?
Why don't you tell me
why you're really here?
Are you all right?
You know what?
I'm gonna smoke a cigarette.
Go ahead.
Some wine, miss?
Thank you.
Ana María.
It's lovely to have you here.
-Thank you.
-What brings you here?
I wanted to talk to you.
Sure, what's on your mind?
I'm sure Joaquín told you
how Dad really died.
He told me how you found him.
How terrible.
It must have been hell for you,
and especially for Cecilia.
I'm looking into his death.
I've been doing the same thing
ever since I found out.
And everything seems to point
to the cartel.
We used to think that too,
but there's evidence pointing to CISEN.
Since you worked for so long
in the government,
I thought maybe you could find out more.
I was the liaison between Monarca
and the president for a long time.
When Fausto broke off
negotiations with them,
he made himself a lot of enemies.
I suspect Secretary Laborde.
Only someone at that level
has access to CISEN.
It's true that Laborde didn't take
Fausto's decisions well.
He wanted to channel the funds
from the contract with Monarca
to fund his campaign
And my father was blocking his path
to the presidency.
That makes so much sense.
Let me tell you something.
No one want's justice for Fausto
more than me,
but we'd be up against
the people that run this country.
Not just Laborde,
-but everyone behind him, too!
-Then that's what we'll do.
-Excuse me.
-Pick up, don't worry.
I found the link between Laborde
and the head of CISEN.
It's your Uncle Agustín.
They both worked for him
when he was secretary of the Interior.
Both of them were your uncle's protégés.
Let's talk later.
Everything all right?
I'm glad you came to me
with your suspicions.
I appreciate it.
I promise I'll follow those leads
so you don't risk your safety
or the safety of your children.
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming
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