Monarca (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

Playing With Fire

I need you to tell me
the truth about Alberto Vela.
Were Mom and him together?
I swore to your father a long time ago
I would never discuss this.
I understand,
but look what's happened here.
Dad's been murdered. Talking to Mom
is impossible at this point.
I'm trying to find out what went on
so I can have some peace of mind.
Alberto Vela and your mother
met when they were very young.
They used to date.
But he ended up marrying a woman
from a rich and connected family.
And so your mother, she then decided
to marry Fausto out of spite.
But they were still in love,
and regardless of the risk,
continued to see each secretly
for many years,
that is until Alberto's wife
figured out what was going on.
Then one day out of the blue,
they both vanished from Tequila.
Did my father find out?
Yes, after many years.
Alberto made quite a scene and demanded
DNA tests on you and your brothers.
You're telling me the man
thought he fathered one of us?
Fausto absolutely refused.
They fought,
and you know what happened next.
Your mother was horrified,
but she helped him cover up the crime.
What choice did she have?
The fact is he was madly in love with her.
So in the end,
she decided to stand by him.
I never really knew what was going on.
I never should have
judged my dad like that.
Now that you know the truth…
and for the sake
of his reputation and memory…
…just forget it,
put the whole matter to rest.
Oh, God.
We found two explosive devices.
One in each room, Mr. Carranza.
Despite the timers,
neither of them were set to go off.
- Any idea who could've planted 'em?
- Maybe it was the Taliban.
I have no idea.
Your children say
they don't have a clue either.
No reason why they would.
They don't have any enemies.
They're normal, average kids.
Well, we also found this.
I'm sure whoever planted the bombs
must have dropped it on his way out.
Here's the thing,
this family has made a lot of enemies.
It seems to be the price of success.
I figured it was something like that.
That being the case,
we appreciate your discretion.
No problem.
Good night.
What's the deal? Can we go back up now?
You should stay with me for a few days
just to be safe.
We'd rather stay at a hotel.
My place is safer than a hotel is.
We'll take our chances.
Do you know who might have done this, Dad?
- No, I have no idea.
- Really?
It wasn't one of the people
you fucked over?
Watch your mouth, wise guy.
Instead of passing judgment
on me the way you always do,
how about you try explaining this?
The police found it
when they were searching inside.
You were supposed to be watching her,
but obviously, you weren't.
Good job.
You can't fault Gonzalo
for Lourdes making poor choices.
- She's not a kid. She's 24.
- Yeah.
Right, and Gonzalo's 27.
Old enough that he can speak for himself.
He doesn't need you to do it for him.
- Do you mind? This is a family matter.
- Itzel is my family.
No. You have no idea what family is.
This is your family, son.
Why don't you leave?
Why don't you get off your high horse
and let me help her, huh?
- Since you obviously won't.
- Stop talking about me like I'm not here.
We just found explosives planted
where we live,
and you're concerned that a dime bag is
gonna bring about the end of the planet?
You know perfectly well
the drugs aren't the issue here.
You promise if we stay with you,
we'll be safe. Oh, really?
This message was for you.
You're the reason none of us are safe.
Is that what you think?
- You must be doing more than cocaine.
- Go fuck yourself!
Wherever any of them go,
I want them followed by two bodyguards!
Even into the bathroom! No exceptions!
Listen, Auntie.
You and the family had no right
to force my dad out of Monarca.
Uncle Fausto wouldn't have
let you betray his brother like that.
Don't talk to me about Fausto.
In the end, he was a good man.
Yet, you talk about my dad
like he was a monster.
- You didn't know your dad that well.
- Enlighten me then.
Your father didn't give a damn
about Fausto, the family
or participating in the family business.
And, you know, he felt the same
about you and your mother.
All he really cared about was making
shady, corrupt deals and cash.
If it wasn't for those shady deals,
this family will be living out
on the street somewhere.
I'm glad he was killed.
It's a shame he only got two bullets.
What did you say?
- Auntie!
- Huh?
What was that?
You got a minute?
- Have a seat.
- I have great news.
I just got Tequila Herederos
into every Walmart in the United States.
You certainly move fast.
When I set my mind on a goal,
I don't rest until I get it.
What do you think about Ximena?
- Pardon me?
- My wife. Is she proficient…
at what she does?
You can't expect I would
bad-mouth your wife, right?
Well, I'm asking…
…cause your position…
qualifies you to evaluate her assets.
Well, speaking frankly…
Ximena hasn't got any experience
that would help her be successful
doing her job.
She's winging it as she goes along,
but she does possess
an extraordinary intuition
and the flexibility
to adapt to unfamiliar situations.
Anything else?
No, that's covers it.
Well, except that…
…I'm always here for her
with anything she needs.
You do know my mom will kick you out
if she sees you in those rags.
Am I under-dressed?
- Aren't you?
- I don't know. That's why I'm asking.
Where's Sofía? Is she up?
- She's on the back terrace.
- Oh my!
Miss Cecilia's gonna kill you
if she sees you dressed like that.
You might want to change.
You've seen me looking worse.
I'll jump in the shower.
Thanks for telling me
about last night, Licha.
I don't know what's going on with her,
but we'll have to watch her.
And she can't be alone with Sofía
no matter what.
I'll do what I can, my dear.
- So, Licha
- Yes?
Were you with my mother
when my uncle was murdered?
No, she went out alone that day.
Do you know where she went?
No, she never told me.
When she came home, I asked if
she wanted dinner, but she didn't answer.
She just went into her room
and closed the door.
She did seem strange.
Licha told me what happened last night.
My mom hasn't been herself
since my father died.
She gets mad at everyone, yells.
- Talks complete nonsense.
- I didn't get that at all.
She knew precisely
how many bullets struck my father.
I'm sure she just read that somewhere.
That wasn't made public, Ana María.
She spoke about him with such hatred.
Come on, you can't take it personally.
The woman's not well.
Think about it. She's had entire
conversations with my father.
I imagine that must be hard on you.
It's worse on her.
I have to fly down to the hacienda.
Do you two feel like coming?
I wouldn't want your mother
to stay here alone.
I really wouldn't worry about it.
Fact is she could use some time alone.
Think it over. It might do you some good.
I'll handle it.
- Let me help you.
- No.
What happened, Mom?
I'm glad you're here.
I'm trying to pack all this,
but there's no room.
Packing? You've cut yourself!
I'm trying to get everything
into this suitcase,
as I don't have much time.
Don't you understand?
- He's waiting for me in the sunroom!
- Mom, you're bleeding!
He's dead, isn't he, my husband?
If one day…
I'm unable to recognize you
or forget my own name,
I want you to please…
…help me leave this life.
- Promise me.
- No.
Promise me.
I don't want to spend my last days
in an institution surrounded by strangers.
No, that's not going to happen. I promise.
Your father used to say he wanted me
to die before him
so I wouldn't end up alone.
As it happened, he was right.
The truth is…
to be old and lonely at the same time…
it's just too heavy a burden.
Thanks so much.
The Monarca Foundation
selects ten students each year
and provides them
with college scholarships.
Your first task as a volunteer
will be to help us
pre-select those candidates.
You have to got through
each and every application
and discard those who fail
to meet the criteria.
Guess who's here.
A doctor?
Hmm. Is it an astronaut?
Hmm, no.
A rancher?
Hi, Mama.
Hello, Nicolás.
- How was your flight?
- Great.
When we took off, the plane was
bouncing all around, but I wasn't scared.
- Hmm. He's too brave to be scared.
- Thank you.
- My hero. Wow.
- Right?
I was telling Nico
we might go visit his cousins' hacienda.
I don't think
that's a safe place for Nicolás.
As I told you before.
I want to see the horses while I'm here.
I know, sweetie, but I don't
think you'll be able to ride them.
Wouldn't it be more fun if
we stayed here and made plans with Nati?
Hmm. I think it would be more fun
if the whole family went to the hacienda.
Why don't we let Nicolás decide then?
Keep in mind, if we go,
there are bugs and spiders
that might bite you.
And if they do, you'll come running to us
and complain about how itchy you are.
Or we could skip all that
and go to the park here.
I want to see the pretty horses.
I'd better buy some extra bug spray.
There are some great candidates,
and it's not fair to dismiss them
just because they don't have
a letter of recommendation.
Go for it. It's your foundation.
- But do you agree with me?
- Yes.
I feel like
you're just saying yes to everything
Camila Carranza?
Camila Ross.
Some people would kill for your last name,
and here you are, trying to hide it.
I'm Santiago Luna.
I'm the chairman of the foundation.
Pleased to meet you.
Sorry. Am I interrupting?
Camila disagrees with the way
we go about pre-selecting our candidates.
I'm not criticizing,
just making a suggestion.
And I'm usually open to any suggestions
that improve our operation,
but we only have two weeks left to go
before we have to make the announcement.
Any changes to the process now will
almost surely push us past the deadline.
Still, let's talk about
your recommendations, and if they're good,
we can implement them next year. Agreed?
And thanks for volunteering.
At this point in time, it is more
than evident that the public policies
developed by the president
and approved by the Congress
don't take into account the needs
of our nation's
most vulnerable population.
Our democracy cannot take
another six years
of institutionalized corruption
and impunity.
As secretary of the economy,
Mr. Laborde implemented
a law entitled Proposition 187,
- one of the most corrupt
- It's actually 189.
- It's actually number 189.
- Let me make sure to mark that part.
- How about we take a five-minute break?
- How about three?
The debate is in two days.
We really need to rehearse.
All right, three, I promise.
- Hi.
- I just saw the news.
- You're making progress.
- Yeah, but I can't get complacent.
This debate, it's crucial.
Do you remember when I talked
to you about the truck drivers union?
- Are they backing Laborde?
- On the contrary.
For the first time in history,
they want to support an independent.
They're ready to make it official.
You can announce it at the debate.
This is perfect. We could
certainly use it to our advantage.
Good job, Joaquín.
She's kind of a cheapskate.
Her assistant makes next to nothing,
that's why it was so easy to bribe her.
Let's have a talk.
That's a pretty big ask, Joaquín.
I know.
But if you were to arrest him,
it would have major impact on the race.
Everyone would call you a hero.
The president would take all the credit.
How do I benefit? I'm a cabinet secretary.
It's a victory for the party.
A passing of the baton
from the outgoing
to the incoming officeholder.
Just make sure the president announces
they were able to track down the guy
by having your office
trace the illegal cash flow.
There's your medal.
What's the sudden interest
in the war against drugs, hmm?
One of your deals went sour, right?
He attempted to kill my children.
I don't really think I can help.
The decision needs to come from the top.
The president needs this.
It would cement his legacy.
It's too risky. If anything goes wrong,
where would that leave me?
- Hello, Captain. What's up?
- Good morning.
We're ready to go.
We haven't been
to Puerto Vallarta in years.
And now we're going together for work.
- Here's to you, sweetheart.
- Salud.
I have meetings most of the day,
but we can go boating tomorrow.
Really? Yay!
Let's do it!
He made it. The man we were waiting for.
Hello, hello.
Ximena, a pleasure as always.
- You okay, honey?
- Yeah, sure.
- Here's to you. Salud.
- Salud.
Let's go, Captain!
We are cleared for departure
on runway 753.
Good morning. Am I interrupting?
I'm Pastor Luis.
- Pablo.
- Nice to meet you.
You too.
Sorry, sir,
but I'm not a very religious person.
Don't get the wrong impression.
Call me Luis.
I give a talk in the auditorium
every Wednesday,
and I'd like to invite you
to come to the next one.
- Sounds lame, right?
- Yeah, kinda.
Look, I know you feel cut off
and alone right now,
but I can promise you this for sure
after one of my meetings,
you'll feel better.
Thanks, I think I'll pass.
I'll save you a seat
in case you change your mind.
- How's it going?
- Good.
There we go.
More saffron?
No, it's perfect.
I'm pregnant.
Oh, my God.
Holy shit!
We're about to have a baby.
What is it?
I don't know.
Do you really think we should keep it?
What are you doing?
- Gonzalo, come here.
- Hold on a minute.
Come on. What are you doing?
Will you marry me?
It's just for now.
- Trust me. I'll get you a real one soon.
- I love you.
What's going on?
You're gonna be an aunt.
Didn't you use protection?
Wow. What a stupid mistake.
All right,
I'll see you both in a minute.
Why did you bring Jonás?
He's Monarca's new CFO.
I need him there at the meetings.
Yes, all right, but we barely know him.
We have to be careful, Andrés.
The man's an employee.
He's here to work with me.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
- I don't get it.
- No, no, no, it's fine.
- Let's go have some fun.
- Yes!
Right? Come on.
Mom! Come on, it's starting!
Good evening
and thank you for hosting
this presidential debate tonight.
I'm happy to announce
The National Truck Drivers Union
has honored me today
by endorsing my bid
to become your president.
Congratulations, Miss Ortega.
It's always a great achievement
to receive the support
of a social movement
that fights for workers' rights.
And that's what makes it
particularly tragic
that their leader
has recently been implicated
in a criminal case involving fraud
and corruption.
What are you talking about?
Mr. Treviño has an impeccable
Except for the Swiss bank accounts
that the authorities discovered
just a few days ago
after a very comprehensive investigation.
Details on the results of this case
have not yet been released to the public.
- Think that's true?
- It seems like quite a coincidence
that today these alleged accounts
would suddenly surface,
the very day we happen
to be having a debate for this office.
I tell you now,
the voters can rest assured,
if these accusations prove to be true,
my campaign will reject
any and all support
offered by the leaders of this union.
The fact of the matter is that I,
unlike candidate Laborde,
have worked in public service
for most of my career
fighting against corruption
wherever I have found it,
- no matter what.
- Excuse me, Miss Ortega.
I have no idea what you're implying, but I
resent the implications of your statement.
- I have never been
- I was the victim of a brutal attack
for refusing to play along with
the corrupt and powerful, Mr. Laborde.
I was shot five times. Have you
ever been targeted for your honesty?
That bitch
has more lives than a cat.
We're gonna have to find another way
to get an edge up.
Let's go with the plan you suggested.
Mateo Garrido from the DEA
will call you tomorrow.
Let's go after Palafox.
He went for it.
What's wrong?
If they capture Palafox,
and he ends up confessing,
you could be implicated
in the attack on Pilar's life.
We have no other options.
You have to talk to Laborde.
You have to request that
Palafox not be captured alive.
He won't do it.
He loves to parade his trophies
anywhere he can for the media.
In that case,
you'll have to arrange it yourself.
We're going to start
planting new agave next week.
Wouldn't it be better to buy
mature agave instead of growing it?
I mean, it takes so long.
We're gonna lose a lot of money.
That way is more expensive actually.
Hey, what about your fieldworkers?
How are they?
You're the first one
to even ask about them.
- They're desperate to get back to work.
- Yeah, I bet.
You remind me of your dad that way.
He was always worried about his people.
Hey, can we head back?
Nicolás must be getting impatient.
Ana María, I'd like to go
and visit your father's tomb.
- Bring some flowers, is that all right?
- Of course.
I'll have someone take you.
You'll find a way to protect
yourself and strip them of their fortune,
a fortune that was built on lies.
The biggest lie of all has to do
with the death of my brother Fausto
and the cover-up that followed.
You will find that
that is the key to everything.
I'm sorry, okay?
I know you would have preferred
that I congratulate you on the baby,
but I just can't lie to your face,
especially you.
Well, all right.
You know, if we're being honest here,
I have a question.
How come my only sister doesn't make any
effort to get closer to the woman I love?
It's obvious what kind of person she is.
Can't you see she got pregnant
to tie you down?
I didn't want the condom. It's true.
She's not interested
in children right now.
That's nothing but a tactic, bro.
Hey, she could've protected herself.
You're falling for her plot.
It seems like she's got you under a spell.
Come on.
Have you gone completely mental?
I think you need to stop worrying about me
and start worrying about yourself.
Yeah, here comes the lecture
about why you have to kick me out
because I'm so self-destructive.
I've heard it all before.
You have to go back to your meetings.
- You need to get help
- Okay, you know what?
From now on, I'll be quiet.
And that's it. I won't get into your
affairs, and you won't get into mine.
We'll share the apartment.
I'll support you as much as I can,
but if you won't help yourself,
my options are limited.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
My child isn't gonna live
with a fucking drug addict.
We walk, walk away ♪
Burnt corn on a brighter summer day ♪
I lent a stone to the Dutchman
On the way ♪
My son, he was nursing
From the whale… ♪
- How are you doing, Nico?
- Good.
Terrific. You have to trust him now.
- Okay.
- Nicolás!
- Get down! Get him down this second!
- Hey, relax. Everything's fine.
It's a tame horse. He's in no danger.
- That is for me to decide.
- I'm the one who made the decision.
- I said it was all right.
- Can you help him down?
- There you go.
- Nico, you're getting sunburned.
Go with your mom, Nico.
- It's all right.
- I'll see you later.
- Hey…
- Hmm?
I didn't mean to scare you.
- All right?
- Okay.
I'm sorry, Sofía.
I know what's best for my son.
Please, respect that.
Sorry. She isn't usually like this.
Tough times.
You don't owe me any explanations.
Waking up ♪
False alarm ♪
There we walk
Into these open arms ♪
Taking off ♪
It's safe to run ♪
Cover up
What we’ve been hiding from ♪
Slowly fading ♪
Tonight we fight ♪
So deep, waiting ♪
Inside, new life ♪
Slowly fading ♪
Tonight we fight ♪
So deep, waiting ♪
Inside, new life ♪
Chemical ♪
Chemical ♪
But, oh, we know it's chemical ♪
Slow down, baby ♪
Can you save me? ♪
The more we know it's chemical ♪
It's oh, so crazy ♪
Cold and shaky ♪
But, oh, we know it's chemical ♪
Chemical ♪
Chemical ♪
But, oh, we know it's chemical ♪
So, couldn't sleep either?
I'm sure you miss him a lot.
I know how much you idolized him.
I loved him very much.
You okay?
I'm going through kind of a rough patch
with Sofía.
Do you love her?
We have Nico to think about.
Yeah, I've been there.
What do you think, hmm?
Is it better to give up your own happiness
for that of your children?
I'm the worst person
to answer that right now.
I have no idea.
I've been betrayed by my husband.
My mother's going crazy,
and half the time I feel…
I just feel lost.
What happens now?
Do we pretend we're nothing but friends?
I think that's best.
Okay, fine. I'll try.
But I can't promise anything.
Hello, sweetie. How are you?
Can you come tomorrow?
That's not gonna be possible, honey.
Dad and I are in Puerto Vallarta right now
for some business meetings.
But wait, did something happen?
No, I was just kind of missing you guys.
I know, and we miss you too.
I promise as soon as we're home,
we'll come and see you.
It's good you're both traveling together.
Your father and I are much closer
than we've ever been.
Hmm. Sweetheart.
Can we talk about what happened?
Of course.
What is it?
I admit I enjoyed it,
even though it was a surprise.
But, you know…
it didn't occur by accident.
You had to have planned it out.
I thought something might happen,
but I didn't plan it out.
We all made the choice.
- There was no pressure.
- No.
I want us to experiment more.
Maybe try something new.
How long has it been
since we felt excitement?
I agree completely.
Honestly, I want to be involved
in every part of your life,
like I was when we first started out.
I want us to make important decisions…
Have you made any important decisions
on your own?
As long as we keep it that way…
everything will be fine.
Trust me, I know that being here
is like being in a circus cage.
There are lots of people watching you,
ordering you around,
telling you when to eat, when to sleep,
when to go outside.
Hey, pay attention!
And I know this how?
Because I was here.
Back then, I went through the exact
same things you're going through now.
I wanna remind you that the real prison
is the one you carry around inside you.
These are the sins you need to overcome
if you want to take control of your life
and start yourself off on a new path.
You don't get stronger
by doing what you know,
but by tackling
what you thought was impossible.
Even if God confronts you
with a challenge, you're never helpless…
because He also gives you the tools
to overcome it.
Your cell phone.
We're going to tap it,
record your conversations.
It'll be undetectable.
Do you talk often?
Not really, no,
but he expects an update from me
so he should be calling anytime now.
Good. I need you to sign this.
Gonzalo, children.
If you're watching this recording,
it means that things somehow
went terribly wrong…
What's this?
We need a signed statement
from you affirming
that you're participating
in this operation voluntarily,
that you're not being forced
or extorted in any way.
This is just in case…
I'm killed?
In case you don't survive
the operation, yes.
I'm sure the press has wasted no time
making things up about me,
trying to drag my name through the mud.
The only regret I have
is you being pulled into this.
I know I've made some bad decisions.
And no matter how much we try to convince
ourselves otherwise, for good or bad,
decisions have effects.
But I need you children
to know what my intent was here.
- I never ever meant to hurt you.
- I was only trying to protect you…
By signing this document,
I'm making it clear that my siblings,
my mother and Monarca
had nothing to do with this.
That's right. As we agreed.
And my kids?
If he should somehow get away,
your children will immediately be placed
in the Witness Protection Program.
They'll be safe.
When your mother died,
I failed you as a father.
I should've been there with you, for you.
I was so lost. I couldn't see anything
outside of my own pain…
and my own depression.
After that, my ego…
and this compulsion
to control everything.
And before long,
there were these big walls between us.
I really did try.
I failed…
I tried.
I tried everything.
Please believe me.
If I'm proud of nothing else…
it's for having brought you
into this world.
You two are the best thing
that ever happened to me.
I'll leave this life…
so proud, secure in the knowledge…
that the best part of me…
will still remain.
Lou. Gonzalo.
I love you.
I love you.
Did your kids like their presents?
I hope you're in a better mood now.
I am.
that's what I wanted to hear now.
Some new work opportunities
have come up.
I'm listening.
I'd rather talk in person. Let's meet.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is
the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
- Excuse me, Licha. Please move.
- Hail Mary…
You're blocking my way.
- You can't come in.
- Why not?
- You need permission.
- From who?
Orders from Miss Ana.
I'm sorry, Auntie,
I didn't mean to bother you…
- No, no.
- …but Licha won't let me come in
because of orders from Ana María.
I don't get it.
Apparently, no one's allowed
to see you for some reason.
That's what Miss Ana María told me
when she was here.
Well, Miss Ana María has no right
to be giving you orders.
I'm the one who pays you.
So, with that in mind, please get to work.
- As you wish.
- Come in.
- Thank you, Auntie.
- I thought you were at the hacienda.
- I was. Actually, I just got back.
- Ah.
I just wanted to see
how you were doing and talk to you.
Yes, sure.
It's kind of weird, but see…
while I was at the hacienda…
I dreamt about Uncle Fausto.
And he asked me to give you a message.
May I do that?
Of course.
Sit down, Auntie.
Tell me.
Well, it was so real.
He was right there in front of me.
Looked just as handsome as ever.
And he said he couldn't rest,
and you were the only person
who could help him.
But how can I?
I don't know. He only said that…
that you had to do what was right.
Only then could he forgive you.
Forgive me?
Oh, Fausto…
- My pills, can you get them?
- Where are they?
- Please hurry.
- Are you sure?
I think you already took them
because there's nothing here.
I'm not sure. Wh
You should confess what happened.
You're right. But how?
How can I help you?
I don't what? What am I supposed to do?
- Just be honest.
- Be honest?
So, Mrs. Carranza,
how can I help you?
I want to report a murder.
The victim's my brother-in-law,
Agustín Carranza.
Time to tell the truth.
Do you have any idea who's responsible
for the murder of Agustín?
It was me.
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