Monarca (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

To Be or Not To Be

Not only did your mother
confess to the murder…
she provided details.
Such as?
That she shot him twice on the sofa.
- Inspector López, please.
- Sofía?
Just a moment, please.
What are you doing here?
Well, it seems your mother has confessed
to the murder of my father.
Is that all?
So she made a lucky guess.
They're holding her for 48 hours.
She could end up
telling them a whole lot more.
Sofía, you know my mother's not well,
don't you?
This entire thing is
just her dementia talking.
What if she knows something?
- Only thing I'm looking for is justice.
- What could she know?
You need to tell them what you've seen.
- She's clearly suffering from dementia.
- I'm no doctor, Ana María.
Would you give us a minute, Peniche?
There's something I need to tell you.
I'll tell them what I've seen, okay?
Sofía, they're ready for us.
I have to go.
A month ago, we asked you about it.
Why did you lie?
Because Mom asked me to.
Oh, that's great.
So, you actually listened to her,
Ana María.
A woman who nearly
jumped off the roof in her pajamas.
- But you went to the doctor, right?
- Yes.
- And they did the tests?
- Yes, she did all the tests,
except she refused
to take the one for dementia.
How would you describe you aunt?
She's the same as ever.
Straightforward, strong.
I meant psychologically.
Have you noticed
anything different lately?
Has she been talking nonsense?
But how can I…
- Forgetting things, maybe.
- My pills, can you get them?
I think you already took them
because there's nothing here.
- Getting lost?
- No.
My aunt may be a lot of things,
but nonsensical or forgetful,
no, not a bit.
What's that?
It's the only way
to get your mother out of here.
Once the three of you sign it,
we can perform the medical
and psychological tests necessary
to have her declared non compos mentis.
So crazy?
It would mean
she couldn't be found guilty
of the crime she's confessed to.
What if there's other evidence?
In that case, the judge could
have her sent to a psychiatric hospital.
We are not going to commit our mother.
A psych ward would be worse than prison.
Now, I could arrange
for one of you to talk to her.
I'll talk to her.
I'll get on it.
I think it's important you know
that this family is far from perfect.
They resented my father
from the very beginning.
Whatever my aunt told you,
I would take it seriously.
There must have been a reason…
why she came forward.
Mom, you have to understand.
Understand what?
That you want them to perform experiments
on me like I was some kind of lab rat,
just so they can put me in an asylum?
- Nobody's gonna put you in an asylum.
- I've read this. Have you?
Mom, I won't let that happen.
You say that today.
You confessed to killing our uncle.
That's because I was completely mixed up.
It's that medication they put me on.
I-I get confused,
and I say things that I don't
You really think
I murdered that son of a bitch, Andrés?
Sign it.
You said it yourself.
We have to protect the family,
even from our very own secrets.
It's for the family, Mom.
The family?
I may be old…
but I do know one thing.
The only one that is
holding this family together is me.
The only one!
You're only running Monarca…
because I put you there.
So for the last time,
I will not sign this paper.
I will not let them experiment on me.
And I certainly
won't let you intimidate me.
- Thanks, Licha.
- You're welcome.
We have to be careful
what we say in this house.
Look, Ana Cecilia's going crazy.
You said it yourself.
You don't really believe
she killed your father.
Why wouldn't I, Ignacio?
That woman.
Of course I can believe it.
- But there's no evidence, Sofía.
- She confessed.
So please, tell me.
How can a confession not be evidence?
Come on, enough, Sofía. Can we just
please pack our bags and get out of here?
- This isn't good for us.
- It's not over.
- What's going on?
- What do you mean?
- I mean, what's this all about?
- It's about them killing my father.
What is it really, Sofía?
It's about not disappointing him again.
You never disappointed your father.
- You did everything he wanted you to do.
- Not always.
You went to the school he wanted.
You worked
But I wasn't a son!
I couldn't even give him
a grandson that he could feel proud of.
Every time he saw Nico…
I saw the look on his face.
Now you listen to me, Sofía.
I know how much he meant to you,
but your father was what he was.
If that meant he was too blind to see
how amazing you and Nico are,
then he was an idiot,
and I don't know why we're here.
The truth is all I want.
They're trying to hide the truth from me,
and I won't let them.
I didn't ask for this,
but I have to see it through.
All right, my ball.
Hey, you need a bodyguard to play ball?
Hey, no rapists allowed on this court!
Fucking bodyguard's
gonna need a bodyguard.
Do it!
Run away…
that's all I ever do.
You faced up to something.
That's why you're here.
Facing shit can become as much
of a habit as…
running from it.
And I promise that when you do,
you will regain control of your life.
Miss Cecilia.
We need to talk, Carranza.
Not now. How about tomorrow?
I'm not asking, motherfucker.
I'll text you the address.
Wanna ride together?
No. I have to go.
Forget about Laborde.
Right now we need to be with Mom.
I can't. I've gotta go.
Always thinking of others.
Gotta go.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah, it's fine.
That was weird.
He's always weird.
Ana, Andrés.
- Sofía lied.
- She lied?
She told the police your mother's behavior
has been perfectly normal lately
and that she sent someone to Agustín's
house to remove incriminating evidence.
God, that bitch screwed us!
There's more.
They found fingerprints at the murder
scene, and they match your mother's.
That house is full of all of our prints.
Yes, but you know these things start
to add up, right?
- Will you stay with her?
- Yeah, go on.
It's your choice, Licha.
You can talk to me,
or you can talk to the police.
I told you,
Miss Cecilia never left the house.
She had a headache
so she stayed in that day.
All day? Were you here all day?
- Were you with her?
- Licha, will you excuse us for a moment?
Yes, ma'am.
You're interrogating her?
- What do you want?
- Same thing as always.
The truth.
Oh, and lying to the police
helps you get at the truth?
Your mother confessed
to killing my father.
What did you think I would do, ignore it?
- Can't imagine what you're going through.
- You can't begin to imagine!
- Sofía, we're family!
- Oh, we're family?
Is that right?
That's why your father did nothing
but squeeze my dad every day for years.
Who do you think it was who got
the permits for all of Andrés' hotels,
the land for your agave,
the licenses for Joaquin's
construction companies?
And when you were done with him,
what then, huh?
You turned around and betrayed him.
You and your family.
You forced him out of Monarca
like he was the villain.
Don't tell me I'm crazy for thinking
there's more than you're letting on.
I don't think you're really seeing
things clearly right now.
So you can try all you want.
You won't find the answers
you're looking for in this house.
So, I suggest you take
your investigation somewhere else
if you wanna find out
who really murdered your father!
My mom's on her way home now.
I want you and your things out
of this house by the time she gets here.
- You serious?
- Yeah!
You're no longer welcome here.
Auntie, you want to play?
Oh, Nico, I'd love to, but I can't.
I have to work.
Tonight then?
No, because I don't think
you'll still be here tonight, sweetie.
Why not?
Because my mom really needs
to be alone for a while.
Whose phone is that?
Is it yours?
- Yeah.
- Perfect.
I'm gonna give you my number.
Whenever you wanna get in touch,
just call me anytime.
- About anything.
- Okay.
Can I help you?
Camila, excuse me. Sorry.
I didn't recognize you.
It's all right.
I was told to come in, so I did.
Sure, of course. It's your office.
Sorry, you just look different.
Yeah, I know.
There are 87 different foundations
that Monarca helps out every day.
And there's 230 volunteers
that provide that help.
And you get to be the one
in charge of the toys?
Oh, nobody's here.
Do you see anyone, Camila?
- Hmm?
- No, I don't see anyone.
Well, guess we'll have to take
these presents somewhere else.
- Santi!
- Jorge!
Okay, hold on.
First, let me get everyone's attention.
Now before we do anything else,
I want you all to say hola to Camila.
- ¡Hola, Camila!
- Hola.
- Is she your girlfriend?
- No.
No, she's not my girlfriend.
Sorry about that. They're kids.
so let's get these presents out, huh?
What do you think, like that?
Good, good. Okay, play nice.
No, don't worry, sweetheart.
You should be with your mother.
Everything's under control here.
Hey, hey. Don't touch me like that.
You didn't seem to have a problem
with it before.
No, no, look, Andrés isn't
in the office right now, so…
- I wasn't looking for Andrés.
- Wha what are you doing?
Ma'am, are you in?
Just a minute.
Come in.
Mr. Ross is here to see you.
- Who?
- Miss Ana María's son.
Uh, well, tell him he can wait.
Excuse me.
To be continued.
Look, jobs here are earned,
not handed out, hmm?
The fact that you're here right now
means that somebody else with
much more experience than you is not.
So, the minute that I see
that you're not taking it seriously,
you'll be out. Got it?
I've just one question.
What exactly will I be doing?
Well, basically, just…
…whatever I say, whenever I say it.
So, if that's all,
I'll call you when I need you, hmm?
Isn't this Uncle Andres' office?
It's both of ours.
What day is it today?
What kind of doctor doesn't know
what day it is?
Oh, I know.
The questions are for you.
They're part of a neuropsychological
diagnostic test to determine
If I'm crazy. Yes, I know.
All that matters are the answers,
not the questions.
So if you want to convince the judge
that you're of sound mind,
just answer the questions, okay?
Now, repeat the following word sequence.
Now then,
her e's an apple and a pear.
Which one of them is yellow?
It's the pear.
Mr. Genaro, thank you for seeing me.
How long have you been with my mother now?
Fourteen years in September.
Wow! That's a long time.
Well, your mother's
always been good to me.
Lucky you.
What are the odd numbers between 1 and 20?
I'm sure you must've noticed
that my mother isn't well.
She told the police
she killed my Uncle Agustín.
A little while ago,
I had you repeat three words.
What were they?
While we're sitting here,
the police are looking for any evidence
they can find to put her away.
That's terrible.
I mean, can't you just say your mother's
incapable of doing a thing like that?
but I actually think she is capable of it.
And you helped her do it.
I'm not saying anything else
until my husband gets back.
I'm not asking you
to betray her, Mr. Genaro,
but I need to know
what exactly happened there that night.
Ma'am, nothing happened. Nothing.
I know you're trying to protect her.
And trust me, so am I.
But I can't do that
if you don't tell me the truth.
What happened?
Breaking in would not have been difficult.
I mean, if someone had wanted to.
They would have disconnected the cameras.
Neutralized the guards.
Maybe steal a few valuables
to make it seem like it was a burglary,
you know?
Now, if your mother had been there…
she would've insisted
that no one got hurt.
So, she was there?
Thank you for seeing me, Agustín.
Of course, Ana Cecilia, sit please.
She wanted to watch him die then?
If your mother had been there,
I think she'd have wanted to…
…pull the trigger on her own.
Miss Cecilia, please, the gun.
Give it to me.
You should go. I'll take care of this.
I can't believe this is happening.
We all wanted to do it.
She was just the only one
who had the balls.
We have a problem.
The judge has denied our request.
It's because of Dr. Carreón.
According to her, your mother
isn't showing any signs of dementia.
This is all Sofía's doing.
There is one last option.
We could file a request.
It would have her stripped
of her legal autonomy.
Whatever you have to do.
How much did my cousin pay you?
Excuse me. You can't just barge in here.
We know you've been bought off,
but it's not too late to fix it.
Sir, that's enough. I'm going to have to
call security if you don't leave.
all you have to do is tell the truth.
I told the truth. It's in my report.
Is it really worth
losing your medical license?
How much did she give you for that report?
Now get out.
I don't want any more trouble.
What have we got? Talk to me.
The subject has been forced
to change vehicles and his clothes.
We're still on him.
They're entering Palafox's territory.
Don't take your eyes off that SUV.
We're close.
Welcome, partner! How's it going?
If we used Monarca's subsidiaries,
we could launder four times the money
than by just using the hotels.
I don't like it.
Why not? What's wrong with it?
You're what's wrong with it.
When I first asked you to launder
a few bucks through your hotels…
…you basically told me to fuck off,
didn't you?
And now all of a sudden, you're offering
me all of Monarca's subsidiaries.
Doesn't smell right, huh?
What's wrong? Too hot for you?
You're sweating, Carranza.
Only because the last thing I want
to be doing right now
is sitting here negotiating
with someone like you.
Someone like me. You asshole.
I'm not stupid.
I know where I stand. That's why I'm here.
But it only has to do with me.
I don't want my kids involved.
You didn't leave me much choice, Carranza.
Sir, they've spotted a drone.
Troops coming! Heads up!
I knew this whole thing was off somehow.
You son of a bitch.
Don't be an idiot.
I'm fucked if they find me here.
They're here!
You're coming with me,
you piece of shit. Get up!
Move! Cover me!
Move! Move!
Don't move!
No, don't shoot. Don't shoot, please!
I want to negotiate!
- Don't please!
- Tell your boss I wanna…
Get moving!
Get in!
The door!
Get the door! Close the fucking door!
Here, use this.
Come on!
Oh, you're gonna be so fucking sorry.
Your family's dead!
Your daughter, first,
I'm gonna fuck her really good.
And then I'm gonna fucking kill her,
Piece of shit!
You're lying to me, Carranza!
Please. We both know that…
…we both know
that you don't have the balls
You all right?
Sir, you all right?
Sir, Palafox is dead.
Well done.
Good work, everyone.
Okay, let's go.
Mr. Carranza.
But I tried.
I tried everything. Please believe me.
If I'm proud of nothing else…
…it's having brought you into this world.
You two are the best thing…
- Hi. How are you?
- Good. Thanks.
I'll leave this life so proud,
secure in the knowledge…
…that the best part of me
will still remain.
He was asking for it,
fucking bodyguard.
That dude thought he was tough.
- Don't come here trying to pull that shit.
- Needs a bodyguard for himself.
How much you think they paid him?
Like five bucks?
- Too much whatever it was.
- Oh, look.
You little shit.
You want us to beat your punk ass
worse than we did your babysitter's?
Fuck off.
No, not until we talk.
You wanna talk to me, dude?
Come on, get up.
Is that it? That's what you wanted
to talk to me about?
Asshole, jerk.
After considering the results
of the medical examination
performed by Dr. Carreón,
in the testimony given by Sofía Carranza,
I have determined that Cecilia Carranza
is in full possession
of her mental faculties.
Your Honor, with your permission,
I'd like to submit the testimony
of Miss Carranza's children.
She kept saying your father
will be home soon,
even though our father's been dead
for a little over six months now, I think.
Ever since my father died,
her decision-making process
really hasn't been what it used to be.
She would have jumped, Your Honor.
If I hadn't been there, I know…
she would've done it.
Why didn't she receive treatment
at that time?
By comparing Dr. Carreón's analysis
with the patient's medical history,
we can see evidence of
considerable neurological deterioration.
Why this discrepancy
between the medical
and psychological evaluations?
Patients often swing back and forth
between dementia and sanity.
If you'll allow me to ask her few
questions, you may see what I mean.
I won't answer them, Alfonso.
I need you to please answer the questions,
Mrs. Carranza.
Close your eyes.
Now tell me what color
is the dress you're wearing.
Would you please show us where
the clock's hands would be at,
let's say, at 3:30, madam.
Mrs. Carranza, we're here to help you.
She would have jumped.
"Your father will be home soon."
If I hadn't been there,
I know she would have done it.
Get me out of here! Please!
Fausto! Oh!
Get me out of here, Fausto!
Right. First things first.
I have agreed to your attorney's request
that all the evidence laid out
in this hearing will remain confidential.
You have nothing to worry about there.
The privacy of your mother and your family
will be protected.
- Hmm.
- Thanks, Your Honor.
Now there's only one thing left
to determine,
and that's the future of Cecilia Carranza.
Obviously, she can no longer
make her own decisions.
She's going to need a conservator,
a guardian to watch over her
and to see to her best interests.
Someone to manage her money
and to help her
and take care of her from day-to-day,
to guard her health and her integrity.
this court assigns as conservator
Mr. Joaquín Carranza.
- That's bullshit, Your Honor.
- I'm sorry.
- I'll explain later.
- What do you mean?
Your Honor,
I beg you to reconsider your decision.
I'm the logical choice because I'm,
- well, I'm
- Why's that?
Oh, 'cause you're a woman? Is that right?
- No, Joaquín, because I'm her daughter.
- I'm her son.
Are you going to change her diapers
when it gets to that?
Of course not. And neither will you.
That's why we have nurses.
With all due respect, Your Honor,
I've been the closest one
to my mother for the last few years.
- No.
- And I'm the president of Monarca.
You've only held that position
for what, not even a month yet?
And you, Miss Carranza,
you been out of the country
for 25 years.
I don't see how that's really relevant.
It's clear to me that the best choice
to take on your mother's conservatorship
is Joaquín Carranza.
He's the firstborn,
and he lives close to your mother.
Oh, so he'll be the one to take care
of her because he lives down the street?
I invite you, Mr. Carranza,
to study the law.
Now Joaquín Carranza could always decide
to cede the conservatorship…
to one of his siblings.
No, I'll be her conservator, Your Honor.
What did he pay you to pick him?
- Why didn't you say anything?
- Come on, don't be ridiculous.
Watch it.
Who told the press?
Miss Carranza, any comments?
- Was it premeditated?
- Couple words.
Do you have any regrets?
Would you do it all over again?
Please, Miss Carranza, a word please.
Let's go.
Miss Carranza, please!
I'm sorry, Ignacio.
I just want you to know
I didn't really go along
with any part of this.
I didn't want to stay here
or fight for the shares,
and I never wanted
to make your mother uncomfortable.
Sofía is not a bad person.
Neither is my mother.
- I'll miss you, Nico.
- Me too.
Come on, Nicolás.
It used to be that
when I spoke, people listened to me.
Now, I'm the laughingstock of society.
The damage you have done to me,
I will never forget.
We couldn't let you go to prison, Mom.
That would never have happened
because I didn't murder Agustín.
We know that, Mom.
We have powerful enemies, and here,
the courts have no respect for the truth.
I would like for you to find Dr. Carreón.
She's the one who tested me.
What for?
For you to give her the 500,000 pesos
I promised her.
She had nothing to do
with the judge's final verdict.
She was only doing what I asked her to.
Now get out.
So I guess our father
and our mother are murderers.
What does that make us?
That's them, not us.
Nope, it's in our blood.
That's ridiculous.
We may not be any better than them,
but we're no worse.
We just do what we have to
to protect ourselves.
Whatever the cost.
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