Monarca (2019) s02e06 Episode Script


I want you to speak
to your contacts in Jalisco.
All right, about what?
I need a warrant
so I can inspect Hacienda Monarca.
I have to go to Jalisco
to sign some documents.
Right now? What paper is so important
that you have to run off?
It's something that can't wait.
Ana María,
Sofía's gonna have Fausto's body exhumed.
Excuse me?
She's getting a warrant.
I thought you should know.
Yes. Yes. Thanks.
Yes, Anita, what is it?
Fermín, I need you to get
to the hacienda as soon as possible.
Good evening, gentlemen.
We have a warrant to search the property.
Please open the gate.
You want to dig up his coffin, Sofía?
That's crazy.
It's the middle of the night.
I know you want to protect them.
Please don't make this difficult, Fermín.
The cremation was done very discreetly.
What about the other thing?
I can see my words fell on deaf ears.
I need to know the truth, Fermín.
Sometimes the truth changes nothing.
Or everything.
SON #1
I hope these samples will do.
Yes, this molar ought
to be a good source of DNA.
We'll let you know
when the results are ready.
Lou, open up!
I'm not mad. I'm not mad.
Lou! Lou!
Got it.
- Name?
- Lourdes Carranza.
- Cocaine and alcohol.
- Right. Sign here and here.
This is pointless.
You'll get through this, Lou.
Promise you.
Yeah, I went too far this time, but…
…that coke was laced with something.
I don't know what.
Dad doesn't get it.
I'll do better at home, I swear.
You guys cans hire a nurse,
and I could do my master's online,
like we talked about, remember?
What do you think?
You've gotta face it here, Lou.
You mean in this shithole?
This place is a joke! I know
the therapy sessions by heart, okay?
They're useless.
And you know
what the food's like here?
It's junk. I'll just get fat again.
You nearly died.
As if you would have cared.
Don't say that.
You know what I felt…
while I fell asleep
on the bathroom floor?
Peace, Gonzalo.
I felt peace.
You should've left me there to die.
Lou. Lou…
If she doesn't wanna be here,
there's no point.
Your sister needs professional help,
whether she wants it or not.
What if we hired a nurse
to watch her at home?
She's manipulating you. Don't let her.
You're not responsible for her
or her bad choices.
We help her by remaining firm.
Even if it hurts.
So you came,
despite your busy schedule.
You know how fond I was of your father.
Well, if you liked him so much,
then you'll give Ana María's blouse to me.
- What would you do with it?
- What my father wanted.
To prove that it was the Carranzas
that had my uncle murdered,
to gain control of Monarca.
Your dad was a bastard.
I hate to break it to you.
Your father lied to you, Sofía.
It was your father's doing.
He ordered Fausto's murder.
If you keep digging, all you'll do
is expose your father as a murderer…
and ruin his legacy.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
What the hell's that?
Come on, is that how I showed you?
You're worse than my kids.
You don't listen, man.
Okay, here you go. Do it again.
This time try putting some balls into it.
Left, left, right. Come on!
Stick that left jab, stick it, stick it!
Now hook with the right hand!
So did something happen?
Excuse me?
Better not to ask.
Tell me, I want to know.
No, I know you.
You don't want to know.
You fuck?
You promised that we wouldn't
make any decisions on our own, Andrés.
Sweetheart, Jonás is no threat.
So don't worry about it.
Thanks for the heads up.
Yeah, well, don't thank me.
Tell me who I was helping, 'cause
I'm not sure it was the right thing to do.
It was.
I need more than that, because
if I'm betraying myself and my family,
I think I deserve to know the reason why.
- No more secrets.
- What do you want to know?
Just ask me.
Was your father murdered?
So, after I called you, you had
his body dug up and hidden somewhere?
- Cremated, actually.
- Because you murdered him.
Agustín did.
My father was no saint, but…
He decided he wanted to try
and make things right before he died.
He was gonna expose things
Agustín didn't want him to.
So Agustín killed him.
Why did you leave?
Oh, Ignacio…
Twenty-five years ago,
I saw my father kill a guy.
I walked into his office and watched
as he beat this man to death.
I knew I couldn't stay here.
So, I left.
I had no idea.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Afternoon. Alejandro Ruedas, please.
I was really hurt.
I thought maybe you'd met someone else.
I didn't know.
And that's the worst part, not knowing.
I tried to calling you, looking for you.
I'm sorry.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Have a nice day.
I did hear that you'd gotten married.
Even got an invitation.
Ever wonder what might've happened with us
if you hadn't left?
I chose not to think about it.
You served your time, Pablo.
There's no need to see that girl again.
Besides, her family's trash.
- Mom, when you commit a sin
- Oh, a sin. Please.
You don't need her to forgive you
as long as God does, hmm?
And who's putting these ideas
in your head?
Nobody's putting any ideas in my head.
It's my own idea.
Andrés, please, talk to him.
It not a bad idea.
Do whatever you need to do, son.
I think that's all of it.
Let me double check.
- Yes. That's it.
- Great.
- Is that everything?
- Yes.
- Why are you here?
- I can't take my daughter out to lunch?
Hey, Cami, is that report ready?
No, I'm sorry, not quite yet.
- Uh…
- Ana María Carranza.
Oh. Miss Carranza. I'm Santiago Luna.
Good to meet you.
Uh, I don't know about lunch, Mom.
If you're too busy, honey,
we can do it another day.
No, go have lunch.
There's nothing that can't wait.
I can stay and finish the report.
Your mother's here. Make the most of it.
So you met him at school.
You said it was a boy
from school.
How old is he?
Does it matter?
Yeah, I think it matters if he's my age.
I like him.
And he likes me too.
The age thing doesn't matter to me.
And anyway, you're not really one
to be talking.
You were with Dad,
and he was ten years older than you.
That's ten years, not 20, Camila.
And we know how that worked out.
What happened to you guys had nothing
to do with age.
Good point. That's true enough.
Have you two had sex?
No, Mom, we haven't had sex yet.
Anyway, even if we had, it'd be all right.
I just don't want you to feel pressured.
That's all I'm saying.
Not if you're not ready for it.
Camila, I'm sure you're gonna feel like
your first time was incredibly special.
But he won't.
Ugh, this is just why
I didn't wanna tell you anything.
- Sweetie.
- I'm going to the bathroom.
Order whatever.
You want me to get fired?
It's not like I told her.
What do you want me to do, lie to her?
Yes, of course.
Because you know what happens now?
Your mother will tell your grandmother,
and my career's over.
- She wouldn't do that.
- Stop being so naive, will you?
I really thought
you were more mature than this.
Forgive me.
I'm the one who told Ana María
what you were planning.
You did what?
I didn't have a choice.
If you go through with this,
you'll ruin our family.
You warned her?
You told her what I was doing?
Sofía, it was for your own good.
You can't betray me
and then say you did it for my sake!
You don't just get to get off that easy.
Whose side are you on?
What kind of husband are you?
This isn't working.
- We should separate.
- No, no, no.
- Yes. It would be better for everyone.
- No, don't say that. Stop it!
Don't even think it.
That's perfect. Yes, I'll be there.
Until then.
That was Michelle.
Her father's coming
to Mexico City for his treatment.
This is our chance.
I should come.
- No.
- Why not?
There's no better way to get to an old
man's heart than the feminine touch.
No, I think Andrés is right on this one.
It's better if just he and I
I'm going alone.
Now, if you don't mind,
all I want is quiet and an espresso.
I need ten caffe lattes
for the board meeting.
- I'll get someone on it.
- No, not someone.
You do it and make sure
they use almond milk.
Get moving.
This wasn't a good idea.
Pablo, you're doing the right thing.
A word of advice.
Just listen to her.
Come on.
Hi, Sara.
Thanks for agreeing to see me, Sara.
I want to apologize for that night. For…
what I did.
What I did to you.
I want you to know
from the bottom of my heart…
how much I regret it.
You'll never know how much.
I've thought a lot about it.
What I did was wrong…
…very wrong.
I abused your trust.
I just hope we can get past it…
and that maybe one day, you can…
…you can forgive me, Sara.
Are you finished?
The hell were you thinking?
That I'd really forgive you?
You didn't abuse my trust.
You abused me.
Pablo, you raped me, okay?
You destroyed my life.
I can't even leave my fucking house
because it's like I'm being judged
by everyone.
I can't sleep.
I feel nothing.
And it's because of you.
Sara, let us help you.
Don't say my name.
You wanna know why I'm here?
To tell you how much I hate you.
To tell you how much I wished someone
would do the same thing to you.
Rape you until you felt like
you wished you were dead.
- Sara, please.
- Please what?
You see this fucker right here?
His name is Pablo Carranza!
He's Pablo Carranza, and he's a rapist.
He raped me,
and he's free because his family paid
to get him out of jail.
How's it feel?
Now you're the one being judged.
- Isn't this the one we went over?
- Yes, yes, it is.
- Whoa! Uh, sorry. I'm sorry.
- For God's sake!
- I brought an extra.
- Oh, boy, you really are hopeless.
Hey! Don't get me wet.
No way.
I think that I asked you for coconut milk,
not almond milk.
I'm pretty sure that you said almond.
No. I know what I said.
So, you just take all these back
and bring me what I asked for.
Okay? And get someone in here
to clean up all this.
You said "almond milk," but okay.
Are you really arguing with me?
If you can't even handle this job,
maybe you're not cut out for this place.
No. I'm on it, Auntie.
Ugh. Don't call me "Auntie."
Forgive me, boss. That's ten coconut milks
and a janitor.
If you would.
Dear God. The things you do for family.
This is my house.
What's mine is God's.
And what's His is yours.
So welcome.
Come on in.
- I talked to Sara.
- Ah.
- How did it go?
- Not well at all.
I told her I was sorry,
but it didn't help anything.
I ruined her life.
Look, Pablo,
you have to let her deal with it
in her own way.
God knows you're sorry.
That's what really matters.
I feel like I can't connect with anyone.
The harder the road, the more sure you
can be that you're going the right way.
It's true for all of us.
Look, this weekend, I'm taking
some volunteers from the seminary
to go build houses in Puebla.
You should come with us.
I don't think my parents would like it.
Stand up, Pablo.
- Why?
- Stand up!
How old are you?
- Eighteen.
- How old?
- Which makes you…
- An adult?
And what do adults do?
They vote?
They make decisions, Pablo.
Could be you have trouble connecting
with your parents,
because you let 'em treat you
like a child.
- What are you?
- An adult.
It's up to you, Pablo.
The venue canceled.
I don't know.
They say that they're double-booked
or something.
Two weeks before the wedding.
Why not have your father try and talk
to the owners?
You said he knew them, right?
I don't know.
It's better between us, but…
I just don't want any favors
from him.
- Can I get you anything?
- I'm fine.
I could come back later if you want.
Stay. I have nothing else going on.
- Don Everardo…
- Wait.
You spend your life busting your butt
in order to build something like this,
only to watch it
while it all all slips away.
My father said…
…that our legacy will speak for us
even after we're gone.
Let's be honest here.
Sooner or later your daughter will sell
the hotels to some international chain.
The name Santini
will disappear forever.
They'll tear it right off the wall
and dump it in some landfill.
I may not be able to offer
the best price you could get.
But I can promise you that your name,
your legacy will be safe with me.
I want to keep the brand.
I want to grow it.
Yes, yes, it will be owned by Monarca.
But the brand and your name will continue.
No, no, that's not right.
Can't deliver by…
You have a sec?
If it's not a good time,
I can always come back later.
No, no, no, no.
Come on in. Come in.
Everything okay?
How's Itzel?
Is the baby doing all right?
Well, the baby's making her a bit tired,
but good, yeah.
Oh. Sit.
And how are the wedding plans coming?
That's what I'm here about actually.
The venue
we initially reserved just canceled.
So, I wanted to ask you a favor.
We thought they might listen to reason
if they heard it from you.
If you called them
and explained the situation
Wait a second.
You should have it at the house.
Outside. In the garden.
No, not at the house.
It's just…
…it's just that house takes me
somewhere I don't wanna be.
Not on my wedding.
But the hacienda…
I grew up there too, you know.
You'd get married in Tequila?
Why not?
I mean, I hadn't thought about it before…
but we could…
we could have a civil ceremony.
Something small, just family,
avoid all the stress.
Then after we have the baby,
we'll have a big get-together.
Something small? Just family?
You'd do that?
That sounds good.
Thousands of men and women
have taken to the streets of Mexico City,
rallying to protest what they see
as systemic misogyny
and a society that condones violence
against women.
Noticeably absent from the rally
is presidential candidate Jorge Laborde.
But the same can't be said
for his opponent Pilar Ortega,
who is right here on the streets
among the protesters
visibly lending them her support.
Now we're beginning to see
some confrontations with the police,
in what has
so far been a peaceful protest.
Step off. What are you doing?
This is a peaceful gathering.
I got orders to clear the streets, lady.
Look, I've been a victim too.
And I say never again!
The women of Mexico have let ourselves
be silenced by men for far too long.
And when they can't silence us,
then they murder us.
Femicide is a crime! Not one more.
She's up by two points now.
What the hell's going on?
I thought you had people on her campaign.
Why the hell wasn't I warned about this?
No one saw this one coming.
You promised that you'd bring me Palafox.
All I got was a dead body.
I wanted someone
I could parade in front of the press.
But no! You got me nothing!
Don't forget, Joaquín,
I've still got the blouse
with your idiot sister's
blood all over it.
You'd better get me something
I can use and quick,
or else that blouse will find a new owner.
Your cousin's been asking for it,
just so you know.
Now, while I would love to stay here
and listen to the rest of your tantrum,
we have an election to win,
and this is getting us nowhere.
I couldn't believe it.
- It just felt so right.
- That was incredible, Pilar.
So, how do I look?
Um, well, not very presidential.
You weren't gonna wear that, were you?
- Yeah. Why? What's wrong with i?
- No way. What else is there?
- Plenty. Take a look.
- Let me see. What do we got?
Try this.
Yeah, go with this. Trust me.
All right then.
Can you help me unzip the back?
Apparently, I'll owe my victory
to your great sense of style.
Yes, you will.
You're all set.
- No, no. Forgive me. I…
- Sorry.
…must have misread signals, I guess.
They're ready for you, ma'am.
They're downstairs.
Hmm. Thank you.
Well, I should go. Sorry again.
What the hell is this?
Don Everardo, what a surprise.
I'll ruin you for this
and your whole family.
Oh, 'cause of the name, you mean?
Monarca is much better. It's a brand name.
I mean, Santini sounds
What is this, some kind of revenge
or something?
You went and made yourself rich
off my hard work and my ideas.
Did you really think
I'd fucking forget it?
I'll sue you.
Do it.
It's gonna be tied up for years,
of course. You are aware of that.
And I can't see you really wanting
to spend your final days surrounded
by a bunch of lawyers.
Hang out.
Mi casa is sorry "was" su casa.
Congratulations, darling.
How does it feel
to own 50 new hotels?
- But it's 53.
- Oh, sorry, 53.
Where's Pablo?
Pablo is going to be away for the weekend
with some friends.
So, we're home alone.
What is this?
Follow me.
Give it ♪
Give it ♪
Give it ♪
I ask myself the same questions ♪
I tell myself the same lies ♪
The silver on your skin tastes
Like the movie in my mind's eye ♪
I ask myself the same questions… ♪
I tell myself the same lies ♪
What can I say?
We didn't get enough volunteers
to make the trip. Sorry.
We'll just have to try again next week.
Okay, let's go, come on.
Let me give you a hand.
Don't worry. We'll get 'em next weekend.
Chin up. Good night, you guys.
Where's the bottle?
Anything else?
Ahh, there he is.
Ah, make mine a double.
My wife wants to share.
Oh, yeah.
- Be careful, though.
- Bottoms up!
Did you know?
So then, do we have a deal?
You'll get paid today.
Now go.
Do you realize Ana María
just gave you Monarca?
You know, this could ruin her life.
Has your sister ever once
thought about you?
Why am I paying you so much
when your strategy clearly isn't working?
We should be up by ten points at least.
By tomorrow, I wanna hear some ideas
that will turn this thing around
and move us in the right direction.
Everyone out. Get to work.
I got it.
But in exchange for this,
I want not just Monarca…
I also want Ana María's blouse back.
Oh, come on. That's my insurance, Joaquín.
- Hi.
- Mmm.
- So, how was your day?
- Yeah?
- It was hell.
- Hmm.
What did you expect
from your Aunt Ximena?
I wasn't expecting she'd treat me
like I was just an errand boy.
She's forgets I'm a Carranza
and a lot more than she is.
Ro, you asked to work there, honey.
Yeah, I did, but not just to make copies
and to fetch coffee
and do stuff anybody could do.
- Mom.
- Cam, I need to talk to you.
- You're right. We need to talk.
- What are you
Just before the election,
the race has been turned upside down
by this startling image of Pilar Ortega
kissing Ana María Carranza…
It was anonymously uploaded
to social media just minutes ago…
To say it's causing a stir
would be an understatement.
This is the kind of
last-minute surprise
that could completely
change the outcome of an election.
The last thing the Ortega campaign
needed right now.
Just when the polls showed she was finally
starting to pull away from Laborde,
- this comes along.
- Hold on.
- We can't be sure this will hurt her.
- Are you kidding?
What country are you living in?
Social media platforms
are abuzz with reactions.
Many of which we can't repeat
on the air.
So far there's been no official
comment from the Ortega campaign.
But sources tell us…
Well, we need a good scandal…
…caught kissing another woman.
Coming now, baby!
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