Monarca (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

The Harvest

We need enough evidence
to have him arrested.
You don't know your uncle, do you?
Agustín is very influential.
So we should pretend he didn't kill Dad
and make peace with that?
I didn't say that.
-What, then?
-He has to die.
It's as simple as that. Period.
Are you going to kill him?
No, I'm not going to kill him.
There are people who do that for a living.
Joaquín, we're not murderers.
We're not going to kill him.
He has to suffer, he has to pay.
He won't get off so easily.
He's not going to save himself
from a bullet to the head.
-I'm saying that we can't
-What are you saying?
For starters,
you have your plate full with Laborde.
Did you think I wouldn't find out?
Spare me your moralistic speech.
You're just as dirty as the rest of us.
-We're not arguing about that!
-You also
Don't you realize this is precisely
what Agustín wants?
For you to be divided.
Agustín always feared and envied Fausto.
Now he wants to profit from the fact
that he's gone, as if we were cowards.
That's what I'm saying, Mom!
We have to take him out.
You talk about murder
as if it were nothing, Joaquín.
Don't you realize
that if we kill him,
we'd be just as bad as he is?
What's going on?
I got here as fast as I could.
"I would never refuse your uncle a favor."
What are you talking about?
When we met
that's what you said.
Is it true?
Why are you indebted to him?
What the fuck did he do for you
to earn such loyalty?
When I was little
your uncle was Mexico's ambassador
to Austria.
My father was a senator.
They became good friends.
Some years later,
my father had some political problems,
which landed him in jail.
My mother and I lost everything.
Your uncle helped us.
I owe him everything.
So, you would be capable
of doing anything for him.
Even stealing from my family.
-I swear I had no idea.
-Oh, please!
My uncle stole that money from my father
and divested the funds to your bank.
How do you think
I started working for the Chinese?
He recommended me.
The connections are his, not mine.
You stole from us.
Did you help him steal from us?
I already said I didn't.
You'll have to prove it.
Thank you.
Here's your story.
Names of all the account holders.
Your Uncle Agustín.
Are you surprised?
No. Only that you're telling me.
You can't reveal your source,
and I need you to protect everyone
in my family.
That's the deal.
Including Joaquín.
Do you want it or not?
Of course I do.
What worries me is your uncle.
He still holds sway in the party,
even more than when
he was governor and secretary.
He's behind Laborde's primary nomination.
If you take him on,
you'd be declaring war on the system.
At least now I know who the enemy is.
Count me in.
For fuck's sake.
Why didn't I see it coming?
Fucking hell.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll take care of your uncle
if you want me to.
Just say the word.
What is it, Miguel?
Agent Vela is about to get a judge
to grant him access
-to your financial records.
He's sure you had something to do
with the attack on the governor.
No, no.
Out of the question, dammit.
Fix it, or your ass is on the line.
I mean it, asshole.
This issue with my uncle means I'll lose
his support with the attorney general.
Find me a scapegoat.
How was Portugal?
Was your tantrum worth risking
my son's freedom?
Let me guess.
He didn't take it too well, did he?
I tried to do the right thing,
and you lied to him again?
I warned you about the consequences.
If you insist on the divorce
and making my life miserable,
I swear I'll take Pablo away from you.
I will tell him and the rest of Mexico
that your perversion destroyed our family.
And I'll say that you and Ilán
made Pablo do what he did.
Tread carefully, dear.
I know enough about your family
to ensure its destruction.
Xime, what's my name?
Say it.
-Andrés, what?
Next time you even think
about hurting me or Pablo,
remember my name.
I'm going to take a nap, dear.
Look, I don't know
exactly what happened the other night,
and I'm not asking you
for an explanation, but
I want to make sure you know
that nothing has changed between us.
You know Monarca needs you, right?
Especially with what's coming.
Let's not make things complicated, please.
That's the last thing I want.
But what do you mean by "what's coming"?
My father was murdered.
It wasn't a heart attack like we said.
I'm very sorry.
Do you know who killed him?
Not yet.
But we're working on it.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm sorry. Excuse me.
The biggest issue is the governor.
The judge that Vela went to is her ally.
They can't access my accounts, Uncle.
That won't happen.
But it's getting harder and harder
to fight them off.
The governor has friends
in the Attorney General's office.
They're very powerful people.
I'm sure they'll soon catch
whoever did it.
I hope so.
I'm told that
all the evidence points to you.
I don't think a scapegoat
will be enough this time.
Have you talked to your mother?
The forced buyout is a go.
In that case
I have to go.
Thanks for everything, Uncle.
I'm leaving.
See you tonight.
I'll be there.
What should I do now?
Divest the funds from the bank.
I'll handle the rest.
The hotel's opening was two weeks ago
and we still haven't said anything.
What should we do?
Sometimes being quiet is the best.
No, we have to reclaim the narrative
from the media.
A press conference.
A press conference is like
throwing ourselves at the wolves.
a controlled interview,
that's reclaiming the narrative.
Want me to do it?
I'll do it myself. It's better that way.
What are you doing here?
I told you never come to my house!
Sorry, Don Agustín,
but why didn't you tell me
you had Don Fausto killed?
Our deal was for me
to give you information,
not for that information
to lead to his death.
I will no longer be part of this.
What about your brother?
You can quit if you want,
but I have to warn you
that I'd have to withdraw
his protection inside the prison.
And there's always a risk
someone might kill him.
I'm very fond of you.
We've been keeping tabs
on your mother and daughter.
Do you understand?
As long as you stay in Monarca
everything will be fine.
Ana María told me
you're giving an interview.
I'm the face of Monarca, Mom.
Do you think this is the right time?
Considering what happened with the hotel,
Pablo, and now Ximena?
She already told you.
Of course she did, you know her.
What did you tell her?
That I'll always take my children's side.
I will always protect the family.
And I also expect you
to protect the family
even from your own secrets.
Why don't you tell me
what you came here to say?
What shall we talk about?
How about the person I love?
Watch your tone with me.
After 20 years,
you still feel angry, offended,
even embarrassed!
I'm not sacrificing the family
because you chose to be this way.
I chose to lie, and I was wrong.
You won't be happy with your life.
Are you happy with yours?
By cheating and lying?
You don't get it.
-You don't even try to understand it!
-Andrés, that's enough.
Some things can't be discussed
between parents and sons.
Why the fuck not?
I love you.
Maybe not the way you'd like,
but I do love you.
don't turn against the family.
Up next, we have Rodrigo Carranza,
riding Atila,
a fine chestnut-colored horse.
Way to go, Ro!
Good. Eyes to the front. Nicely done!
Our Mexico is in danger.
Populists with irresponsible
demagogic practices
threaten our nation's progress
and well-being.
That is why from today
I'm announcing my nomination
for the presidency of our great nation.
I hereby promise to protect and fight
for your safety.
Long live Mexico!
I hope you're not here
to plead for your brother.
No, of course not.
I wanted to see how you're doing.
Why are you here, Ana María?
We both know this country needs
a real, profound change.
What do you suggest?
An alliance.
An alliance, what for?
To nominate you for the presidency
of this great country.
How can I ally myself with the sister
of the main suspect in my attack?
If Joaquín is guilty as they say,
I promise you I won't protect him.
You know your Uncle Agustín
is behind Laborde's campaign, don't you?
That's precisely
why I'm declaring war on him.
Rodrigo, the stirrups!
Ro! Ro! Ro!
Wait a second. Don't touch him.
Rodrigo, can you hear me?
Stay there! Stay there!
Thank you for coming to see me.
I know I've been absent.
And I know I haven't been a good father.
I relied on your mother
to help me with that.
-Don't mention her.
-Gonzalo please.
Look, Dad.
I agreed to come see you because
because I need you to tell me
the truth.
I can tell you whatever truth you want.
You used me.
To sabotage the hotel,
and to spy on my auntie.
The only thing you're good at
is using people.
What makes you think that?
I've spent my whole life
trying to please you
and take care of you after Mom was gone.
I trusted you.
And you took advantage of that.
I would never do that. I love you.
We should leave now.
Lou, let's go.
Gonzalo, please don't.
I'm sure your mother
would have wanted us to fix this.
I told you not to mention her.
Let's go.
I need time
to think.
I'll call you.
Let go of me, please.
-Can I do it?
Yes, Abud?
Your reporter friend has been murdered.
They found him in his hotel room,
he'd been shot six times.
They took everything: his camera,
his cell phone, and his computer.
Thank you.
Are the kids upstairs?
-What's going on?
-You need to take them back to L.A.
What? Honey, what is going on?
I finally found out who killed my dad.
It was my uncle.
And the journalist I was working with
to expose him, he was
he was found dead
for getting too close.
That's why you have to take the kids
to L.A.
Look. If we go, we all go together.
No. I can't just walk away from Monarca
right now.
But we have to do the right thing
for them, okay?
If you need to stay, then we all stay.
Look, we are family.
Okay? We need to stay together.
I promise you the kids will be safe.
But you need to tell me everything.
It'll be okay.
You're late.
Yeah, the traffic was heavy.
-I thought everyone would be here by now.
I asked them to come later
so we could talk first.
I know what you're going to say.
I never meant to turn Joaquín
against you or anyone.
No, that's not it.
I wanted to say that no matter
what happens during this meeting,
you can't say anything about the murder
that Fausto committed.
How can you believe
I'd reveal such a thing now?
What do I know?
But if for some reason
you mention any of it,
I will personally have you killed.
-Everything all right, Mom?
I was just talking to your uncle.
All right, then.
Let's get this over with.
We're not selling.
The opposite, in fact.
We're buying the 10% of Monarca
that you currently own.
No, don't look at him.
Look at me.
We'll do it through the forced buyout
you had planned for me.
What is she talking about, Joaquín?
You betrayed us.
For starters,
half of the money in this account is mine.
Did you really think
you could turn Amelia against me?
My goddaughter?
You stole 500 million dollars.
No, Andrés
I didn't steal anything
you wouldn't have lost eventually.
I only took the money to save it from you.
You still don't have the balls
to tell the truth?
I will not be insulted
by this stubborn girl!
-You're fucking corrupt.
-You killed Fausto!
Will you also deny that?
Dad threatened to expose you
unless you helped clean up Monarca.
And what did you do?
You had him killed with the help of CISEN.
Make them see reason, Fermín.
I believe they already do.
You were a pallbearer and cried
at his grave. You fucking hypocrite!
Look who's talking.
As if any of you were models
of righteous behavior.
I did what I did to save you from Fausto.
He would have burned all this
to the ground.
So, now you're a martyr?
No. I'm no martyr.
You can't fool me. You hated your father.
You couldn't wait for him to die
so you could take everything.
-I'll kill you!
Say that again!
Say that again!
Let him go. Let go!
-Say it again!
-Calm down.
-Say it!
-Calm down!
Calm down.
Calm down.
It was him.
This was a big mistake.
You'll lose everything. Everything!
You're the one who'll lose everything.
It seems like your goddaughter
isn't as loyal as you thought.
You asked her to divert some funds, right?
Well, she did. Right into our accounts.
This is the new contract.
We're buying your stock
at current market value.
Which you drove down yourself.
What a deal.
I expected better from you.
Oh, by the way
Do they know you're the one
who burned the agave fields?
And that you partnered up with the cartel
in order to kill the governor?
Don't forget I know all about
the skeletons in your closets.
Isn't that right, Cecilia?
Sit down.
Sit down.
Would you like a drink?
I need to ask you a favor.
Look, if Agent Vela gets the judge
to sign the warrant,
a normal scapegoat won't be enough.
I'll need to give them someone
closer to me.
Someone able to placate
the governor's suspicions.
But more importantly, someone I can
I can trust completely, you see?
You want me to go to jail for you.
I don't know what else to do, Hound.
I've exhausted every other possibility.
Forgive me.
I know what I'm asking
is fucked up, but
you won't have to worry about your family.
I'll take care of everything.
They won't lack for anything.
I'll pay for their education
from beginning to end, I swear.
You saved my life.
Since then, my loyalty has been yours.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be at Monarca?
I'm not doing the press conference.
Did you change your mind?
I can't lie anymore, Mom.
So, you're quitting, is that it?
Not just from the company.
I'm quitting everything.
I hope you realize
you're making a mistake.
Mom, I love you.
I love all of you, but this family kills.
Not just my father,
but all of us, from the inside.
I can't take this anymore.
I don't want to.
Don't move!
Pat him down.
Don't dare move. Keep looking forward.
We got you, man.
I've just finished talking
to Ximena's lawyers.
They're coming after
everything you've got.
We have to be prepared.
If there's one thing I'm sure of
after being so close to death,
it's that we can't afford to waste time.
I'm truly grateful for the chance
to be here with you,
and I'd like to announce
my nomination for Mexico's presidency
as an independent candidate.
You know what to do.
Pablo. Where are you? Are you all right?
I'm coming back to Mexico.
I'll turn myself in like you want.
There's only one condition.
What is it?
Money may buy them impunity,
but the Carranzas' currency
is intimidation, corruption,
and even murder.
Above all, they value secrecy.
Hi, come in.
One moment.
Ana María, I owe you an apology
for the other day.
I loved your father,
so I was upset to find out how he died.
I never meant to complicate matters
for you, I'm sorry.
No, you didn't complicate anything.
You're fired.
Excuse me?
Let's see On what grounds?
Take as long as you like
to gather your things.
You're becoming the same
as those bastards you claim to hate!
Do you think I'll roll over
and let you do this?
You know exactly what happens
to those who turn against us.
These men will show you out.
Welcome to the family!
Come here.
It's not that big of a deal.
Oh no?
Or is it?
Five percent of Monarca.
I think you've earned a seat at the table,
don't you?
What is it?
I don't know.
Where are you going, Carranza?
Did you think
you could get rid of me so easily?
Ana María Carranza?
You're under arrest
for the murder of Fausto Carranza.
What are you doing? Let go of me!
Thank you for seeing me, Agustín.
Of course, sister-in-law,
please have a seat.
I want you to know that
I never agreed with Ana María's decision.
You didn't deserve that.
I'm glad you've reconsidered.
But you do deserve this.
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