Monarca (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

Two Houses

One broken wing… ♪
So close up… ♪
Hey, this is Gonzalo.
I can't pick up right now.
- Try me later.
- It'sme. What the hell's happening?
Are you listening to me?
He asked me not to tell you.
But it's insulting that everyone else
in the family knows except you.
It's Gonzalo.
He's organizing an engagement party
he's going to be having at grandma's.
He's engaged?
He's getting married?
I had no idea.
Was I right to tell you?
Look, I just don't want you
to think I'm taking his side.
No, you did good.
You should be there.
Before you do anything,
forget about the idea
that Cecilia killed your father.
The truth is he wouldn't want
Cecilia Carranza locked away in prison,
which would allow your cousins
to take full advantage of Monarca.
What he wanted was for you
to put an end to their power.
How am I supposed to do that?
I believe it's all laid out
in the letter I gave you.
The biggest lie of all has
to do with the death of my brother Fausto
and the cover-up that followed.
You will find that that is the key…
Your father was sure Fausto was murdered,
and the family didn't let on.
That gives us an opening.
If we can just find some way to prove
they covered up the crime,
they'd immediately forfeit all claims
to their inheritance.
The problem is uncovering evidence
to prove they carried out such a scheme
would be difficult.
I know where to find what we need.
- You sure they would lose Monarca?
- Yes.
Who'd get it?
I looked up the legal precedent.
Guess what?
When a person has no qualified descendants
in their immediate family,
an inheritance would then be transferred
to a first generation niece or nephew.
Except they all have felonies
on their record.
So they're removed from the line
of succession,
leaving you as the only niece eligible
to inherit the company.
Vegan. Mm-hmm.
Gluten-free. Lactose-free, yes.
Omega-3? What's that?
Yeah, sure. See you there, thanks.
Hey, you little thief!
You were on the phone for, like, an hour.
What's with the new look?
It's not that different.
I just wasn't feeling my curls anymore.
Mm-hmm. And his name would be?
- Who?
- Is it someone from school?
- You're crazy.
- Oh, is that right?
Camila, I'm your mother.
You can't keep secrets.
If I say he's from school, will you stop?
Stop what? We just wanna know what's
going on in your life. Come on, tell us!
I'm not ready. I can't eat breakfast
with you two bullying me. I have to go.
- Cami, what's your deal? Coward!
- We're not bullying.
- You'd look perfect in either one.
- Thanks. You're a big help.
Hey, you sure don't you want
to tell your dad what's happening?
We don't need him there.
- Hey, hey, come here.
- What?
How about we focus
on more interesting subjects?
We have to pick my parents up
at the airport. Mmm!
- Yeah, but they have to
- They have to what?
- Get off the plane.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mmm!
- And get their bags and call us. Mmm!
My son was almost killed last week,
and I hear about it from my lawyer?
The boy is fine. I made sure he had
all the necessary protection in there.
I want him out now.
Look, we punished the kids
who attacked your son.
And I assure you,
they won't go anywhere near Pablo.
It was you, wasn't it?
You tortured him to get more money.
Don't insult me by trying to deny it.
- How much do you want?
- This isn't about the money.
The bottom line is there's no way to
get him out before his two months are up.
The press would rake us over the coals.
The press will do more than that
once this story gets released.
I'll ask you one more time. How much?
Two million pesos.
You'll have your money
when Pablo gets out.
Thank you.
You can keep all of it.
Thanks, man.
You shouldn't go alone.
Take the big man.
Thank you.
You know, he'll always be there for you.
Now, get going.
What's going on, Sofía?
It was supposed to be a few days.
Now it looks like you're planning to stay.
As soon as I'm finished here.
Then we'll go back to Monterrey.
So, tell me when, give me a date
when we're gonna be heading back.
'Cause I don't think
this is good for Nico.
No. You don't get to pull that number.
You insisted on Nico being here.
I told you no, and you ignored me.
I'm trying to be patient with you,
but you're making it really hard.
Stop trying, Ignacio.
You're not doing me any favors.
Why does it seem like
you're always against me?
- What do you mean
- Excuse me.
Is Nico in the room here with both of you?
Do you see him here?
I can't find the boy.
I looked in the living room, his bedroom.
- Where were you, Nati?
- I went to the pharmacy.
Go to reception and call the police.
I'll search for him.
- I looked everywhere.
- This can't be happening.
Patricia Beltrán.
- That's me.
- Hi, how can I help you today?
I want to have a DNA test done.
Certainly. So, you can follow me.
There are two different types of tests.
Easiest one would be a cheek swab,
or we can do a blood test.
Hmm. It has to be discreet.
My family can't find out.
It would cause a big scene.
Well, you would need
to bring in a tissue sample.
Anything with saliva, a glass, cigarette.
Hmm. Even gum,
from each member of your family.
What if one of them isn't alive anymore?
His name's Nico. He has big glasses
and should be wearing a bag.
- Sorry. I haven't seem him.
- Thank you.
Have you checked the videos?
Do we even know if he left the hotel yet?
We're checking them now.
It takes a while to get them.
They have to download from the server.
- Just speed it up, okay?
- My child could be on the street.
I'm on my way.
I have to go
to a family engagement party today,
and I'd like you
to come along and meet my mom.
I'd love to go, but I don't think
it's the best time or place, you know?
I don't wanna keep lying to my mom,
and I want you to meet her.
And you think Ana Cecilia Carranza
would like being told that
I'm dating her granddaughter, hmm?
Are you afraid of a 73-year-old lady?
I'm afraid of the owner
of the foundation.
She would never dismiss you for dating me.
I don't think anyone would love the idea
of you dating a man twice your age.
It's my feeling,
if we really want this to go somewhere…
it'd be best if we were
to keep it a secret for a while.
I promise when the right time comes,
we'll both tell them everything.
- Yeah?
- All right, that's fine.
Rock, paper, scissors!
- Rock, paper, scissors!
- Nico.
Where did you go?
Why did you run away, huh?
I don't like it when you two fight.
Mommy and I are sorry.
- More dessert?
- Yes!
- And you and you?
- Sure.
- Lemon?
- Lemon.
I called as soon as he came over.
I appreciate it.
I was so scared.
I can only imagine.
It's just all of us stuck in that hotel
has been pretty tough.
Well, it won't be for long.
- No.
- You'll see. It'll get better.
I don't think so.
This is different, and he can feel it.
- Well, that was fast!
- Thanks, son.
- Thank you.
- Nicolás.
Are you okay?
- Why did you run away?
- Sorry, Mama.
Promise me you won't do that again.
Next time, please try to call me first.
Are you ready?
Bye, Auntie.
I'll see you.
Eighteen years ago,
I discussed the concept of Monarca Hotels
with my father.
He told me it was far and away
the stupidest idea
he'd ever been presented.
Really? He lacked vision, I guess.
The government's on my ass
about the construction division,
and the cartels destroyed the distillery.
My father had no vision,
and my siblings were just as blind.
Monarca Hotels will save us.
It's the future of this company.
I think it'll eventually be
the crown jewel.
How many hotels do you wanna build?
None at all.
I want the Santini chain.
We're gonna buy them out.
Really? I don't know much
about that industry, but I do know…
that Everardo Santini is an old grump
who's made it clear plenty of times
that he will never partner with anyone.
Get us a meeting with him.
Say whatever you need to,
anything it takes to get me in the room.
Leave it to me.
It's your welcome home present,
Thanks, Mom.
It's too much, though.
New life, new wheels.
What could be better?
A complete new beginning.
Wanna take it for a spin?
What's that cross?
It's nothing.
What do you feel like?
Watching a movie? We can order a pizza.
I thought today was Gonzalo's party.
It is, but we don't have to attend
if you don't feel up to it.
I'd like to go.
Are you sure you're not too burnt out?
I want to see my cousins.
Well, fine. Whatever you wish.
When your father learned Rosa had cancer,
he used his influence
to get her the best doctors.
- You know how he was.
- He really cared for you.
Just as I cared for him.
I hope you find the snakes who killed him
and that they suffer a slow death.
That's why I came to see you.
I want you to reach out
to your contacts in Jalisco.
All right. About what?
I need a warrant
so I can inspect the Hacienda Monarca.
All right, Andrés, I have some
good news and some bad news.
The good news is
I arranged a sit-down with Everardo.
The bad news is that the meeting is
for tonight
- at the Santini hotel in Morelia.
- Oh, no way.
We're gonna be
at Gonzalo's engagement party.
I tried to change it, but the assistant
told me this evening or never.
If that's how they'll be,
you should skip it.
After everything that guy did to you.
Tell him yes.
I'll get the jet ready, excuse me.
Can I ask you something?
Why are you so intent
on buying these hotels?
When my father turned down my proposal,
I ended up going to Everardo,
but he told me that ecotourism
would never work in Mexico.
He said that sustainable hotels
weren't profitable,
that they were only
for stoners and hippies.
He mocked me to my face and insulted me.
Two years later,
he opened the first Santini hotel,
one of 53 he eventually built.
He used my ideas,
my blueprints, my mock-ups.
That piece of shit.
So what is it you want, Andrés?
Monarca is interested
in buying your hotels, so
- I'm not selling.
- Dad!
How about hearing his offer first?
You might like it.
No one asked for your opinion.
- If you would just listen to me, Everardo.
- No, I won't listen to you, Andrés.
I came to this meeting
to make one thing clear.
I would never consider
selling my hotels to anyone.
It's a family business. Do you understand?
Strictly family.
I can see this might be a bad time.
Santini is where it is today,
because I was able to carry out a vision.
Because I have a vision, unlike you.
Pablo, what happened to your hair?
- Put a little aloe vera on it.
- It'll grow back, Grandma.
He looks handsome, short hair or not.
- Here's the happy couple!
- Good evening.
- Welcome! You guys look great.
- Hello, Cecilia.
- I'd like to introduce you to my parents.
- How are you?
Why don't we all go outside?
It's right this way.
You look different.
Looks to me like we both got a makeover.
So did I hear right,
that you're working at the foundation?
- Yeah.
- That's great.
I tried to call.
Yeah, they told me.
Sorry. I wasn't speaking to anyone.
Itzel was just telling me
that you have a restaurant.
- Yeah, that's right.
- It's a small place, but it's ours.
It's close to the workshop run
by Master Toledo.
- That's nice.
- Yes.
They're being modest. It's amazing.
You have to go when you're in Oaxaca.
I'm telling you,
they make a red snapper with grasshoppers.
- Ah! Sounds delicious.
- Mmm!
No, no, no. I cannot eat bugs.
It gives me the willies.
- That's just me.
- Good evening.
Better late than never.
Welcome to the party, Mr. Carranza.
You're right on time.
Thank you.
I want you to meet my parents.
It will be a pleasure.
- Good evening.
- How do you do? I'm Xóchitl.
Joaquín Carranza.
Ramiro de la Rosa.
- This looks so nice.
- This is amazing!
Oh, thank you.
Actually, we should be thanking Ana María.
- She's the one who organized everything.
- Xóchitl, do you cook as well?
No, no.
These hands can't even fry an egg,
and believe me, I've tried.
But her hands know how to write.
Really? You're a writer?
A historian, but in addition,
I have written a couple of novels.
Oh, I wanted to study history,
but I ended up in journalism.
Are you working on anything?
Yes, I'm writing a text on
the destruction of the indigenous legacy.
- It should be completed soon.
- Ahh!
I have to say,
I think the Spanish conquest
was the best thing
that ever could have happened to Mexico.
I agree, or else we'd be wearing animal
skins and sacrificing virgins in pots.
Oh, wow, you sound so intellectual.
Thank you so much, Ximena.
We aren't only ones who think that.
- Hmm. I suppose.
- Am I right, Joaquín?
I don't know.
I wouldn't dare offer an opinion
with a historian in our midst.
- Salud to you all.
- Salud!
Could you bring me a whiskey on the rocks?
Of course. Right away, sir.
- Thank you.
- Let me get this.
- I'm going in. I can take it.
- Hmm?
- It's all right? Thank you.
- Oh. Yes, certainly.
- Michelle.
- Andrés.
Hi, Michelle.
I'm sorry.
It looks like your trip was in vain.
Nah, nothing's ever in vain.
Well, my father loves those hotels
like his children.
In fact, I come in second place.
I get it.
Hey, why don't you have a drink with us?
I can't.
Come on, nothing more than a drink
and some talk?
How long since we've seen each other?
Hey, say yes.
What's up, Ro?
Everything okay?
I have to go. I'll see you later.
- Where do you have to go so late?
- I have to go to the office
to finish some things
Ximena asked me to do, okay?
- At this hour?
- Yes.
- Come on, that's ridiculous.
- Would you just…
Please don't make things more complicated.
She's only doing this to screw with me.
- I get it.
- So why play along?
- It's worse if I refuse.
- No way.
- Don't say anything. It'll be fine.
- You are not going anywhere, Rodrigo.
Have you seen Sara?
- No.
- Is she all right?
She dropped out of school.
And she deleted all her social media.
I heard she won't even leave her house.
Was it really necessary
to send Rodrigo
to the office at this hour?
- If he has a problem, he could quit.
- No, he's not complaining.
But he shouldn't pay the price
for our concerns.
Don't you worry about it.
I'll take care of Rodrigo just like
you took care of Pablo, okay? Hmm?
My assignment was
to go and interview the chef
of the most successful restaurant
in Mexico.
That's when I met Gonzalo.
So I took out my recorder,
and we talked
for hours and hours and hours.
I was impressed by how modest he was,
in addition to being funny and handsome.
I talked to him
until the real chef arrived.
Turned out
he was just dropping off his résumé.
So, what did tell her then?
Nothing really.
I didn't want her to leave.
Nothing can stop Gonzalo.
That's for sure.
You know, it only took him two days
to get his first apartment.
I remember it well 'cause it was
right after our mother had just died.
And I just couldn't
get over it. I felt like shit.
Yeah, nothing can stop that Gonzalo.
And now you're getting hitched
right when my life is going back to shit.
will you join me, sweetie?
- Lourdes.
- Excuse me.
Gonzalo, I got it.
- Right?
- Okay.
- Looks nice.
- I'll catch up in a minute.
Sure. Right this way, Madame.
There you are.
I see you finally decided to pick up.
Xime, I've been tied up with work.
I'm in Morelia. I'll be back tomorrow.
- Why do I hear music? Where are you?
- I'm in a bar with Jonás. We're working.
I not comfortable
with you being alone with Jonás.
I can hardly make you out.
It's too noisy.
I'll call you tomorrow, okay? Bye!
This is an important step
for your brother.
That bitch is trying to come between us,
and you're doing nothing.
Come on. You're acting crazy. Your brother
has the right to start his own family.
- You have no choice but to step aside.
- I won't.
What are you saying?
I don't want to be alone.
You are never going to be alone.
How can you be sure?
'Cause you have me.
Oh, my love. Mmm.
What are you hoping for?
Look, we don't know
each other that well, but…
Your father wants you
to dedicate your life
to a business you don't care about at all.
And he doesn't even let you
make decisions.
You're in a family trap right now.
Am I right?
- I don't know.
- I can help you with that.
And you can help me.
So let's assume that I don't care
about the hotel industry.
What would make me sell to you?
For the opportunity
to stick it to your father.
Let's dance.
Are you all right?
I'm still not over the scare yet.
Me neither.
Let's go somewhere to eat.
It would be good to get out,
just the two of us.
You're right.
But how about tomorrow?
I have to go to Jalisco
to sign some documents.
Right now?
What paper is so important
that you have to run off…
- in midday?
- It's something that can't wait.
When this is completely done…
I promise you…
we'll go back to Monterrey.
Ignacio, I want us to be good.
I feel the same.
We'll go with you to Jalisco.
Thank you, but…
I don't wanna drag Nico
all around the countryside just for this.
I'd rather go alone
and come back early tomorrow, all right?
- I'm gonna shower.
- Sure.
You know, money isn't gonna work.
He can't spend it.
And why would that be?
Because he's sick.
My father has cancer.
He might have a few days, a month,
at most.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Even though we only recently got engaged…
Itzel and I feel like we've known
each other over many lives.
Even though tradition demands
I ask her parents' permission to offer me
their daughter's hand in marriage,
I think I would rather ask Itzel directly.
I know we already did this once,
Itzel, will you marry me?
Of course.
- Aww!
- Bravo! Congratulations!
- Here's to the happy couple!
- Pardon me.
I don't mean to interrupt this special
moment, but I wanted to give you a gift.
I know you already gave Itzel a ring,
but I think your mother would want you
to use her engagement ring instead.
Thank you, Joaquín.
Well, best of luck.
Are you serious?
Not now, Lourdes.
What gives you the fucking right
to hand over that ring?
- It was my mother's.
- Just calm down now.
- No, I'm not the problem here, okay?
- Take it easy.
Wake up, Gonzalo!
Can't you see she just became pregnant
to get her hands on our family's wealth?
- Enough!
- Really?
- Enough!
- You're telling me no one else sees this?
Lourdes, please!
Itzel, are you pregnant?
We were planning to talk to you
before you returned to Oaxaca.
Well, Gonzalo,
I certainly didn't expect this.
You've been a busy boy, haven't you?
Please, everyone, let's not lose focus.
We're here to celebrate Gonzalo and Itzel.
- We should be supportive. They're about
- Oh, fuck you, Dad!
Pretty little gallows ♪
Pretty little lies ♪
Keep 'em in the shadows ♪
Don't show 'em where you hide ♪
Keep it on the down low ♪
Never see inside ♪
Keep the meaning shallow ♪
And kiss them all good night… ♪
Don't hang up.
I have a present for you.
And we are terrified of anything… ♪
So, I'm going to be a grandpa.
A little young, aren't I?
Well, congratulations.
I know you'll be an excellent…
an excellent father.
If you need to know what not to do,
I'm your best example.
So how far along is she?
About nine weeks.
It's been a while, but isn't that the time
when they start to form fingers?
I remember, when your mom told me
she was pregnant with you.
I couldn't sleep all night.
I was afraid of everything.
The pregnancy, the birth.
Your health.
Afraid of dying
when you needed me and not…
being there.
- Congratulations, my son.
- From now on, no more surprises.
All that matters now
is your wife and child.
They come first.
Thank you.
Can I hug you?
- I better find Itzel.
- Right.
Mom, don't you wanna put on your pajamas?
No, I think I'm just gonna rest here
for a while.
The dinner turned out to be mostly bland.
Next time listen to me.
Tonight was about the engaged couple,
not us.
- Get some rest.
- Mm-hmm.
Excuse me?
Yes, yes, thank you.
We're all set.
Mom, Lou won't come out of the bathroom,
and she's not answering me.
Lou, open up.
- Open the door!
- Lou, come on!
- Lourdes!
- Lou!
Lourdes, we're not mad.
Just open the door!
- There has to be a spare key.
- Good.
- Lou, listen! We have to break it down.
- Lou, sweetheart!
Come on!
- Oh, my God. Is she breathing?
- Let me see.
Someone call ambulance, hurry!
Good evening, gentlemen.
We have a warrant to search the property.
Please open the gate.
What's going on, Sofía?
Fermín, these officers have been sent to
investigate the murder of my Uncle Fausto.
You wanna dig up his coffin, Sofía?
That's crazy.
It's the middle of the night!
I know you want to protect them.
But they're not who you think they are.
Please don't make this difficult, Fermín.
This is wrong.
You're making a mistake, Sofía.
They murdered my uncle, Fermín.
And I'm going to prove it.
I'm sorry. You can't go in with her.
Tell them to open it.
You chose the wrong side, Fermín.
We've been able to stop her convulsions.
- Yes, and?
- She's still in danger.
Can I see her please?
Joaquín, it's best to let her recover.
Okay, why don't we just sit here
- Dad!
- You can't go back there.
- It's restricted to hospital staff.
- Dad!
- Please, sir, this is out of your hands.
- Dad, wait.
Sir, sir, I'll be forced to call security.
Sir. Sir!
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