Monarca (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Borges' Judas

It's from the Hound, sir.
-Thanks, Soco.
Hello. Please leave a message.
I haven't seen you since yesterday.
I was just phoning to say
that I know I've been distant lately,
but I want things to be like before.
I love you.
Call me back. Love you. Kisses.
What is it, Miguel?
you've been summoned
for additional questioning.
No fucking way.
That damn agent merely wants
to take down a millionaire. Fuck him.
If you refuse to go,
you might raise suspicion.
This is a state governor
we're talking about.
They want heads to roll,
even if they're innocent.
-Hello, Chela. Good morning.
Good morning. Your mother is upstairs.
Thank you.
Hello, sweetheart.
Hi, Mom.
What's so important
you couldn't tell me over the phone?
Joaquín has proposed
a forced sale of your stocks.
I couldn't tell you on the phone,
I had to tell you in person.
However, Andrés and I refused.
So, what are we talking about?
Here's the deal.
The company is in real bad shape.
I know.
-We're due to repay your loan.
-I know.
-We could lose the hotels.
-I know.
-We need the capital.
-I know, Mom! I'm working on it.
It's all taken care of.
We'll sell 20% of our stocks
in the following manner:
Andrés and I will sell 5% each,
and you'll sell 10%.
Joaquín has demanded a single condition:
your resignation.
And you agreed to that?
We're helping you, don't you get it?
What about your speech
about fighting like Dad for the family?
-You put us in this position.
Joaquín did this to push me aside,
and you know it.
You have two days to accept my offer.
If you decline, you will lose everything.
Answer me this:
Is Uncle Agustín one of the buyers?
Yes. That way, it all stays in the family.
If you do this, I won't be the only one
who will lose everything, Mom.
What do you mean? Where are you going?
I have two days to prove it to you!
Where's Pablo?
Why isn't Mom here with you?
She couldn't come, you know.
-How's everything over there?
-Fine. Fine.
Did you convince Sara's parents
to leave us alone?
We'll talk about that in a minute.
Don't take this the wrong way, Dad,
but I've never been happier to see you.
Listen, sweetie
Ana María.
Either you fall in line,
or I'll bury what's left of Monarca.
You're going to pay
for everything you've done to us.
May I come in?
Sure, come in.
Leave it open.
Did you hear about Joaquín
and his forced buyout?
I just found out about it. How are you?
How do you think?
I'm about to lose everything.
I can't stomach Joaquín winning.
Joaquín is merely a pawn,
this is much bigger than him.
So, how can I help you?
How do we stop this?
By acting just like them.
Did you read Borges's story about Judas?
In Three Versions of Judas,
Jesus needed a villain.
Judas sacrificed himself
to be that villain.
He sacrificed his honor
kindness, and eternal peace.
So, is Joaquín your Judas?
No, he'd never sacrifice himself
for anyone.
Sometimes, the moral choice
is to act immorally.
Someone must get their hands dirty
so that others can keep theirs clean.
So, you'd be Judas?
-Are you feeling all right?
-Mr. Vélez
I was sent to get you.
Thank you, I'll be right there.
Look, it's not easy getting access
to certain aspects of the story down here.
You better get to work, buddy.
I can hold off the big brass
from dropping you,
-but not if it's not good.
All right. I'll speak to you soon, okay?
It says here you were recently in Jalisco.
What were you doing there?
Ah What kind of business?
I went looking for agave farmers
so I can set up my own distillery.
What a good idea.
I mean, if my sister
had cut me out of my company,
I'd also be looking for a way
to make up for the loss, right?
Agent, would you mind telling us
where you're going with this?
My apologies, but
perhaps someone familiar with
your schedule tried to kill the governor.
Perhaps they used you to get to her.
Here's my cell phone, you can check
my schedule and my contacts.
I really don't mind.
I have nothing to hide.
Agent Vela
my client and I are late
for an appointment.
His time is worth a lot, you see.
I'm sorry, but I can't let you go.
"Let me go"?
I can leave whenever I please.
I'm here voluntarily as a witness.
In that case, I kindly ask you to stay.
Don't make me take other measures
to ensure your cooperation.
I'll give you a few minutes
to reschedule your appointment.
Be more vague.
Don't give him clear or specific answers.
I thought I wouldn't be able to see
you for several months.
It's not a good idea me being here,
but we need to talk.
About what?
I need you to listen to me.
There's another alternative.
Anything to go back home.
Plead guilty.
I know it sounds bad,
but it's better to face
the consequences now.
After doing all this,
you want me to turn myself in?
If you tell the truth
and apologize to Sara,
we'd have a chance
to plead before the judge.
-No fucking way.
you're a fugitive.
Do you want to live like this forever?
Are you sure
that if I turn myself in,
I won't go to jail?
But we'd have a good chance
of fighting it in court.
So, it's not certain.
going outside, every single day
only to lie and hide who you really are,
that's no life, it's not freedom.
Trust me, I know.
How can I trust you, Dad?
You have no idea how I feel.
I'm speaking from experience.
Did you do something like this, too?
So, then?
There are things about me
that you don't know.
And also things about your mother.
We're getting a divorce.
Because I'm done lying.
Are you with someone else?
I was.
With Ilán Markowitz.
Wait, no, I don't get it.
You do get it, Pablo.
You're kidding, right?
On the contrary, it's the first time
I'm telling you the truth.
Your grandpa, your grandparents,
they never accepted that I was gay.
They wanted me to be ashamed,
to hide it, and to lie about it.
And so I did.
I did what I was told,
thinking I was doing the right thing.
But it wasn't.
In fact, I pushed you
and your mother away.
I mean, look where we are now.
Son, you're all I have,
you're all I have left.
I love you, son, and that's why
I came here to tell you this.
So you could also tell the truth
and I wouldn't have to lose you.
This is pretty fucked up.
Son, I can't change who I am.
Not that!
I couldn't care less that you're gay!
You say you want us to be honest
but honestly, Dad, you're in no danger.
Meanwhile, I risk going to jail.
Go fuck yourself.
Running won't fix anything.
-I want you to leave.
-No, listen
Get the hell out of here!
I'll come back later.
I'd rather you didn't.
Does Andrés know you're here?
No. He hasn't picked up any of my calls,
I don't know where he is.
That's strange.
You have made a fine team all these years.
-Have you tried couples therapy?
The thing is that Andrés
I don't know what's going on with him.
I mean, he's obviously very upset
about this whole thing with Pablo,
but, I don't know,
maybe it's because he's turning 40 soon.
I think he's going through
an identity crisis.
An identity crisis?
Oh, Cecilia
I don't know how to say this,
it's so embarrassing.
Still, I think you should hear this
from me and not from someone else.
Andrés is a homosexual.
Don't tell me you didn't know
before you married him!
You already knew?
Of course, dear. I'm his mother.
Does he know you know?
Of course.
Do you talk about it openly with him?
We most certainly don't.
But this doesn't have to mean
you two should break up.
He feels differently.
Then, we must make him see sense.
Well, yeah, exactly. That's what I want.
I think the best thing
for everyone is that
we stay together, as a family.
I mean, here's the thing, Cecilia.
If this somehow gets out,
if the press somehow finds out about this,
they'll tear him to pieces.
Not just him
but Monarca
and the entire family.
Tell me one thing, Ximena.
What would you do if someone
tried to take advantage of Pablo?
Or even hurt him?
I'd kill them.
I'd do the same for Andrés.
If any of this ever becomes public
or finds its way to the press
I'd do the same as you.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, of course.
Thanks for meeting me.
I'm sorry to do this here, but lately
I've had to be more cautious than usual.
You know, comes with the job.
Well, you told me to contact you
if I ever needed help.
You were right.
My father was murdered.
I'd like you to tell me
what you know about it.
I need evidence.
When we talked at his wake,
you said you suspected someone.
Do you have any information
to confirm your suspicions?
but I'm still not completely sure.
I'm willing to share what I have
for something in return.
I'm working on a story,
so any information you can find
will be very useful.
-Depends on what you publish.
I share with you, you share with me,
whoever's at fault pays,
and I write whatever I want.
All right.
One week before your father died
he requested
a rather reckless transaction.
What was it?
I have a personal e-mail from him,
requesting a foreign bank
to make a wire transfer
for 500 million dollars.
Your father died before it happened
but I wondered
why he wanted all that money.
Let's see, if he
wanted to transfer that much money,
he was doing it to draw attention.
-He wanted to expose himself.
-Yes, himself
and the other account holders.
Who are the other account holders?
I don't know.
Whoever that person is,
when they found out about the transfer
they would have had him killed
or they'd be exposed.
And that person,
just three days after your father died,
withdrew the money and closed the account.
Where is that money now?
In a Chinese bank that's new to Mexico.
I could
get you all the information
I have on this.
And I could get you
the names of the account holders.
Thank you, Rubén.
So, regarding your trip to Jalisco,
you said you met some agave producers.
That's right.
Could you give me their names, please?
I don't recall, I met lots.
-I'm sure you could remember at least one.
I pay other people
to remember such things.
Mr. Carranza
Have you ever seen this man?
That's Emilio Palafox.
Sound familiar?
The head of the Bajio Cartel, right?
I've heard his name,
but I've never met him.
Now he's fighting for territory
in and around Tequila.
What does that have to do with me?
I'm sure you have enemies there
that want to get you into trouble.
I was told that on your recent trip
to Jalisco, you had a meeting with him.
It's true that
power and wealth trigger envy and enemies.
But I don't deal with cartels.
So, tell your informants
to bring proof next time.
That's what I told them.
So, if it turns out to be true
things won't look good for you.
Agent, are you threatening Mr. Carranza?
No, of course I'm not.
Be careful, Agent Vela.
If you keep up this rhetoric,
I'll file a complaint against you.
So, while I make some phone calls
reconsider this line of questioning,
because I'm sick of this bullshit.
Don't take too long.
I promise we're almost done.
how are you?
I'm at the prosecutor's office,
and I could use your help.
When did your nervous tic come back?
I don't know
it happens when I'm stressed out.
I hadn't seen it happen since Mom died.
You don't see me that often.
So, are you going to tell me
what happened with Dad,
or are you going to continue playing dumb?
This is delicious.
It's nothing.
Nothing happened, I just
needed some space.
Is that why you ran away?
I didn't run away, Gonzalo. I'm not four.
All right, Lou
you can stay here for as long as you need.
Itzel won't mind?
But this is her house
and you have to respect her.
And if you're staying here,
you have to tell me the truth.
About what?
Were you drinking wine last night?
Of course I wasn't.
Quit the games, Lou.
I said I wasn't, OK!
So, tell me what happened with Dad.
All right,
but you can't tell anyone about this.
I can't prove this
but I'm sure he's the one behind
the hotel's sculpture crashing down.
And it's not just that. He's
He's involved in all this shit,
and I'm right in the middle!
You're not responsible for him.
This is another level.
I think
he was involved
with the attempt on the governor's life.
Holy shit.
This is serious.
You know
he used me.
I was angry, so I told Aunt Ana María.
I mean, why the hell
You didn't do anything wrong.
Dad has always manipulated you.
I know.
I'll always be here for you.
But you have to want to get out.
Otherwise, nothing will change.
This is just like with drugs.
You have to go cold turkey.
It's going to be hard at first
but I'll be there to help you.
You're stronger than you think.
I love you.
I love you too.
I don't know if you're ballsy,
or if you're just slow in the head,
thinking you can record me
without any consequences.
I'm only trying to reach an agreement.
I didn't choose this project,
it fell on my lap.
And I just want to finish it in peace.
In peace?
Your family doesn't understand that word.
Last time you were here,
you called me what was it?
A pig. A gluttonous pig.
But I see it was all an act
so you could blackmail me.
I need to keep Monarca running.
This is your clean way of doing it?
Ana María, you're making
the same mistakes as your Dad.
Don't end up like him.
Listen up, you get us the money,
we work unimpeded until we finish.
You never see me again,
and no one sees the video.
Who else has the video?
No one else has access to it, I swear.
Unless something unfortunate
were to happen, of course.
Call Secretary Cuellar's office.
Tell him to release Monarca's funds.
We can finally part ways.
On the contrary, Ana María.
You just made it personal.
Of course not, Mom.
I won't let it come to that.
No, I don't need the number
because I don't need a lawyer.
I'm not getting a divorce, OK?
I'll take care of it.
I always take care of everything, Mom!
Like I take care of you, my sisters,
Pablo, Andrés, and everyone!
How are you, sweetie?
Where are you calling me from?
Did you know that Dad is gay?
Who told you that lie, sweetie?
Your dad is certainly not gay.
Are you busy?
A little, why?
I just received a call
from Jorge Laborde's office.
They're releasing the funds
for the highway project.
How did you pull it off?
Anyway, however it was
we can finally pay the Arabs
and scratch off that problem.
One less problem.
Is everything all right?
Yes, why?
Because you're constantly under attack,
and that kind of pressure
can turn someone cold,
and indifferent.
Excuse me.
Wait, do you know where my dad
kept his personal documents?
He took everything
to either the house in Tequila
or to the one here.
No reason.
All right.
Mr. Carranza
I would like to help you,
but if you don't tell me who you met
and where during your trip to Jalisco,
it raises many questions.
I come and go, I was born there.
My family and the company
come from Jalisco.
So does the first girl I fucked,
do you want her number?
It's not out of the ordinary
for me to go back and forth.
But this time it was different.
You didn't stay at the hacienda.
What is it to you where I stayed?
Well, normally
I wouldn't give a damn
about your personal business.
But when someone enjoys the hospitality
of the Bajio Cartel,
that strikes me as extraordinary.
I'll ask you one last time.
Did you meet Emilio Palafox?
or no?
Vela, the boss wants to see you.
Tell him to wait.
I'll be right back.
He's still in his room.
I can't believe
you deceived Mom all this time.
Your mom knows.
We love each other in our own way.
I never deceived her.
Stop fucking lying!
I just talked to Mom.
-And she had no idea about this, Dad.
When did you talk to her?
-From where?
For fuck's sake, Pablo.
Pack your things.
But I didn't use my cell phone.
We said no calls to Mexico.
And especially no calling home,
they'll trace the number.
So now what, Dad? I don't want to move.
We have to go.
They could be here any minute,
so pack your bags, please.
Mr. Carranza
if at any point you felt pressured
or threatened by me
I apologize.
Your cooperation has been very helpful.
You're free to go.
What are you doing?
What are you looking for?
Some documents.
I need to know who killed Dad.
-It was the cartel.
-No! It wasn't the cartel!
You should just leave.
Trust me.
Look I promise to quit
if I don't solve it.
I don't want you to get hurt.
I know, but we need to know who killed him
so we can save Monarca.
Will you help me?
Step aside.
-How will you prevent this?
-I promise it won't.
-It won't happen.
I'm not paying you an advance.
I can't come with you.
Why not?
I can't, not with my passport.
Every second I'm near you,
I'm putting you at risk.
You're going to Hungary.
Son, sorry for not
I don't want to talk about it.
The decision you're about to make
is the most important of your life.
If you go, it's unclear what will happen
or when we'll see you again.
But if you come with me,
-we can fix it together.
-We can find a way
-I said no!
Thank you for your help, Uncle.
You should have seen the prick's face
when he apologized to me.
That's what uncles are for.
He didn't know what hit him,
the dirty peasant.
Regardless of all that,
I wouldn't relax just yet.
Even with my influence
the governor is now more powerful
after the assassination attempt.
They won't rest
until someone ends up in jail.
This signature
there's too much at stake here.
I know, Uncle.
But don't worry
everything's fine.
finally very close to taking over Monarca.
Still, I wonder how they found out
I met with Palafox.
I'm home!
Hello. Please leave a message.
Where the hell is my daughter?
I'm sorry.
She left yesterday afternoon.
But your sister is here.
Your sister.
Isn't it past your bedtime?
I don't know why you're here,
but what's done is done.
And now you're leaving.
I warned you.
If you had listened to me,
you'd still be leaving,
only with a little bit more dignity.
You thought you could do anything.
But you were wrong.
I don't know what worries me more,
your stubbornness
or your naivety.
What do you want?
To talk.
I tried to make peace with you,
but you never listened.
Do you think you're doing things right?
Of course.
I'm not leaving,
even if you send your goons every night.
Leave, stay, I don't really care.
Either way, you're done here.
You're done sitting on Dad's throne
with your feet dangling in the air.
No one wants you here.
Go back to L.A.
I'll send you your money, I promise.
You know what's evident?
Your obsession with being CEO
has nothing to do with power,
but rather, that emptiness in you
that anyone can see from a mile away.
There you go again,
pretending to understand
It's not my fault Dad didn't choose you.
Or that you've always wanted his approval.
It's also not my fault that you're alone,
or that Monarca is all you have.
I mean, I don't see
your kids anywhere around.
Go fuck yourself.
Get out of my house.
Get out.
Get out!
I'm here to tell you how things
are going to work from now on.
I will continue running Monarca
and we will learn to work together.
You were always scared of heights.
You're going back to L.A.
Back to your boring house
with your boring husband.
I know who killed Dad.
What did you say?
It was Agustín.
My uncle.
What nonsense is this?
I know you're close and you trust him
He's the only one I trust.
It was him.
He and Dad shared this account.
Dad wanted to expose all of them.
He was even willing to incriminate himself
so he could force everyone
to change their ways.
So Agustín had him killed
with the help of CISEN.
I'm going to kill him.
I'm going to cut him into
He has to pay for what he did.
He will.
But before that, I need you
to accept that I'm the CEO of Monarca.
Accept that your little game
of sabotage is over.
From now on,
you must support all of my decisions.
If you don't, I'll accuse you
of conspiring with Agustín,
and I'll turn the whole family
against you.
We're taking him down.
Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming
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